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2018 CRISPRing the Elephant in the Room. ---
2018 Evolution of the calcium feedback steps of vertebrate phototransduction. GCAPs
2017 The Hippeastrum hybridum PepR1 gene (HpPepR1) encodes a functional guanylyl cyclase and is involved in early response to fungal infection. ---
2017 Two pathways of rod photoreceptor cell death induced by elevated cGMP. PRKG
2016 Molecular Physiology of Membrane Guanylyl Cyclase Receptors. ---
2016 New Pharmacological Strategies to Increase cGMP. cGMP
2015 A synthetic cGMP-sensitive gene switch providing Viagra()-controlled gene expression in mammalian cells and mice. BNP, cGMP, CRP, GMP, GTP, NPR-A, PDEs
2015 Identification of a Hippeastrum hybridum guanylyl cyclase responsive to wounding and pathogen infection. ---
2015 Receptor guanylyl cyclase-G is a novel thermosensory protein activated by cool temperatures. ---
10  2015 The Arabidopsis thaliana K(+)-uptake permease 7 (AtKUP7) contains a functional cytosolic adenylate cyclase catalytic centre. ACs, AtKUP7, ATP, cAMP
11  2015 [Biosynthesis of cyclic GMP in plant cells - new insight into guanylate cyclases]. cGMP, LRR-RLK, PDEs
12  2014 High density and ligand affinity confer ultrasensitive signal detection by a guanylyl cyclase chemoreceptor. ---
13  2014 Membrane guanylyl cyclase complexes shape the photoresponses of retinal rods and cones. cGMP, GCAPs
14  2014 Structural analysis of human soluble adenylyl cyclase and crystal structures of its nucleotide complexes-implications for cyclase catalysis and evolution. AC, sAC, tmACs
15  2014 Turning on cGMP-dependent pathways to treat cardiac dysfunctions: boom, bust, and beyond. cGKI, I/R, PDE5
16  2013 Computational identification of candidate nucleotide cyclases in higher plants. ACs, CNCs
17  2013 Nucleotidyl cyclase activity of particulate guanylyl cyclase A: comparison with particulate guanylyl cyclases E and F, soluble guanylyl cyclase and bacterial adenylyl cyclases CyaA and edema factor. EF, NC, pGCs, sGC
18  2013 The Arabidopsis thaliana proteome harbors undiscovered multi-domain molecules with functional guanylyl cyclase catalytic centers. cGMP, ELISA, GTP
19  2012 Allosteric regulation of nucleotidyl cyclases: an emerging pharmacological target. ACs
20  2012 Cyclic GMP-dependent signaling in cardiac myocytes. cGMP, PDEs
21  2011 Different effects of soluble and particulate guanylyl cyclases on expression of inflammatory cytokines in rat peripheral blood mononuclear cells. ANP, AP-1, cGMP, CNP, PBMCs, SNP
22  2011 Divalent cations and redox conditions regulate the molecular structure and function of visinin-like protein-1. nAChR, VILIP-1
23  2010 A new Rac/PAK/GC/cGMP signaling pathway. PAK
24  2010 Evidence for cross-talk between atrial natriuretic peptide and nitric oxide receptors. ANP, cGMP, GC-A, NO
25  2009 Cyclic guanosine monophosphate signaling cascade mediates pigment aggregation in freshwater shrimp chromatophores. cGMP, RPCH
26  2009 Stimulation of guanylyl cyclase-D by bicarbonate. ---
27  2009 The evolution of guanylyl cyclases as multidomain proteins: conserved features of kinase-cyclase domain fusions. ACs, KHD
28  2008 Crystal structure of the guanylyl cyclase Cya2. ACs, cGMP
29  2008 Involvement of cyclic GMP in phytochrome-controlled flowering of Pharbitis nil. cGMP, FR, PDEs
30  2007 A Rac-cGMP signaling pathway. PAK
31  2007 Guanylyl cyclases in the tropical land crab, Gecarcinus lateralis: Cloning of soluble (NO-sensitive and -insensitive) and membrane receptor forms. CHH, HNOB, KH, LB, TM
32  2007 Plant nucleotide cyclases: an increasingly complex and growing family. NCs
33  2007 The Arabidopsis thaliana brassinosteroid receptor (AtBRI1) contains a domain that functions as a guanylyl cyclase in vitro. GTP
34  2007 [Guanylyl cyclases of unicellular eukaryotes: structure, function, and regulatory properties]. ---
35  2006 Multiple lineage specific expansions within the guanylyl cyclase gene family. NO
36  2005 Diverse forms of guanylyl cyclases in medaka fish -- their genomic structure and phylogenetic relationships to those in vertebrates and invertebrates. ---
37  2005 Enterotoxin/guanylin receptor type guanylyl cyclases in non-mammalian vertebrates. PC4, STa
38  2005 Soluble guanylyl cyclase: more secrets revealed. cGMP, GC, GTP, NO, pGC, sGC
39  2004 Differentiation of human monocytes in vitro with granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor and macrophage colony-stimulating factor produces distinct changes in cGMP phosphodiesterase expression. GM-CSF, M-CSF, PDEs, sGC
40  2004 Functional characterization of nitric oxide and YC-1 activation of soluble guanylyl cyclase: structural implication for the YC-1 binding site? ACs, NO, sGC
41  2004 Hippocalcin in the olfactory epithelium: a mediator of second messenger signaling. ACs, OE, ORNs, VILIPs
42  2003 Identification of a novel protein with guanylyl cyclase activity in Arabidopsis thaliana. GTP
43  2002 Nitric oxide potently inhibits the rate-limiting enzymatic step in steroidogenesis. 22HC, NO
44  2001 A cGMP-dependent protein kinase assay for high throughput screening based on time-resolved fluorescence resonance energy transfer. APC, cGK, FRET, HTS, NO, VASP
45  1999 A point-mutated guanylyl cyclase with features of the YC-1-stimulated enzyme: implications for the YC-1 binding site? ACs, sGC
46  1999 Desensitization of guanylyl cyclases in cultured human airway smooth-muscle cells. ANP, HASMC, NO, PDE, SNAP, SNP
47  1999 Expression of membrane-bound and cytosolic guanylyl cyclases in the rat inner ear. ---
48  1999 Targeted gene disruption in the development of mouse models to elucidate the role of receptor guanylyl cyclase signaling pathways in physiological function. ---
49  1998 Coexpression of inducible NO synthase and soluble guanylyl cyclase in colonic enterocytes: a pathophysiologic signaling pathway for the initiation of diarrhea by gram-negative bacteria? LPS
50  1998 Two amino acid substitutions convert a guanylyl cyclase, RetGC-1, into an adenylyl cyclase. ACs
51  1996 Expression of C-type natriuretic peptide in the bovine pineal gland. ANP, BNP, cGMP, CNP, ir, RT
52  1995 Cloning and expression of a second photoreceptor-specific membrane retina guanylyl cyclase (RetGC), RetGC-2. retGC
53  1993 Colocalization of the genes coding for the alpha 3 and beta 3 subunits of soluble guanylyl cyclase to human chromosome 4 at q31.3-q33. ---
54  1992 Mapping of neural nitric oxide synthase in the rat suggests frequent co-localization with NADPH diaphorase but not with soluble guanylyl cyclase, and novel paraneural functions for nitrinergic signal transduction. NO