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Long Form:   Gliomatosis cerebri
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2020 Clinical relevance of molecular subgrouping of gliomatosis cerebri per 2016 WHO classification: a clinicopathological study of 89 cases. AA-IDHmt, AA-IDHwt, DA-IDHwt, GBM, PFS
2019 Gliomatosis Cerebri: A Unique Presentation with Accompanying Clinical Nuance. ---
2019 Heterogeneity of glioblastoma with gliomatosis cerebri growth pattern on diffusion and perfusion MRI. PWI, rACD, rCBV
2018 Clinical, neuroimaging and histopathological features of gliomatosis cerebri: a systematic review based on synthesis of published individual patient data. ---
2018 Gliomatosis cerebri: a consensus summary report from the Second International Gliomatosis cerebri Group Meeting, June 22-23, 2017, Bethesda, USA. ---
2018 Incidence and survival of gliomatosis cerebri: a population-based cancer registration study. AIR
2018 Prognostic Factors and Survival of Gliomatosis Cerebri: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. CI, CNS, HROS, OS, PFS
2017 A Pediatric Case of Diffuse Glioma Diagnosed at Autopsy. ---
2017 Gliomatosis Cerebri: Current Understanding and Controversies. ---
10  2017 Management and Survival Patterns of Patients with Gliomatosis Cerebri: A SEER-Based Analysis. SEER
11  2016 A comparison of clinical, magnetic resonance imaging and pathological findings in dogs with gliomatosis cerebri, focusing on cases with minimal magnetic resonance imaging changes(‡). MRI
12  2016 Gliomatosis cerebri in children shares molecular characteristics with other pediatric gliomas. ---
13  2016 Gliomatosis cerebri: A consensus summary report from the First International Gliomatosis cerebri Group Meeting, March 26-27, 2015, Paris, France. ---
14  2016 Gliomatosis cerebri: no evidence for a separate brain tumor entity. IDH1, TP53
15  2015 Gliomatosis cerebri having a poor performance status without recurrence after radiotherapy: a single institutional experience. OS, PFS, RT
16  2015 Gliomatosis cerebri mimicking encephalitis evaluated using fluorine-18 fluorodeoxyglucose: Positron emission tomography/computed tomography. ---
17  2015 Gliomatosis cerebri with spinal metastasis presenting with chronic meningitis in two boys. MRI
18  2015 Pediatric gliomatosis cerebri mimicking tubercular encephalitis. ---
19  2014 Gliomatosis cerebri mimicking acute viral encephalitis and with malignant transformation of partial lesions: A case report. Cho, Cr, CSF, MRI, MRS, NAA
20  2014 Gliomatosis cerebri type 1 with extensive involvement of the spinal cord and BRAF V600E mutation. ---
21  2014 Gliomatosis cerebri: a review. ---
22  2014 Infiltration of the optic chiasm, nerve, and disc by gliomatosis cerebri. ---
23  2014 Patterns of presentation and failure in patients with gliomatosis cerebri treated with partial-brain radiation therapy. RT
24  2014 Procarbazine, CCNU, and Vincristine Chemotherapy in Gliomatosis Cerebri. GDS, MMSE, MR, PCV
25  2014 [Gliomatosis cerebri as cause of neuropsychiatric symptoms]. ---
26  2013 Primary gliomatosis cerebri involving gray matter in pediatrics: a distinct entity? A multicenter study of 14 cases. MRI
27  2012 A rare case of gliomatosis cerebri presenting as dementia. ---
28  2012 Gliomatosis cerebri in two dogs. CNS
29  2012 IDH1 mutation, a genetic alteration associated with adult gliomatosis cerebri. ---
30  2012 Marked response of gliomatosis cerebri to temozolomide and whole brain radiotherapy. TMZ, WBRT
31  2012 Mutated IDH1 is a favorable prognostic factor for type 2 gliomatosis cerebri. OS, PFS
32  2011 C-Methionine or C-Choline PET is superior to MRI in the evaluation of gliomatosis cerebri. ---
33  2011 Five-Year Longitudinal MRI Follow-up and (1)H Single Voxel MRS in 14 patients with Gliomatosis Treated with Temodal, Radiotherapy and Antiangiogenic Therapy. MRI
34  2011 Gliomatosis cerebri in a patient with Ollier disease. ---
35  2011 Gliomatosis cerebri in young patients' report of three cases and review of the literature. ---
36  2011 Gliomatosis cerebri: a possible clinical and neuroradiologic "stroke mimic". CT
37  2011 Gliomatosis cerebri: diagnostic considerations in three cases. ---
38  2011 NOA-05 phase 2 trial of procarbazine and lomustine therapy in gliomatosis cerebri. CI, HR, IDH1, PC
39  2011 Prognostic stratification of gliomatosis cerebri by IDH1 R132H and INA expression. INA
40  2010 A case of gliomatosis cerebri mimicking limbic encephalitis: malignant transformation to glioblastoma. GM, LE, MRI
41  2010 Detection of IDH1 mutations in gliomatosis cerebri, but only in tumors with additional solid component: evidence for molecular subtypes. ---
42  2010 Gliomatosis cerebri, imaging findings of 12 cases. ---
43  2010 Impact of adjuvant chemotherapy for gliomatosis cerebri. ---
44  2010 Oligodendroglial gliomatosis cerebri in a poodle. ---
45  2010 Pediatric gliomatosis cerebri mimicking acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. ---
46  2010 Prognostic factors for patients with gliomatosis cerebri: retrospective analysis of 17 consecutive cases. ---
47  2010 [Gliomatosis cerebri]. ---
48  2009 Gliomatosis cerebri: clinicopathologic study of 33 cases and comparison of mass forming and diffuse types. ---
49  2009 Gray matter involvement predicts chemosensitivity and prognosis in gliomatosis cerebri. GMI
50  2008 Array-based comparative genomic hybridization and immunohistochemical studies in gliomatosis cerebri. CGH, WHO
51  2008 Genetic markers predictive of chemosensitivity and outcome in gliomatosis cerebri. MGMTP, TMZ
52  2008 Gliomatosis cerebri--an uncommon neuroepithelial tumor in children with oligodendroglial phenotype. ---
53  2008 Gliomatosis cerebri: growing evidence for diffuse gliomas with wide invasion. ---
54  2008 Procarbazine and CCNU as initial treatment in gliomatosis cerebri. ---
55  2008 The progression of gliomas is associated with cancer stem cell phenotype. ---
56  2007 Epilepsy surgery in children with gliomatosis cerebri. ---
57  2007 Evaluation of molecular genetic alterations associated with tumor progression in a case of gliomatosis cerebri. ---
58  2007 Genetic aberrations in gliomatosis cerebri. ---
59  2007 Gliomatosis cerebri mimicking Rasmussen encephalitis. Case report. MR, RE
60  2007 Gliomatosis cerebri presenting as a parkinsonian syndrome. ---
61  2006 Expression of nestin and vimentin in gliomatosis cerebri. GFAP
62  2006 Gliomatosis cerebri: 20 years of experience at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. CHOP, OS
63  2006 Gliomatosis cerebri: a review of 296 cases from the ANOCEF database and the literature. ---
64  2006 Magnetic resonance spectroscopy: a noninvasive diagnosis of gliomatosis cerebri. ---
65  2006 [Gliomatosis cerebri]. ---
66  2005 Alterations of cell cycle regulators in gliomatosis cerebri. ---
67  2005 Assessment of tumor cell invasion factors in gliomatosis cerebri. FGFR4
68  2005 Clinicopathological study of cellular proliferation and invasion in gliomatosis cerebri: important role of neural cell adhesion molecule L1 in tumour invasion. GFAP
69  2005 Gliomatosis cerebri and pituitary adenoma: case report and literature review. EgR, PgR
70  2005 Gliomatosis cerebri in children. Case report and clinical considerations. ---
71  2005 Molecular genetic alterations in gliomatosis cerebri: what can we learn about the origin and course of the disease? ---
72  2005 [Gliomatosis cerebri]. ---
73  2004 Clinical diagnosis of gliomatosis cerebri: report of three cases. FLAIR, MRI
74  2004 Combined surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for oligodendroglial gliomatosis cerebri. ---
75  2004 Initial chemotherapy in gliomatosis cerebri. OS, PFS, TMZ
76  2003 Analysis of TP53 and PTEN in gliomatosis cerebri. ---
77  2003 Distribution of p53 alterations in a case of gliomatosis cerebri. ---
78  2003 Mitochondrial DNA as a clonal tumor cell marker: gliomatosis cerebri. mtDNA
79  2003 Posterior fossa decompression for life-threatening tonsillar herniation in patients with gliomatosis cerebri: report of three cases. ---
80  2003 Use of proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the brain to differentiate gliomatosis cerebri from low-grade glioma. Cho, Cr, Ins, LGGs, MR, NAA
81  2002 Gliomatosis cerebri: treatment results with radiotherapy alone. ---
82  2002 Histological and MR correlations in Gliomatosis cerebri. ---
83  2001 CT and MRI findings in gliomatosis cerebri: a neuroradiologic and neuropathologic review of diffuse infiltrating brain neoplasms. ---
84  2001 Diagnosis and results of treatment with radiation therapy in gliomatosis cerebri patient: case report. Gy, MRI, RT
85  2001 Gliomatosis cerebri: intra vitam stereotactic determination in two cases and review of the literature. ---
86  2001 Gliomatosis cerebri: post-mortem molecular and immunohistochemical analyses in a case treated with thalidomide. CNS
87  2000 Oligodendrocytic gliomatosis cerebri. MR
88  2000 Serial positron emission tomography (PET) in gliomatosis cerebri treated with radiotherapy: a case report. CT, MR, PET
89  1998 Gliomatosis cerebri: findings with computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. ---
90  1997 Gliomatosis cerebri mimicking a metastatic breast cancer: fatal outcome. ---
91  1996 Gliomatosis cerebri: clinical, radiological and pathological report of a case with a stroke-like onset. ---
92  1995 Gliomatosis cerebri: report of an atypical case. CNS, CT, MRI
93  1991 Diagnosis and management of gliomatosis cerebri: recent trends. GFAP
94  1990 [Clinical diagnosis of gliomatosis cerebri by radioimages]. T2W1
95  1987 The fine structure of gliomatosis cerebri. ---