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Abbreviation:   GLI  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   glucagon-like immunoreactivity
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2010 The peculiar processing of pancreatic hormone glucagon seen in traumatized patients. GLLP, IRG
2001 Glucagon-like immunoreactivity in the forebrain and pituitary of the teleost, Clarias batrachus (Linn.). MOT
2000 Immunocytochemical identification and localization of APUD cells in the gut of seven stomachless teleost fishes. ABC, BPP, ENK, GIP, GLU, IR, PAP, PBS, SOM, SP
1997 Identification of amidated forms of GLP-1 in rat tissues using a highly sensitive radioimmunoassay. GLP-1, RIA
1995 Synthesis and secretion of glucagon-like peptide-1 by fetal rat intestinal cells in culture. GIP, GLP-1, PGDPs, PK
1993 Depolarization elicits, while hyperpolarization blocks uptake of endogenous glutamate by retinal horizontal cells of the turtle. AOAA, KA, PDA
1993 Taurine distribution in different cat muscles as visualized by immunohistochemistry: changes with stimulus state. TLI
1992 Decrease in plasma GLP-1 immunoreactivity in starved rats. GLP-1, GLP-1 IR
1992 Elevated content and secretion of gut GLI in VMH-lesioned rats. VMH
10  1991 Oral insulin in diabetic dogs. ---
11  1991 Regulation of intestinal proglucagon-derived peptide secretion by intestinal regulatory peptides. ---
12  1990 Developmental and tissue-specific regulation of proglucagon gene expression. IRG
13  1990 Glucagon and related peptides in fetal rat hypothalamus in vivo and in vitro. FRHC, mRNA
14  1990 Molecular and cellular analysis of a neoplastic pancreatic A cell tumor. ---
15  1989 Flight effects on plasma levels of lipid, glucagon and thyroid hormones in homing pigeons. FFA, rT3, TG
16  1989 Presence of glucagon-(1-21)-Like immunoreactive substance in the dog small intestinal mucosa. G21-IR
17  1989 Response of gut glucagon-like immunoreactivity to hypoglycemia in dogs. IRG
18  1989 Tissue-specific differences in the levels of proglucagon-derived peptides in streptozotocin-induced diabetes. STZ
19  1988 Control of glucagon-like immunoreactive peptide secretion from fetal rat intestinal cultures. ---
20  1988 Distribution of galanin-like immunoreactivity in baboon brain. HPLC
21  1988 Effects of the pathway of bile flow on the digestion of fat and the release of gastrointestinal hormones. GIP
22  1988 Oxyntomodulin and glicentin: brain-gut peptides in the rat. OXM
23  1988 Thyrotrophin-releasing hormone-induced growth hormone secretion in ducks: independence of peripheral plasma somatostatin, insulin, and glucagon. GH, IRI, SLI, TRH
24  1987 Argyrophil, non-argentaffin carcinoids of the appendix vermiformis. Immunohistochemical and ultrastructural studies. ---
25  1987 Brain/gut peptides in fed and fasted rats. CCK, VIP
26  1987 Distribution of oxyntomodulin and glucagon in the gastrointestinal tract and the plasma of the rat. GOL, OXM
27  1987 Effect of insulin on the response of gut glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) to oral glucose and food ingestion in the goose. IRG
28  1987 Fetal rat intestinal cells in monolayer culture: a new in vitro system to study the glucagon-like immunoreactive peptides. IRGa
29  1987 Glucagon-like immunoreactive peptides in a rat ileal epithelial cell line (IEC-18). ---
30  1987 Ontogeny of glucagon-like immunoreactive peptides in rat intestine. IRGa
31  1987 Pancreatic somatostatin, glucagon and insulin during post-hatch growth in the duck (Anas platyrhynchos). IRI, SLI
32  1987 Plasma glucagon and energy substrate responses of domestic fowl to treadmill exercise. FFA
33  1986 Elevation of plasma glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) in patients with liver cirrhosis. GI, OGTT
34  1986 Enzymatic degradation of glucagon and glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI). ---
35  1986 Glucagon-like polypeptide and insulin contents in the brain from acute hepatic failure dogs. GI
36  1985 Characterization of a heat stable, 12,000 Da, glucagon-like immunoreactive (GLI) peptide from porcine ileum that stimulates hepatic glucose production in vivo and in vitro. Mr
37  1985 Control of plasma levels of growth hormone, glucagon and insulin in ducklings: roles of free fatty acids and somatostatin. FFA, IRI
38  1985 Mouse salivary glands secrete a glucagon-degrading enzyme, not glucagon. ---
39  1985 The normal range of the plasma immunoreactive glucagon level during a 75 g oral glucose tolerance test. GI
40  1984 Changes in pancreatic hormones associated with coccidiosis. DAI, PG, PI
41  1984 Characterization of response of gut GLI to fat ingestion in dogs. ---
42  1984 Effects of selective vagotomy with or without drainage on glucose tolerance test. IRI, OGTT, PG, SPV
43  1984 Immunohistochemical localization of (neuro)peptide hormones in endocrine cells and nerves of the gut of a stomachless teleost fish, Barbus conchonius (Cyprinidae). PHI, PP, VIP
44  1984 Synaptosomal localization and release of glucagon-like materials in the rat brain. GI
45  1984 The effects of an alpha-glucoside hydrolase inhibitor on glycemia and the absorption of sucrose in man determined using a tracer method. ---
46  1983 Gut glucagon, enteroglucagon, gut glucagonlike immunoreactivity, glicentin--current status. ---
47  1983 Pancreatic islet cell function and metabolic control in an infant with permanent neonatal diabetes. IRG, IRI
48  1983 Secretion of gastrointestinal glucagon-like immunoreactants (GLI) in dogs. ---
49  1982 Overall distribution of glucagon-like immunoreactivity in the chicken retina: an immunohistochemical study with flat-mounts. ---
50  1982 Plasma levels of glucagon-like polypeptides in gastrectomized patients transformed from Billroth II into Billroth I. B I, B II, BG, IRG, OGTT
51  1982 Renal metabolism of gut glucagon-like immunoreactivity. ---
52  1982 [Total GLI (glucagon-like immunoreactivity) radioimmunoassay kit--experimental study]. ---
53  1981 A case with glucagonoma syndrome--heterogeneity of glucagon and insulin. IRG, IRI, LGI
54  1981 Evidence for transformation of glucagon-like immunoreactivity of gut into pancreatic glucagon in vivo. ---
55  1981 Exaggerated response of plasma glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) to oral glucose in patients with reactive hypoglycemia. GI
56  1981 Glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) in blood plasma of partially hepatectomized rats. ---
57  1981 Neurotensin and substance P and dumping syndrome. ---
58  1981 Stimulation of antiglucagon antibodies in rabbits and guinea pigs using a glucagon-carbodiimide-albumin conjugate. ---
59  1980 Glicentin and gastric inhibitory polypeptide immunoreactivity in endocrine cells of the gut and pancreas. ---
60  1980 Glucagon-, glicentin-, and pancreatic polypeptide-like immunoreativities in rectal carcinoids and related colorectal cells. BPP, hPP
61  1980 Glucagon-like substance in the canine brain. GI
62  1980 Pituitary and adrenal control of pancreatic endocrine function in the duck. III. Effects of glucose, oleic acid, arginine, insulin and glucagon infusions in hypophysectomized or normal ducks. aa
63  1980 The effect of metformin treatment on gastric acid secretion and gastrointestinal hormone levels in normal subjects. VIP
64  1980 Tissue distribution of glucagon, glucagonlike immunoreactivity, and insulin in the rat. ---
65  1979 Chromatographic pattern of gut glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) in plasma before and during glucose absorption. ---
66  1979 Glucagon-like polypeptides in canine brain. IRG
67  1979 The use of perfused rat intestine to characterise the glucagon-like immunoreactivity released into serosal secretions following stimulation by glucose. ---
68  1978 Antisomatostatin serum increases levels of hormones from the pituitary and gut, but not from the pancreas. ---
69  1978 Extrapancreatic glucagon and glucagonlike immunoreactivity in depancreatized dogs. A quantitative assessment of secretion rates and anatomical delineation of sources. ---
70  1978 Metabolic responses to enteral and parenteral nutrition. IRG, IRI
71  1977 Effect of food ingestion on intestinal glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) secretion in normal and gastrectomized subjects. ---
72  1977 Extraction, gel filtration pattern, and receptor binding of porcine gastrointestinal glucagon-like immunoreactivity. GTG, PTG
73  1977 Heterogeneity of extractable gut glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) and its lipolytic activity. ---
74  1977 Histochemical and ultrastructural identification of neurotensin cells in the dog ileum. PP
75  1977 Inhibition of exaggerated gastrointestinal glucagon responses in chronic pancreatitis by somatostatin. IRG
76  1977 Inhibition of intestinal glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) secretion by somatostatin in man. ---
77  1977 Pancreatic glucagon-like immunoreactivity in a pancreatectomized patient. ---
78  1977 Regional release of glucagon-like immunoreactivity from the intestine of the cat. ---
79  1977 Role of gastrointestinal hormones in the response to massive resection of the small bowel. ---
80  1977 The effects of somatostatin on hormonal and metabolic responses in chronic pancreatitis. FFA
81  1976 Evidence for the presence of glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) in the pancreas. ---
82  1976 Gastric A-cell function in insulin-deprived depancreatized dogs. GV, IRG, VC
83  1976 Glucagon levels in pancreatic extracts and plasma of the lizard (1). ---
84  1976 Immunohistochemical demonstration of glucagon- and GLI-containing cells in the canine gut and pancreas. ---
85  1976 Purification of canine gut glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) and its insulin releasing activity. ---
86  1976 Serum gastrin and gastrin-like immunoreactivity of gastrointestinal mucosa in fetal, neonatal and adult rats. ---
87  1976 The contribution of the distal gastrointestinal tract to glucagon-like immunoreactivity secretion in the rat. ---
88  1975 Effect of phenformin on the response of plasma intestinal glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) to oral glucose in gastrectomized subjects. ---
89  1975 Gastric operations and glucose homeostasis. II. glucagon and secretin. IRI
90  1975 Glucagon secretion in primary endogenous hypertriglyceridemia before and after clofibrate treatment. FFA
91  1975 Identification of glucagon in the gastrointestinal tract. pI
92  1975 Plasma glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) in dogs. ---
93  1973 Chromatographic pattern of human intestinal glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI). ---
94  1973 The effects of triglyceride absorption upon glucagon, insulin, and gut glucagon-like immunoreactivity. ---
95  1972 Determination of pancreatic and gut glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) in normal and diabetic subjects. ---
96  1972 Relationship between insulin and gut glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) secretion in normal and gastrectomized subjects. ---
97  1972 Separation of pancreatic and gut glucagon-like immunoreactivity (G.L.I.) with observations on plasma concentrations of these hormones during lactation. ---
98  1972 The effect of calcium and other salts upon the release of glucagon-like immunoreactivity from the gut. ---
99  1971 Effect of endogenous intestinal glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI) on insulin secretion and glucose concentration in dogs. ---
100  1970 Characterization of glucagon-like immunoreactivity (GLI). ---