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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 A New Crossover Mechanism for Genetic Algorithms for Steiner Tree Optimization. LC
2020 High-Order Entropy-based Population Diversity Measures in the Traveling Salesman Problem. ---
2020 Multi-scale optimisation vs. genetic algorithms in the gradient separation of diuretics by reversed-phase liquid chromatography. MSO
2020 Optimizing taxon addition order and branch lengths in the construction of phylogenetic trees using maximum likelihood. ---
2020 The ways of using machine learning in dentistry. AI, CDSS
2019 A comparison of subject-dependent and subject-independent channel selection strategies for single-trial P300 brain computer interfaces. BCI, EEG
2019 A Novel Selection Approach for Genetic Algorithms for Global Optimization of Multimodal Continuous Functions. PI, SWS
2019 Application of Genetic Algorithms for Pixel Selection in MIA-QSAR Studies on Anti-HIV HEPT Analogues for New Design Derivatives. PCR, PLS, QSAR
2019 Backtracking search optimization heuristics for nonlinear Hammerstein controlled auto regressive auto regressive systems. BSA, DE, NHCARAR
10  2019 Design of Lightweight CFRP Automotive Part as an Alternative for Steel Part by Thickness and Lay-Up Optimization. CFRP
11  2019 Feasibility of ANFIS-PSO and ANFIS-GA Models in Predicting Thermophysical Properties of Al2O3-MWCNT/Oil Hybrid Nanofluid. ANFIS, ANN, PSO, RMSE
12  2019 ReaxFF Parameter Optimization with Monte-Carlo and Evolutionary Algorithms: Guidelines and Insights. CMA-ES, MCFF
13  2019 Reusing the Past Difference Vectors in Differential Evolution--A Simple But Significant Improvement. CEC, DE, ESs
14  2019 Selection of microbial biomarkers with genetic algorithm and principal component analysis. GA, MetS, PCA, PCs
15  2018 Body Image-Acceptance and Action Questionnaire-5: An Abbreviation Using Genetic Algorithms. BI-AAQ
16  2018 Control of a manipulator robot by neuro-fuzzy subsets form approach control optimized by the genetic algorithms. ---
17  2018 Evolutionary niching in the GAtor genetic algorithm for molecular crystal structure prediction. CSP
18  2018 Using Hadoop MapReduce for Parallel Genetic Algorithms: A Comparison of the Global, Grid and Island Models. PGAs
19  2017 Artificial intelligence based model for optimization of COD removal efficiency of an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor in the saline wastewater treatment. AI, ANNs, COD, OLR, UASB
20  2017 Automated Screening of Children With Obstructive Sleep Apnea Using Nocturnal Oximetry: An Alternative to Respiratory Polygraphy in Unattended Settings. AUC, HRP, OAHI, ODI3, OSA, PSG
21  2017 Detecting event-related changes in organizational networks using optimized neural network models. BPNNs, PSO
22  2017 Mathematical Modeling and Optimizing of in Vitro Hormonal Combination for G N15 Vegetative Rootstock Proliferation Using Artificial Neural Network-Genetic Algorithm (ANN-GA). ANN-GA, ANNs, CW, QI
23  2017 Path-oriented test cases generation based adaptive genetic algorithm. IAGA
24  2017 Recommendations on the Implementation of Genetic Algorithms for the Directed Evolution of Enzymes for Industrial Purposes. DE, FLs
25  2016 A new numerical approach to solve Thomas-Fermi model of an atom using bio-inspired heuristics integrated with sequential quadratic programming. FDS, TFE
26  2016 High-Speed General Purpose Genetic Algorithm Processor. GAP
27  2016 In Silico Study of In Vitro GPCR Assays by QSAR Modeling. AOPs, bDR_NS, CV, GPCR, HTS, MIEs, PLS-DA, QSARs
28  2016 Memetic computing through bio-inspired heuristics integration with sequential quadratic programming for nonlinear systems arising in different physical models. SQP
29  2016 Prediction of Endocrine System Affectation in Fisher 344 Rats by Food Intake Exposed with Malathion, Applying Naive Bayes Classifier and Genetic Algorithms. NB
30  2016 Sequential construction of a model for modular gene expression control, applied to spatial patterning of the Drosophila gene hunchback. CRMs, hb
31  2016 Systematic topology optimization of solid-solid phononic crystals for multiple separate band-gaps with different polarizations. FEM, PnCs
32  2016 Using Genetic Algorithms in a Large Nationally Representative American Sample to Abbreviate the Multidimensional Experiential Avoidance Questionnaire. MEAQ
33  2015 A hybrid method for classifying cognitive states from fMRI data. fMRI
34  2015 An ultrasound-assisted system for the optimization of biodiesel production from chicken fat oil using a genetic algorithm and response surface methodology. RSM
35  2015 Characterization and noninvasive diagnosis of bladder cancer with serum surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and genetic algorithms. LDA, ROC, SERS
36  2015 DWFS: a wrapper feature selection tool based on a parallel genetic algorithm. ---
37  2015 Genetic algorithm optimization of point charges in force field development: challenges and insights. MEP
38  2014 Algorithms and tools for protein-protein interaction networks clustering, with a special focus on population-based stochastic methods. PPI
39  2014 Crossover versus mutation: a comparative analysis of the evolutionary strategy of genetic algorithms applied to combinatorial optimization problems. ---
40  2014 Designing mixed metal halide ammines for ammonia storage using density functional theory and genetic algorithms. DFT, PEMFC
41  2014 Evolutionary computation with spatial receding horizon control to minimize network coding resources. NCP, SRHC
42  2014 Genetic algorithm with maximum-minimum crossover (GA-MMC) applied in optimization of radiation pattern control of phased-array radars for rocket tracking systems. GA-MMC, PARs, PAs, PRs, RTS
43  2014 Many hands make light work: further studies in group evolution. ---
44  2014 Optimisation of gradient elution with serially-coupled columns Part II: Multi-linear gradients. ---
45  2014 Optimization of Network Topology in Computer-Aided Detection Schemes Using Phased Searching with NEAT in a Time-Scaled Framework. ANN, LDA, NEAT, ROC, SVMs
46  2014 Prediction of pharmacokinetic parameters using a genetic algorithm combined with an artificial neural network for a series of alkaloid drugs. ANNs, NRMSE, QSPkR
47  2014 Statistical and nonlinear analysis of oximetry from respiratory polygraphy to assist in the diagnosis of Sleep Apnea in children. AROC, loo-cv, LR, OSAHS, RP
48  2014 Variation of surface ozone in Campo Grande, Brazil: meteorological effect analysis and prediction. ANN
49  2013 A solution to the challenge of optimization on ''golf-course''-like fitness landscapes. VEGAs
50  2013 Assessment of feature selection and classification approaches to enhance information from overnight oximetry in the context of apnea diagnosis. FLD, FSFS, LR, PCA, PSG, SAHS, SVMs
51  2013 Genetic algorithms with permutation coding for multiple sequence alignment. GA, MSA, PC, SC
52  2013 Hybrid modelling based on support vector regression with genetic algorithms in forecasting the cyanotoxins presence in the Trasona reservoir (Northern Spain). GA-SVR, SVR
53  2013 Naturally selecting solutions: the use of genetic algorithms in bioinformatics. ---
54  2013 Novel hybrid genetic algorithm for progressive multiple sequence alignment. MSA
55  2013 Optimal sensor placement for leak location in water distribution networks using genetic algorithms. WDNs
56  2013 Predicting subcontractor performance using web-based Evolutionary Fuzzy Neural Networks. EFNNs, FL, NNs
57  2013 PSO based PI controller design for a solar charger system. MPPT, PV, VSINC
58  2013 The search for biomarkers of human embryo developmental potential in IVF: a comprehensive proteomic approach. IVF, MRM
59  2012 A Cellular Neural Network methodology for the automated segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions. CNN, MRI, MS
60  2012 A genetic algorithm for controlling an agent-based model of the functional human brain. fMRI
61  2012 Examination of a genetic algorithm for the application in high-throughput downstream process development. RSA
62  2012 Maximizing microbial degradation of perchlorate using a genetic algorithm: Media optimization. ---
63  2012 Method for optimal sensor deployment on 3D terrains utilizing a steady state genetic algorithm with a guided walk mutation operator based on the wavelet transform. DT, LOS, QoC, WSNs, WT
64  2012 Optimization of artificial neural network models through genetic algorithms for surface ozone concentration forecasting. CO
65  2011 1H NMR variable selection approaches for classification. A case study: the determination of adulterated foodstuffs. iPLS
66  2011 A coupled model tree (MT) genetic algorithm (GA) scheme for biofouling assessment in pipelines. GA, MT, MTs
67  2011 A new genetic algorithm for polygonal approximation. ---
68  2011 A ripple-spreading genetic algorithm for the aircraft sequencing problem. ASP, RSGA
69  2011 Detection of nicotine content impact in tobacco manufacturing using computational intelligence. ANFIS, GANFIS
70  2011 How to pre-process Raman spectra for reliable and stable models? ---
71  2011 Inference of S-system models of gene regulatory networks using immune algorithm. IA
72  2011 Optimization of kinetic energy harvesters design for fully implantable Cochlear Implants. CIs, EH
73  2011 Optimum gradient material for a functionally graded dental implant using metaheuristic algorithms. FGM, SA
74  2011 Use of machine learning methods for prediction of acute toxicity in organs at risk following prostate radiotherapy. ANN, ROC, SVM
75  2010 Optimization methods for spiking neurons and networks. ---
76  2010 SAR of Cu (II) thiosemicarbazone complexes as hypoxic imaging agents: MM3 analysis and prediction of biologic properties. QSAR, SARs
77  2010 Strategies for global optimization in photonics design. ---
78  2010 Variables selection methods in near-infrared spectroscopy. ANN, iPLS, NIR, SA, SPA, UVE
79  2009 Adaptive primal-dual genetic algorithms in dynamic environments. DOPs, PDGA, PDM
80  2009 Discovering multiple realistic TFBS motifs based on a generalized model. GALF, GALF-G, TFBSs
81  2009 Fuzzy-model-based hybrid predictive control. HPC
82  2009 Genetic algorithms for simultaneous variable and sample selection in metabonomics. COMET
83  2009 Granular neural networks and their development through context-based clustering and adjustable dimensionality of receptive fields. RBFNNs
84  2009 Medical image segmentation using genetic algorithms. ---
85  2009 Nonlinear quantitative structure-property relationship modeling of skin permeation coefficient. QSPR
86  2009 PCI-SS: MISO dynamic nonlinear protein secondary structure prediction. PCI, SOAP
87  2009 Quantitative structure-property relationship modelling of the degradability rate constant of alkenes by OH radicals in atmosphere. ANNs, MLR, QSPR, SVMs
88  2009 System identification: DNA computing approach. DNACA, EIIP
89  2009 [Temperature compensation for calibration model of apple fruit soluble solids contents by near infrared reflectance]. NIR, PLS
90  2008 An evolutionary approach toward dynamic self-generated fuzzy inference systems. EDSGFISs, FISs
91  2008 Analysis of volatile components of drugs and explosives by solid phase microextraction-ion mobility spectrometry. DMNB, IMS, LDRs, MDMA, SPME
92  2008 Constructing the gene regulation-level representation of microarray data for cancer classification. ---
93  2008 Context-dependent DNA coding with redundancy and introns. DNA
94  2008 On the use of different potential energy functions in rare-gas cluster optimization by genetic algorithms: application to argon clusters. ---
95  2008 Platelet activation due to hemodynamic shear stresses: damage accumulation model and comparison to in vitro measurements. HSD, PAS, PHV, VAD
96  2008 Reconstruction of DNA sequences using genetic algorithms and cellular automata: towards mutation prediction? CA
97  2008 Structural requirements of pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-7-one as CDK4/D inhibitors: 2D autocorrelation, CoMFA and CoMSIA analyses. BRGNN, CDK, CoMFA, CoMSIA, MLR, SOMs
98  2008 The optimal diagnostic decision sequence. cMAG
99  2007 An evolutionary method for learning HMM structure: prediction of protein secondary structure. HMMs, P.S.HMM
100  2007 Application of genetic algorithm-kernel partial least square as a novel nonlinear feature selection method: activity of carbonic anhydrase II inhibitors. ANNs, CAII, GA-KPLS, LMO, LOO