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Long Form:   genetic programming
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Evolutionary Ensemble Learning Algorithm to Modeling of Warfarin Dose Prediction for Chinese. EEM
2018 A genetic programming approach to development of clinical prediction models: A case study in symptomatic cardiovascular disease. ---
2018 Active Learning of Regular Expressions for Entity Extraction. ---
2018 Adaptive Fitness Predictors in Coevolutionary Cartesian Genetic Programming. ---
2018 An efficient approach for feature construction of high-dimensional microarray data by random projections. RPs
2018 Application of Genetic Programming (GP) Formalism for Building Disease Predictive Models from Protein-Protein Interactions (PPI) Data. CC, MAPE, PPI, PPIs, RMSE, SR
2018 Automatic epilepsy detection using fractal dimensions segmentation and GP-SVM classification. EEG, GTCS, SVM
2018 Comparison of multi-linear regression, particle swarm optimization artificial neural networks and genetic programming in the development of mini-tablets. ANNs, DoE, MLR, PSO, QbD
2018 Competent Geometric Semantic Genetic Programming for Symbolic Regression and Boolean Function Synthesis. ---
10  2018 Counterexample-Driven Genetic Programming: Heuristic Program Synthesis from Formal Specifications. CDGP, LIA, SLIA, SMT
11  2018 Development of a New Aprepitant Liquisolid Formulation with the Aid of Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Programming. ANNs, APT, ATR-FTIR, DLS, DSC, MLR, SEM, XRD
12  2018 Development of genetic programming-based model for predicting oyster norovirus outbreak risks. BLR, RF
13  2018 Development of GP and GEP models to estimate an environmental issue induced by blasting operation. AOp, CoD, GEP, MLR, RMSE
14  2018 Intelligent diagnosis method for machinery by sequential auto-reorganization of histogram. GP-ISPs, SF, SPs
15  2018 Modelling of dye adsorption from aqueous solution on polyaniline/carboxymethyl cellulose/TiO2 nanocomposites. ANN
16  2017 Epileptic MEG Spike Detection Using Statistical Features and Genetic Programming with KNN. KNN, MEG
17  2017 Genetic programming-based mathematical modeling of influence of weather parameters in BOD5 removal by Lemna minor. RH, Ta, Tatm, Tw
18  2017 Presenting a new kinetic model for methanol to light olefins reactions over a hierarchical SAPO-34 catalyst using the Langmuir-Hinshelwood-Hougen-Watson mechanism. GA, LHHW, MTO
19  2017 Surrogate-Assisted Genetic Programming With Simplified Models for Automated Design of Dispatching Rules. ---
20  2016 A genetic programming approach to oral cancer prognosis. LR, MOCDTBS, SVM
21  2016 A Multiobjective Genetic Programming-Based Ensemble for Simultaneous Feature Selection and Classification. FNs, FPs, FS
22  2016 A novel genetic programming approach for epileptic seizure detection. CGP, DFVC, EEG, EMD
23  2016 A Novel, Unbiased Analysis Approach for Investigating Population Dynamics: A Case Study on Calanus finmarchicus and Its Decline in the North Sea. ---
24  2016 Application of a soft computing technique in predicting the percentage of shear force carried by walls in a rectangular channel with non-homogeneous roughness. GAA
25  2016 Binary Image Classification: A Genetic Programming Approach to the Problem of Limited Training Instances. ---
26  2016 Learning Spatio-Temporal Representations for Action Recognition: A Genetic Programming Approach. ---
27  2016 Sequential Compact Code Learning for Unsupervised Image Hashing. ECE
28  2016 Spatial distribution estimation of malaria in northern China and its scenarios in 2020, 2030, 2040 and 2050. ARE, GAM, SRES
29  2016 Statistical Downscaling of General Circulation Model Outputs to Precipitation Accounting for Non-Stationarities in Predictor-Predictand Relationships. MLR, PPRs
30  2016 Transmit Power Allocation for Physical Layer Security in Cooperative Multi-Hop Full-Duplex Relay Networks. DF, FDR, ISIC, KKT, OPA, PSIC
31  2015 An Automated System for Skeletal Maturity Assessment by Extreme Learning Machines. ANNs, ELM
32  2015 Can-Evo-Ens: Classifier stacking based evolutionary ensemble system for prediction of human breast cancer using amino acid sequences. AUC, ML
33  2015 Combining classifiers generated by multi-gene genetic programming for protein fold recognition using genetic algorithm. GA
34  2015 Comparison between Decision Tree and Genetic Programming to distinguish healthy from stroke postural sway patterns. DT
35  2015 From Heuristic to Mathematical Modeling of Drugs Dissolution Profiles: Application of Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Programming. ANNs, RMSE
36  2015 Genetic Programming and Frequent Itemset Mining to Identify Feature Selection Patterns of iEEG and fMRI Epilepsy Data. FIM, fMRI, iEEG
37  2015 Genetic programming based ensemble system for microarray data classification. ---
38  2015 Genetic programming based quantitative structure-retention relationships for the prediction of Kovats retention indices. GC, KRI, MAPE, QSRR, RMSE
39  2015 HBC-Evo: predicting human breast cancer by exploiting amino acid sequence-based feature spaces and evolutionary ensemble system. ---
40  2015 Integrated satellite data fusion and mining for monitoring lake water quality status of the Albufera de Valencia in Spain. MODIS, RMSE, TM
41  2015 On Using Surrogates with Genetic Programming. ---
42  2014 A simple approach to lifetime learning in genetic programming-based symbolic regression. ---
43  2014 Genetic programming for evolving due-date assignment models in job shop environments. DDAMs
44  2014 Low-level feature extraction for edge detection using genetic programming. ---
45  2014 Machine learning techniques accurately classify microbial communities by bacterial vaginosis characteristics. BV, LR, RF
46  2014 Modeling and optimizing of the random atomic spin gyroscope drift based on the atomic spin gyroscope. AR, ASG, GA
47  2014 Multi-model data fusion to improve an early warning system for hypo-/hyperglycemic events. CA, DFA, DST, DT, GA, SAP, T1D
48  2014 Optimal Modeling of Urban Ambient Air Ozone Concentration Based on Its Precursors' Concentrations and Temperature, Employing Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithm. GA
49  2014 Prediction of lung cancer based on serum biomarkers by gene expression programming methods. CEA, CRP, GA, GEP, LDH, NSCLC, NSE, SCLC
50  2014 Relationship between benthic macroinvertebrate bio-indices and physicochemical parameters of water: a tool for water resources managers. PCA
51  2014 Semantic Search-Based Genetic Programming and the Effect of Intron Deletion. ---
52  2014 Supervised block sparse dictionary learning for simultaneous clustering and classification in computational anatomy. ---
53  2013 Identification of epilepsy stages from ECoG using genetic programming classifiers. ECoG
54  2012 A comparison of different feature extraction methods for diagnosis of valvular heart diseases using PCG signals. AS, GA, GDA, ICA, MR, MS, PCA, PCG, SVM, VHD
55  2012 A survey of application: genomics and genetic programming, a new frontier. ---
56  2012 Application of artificial neural networks (ANNs) and genetic programming (GP) for prediction of drug release from solid lipid matrices. ANNs
57  2012 Developing new fitness functions in genetic programming for classification with unbalanced data. ---
58  2012 Gene-expression programming for flip-bucket spillway scour. GEP
59  2012 Genetic Programming as a tool for identification of analyte-specificity from complex response patterns using a non-specific whole-cell biosensor. ---
60  2012 Improved model reduction and tuning of fractional-order PI(lamda)D(mu) controllers for analytical rule extraction with genetic programming. FO, FOPID, GA, PID
61  2012 Mito-GSAAC: mitochondria prediction using genetic ensemble classifier and split amino acid composition. SAAC, SVM
62  2011 Interactive evolution of camouflage. ---
63  2011 Solid dispersions in the development of a nimodipine floating tablet formulation and optimization by artificial neural networks and genetic programming. ANNs, EFF, HPMC, PEG, PVP
64  2010 Gene expression programming for total bed material load estimation--a case study. GEP
65  2010 How to optimize maturation in a bioreactor for vascular tissue engineering: focus on a decision algorithm for experimental planning. MDPs
66  2010 Prediction of algal blooms using genetic programming. ---
67  2010 The Use of Genetic Programming for Learning 3D Craniofacial Shape Quantifications. ---
68  2009 A genetic programming-based approach to the classification of multiclass microarray datasets. ---
69  2009 Prediction of cancer class with majority voting genetic programming classifier using gene expression data. MVGPC
70  2009 Seasonal change detection of riparian zones with remote sensing images and genetic programming in a semi-arid watershed. CCRW, ISODATA, RICAL, SAR
71  2009 Simultaneous structure discovery and parameter estimation in gene networks using a multi-objective GP-PSO hybrid approach. PSO
72  2008 A motif detection and classification method for peptide sequences using genetic programming. ---
73  2008 Application of cryoprobe 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and multivariate analysis for the verification of corsican honey. LDA, PLS, PLS-GP
74  2008 Automated design of image operators that detect interest points. ---
75  2008 Gene expression profiling for molecular distinction and characterization of laser captured primary lung cancers. AC, NT, SCC, SCLC
76  2008 Instruction-matrix-based genetic programming. IM
77  2008 Mask Functions for the Symbolic Modeling of Epistasis Using Genetic Programming. SDA
78  2008 Modelling drug dissolution from controlled release products using genetic programming. ---
79  2008 Multitask visual learning using genetic programming. ---
80  2008 Predicting item exposure parameters in computerized adaptive testing. ---
81  2008 Texture segmentation by genetic programming. ---
82  2007 A new crossover operator in genetic programming for object classification. HCC
83  2007 Applying genetic programming to the prediction of alternative mRNA splice variants. ---
84  2007 Evolving fuzzy rules to model gene expression. RPN
85  2007 Feature selection and molecular classification of cancer using genetic programming. ---
86  2007 Formulation of ELF magnetic fields' effects on malondialdehyde level and myeloperoxidase activity in kidney using genetic programming. ELF, EMFs, MDA, MPO
87  2007 Genetic Programming of Conventional Features to Detect Seizure Precursors. C-features, iEEG
88  2007 Scaling genetic programming to large datasets using hierarchical dynamic subset selection. ---
89  2007 Symbolic modeling of epistasis. SDA
90  2006 Classification of breast masses in mammograms using genetic programming and feature selection. ---
91  2006 Genetic programming and feature selection for classification of breast masses in mammograms. ---
92  2006 Genetic programming for simultaneous feature selection and classifier design. ---
93  2006 Human-competitive evolution of quantum computing artefacts by Genetic Programming. QFT
94  2005 Feature generation using genetic programming with application to fault classification. ANN, GA, SVM
95  2005 Object detection via feature synthesis using MDL-based genetic programming. ---
96  2005 Prediction of maintenance of sinus rhythm after electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation by non-deterministic modelling. AF
97  2004 A constrained-syntax genetic programming system for discovering classification rules: application to medical data sets. BGP
98  2004 A controlled genetic programming approach for the deceptive domain. ---
99  2004 Evolving rule-based systems in two medical domains using genetic programming. ---
100  2004 Neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonists: pharmacophores, evolutionary QSAR and 3D-QSAR models. CNS, CoMFA, DISCO, MO, MoQSAR, nAChRs, QSAFIR, SAFIRs, WHIM