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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Acute Inescapable Stress Rapidly Increases Synaptic Energy Metabolism in Prefrontal Cortex and Alters Working Memory Performance. PET, PFC
2019 Opposite responses to aversive stimuli in lateral habenula neurons. LHb
2017 Effect of prior foot shock stress and Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiolic acid, and cannabidiol on anxiety-like responding in the light-dark emergence test in rats. 5-HT1A, CBD, i.p, LD, THC, VEH
2017 Prefrontal Cortex Dysfunction Increases Susceptibility to Schizophrenia-Like Changes Induced by Adolescent Stress Exposure. DA, mPFC, PL, RS, VTA
2017 The expression of plasticity-related genes in an acute model of stress is modulated by chronic desipramine in a time-dependent manner within medial prefrontal cortex. DMI, PFC
2017 Unconditioned- and Conditioned- Stimuli Induce Differential Memory Reconsolidation and beta-AR-Dependent CREB Activation. beta-AR, CS, US
2015 Different neural circuitry is involved in physiological and psychological stress-induced PTSD-like "nightmares" in rats. FSN, PS, PSN, PTSD
2015 Effect of pentobarbital and isoflurane on acute stress response in rat. CORT, i.p
2015 IL-4/10 prevents stress vulnerability following imipramine discontinuation. CNS, CRS
10  2015 Individual differences in gene expression of vasopressin, D2 receptor, POMC and orexin: vulnerability to relapse to heroin-seeking in rats. AVP, H-RI, POMC, SA
11  2015 Norepinephrine and corticosterone in the medial prefrontal cortex and hippocampus predict PTSD-like symptoms in mice. ASR, CF, CORT, HPC, mPFC, NE
12  2015 Sex differences in the stress response in SD rats. CORT, CUMS, SD
13  2014 Effects of stressors on the reinforcing efficacy of nicotine in adolescent and adult rats. PR, SA
14  2014 Effects of the estrous cycle and ovarian hormones on central expression of interleukin-1 evoked by stress in female rats. ER, IL-1, Pg, PVN
15  2013 Early life stress affects the serotonergic system underlying emotional regulation. ---
16  2013 Facilitation of fear extinction by the 5-HT(1A) receptor agonist tandospirone: possible involvement of dopaminergic modulation. DCS, mPFC, PTSD
17  2012 Early postnatal stress alters extracellular signal-regulated kinase signaling in the corticolimbic system modulating emotional circuitry in adult rats. ERK, mPFC, pERK
18  2012 Not all stressors are equal: behavioral and endocrine evidence for development of contextual fear conditioning after a single session of footshocks but not of immobilization. HPA, IMO
19  2012 Novelty exposure overcomes foot shock-induced spatial-memory impairment by processes of synaptic-tagging in rats. PRPs, WM
20  2012 Possible modulation of the amygdala on metaplasticity deficits in the hippocampal CA1 field in early postnatally stressed rats. BLA, CFC, LTP
21  2011 Juvenile stress attenuates the dorsal hippocampal postsynaptic 5-HT1A receptor function in adult rats. 5-HT
22  2011 Mixture of cis-3-hexenol and trans-2-hexenal attenuates behavioral and stress responses induced by 2,5-dihydro-2,4,5-trimethylthiazoline and electric footshock stress in rats. ACTH, GO, TMT
23  2011 Repeated exposure to immobilization or two different footshock intensities reveals differential adaptation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. HPA, IMO
24  2011 Serotonin(1A) receptor-mediated synaptic response in the rat medial prefrontal cortex is altered by early life stress: in vivo and in vitro electrophysiological studies. ---
25  2010 Early stress exposure impairs synaptic potentiation in the rat medial prefrontal cortex underlying contextual fear extinction. LTP, mPFC, NMDA
26  2010 Increased spontaneous activity and reduced inotropic response to catecholamines in ventricular myocytes from footshock-stressed rats. CTR, RST
27  2010 Inhibitory effects of antipsychotic and anxiolytic agents on stress-induced degranulation of mouse dermal mast cells. CRF, NT
28  2010 mRNA expression of corticotropin-releasing factor and urocortin 1 after restraint and foot shock together with alprazolam administration. CRF, EW, PVN
29  2009 Alteration of synaptic transmission in the hippocampal-mPFC pathway during extinction trials of context-dependent fear memory in juvenile rat stress models. mPFC
30  2009 Early postnatal stress affects 5-HT1A receptor function in the medial prefrontal cortex in adult rats. 5-HT
31  2009 Gender differences in corticotropin and corticosterone secretion and corticotropin-releasing factor mRNA expression in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus and the central nucleus of the amygdala in response to footshock stress or psychological stress in rats. CeA, CRF, HPA, PS, PVN
32  2008 Early postnatal stress alters the extinction of context-dependent conditioned fear in adult rats. ---
33  2008 Neonatal administration of fluoxetine did not alter the anxiety indicators, but decreased the locomotor activity in adult rats in the elevated plus-maze. LA, NECA, TE
34  2008 [Study of the influence of emotion stress on mechanical hyperalgesia of masseter muscles in rats]. ES
35  2007 Early postnatal stress affects the serotonergic function in the median raphe nuclei of adult rats. DRN, MRN
36  2007 Stress/aggressiveness-induced immune changes are altered in adult rats submitted to neonatal malnutrition. ---
37  2007 [Effects of aversive stress during brain development on hippocampal synaptic and behavioral responses to emotional stress at postadolescence]. CFC, LTP
38  2005 Early postnatal stress alters the 5-HTergic modulation to emotional stress at postadolescent periods of rats. LTP
39  2005 Pretreatment with footshock alters some effects of subsequent organophosphate exposure. AMPH, CORT, CVP
40  2005 Thie expression of an intraspecific aggressive reaction in the face of a stressor agent alters the immune response in rats. IAR
41  2004 Serotonergic modulation of psychological stress-induced alteration in synaptic plasticity in the rat hippocampal CA1 field. CFC, LTP
42  2004 Suppressive effects of milk-derived lactoferrin on psychological stress in adult rats. bLF, CNS, l-NAME, LF, NOS
43  2003 The stress experience dependent long-term depression disassociated with stress effect on spatial memory task. EP, LTD, LTP, SLTD
44  2002 Conditioned-fear stress increases Fos expression in monoaminergic and GABAergic neurons of the locus coeruleus and dorsal raphe nuclei. CF, DR, LC, TH, VTA
45  2002 Enteric lipopolysaccharide raises plasma IL-6 levels in the hepatoportal vein during non-inflammatory stress in the rat. IL, IMB, LPS, MLN
46  2001 Roles of central interleukin-1 on stress-induced-hypertension and footshock-induced-analgesia in rats. IL-1
47  2001 [Effects of stress on allergic reaction]. CHR, PSY
48  1999 Characterization of socio-psychological stress-induced antinociception in the formalin test in mice. PSY, SW
49  1999 Effects of Tyr-MIF-1 on stress-induced analgesia and the blockade of development of morphine tolerance by stress in mice. PSY, SW
50  1999 Enhancement of sensitization to nicotine-induced ambulatory stimulation by psychological stress in rats. PSY-stress
51  1997 Learning/memory processes under stress conditions. PSY, SW
52  1996 FS stress induces long-lasting memory facilitation: involvement of cholinergic pathways. SCOP
53  1995 Effects of footshock-, psychological- and forced swimming-stress on the learning and memory processes: involvement of opioidergic pathways. NX, PSY, SIA, SW
54  1994 A novel long-latency response of locus coeruleus neurons to noxious stimuli: mediation by peripheral C-fibers. CAP, LC
55  1994 [Effect of calcium antagonist (benidipine) and alpha 1 blocker (urapidil) on renal hemodynamic responses to two acute environmental stresses in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR)]. MAP, RBF, RVR, SHR, WKY
56  1993 The effects of stress on splenic immune function are mediated by the splenic nerve. PFCs, SRBC
57  1992 Anti-stress effect of ginseng on the inhibition of the development of morphine tolerance in stressed mice. GE, PSY, SW
58  1992 Participation of GABAergic systems in the production of antinociception by various stresses in mice. BZP, PSY, SIA, SW
59  1991 Dietary sodium concentration modifies catecholamine release with stress in spontaneously hypertensive rats. AP, PNE, SHR, WKY
60  1991 Establishing intermodal equivalence in preweanling and adult rats. MS
61  1991 Footshock- and psychological-stress prevent the development of tolerance to spinal but not supraspinal morphine. nor-BNI, PSY
62  1991 Further evidence for the participation of an alpha 2-adrenoceptor mediated mechanism in the production of forced swimming-stress induced analgesia in mice. CLO, PSY, SIA, SW
63  1990 Further evidence for the implication of a kappa-opioid receptor mechanism in the production of psychological stress-induced analgesia. SW
64  1990 Picrotoxin enhances latent extinction of conditioned fear. ---
65  1990 [The role of group-A10 dopamine neurons of the ventral tegmental area in analgesia evoked by electrocutaneous pain stimulation and morphine]. ---
66  1989 Role of adrenal glucocorticoids in the blockade of the development of analgesic tolerance to morphine by footshock stress exposure in mice. SHAM
67  1989 [The role of catecholaminergic group-A5 neurons in analgesia induced by auricular electroacupuncture and in electrodermal pain stimulation]. AEA
68  1988 Blockade of the development of analgesic tolerance to morphine by concurrent treatment with opioid- but not non-opioid-mediated stress in mice. PSY, SIA, SW
69  1987 Brain stimulation of the ventral tegmental area attenuates footshock escape: an in vivo autoradiographic analysis of opiate receptors. ---
70  1987 Implication of endogenous opioid mechanism in the production of the antinociceptive effect induced by psychological stress in mice. PSY, SIA, SW, TF, TP
71  1987 [Role of the locus coeruleus in the mechanism of different types of analgesia]. CSS, LC, LP
72  1986 Potentiation of vasopressin secretion by footshocks in rats. ACTH
73  1985 Comparative studies on morphine- and stress-induced analgesia and the development of tolerance to the effects: implication of protein synthesis mechanism in the process. CYH, IW, SIA
74  1985 Diversity of underlying mechanisms in the production of analgesic and pentobarbital-hypnosis prolonging effects of various analgesic drugs and stresses. CWS, IW
75  1985 Neurophysiological analysis of the development of endocrine and hypertensive reactions in prolonged emotional stress. BP
76  1984 The role of the catecholaminergic mechanism in foot shock (FS) stress- and immobilized-water immersion (IW) stress-induced analgesia in mice. IW
77  1983 Capsaicin treatment and stress-induced analgesia. CWS, i.c.v
78  1983 Involvement of different mechanisms, opioid and non-opioid forms, in the analgesia induced by footshock (FS) and immobilized-water immersion (IW) stress. IW
79  1976 [Effects of signal-shock contingency probability on gastric lesions in rats as a function of shock region (author's transl]. TS