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Long Form:   follistatin
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2018 Circulating proteins as predictors of incident heart failure in the elderly. GDF15, MMP-12, OPG, SPON1, ST2, TIM-1, TRAIL-R2, U-PAR
2018 Differential effects of follistatin on porcine oocyte competence and cumulus cell gene expression in vitro. FST, IHC
2018 Protein Engineering on Human Recombinant Follistatin: Enhancing Pharmacokinetic Characteristics for Therapeutic Application. ---
2018 TMEFF2 shedding is regulated by oxidative stress and mediated by ADAMs and transmembrane serine proteases implicated in prostate cancer. JNK, TTSPs
2017 Anti-Mullerian hormone signaling is influenced by Follistatin 288, but not 14 other transforming growth factor beta superfamily regulators. AMH, DAN, TGF-beta
2017 Follistatin treatment suppresses SERCA1b levels independently of other players of calcium homeostasis in C2C12 myotubes. MSTN, TGF-beta
2016 The Role of Activin A and B and the Benefit of Follistatin Treatment in Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Mice. IRI, KIM-1, NGAL
2016 [Effect of Wenshen Yangxue Recipe on Inhibin-Activin-Follistatin System in Anovulatory Rats]. ACT, FSH, INH, INH-ACT-FS, LH, PRL, WM, WYR
2015 A phase 1/2a follistatin gene therapy trial for becker muscular dystrophy. AAV, BMD
10  2015 Circulating angiogenic factors associated with response and survival in patients with acute graft-versus-host disease: results from Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinical Trials Network 0302 and 0802. AF, aGVHD, BMT CTN, EGF, PlGF, sEng, VEGF-A
11  2015 [Treatment of Anovulatory Infertility with Shen Deficiency Syndrome by ZHU's Tiaojing Cuyun Recipe: a Clinical Evaluation]. ACTA, CC, FSH, INHB, LH, SDS, TCR
12  2014 Serum activin A and B, and follistatin in critically ill patients with influenza A(H1N1) infection. ALI, ARDS, ICU, IL-6
13  2013 Activin A and follistatin as biomarkers for ectopic pregnancy and missed abortion. EP, IUP, MA
14  2013 TMEFF2 modulates the AKT and ERK signaling pathways. EGF, PDGF
15  2012 Analysis of the interaction between heparin and follistatin and heparin and follistatin-ligand complexes using surface plasmon resonance. ActA, Mstn, SPR
16  2012 Expression of myostatin, myostatin receptors and follistatin in diabetic rats submitted to exercise. BAT, MSTN
17  2012 Follistatin does not influence the course of Escherichia coli K1 sepsis in a mouse model. ---
18  2012 Lipopolysaccharide induced activin A-follistatin imbalance affects cardiac fibrosis. ACTA, Ang II, HF, iNOS, LPS, NO, TGF-beta
19  2012 The influence of follistatin on mechanical properties of bone tissue in growing mice with overexpression of follistatin. ---
20  2012 The role and mechanism of action of activin A in neurite outgrowth of chicken embryonic dorsal root ganglia. ActRIIA, CGRP, DRG, NGF, TGF-beta
21  2012 The type 1 insulin-like growth factor receptor (IGF-IR) pathway is mandatory for the follistatin-induced skeletal muscle hypertrophy. IGF-IR, mTOR, S6K
22  2011 [Regulation and control of wenshen yangxue granule combined with clomifene citrate on INH-ACT-FS system in patients with follicular maldevelopment infertility]. ACTA, CC, FM, FSH, INHB, LH, WSYXG
23  2010 Activins and related proteins in the establishment of pregnancy. ebaf, EP, FLRG, LIF, MMPs
24  2010 Altered gene expression profiles in the brain, kidney, and lung of deceased neonatal cloned pigs. CTSL, FDR, PER1
25  2010 Role of activin in bacterial infections: a potential target for immunointervention? ---
26  2009 Follistatin induces muscle hypertrophy through satellite cell proliferation and inhibition of both myostatin and activin. ACT, Mstn
27  2009 Follistatin preferentially antagonizes activin rather than BMP signaling in Drosophila. BMP, Daw, FST, TGF-beta
28  2009 Hepatocyte growth factor/activin A/follistatin system activation during hemodialysis with different low molecular weight heparins. ActA, HGF
29  2008 Drosophila Follistatin exhibits unique structural modifications and interacts with several TGF-beta family members. dACT, Daw, dFS, Dpp
30  2008 [Regulatory effect of Ningxin Hongqi Capsule on local ovarian autocrine and paracrine factors in rats during peri-menopausal period]. ACT, ER, FSH, INH-alpha, LH, PR
31  2007 Changes in extracellular activin A:follistatin ratio during differentiation of a mesenchymal progenitor cell line, ROB-C26 into osteoblasts and adipocytes. ALP, DEX
32  2007 Differential effects of aging on activin A and its binding protein, follistatin, across the menopause transition. PERI
33  2007 Interleukin 1beta and progesterone stimulate activin a expression and secretion from cultured human endometrial stromal cells. HESCs, IL-1beta, PR
34  2007 Structural and biophysical coupling of heparin and activin binding to follistatin isoform functions. FSD3
35  2007 The regulation of FSHbeta transcription by gonadal steroids: testosterone and estradiol modulation of the activin intracellular signaling pathway. PT
36  2006 Activation of follistatin promoter by GnRH in LbetaT2 gonadotroph cells. MARCKS, MEK
37  2006 Activin A concentrations in human cerebrospinal fluid are age-dependent and elevated in meningitis. CNS, CSF
38  2006 Bovine follicle development is associated with divergent changes in activin-A, inhibin-A and follistatin and the relative abundance of different follistatin isoforms in follicular fluid. act-A, bFF, InhA
39  2006 Characterization of a line of pigs previously selected for increased litter size for RBP4 and follistatin. LC, LS, MUM, NBA, NFF, RBP4
40  2006 Effects of follistatin overexpression on cell differentiation in the chick embryo retina. AP, CNS
41  2006 Inhibition of DNA methylation increases follistatin expression and secretion in the human adrenocortical cell line NCI-H295R. ---
42  2005 Heparin and activin-binding determinants in follistatin and FSTL3. HBS
43  2005 Possible endocrine control by follistatin 315 during liver regeneration based on changes in the activin receptor after a partial hepatectomy in rats. HT
44  2004 Analysis of site-specific glycosylation in recombinant human follistatin expressed in Chinese hamster ovary cells. rhFS
45  2004 Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) ligands and receptors in bovine ovarian follicle cells: actions of BMP-4, -6 and -7 on granulosa cells and differential modulation of Smad-1 phosphorylation by follistatin. BMP, BMPs
46  2004 Differential actions of follistatin and follistatin-like 3. FSTL3
47  2004 Follistatin restricts bone morphogenetic protein (BMP)-2 action on the differentiation of osteoblasts in fetal rat mandibular cells. BMP, BMPs, DEX
48  2004 Inhibins, activins, and follistatin in the aging female and male. FSH
49  2004 Neuroblastoma angiogenesis is inhibited with a folded synthetic molecule corresponding to the epidermal growth factor-like module of the follistatin domain of SPARC. bFGF, EGF, NB, SPARC
50  2004 Pituitary follistatin gene expression in female rats: evidence that inhibin regulates transcription. PT
51  2004 Regulation of luteinizing hormone-beta and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)-beta gene transcription by androgens: testosterone directly stimulates FSH-beta transcription independent from its role on follistatin gene expression. DHT, FSH, PT
52  2004 The role of follistatin domains in follistatin biological action. ---
53  2004 [mRNA expression of activin a and follistatin in rabbit mandibular distraction osteogenesis]. ACTA
54  2003 Differential binding and neutralization of activins A and B by follistatin and follistatin like-3 (FSTL-3/FSRP/FLRG). ---
55  2003 Oocyte-mediated suppression of follicle-stimulating hormone- and insulin-like growth factor-induced secretion of steroids and inhibin-related proteins by bovine granulosa cells in vitro: possible role of transforming growth factor alpha. ACTA, EGF, IGF, InhA, TGF
56  2003 Ovarian follicle development in the laying hen is accompanied by divergent changes in inhibin A, inhibin B, activin A and follistatin production in granulosa and theca layers. ACTA, InhA, INHB, POFs
57  2003 Serum concentrations of activin and follistatin are elevated and run in parallel in patients with septicemia. CRP
58  2003 [Concentration of follistatin in maternal serum at term and its expression in placenta]. ELISA, RT-PCR
59  2002 Activins, inhibins, and follistatins: from endocrinology to signaling. A paradigm for the new millennium. ---
60  2002 Follistatin-related protein and follistatin differentially neutralize endogenous vs. exogenous activin. FSRP
61  2002 Genomic organization and promoter analysis of mouse follistatin-related gene (FLRG). BMPs, FLRG, PMA
62  2002 GnRH pulse frequency modulation of gonadotropin subunit gene transcription in normal gonadotropes-assessment by primary transcript assay provides evidence for roles of GnRH and follistatin. PT
63  2001 Follistatin production by skin fibroblasts and its regulation by dexamethasone. ---
64  2001 Follistatin-related protein (FSRP): a new member of the follistatin gene family. FSRP
65  2001 Interactions between follicle-stimulating hormone and growth factors in modulating secretion of steroids and inhibin-related peptides by nonluteinized bovine granulosa cells. ACTA, EGF, IGF, InhA
66  2001 Interleukin-1 beta enhances and interferon-gamma suppresses activin A actions by reciprocally regulating activin A and follistatin secretion from bone marrow stromal fibroblasts. IFN-gamma, IL-1beta, LPS
67  2001 Intra-follicular activin availability is altered in prenatally-androgenized lambs. ---
68  2000 A secreted tumor-suppressor, mac25, with activin-binding activity. GFP, HeLa, IGFBPs
69  2000 Comparative analysis of follistatin-, activin beta A- and activin beta B-mRNA steady-state levels in diverse porcine tissues by multiplex S1 nuclease analysis. ---
70  2000 Dynamic changes in the intrafollicular inhibin/activin/follistatin axis during human follicular development: relationship to circulating hormone concentrations. ---
71  2000 Follistatin (FS) in human cerebrospinal fluid and regulation of FS expression in a mouse model of meningitis. CSF, MS
72  2000 Follistatin suppresses steroid-enhanced follicle-stimulating hormone release in vitro in rats. ACT, INH
73  1999 Differential response to exogenous and endogenous activin in a human ovarian teratocarcinoma-derived cell line (PA-1): regulation by cell surface follistatin. cDNA
74  1999 Expression of activin A and follistatin core proteins by human prostate tumor cell lines. ---
75  1999 Growth of HPV-18 immortalized human prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia cell lines. Influence of IL-10, follistatin, activin-A, and DHT. HGPIN, PSA
76  1999 Identification of naturally occurring follistatin complexes in human biological fluids. ---
77  1998 A two-site chemiluminescent assay for activin-free follistatin reveals that most follistatin circulating in men and normal cycling women is in an activin-bound state. ---
78  1998 Activin regulates betaA-subunit and activin receptor messenger ribonucleic acid and cellular proliferation in activin-responsive testicular tumor cells. ActRIIA, mRNA
79  1998 Characterization of inhibin/activin subunit, activin receptor, and follistatin messenger ribonucleic acid in human and mouse oocytes: evidence for activin's paracrine signaling from granulosa cells to oocytes. ---
80  1998 Effects of growth hormone, activin, and follistatin on the development of preantral follicle from immature female mice. IGF-I, rhFS, rhFSH, rhGH
81  1998 Molecular characterization of Xenopus embryo heparan sulfate. Differential structural requirements for the specific binding to basic fibroblast growth factor and follistatin. bFGF, HP, HS
82  1998 Overexpression of mouse follistatin causes reproductive defects in transgenic mice. MT
83  1998 Positive association between expression of follicle-stimulating hormone beta and activin betaB-subunit genes in boars. GnRHR, I/A, RPAs, RT-PCR
84  1998 Serum follistatin concentrations are increased in patients with septicaemia. CRP
85  1997 A novel role of follistatin, an activin-binding protein, in the inhibition of activin action in rat pituitary cells. Endocytotic degradation of activin and its acceleration by follistatin associated with cell-surface heparan sulfate. ---
86  1997 Characterization of intrafollicular steroid hormones, inhibin, and follistatin in women with and without polycystic ovarian syndrome following gonadotropin hyperstimulation. InhA, INHB, PCOS
87  1997 Expression of follistatin and inhibin/activin subunit genes in porcine follicles. I/A
88  1997 Follistatin and its role as an activin-binding protein. FS-303, FSH
89  1997 Ovarian activin receptor subtype and follistatin gene expression in rats: reciprocal regulation by gonadotropins. ActR, rh
90  1997 Presence of activin, inhibin, and follistatin in epithelial ovarian carcinoma. mRNA
91  1997 Regulation of follistatin production by rat granulosa cells in vitro. DES, ELISA, GC
92  1997 The activin-binding protein follistatin regulates autocrine endothelial cell activity and induces angiogenesis. bFGF
93  1996 Activin and follistatin as local regulators in the human ovary. ---
94  1996 Characterization of inhibin/activin subunit, follistatin, and activin type II receptors in human ovarian cancer cell lines: a potential role in autocrine growth regulation. mRNA
95  1996 Distribution of follistatin messenger ribonucleic acid in the rat brain: implications for a role in the regulation of central reproductive functions. mRNA
96  1996 Follistatin concentrations in male sheep increase following sham castration/castration or injection of interleukin-1 beta. FSH, TNF-alpha
97  1996 Follistatin-activin complexes in human serum and follicular fluid differ immunologically and biochemically. hFF, rhFS288
98  1996 Plasma follistatin concentrations increase following lipopolysaccharide administration in sheep. LPS
99  1996 Production of follistatin in porcine endothelial cells: differential regulation by bacterial compounds and the synthetic glucocorticoid RU 28362. BMVEC, LPS, mRNA
100  1996 Studies in sheep examining plasma follistatin elevations due to frequent blood sampling or surgery. ---