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Long Form:   Fourier transform infrared
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Chitosan Decorated Copper Nanoparticles as Efficient Catalyst for Synthesis of Novel Quinoline Derivatives. MCR, SEM, TEM, TGA, TOF, XPS, XRD
2020 Crystallization of Calcium Deficient Hydroxyapatite Nanocrystals on Woven Silk Fibroin Fabric via Precipitation Process. Ca-def HAp, SF, XRD
2020 Effect of 1-Hexyl-3-Methylimidazolium Iodide Ionic Liquid on Ionic Conductivity and Energy Conversion Efficiency of Solid Polymer Electrolyte-Based Nano-Crystalline Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. DSC, DSSCs, FF, HMII, IL, SPEs, Tdc, Tg, TGA, XRD
2020 Effect of Nickel Doping on the Properties of Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles. HAP, Ni, XRD
2020 Effect of Synthesis Temperature on the Morphologies, Optical and Electrical Properties of MgO Nanostructures. MgO, SEM, XRD
2020 Efficient Selective Sorption of Cationic Organic Pollutant from Water and Its Photocatalytic Degradation by AlVO₄/g-C₃N₄ Nanocomposite. BET, EIS, MB, PL, SEM, TEM, UV-vis DRS, XRD
2020 Fabrication of 3D Porous Polyvinyl Alcohol/Sodium Alginate/Graphene Oxide Spherical Composites for the Adsorption of Methylene Blue. MB, SEM
2020 Framework Fe-Doped Mobil Five (MFI) Zeolites as Highly Active and Stable Fenton-Like Catalysts for Basic Dyes Degradation. f-Fe-ZSM-5, MFI, UV-vis spectra
2020 FTIR analysis of beta-lactoglobulin at the oil/water-interface. ---
10  2020 FTIR spectroscopy coupled with machine learning approaches as a rapid tool for identification and quantification of artificial sweeteners. ---
11  2020 Morphology-Dependent Photoelectrochemical and Photocatalytic Performance of gamma-Bi₂O₃ Nanostructures. CA, PL, XRD
12  2020 Photocatalytic TiO₂ Nanoparticles Activated by Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Assisted Ball Milling. DBDP-milling, SEM, XPS, XRD
13  2020 Physical Properties of BaFe12O19 Materials Obtained Under Different pH Using Hexamine as Novel Fuel by Auto Combustion Followed by Annealing Route. NIR, PL
14  2020 Prediction of the total acid number (TAN) of colombian crude oils via ATR-FTIR spectroscopy and chemometric methods. MIR-ATR, PCR, PLSR, RMSEC, TAN
15  2020 Sunlight-Driven Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange Based on Bismuth Ferrite (BiFeO₃) Heterostructures Composed of Interconnected Nanosheets. BHNs, EDS, SEM, TEM, XRD
16  2020 Synthesis and Characterization of Gd3+ Doped HfO₂ Nanoparticles for Radiotherapy Applications. EDX, FESEM, NPs, PL, XRD
17  2020 Synthesis, Characterization and Anti-Biofilm Efficacy of Polypyrrole-Zinc Oxide Composites. PPy, SEM, UV-vis, XRD, ZnO
18  2019 68Ga-radiolabeled bombesin-conjugated to trimethyl chitosan-coated superparamagnetic nanoparticles for molecular imaging: preparation, characterization and biological evaluation. 68Ga, BC, BN, GRP, HYNIC, MNPs, MRI, NPs, PET, PXRD, SPIONs, TEM, TGA, TLC, TMC, VSM
19  2019 In vitro Antioxidant Activity and Profile of Polyphenol Compounds Extracts and their Fractions on Cacao Beans. ---
20  2019 A 3D printed chitosan-pectin hydrogel wound dressing for lidocaine hydrochloride delivery. CS-PEC, LDC
21  2019 A chitosan-thiomer polymer for highly efficacious adsorption of mercury. DSC, EDX, SEM, TGA, XRD
22  2019 A Combined Utilization of Plasdone-S630 and HPMCAS-HF in Ziprasidone Hydrochloride Solid Dispersion by Hot-Melt Extrusion to Enhance the Oral Bioavailability and No Food Effect. CCD, PXRD, SEM, ZH-SD
23  2019 A comparative evaluation of ion release characteristics of three different dental varnishes containing fluoride either with CPP-ACP or bioactive glass. F-ISE, ICP-OES, MAS NMR, XRD
24  2019 A comparative study of magnetic chitosan (Chi@Fe3O4) and graphene oxide modified magnetic chitosan (Chi@Fe3O4GO) nanocomposites for efficient removal of Cr(VI) from water. BET, SEM, XRD
25  2019 A comparative study on synthesis of AgNPs on cellulose nanofibers by thermal treatment and DMF for antibacterial activities. CA, CE, EDX, SEM, TEM, XPS, XRD
26  2019 A comparison study of graphene-cyclodextrin conjugates for enhanced electrochemical performance of tyramine compounds. CD, GO, SEM, TEM, TGA, XRD
27  2019 A comprehensive investigation on the thermal and toxic hazards of large format lithium-ion batteries with LiFePO4 cathode. FEC, FED, LIB, SOC
28  2019 A Dual Ligand Sol⁻Gel Organic-Silica Hybrid Monolithic Capillary for In-Tube SPME-MS/MS to Determine Amino Acids in Plasma Samples. aa, in-tube SPME, LLOQ, MS/MS, NT, SEM, XRD
29  2019 A dye-affinity cryogel membrane for malate dehydrogenase purification from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. MDH
30  2019 A Facile and Efficient Protocol for Preparing Residual-Free Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Films for Stable Sensing Applications. CMC, IDE, SEM, SWCNT, XPS
31  2019 A facile and rapid method for green synthesis of Achyranthes aspera stem extract-mediated silver nano-composites with cidal potential against Aedes aegypti L. AASE, EDX, fcc, SEM, TEM, XRD
32  2019 A facile method to graphene oxide/polyaniline nanocomposite with sandwich-like structure for enhanced electrical properties of humidity detection. GO, PANI, RH, SEM, TEM, UV-vis
33  2019 A Facile Strategy to Generate High Drug Payload Celecoxib Micelles for Enhanced Corneal Permeability. CXB, DSC, TEM, XRD
34  2019 A fast progressive spectrum denoising combined with partial least squares algorithm and its application in online Fourier transform infrared quantitative analysis. ---
35  2019 A Flexible Piezoelectric Nanogenerator Based on Aligned P(VDF-TrFE) Nanofibers. SEM, XRD
36  2019 A fluorometric clenbuterol immunoassay using sulfur and nitrogen doped carbon quantum dots. Ab, CLEN
37  2019 A functional polysaccharide film forming by pectin, chitosan, and tea polyphenols. SEM
38  2019 A green chemistry to produce iron oxide - Chitosan nanocomposite (CS-IONC) for the upgraded bio-restorative and pharmacotherapeutic activities - Supra molecular nanoformulation against drug-resistant pathogens and malignant growth. CS-IONC, MIC, SEM, VSM, XRD
39  2019 A high-performance fluorescent probe for dopamine detection based on g-C3N4 nanofibers. DA, FRET, TEM, XPS, XRD
40  2019 A highly selective semiconducting polymer dots-based "off-on" fluorescent nanoprobe for iron, copper and histidine detection and imaging in living cells. His, PDs, PFBT
41  2019 A kinetic study on the degradation and biodegradability of silver nanoparticles catalyzed Methyl Orange and textile effluents. LC-MS, MO, PDS, SEM, TEM, XRD
42  2019 A lignin polymer nanocomposite based electrochemical sensor for the sensitive detection of chlorogenic acid in coffee samples. CGA, CV, DPV, LGN, LOD, LOQ, muA, MWCNTs, PBS, TEM, XRD
43  2019 A Mechanistic View of the Light-Induced Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Extracellular Polymeric Substances of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. AgNPs, EPS
44  2019 A microwave-assisted aqueous ionic liquid pretreatment to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis of Eucalyptus and its mechanism. SEM, XRD
45  2019 A new 3D luminescent Zn(ii)-organic framework containing a quinoline-2,6-dicarboxylate linker for the highly selective sensing of Fe(iii) ions. FRET, PET, TGA, XRPD
46  2019 A new formulation of graphene oxide/fluconazole compound as a promising agent against Candida albicans. C. albicans, GO, MIC
47  2019 A new nanocomposite scaffold based on polyurethane and clay nanoplates for osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells in vitro. ALP, AO/EB, CNPs, DSC, hADSCs, ICC, PU, qPCR, SEM, XRD
48  2019 A New Sensor for Methyl Paraben Using an Electrode Made of a Cellulose Nanocrystal-Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite. CNC-rGO, CV, DPV, FESEM, LOD, MP, RSD
49  2019 A new simultaneous measurement system of wide Q-range small angle neutron scattering combined with polarized Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. SANS
50  2019 A novel approach to preparation of nano-adsorbent from agricultural wastes (Saccharum officinarum leaves) and its environmental application. BET, FESEM, NS, SL, TEM, XRD
51  2019 A novel bioactive quaternized chitosan and its silver-containing nanocomposites as a potent antimicrobial wound dressing: Structural and biological properties. EDX, MAP, SEM, XRD
52  2019 A Novel Coloration of Polyester Fabric through Green Silver Nanoparticles (G-AgNPs@PET). SEM, TEM, TGA
53  2019 A novel electrochemical enzyme biosensor for detection of 17beta-estradiol by mediated electron-transfer system. CA-GR, GCE, TEM
54  2019 A novel electrochemical sensor based on core-shell-structured metal-organic frameworks: The outstanding analytical performance towards chlorogenic acid. CGA, Fe, LOD, TEM, XRD
55  2019 A novel enhanced anaerobic biodegradation method using biochar and Fe(OH)3@biochar for the removal of nitrogen heterocyclic compounds from coal gasification wastewater. NHCs, SBR
56  2019 A novel FTIR discrimination based on genomic DNA for species-specific analysis of meat and bone meal. MBM
57  2019 A novel gold nanorods-based pH-sensitive thiol-ended triblock copolymer for chemo-photothermo therapy of cancer cells. AFM, DLS, MTX, TEM, TGA, UV-vis
58  2019 A novel L-Histidine (C, N) codoped-TiO2-CdS nanocomposite for efficient visible photo-degradation of recalcitrant compounds from wastewater. COD, DRS, FESEM, MO, PL, POME, RSM, XRD
59  2019 A novel method for evaluating the potential release of trace metals associated with rainfall leaching/runoff from urban soils. DGT, DIFS
60  2019 A novel phosphorus-containing MoS2 hybrid: Towards improving the fire safety of epoxy resin. EP, PHRR, TEM, TGA, TPP, TSR, XRD
61  2019 A novel polysaccharide from Malus halliana Koehne with coagulant activity. APTT, FIB, GC, HPSEC, PT, TT
62  2019 A novel tetraethylenepentamine crosslinked chitosan oligosaccharide hydrogel for total adsorption of Cr(VI). NMR, SEM, XRD
63  2019 A novel TiO2/biochar composite catalysts for photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange. EDS, PL, SEM, UV-vis DRS, XPS, XRD
64  2019 A Phenotypic Screening Bioassay for Escherichia coli Stress and Antibiotic Responses based on Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy and Multivariate Analysis. FTIRS
65  2019 A polyethylenimine-based diazeniumdiolate nitric oxide donor accelerates wound healing. NMR, NO, PEG, PEI
66  2019 A polysaccharide found in Paulownia fortunei flowers can enhance cellular and humoral immunity in chickens. GPC, HPLC, NDV, PFFPS
67  2019 A practical approach on reuse of drinking water treatment plant residuals for fluoride removal. WTR, XRD
68  2019 A promising laccase immobilization approach for Bisphenol A removal from aqueous solutions. BPA
69  2019 A recyclable post-synthetically modified Al(iii) based metal-organic framework for fast and selective fluorogenic recognition of bilirubin in human biofluids. MOF, TG, XRPD
70  2019 A SEM study of unexplored wax microtubes produced by caterpillar living on common banana leaves. EDX, SEM
71  2019 A Short Report on the Polymerization of Pyrrole and Its Copolymers by Sonochemical Synthesis of Fluorescent Carbon Dots. CDs, TGA, XRD
72  2019 A silk fibroin/decellularized extract of Wharton's jelly hydrogel intended for cartilage tissue engineering. DEWJ, SF, sGAG, TGF-beta1
73  2019 A simple and low-energy method to prepare loratadine nanosuspensions for oral bioavailability improvement: preparation, characterization, and in vivo evaluation. DSC, LTD, SEM, TEM, XRD
74  2019 A Simple Low-Cost Method to Prepare Lignocellulose-Based Composites for Efficient Removal of Cd(II) from Wastewater. APTES, PEI, SEM, SP, SP-TAPI, TA, TGA, XPS, XRD
75  2019 A single-layer film coating for colon-targeted oral delivery. SEM
76  2019 A solid-state chemical reduction approach to synthesize graphitic carbon nitride with tunable nitrogen defects for efficient visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution. EPR, XPS
77  2019 A study of zearalenone biosorption and metabolisation by prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. MALDI-TOF MS, ZEA
78  2019 A sustainable ferromanganese biochar adsorbent for effective levofloxacin removal from aqueous medium. LEV, SEM, TEM, XPS, XRD
79  2019 A thermostable laccase from Thermus sp. 2.9 and its potential for delignification of Eucalyptus biomass. ABTS, DMP, HBT, TGA
80  2019 ABA-type triblock copolymer micellar system with lower critical solution temperature-type sol-gel transition. 1H NMR, DLS, LCST, RAFT, TEM
81  2019 Abiotic phosphorus recycling from adsorbed ribonucleotides on a ferrihydrite-type mineral: Probing solution and surface species. LC-MS, Pi, XANES
82  2019 Absolute fundamental and overtone OH and OD stretching intensities of alcohols. CRD
83  2019 Abundance and properties of microplastics found in commercial fish meal and cultured common carp (Cyprinus carpio). MPs
84  2019 Acacia Holosericea: An Invasive Species for Bio-char, Bio-oil, and Biogas Production. TGA
85  2019 Acaricidal efficacy of deltamethrin-zinc oxide nanocomposite on Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) annulatus tick. TEM, ZnO NPs
86  2019 Acetoacetate Based Thermosets Prepared by Dual-Michael Addition Reactions. DMA, DSC, ESEM
87  2019 Achieving Secondary Dispersion of Modified Nanoparticles by Hot-Stretching to Enhance Dielectric and Mechanical Properties of Polyarylene Ether Nitrile Composites. PANI-f-BT, PEN, TEM, TGA, XPS
88  2019 Activated red mud as a permeable reactive barrier material for fluoride removal from groundwater: parameter optimisation and physico-chemical characterisation. ARM, PRB, RE, SEM
89  2019 Activation and conformational changes of chitinase induced by ultrasound. CD
90  2019 Acute retinal toxicity associated with a mixture of perfluorooctane and perfluorohexyloctane: failure of another indirect cytotoxicity analysis. GC-MS, ISO, PFO
91  2019 Adapalene-loaded poly(epsilon-caprolactone) microparticles: Physicochemical characterization and in vitro penetration by photoacoustic spectroscopy. ADAP, DSC, PAS, PCL
92  2019 Addition of phosphates and chlorhexidine to resin-modified MTA materials. DC, HA, MTA
93  2019 Adsorption and regeneration characteristics of phosphorus from sludge dewatering filtrate by magnetic anion exchange resin. MAEX, VSM
94  2019 Adsorption characteristics and mechanism of Pb(II) by agricultural waste-derived biochars produced from a pilot-scale pyrolysis system. CSBs, OFGs, XPS, XRD
95  2019 Adsorption characteristics of cadmium onto microplastics from aqueous solutions. Cd, EDS, HDPE, MPs
96  2019 Adsorption characteristics of chloramphenicol onto powdered activated carbon and its desorption performance by ultrasound. BET, CAP, PAC, SEM, TGA
97  2019 Adsorption kinetics and modeling of H2S by treated waste oil fly ash. BET, DSL, OFA, SEM, XRD
98  2019 Adsorption mechanism of dichlorvos onto coconut fibre biochar: the significant dependence of H-bonding and the pore-filling mechanism. BET, CFB, SEM
99  2019 Adsorption mechanism of Pb2+ ions by Fe3O4, SnO2, and TiO2 nanoparticles. TEM, TGA, XPS, XRD
100  2019 Adsorption of Cd(II) from aqueous solution by Pennisetum sp. straw biochars derived from different modification methods. BET, SEM-EDS, XPS, XRD