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Abbreviation:   GRBAS  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   grade, roughness, breathiness, asthenia, strain
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Effect of Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery on Voice and Speech Recognition. FESS
2019 Effect of Septoplasty On Voice Performance: Nasalance and Acoustic Study. ---
2019 Long-term changes in vocal function after supracricoid partial laryngectomy with cricohyoidoepiglottopexy for laryngeal cancer. MFR, MPT, SCL-CHEP, V-RQOL, VHI-10
2019 Sex-based outcomes in type I thyroplasty for nonparalytic glottic incompetence. GFI, GI, VRQoL
2019 Treatment Outcomes of Angiolytic Laser-Assisted Glottoplasty in Patients With Sulcus Vocalis. PDL
2018 A method to repair the recurrent laryngeal nerve during thyroidectomy. RLN, VCP
2018 Coexisting Vocal Fold Polyps and Sulcus Vocalis: Coincidence or Coexistence? Characteristics of 14 Patients. S-VFPs, SV
2018 Comparison of Pitch Strength With Perceptual and Other Acoustic Metric Outcome Measures Following Medialization Laryngoplasty. PS
2018 Concatenation of the Moving Window Technique for Auditory-Perceptual Analysis of Voice Quality. ---
10  2018 Effect of voice rehabilitation training on the patients with laryngeal cancer after radiotherapy. LC, VRT
11  2018 Effects of Voice Therapy on Laryngeal Motor Units During Phonation in Chronic Superior Laryngeal Nerve Paresis Dysphonia. ISI, LEMG, SLNp
12  2018 Endoscopic Partial Arytenoidectomy for Bilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis: Medially Based Mucosal Flap Technique. BVFP, EPA
13  2018 Multi-institutional Evaluation of Medialization Laryngoplasty in the Elderly. EAT-10, VHI-10
14  2018 Quality of Life and Voice Changes After a Single Injection in Patients With ADSD Over Time. ADSD, BT, VAPPP
15  2018 Reliability and Validity of the Turkish Version of the Consensus Auditory-Perceptual Evaluation of Voice (CAPE-V). CAPE-V
16  2018 Structural Fat Grafting to Improve Outcomes of Vocal Folds' Fat Augmentation: Long-term Results. CT, MPT, MRI, VHI
17  2018 The Mandarin Version of the Consensus Auditory-Perceptual Evaluation of Voice (CAPE-V) and Its Reliability. CAPE-V, ICC
18  2018 [Therapeutic effect of acid-suppressing therapy combined with voice therapy in patients with voice-related symptoms caused by laryngopharyngeal reflux]. RFS, RSI, VHI
19  2017 Electromyography-guided hyaluronic acid injection laryngoplasty in early stage of unilateral vocal fold paralysis. ---
20  2017 Evaluating Post-Radiotherapy Laryngeal Function with Laryngeal Videostroboscopy in Early Stage Glottic Cancer. LVS, RT, VF
21  2017 Functional assessment of glottal insufficiency treated by hyaluronic acid injection: Retrospective 20-case series. MPT, VHI
22  2017 Optimal Duration for Voice Rest After Vocal Fold Surgery: Randomized Controlled Clinical Study. NMWA, VHI-10
23  2017 Subjective and Objective Voice Assessments After Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve-Preserved Total Thyroidectomy. VHI
24  2017 The Influence of Native Language on Auditory-Perceptual Evaluation of Vocal Samples Completed by Brazilian and Canadian SLPs. ---
25  2017 Trial Vocal Fold Injection Predicts Thyroplasty Outcomes in Nonparalytic Glottic Incompetence. GFI, GI, GMT, TVFI, VRQoL
26  2017 Validation of the Acoustic Voice Quality Index in the Lithuanian Language. AVQI-LT, VAS
27  2017 Vocal Function Exercises for Muscle Tension Dysphonia: Auditory-Perceptual Evaluation and Self-Assessment Rating. MTD, VFEs, VHI
28  2017 Voice disorder in systemic lupus erythematosus. SLE
29  2016 Associations between self-perceived voice disorders in teachers, perceptual assessment by speech-language pathologists, and instrumental analysis. ---
30  2016 Closed reduction for arytenoid dislocation under local anesthesia. MPT, NHR, NNE, VHI
31  2016 Effects of Balloon Dilation for Idiopathic Laryngotracheal Stenosis on Voice Production. VHI
32  2016 Efficacy of a Single Dose of Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor: Clinical Observation for 1 Year. ---
33  2016 Impact of patient-related factors on the outcomes of office-based injection laryngoplasty. CAPE-V, IL
34  2016 Outcome of regenerative therapy for age-related vocal fold atrophy with basic fibroblast growth factor. APQ, bFGF, MPT, PPQ, VHI-10
35  2016 Voice rehabilitation for laryngeal cancer patients: Functional outcomes and patient perceptions. VR
36  2015 Comparing voice self-assessment with auditory perceptual analysis in patients with multiple sclerosis. MS, VHI
37  2015 Effect of Endotracheal Tube Size on Vocal Outcomes After Thyroidectomy: A Randomized Clinical Trial. ETT
38  2015 Laryngeal electromyography-guided hyaluronic acid vocal fold injection for unilateral vocal fold paralysis: a prospective long-term follow-up outcome report. LEMG, SD, UVFP, VF
39  2015 Multidimensional Analysis on the Effect of Vocal Function Exercises on Aged Vocal Fold Atrophy. BI, NGG, NMWA, VFE, VHI-10
40  2015 Psychological effects of dysphonia in voice professionals. HADS, PSS, VHI-30
41  2015 Transnasal injection laryngoplasty. ---
42  2015 Voice quality in laryngotracheal stenosis: impact of dilation and level of stenosis. LTS, MLS, V-RQOL
43  2014 Arytenoid adduction with nerve-muscle pedicle transfer vs arytenoid adduction with and without type I thyroplasty in paralytic dysphonia. HNR, MPT
44  2014 Evaluation of voice quality after supraglottic laryngectomy. ---
45  2014 Is vocal cord asymmetry seen on transcutaneous laryngeal ultrasonography a significant predictor of voice quality changes after thyroidectomy? LE, TLUSG, VCA, VIS
46  2014 Objective and subjective voice examination in korean medicine. VAS
47  2014 Phonological outcome of laryngeal framework surgery by different anesthesia protocols: a single-surgeon experience. LMA, UVCP
48  2014 Temporalis fascia transplant for vocal fold scar and sulcus vocalis. LVS, MPT, NHR, PR, VHI-10
49  2014 Voice quality after treatment of early vocal cord cancer: a randomized trial comparing laser surgery with radiation therapy. ---
50  2013 Acoustic, aerodynamic, and perceptual analyses of the voice of cochlear-implanted children. HA, NH
51  2013 Development and validation of the children's voice handicap index-10 (CVHI-10). CVHI-10
52  2013 Effects of voice therapy in school-age children. MPT
53  2013 Extent of thyroidectomy affects vocal and throat functions: a prospective observational study of lobectomy versus total thyroidectomy. RIT, TL, TT, VHI
54  2013 Nasalance change after sinonasal surgery: analysis of voice after septoturbinoplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery. ---
55  2013 Photoangiolytic laser treatment of recurrent respiratory papillomatosis: a scaled assessment. RRP, UOLS, VHI-10
56  2013 Prospective study of voice outcomes and patient tolerance of in-office percutaneous injection laryngoplasty. CAPE-V, VAS, VHI
57  2013 Regenerative phonosurgical treatments for vocal fold scar and sulcus with basic fibroblast growth factor. bFGF, MPT, VHI
58  2013 Subjective and perceptual analysis of voice quality and relationship with neurological disfunction in multiple sclerosis patients. EDSS, MS, VHI, VRQL
59  2012 Combination of voice therapy and antireflux therapy rapidly recovers voice-related symptoms in laryngopharyngeal reflux patients. RFS, RSI, VHI
60  2012 Effect of geographical and ethnic variation on Dysphonia Severity Index: a study of Indian population. DSI, MPT
61  2012 GRBAS and Cape-V scales: high reliability and consensus when applied at different times. CAPE-V
62  2012 Laryngeal electromyography-guided hyaluronic acid vocal fold injection for unilateral vocal fold paralysis--preliminary results. HA, LEMG, MAFR, MPT, NGGA, PQ, UVFP, VFI, VHI
63  2012 Laryngeal reinnervation for paralytic dysphonia in children younger than 10 years. ---
64  2012 Multidimensional evaluation of vocal function after supracricoid laryngectomy with cricohyoidopexy. VHI-10
65  2012 Voice quality after recurrent laryngeal nerve resection and immediate reconstruction. RLN, VHI
66  2011 Arytenoid rotation and nerve-muscle pedicle transfer in paralytic dysphonia. AA, NMP
67  2011 Objective dysphonia quantification in vocal fold paralysis: comparing nonlinear with classical measures. AUC, DFA, NHRs, RPDE, UVFP
68  2011 Outcomes of structural fat grafting for paralytic and non-paralytic dysphonia. MPT, UVFP, VHI
69  2010 Impairment of voice quality in paradoxical vocal fold motion dysfunction. HNR, MPT, PVFMD, VHI-10
70  2009 Endoscopic mucosal suturing of vocal fold with placement of stent for the treatment of glottic stenoses. ---
71  2009 Reliability of perceptions of voice quality: evidence from a problem asthma clinic population. ---
72  2009 Voice handicap evaluation after supracricoid partial laryngectomy. SCPL, VHI
73  2008 Voice quality after CO2 laser cordectomy--what can we really expect? MPT
74  2007 A "fenestration approach" for arytenoid adduction through the thyroid ala combined with type I thyroplasty. AA, LCA, MFR, MPTs
75  2007 Long-term vocal functional results after glottectomy: a multi-dimensional analysis. HG, MPT, VHI
76  2007 Reliability of clinician-based (GRBAS and CAPE-V) and patient-based (V-RQOL and IPVI) documentation of voice disorders. CAPE-V
77  2007 What are the illness perceptions of people with dysphonia: a pilot study. ---
78  2006 Comparison of functional outcomes after endoscopic versus open-neck supraglottic laryngectomies. ESL, ONSL
79  2005 Acoustic and aerodynamic measurement of speech production after supracricoid partial laryngectomy. ESGP, MPT, OAF, SCPL, SNR, TESS
80  2005 Quality of life and voice following endoscopic resection or radiotherapy for early glottic cancer. FACT, HADS, QOL, UW-QOL, VHI, VoiSS, VPQ
81  2004 Perceptual evaluation of voice quality and its correlation with acoustic measurements. MDVP, NHR, SPI, VTI
82  2003 Neurorrhaphy of the recurrent laryngeal nerve. ---
83  2001 Management of vocal fold scar with autologous fat implantation: perceptual results. ---
84  2000 Student Research Award 1999: comparative contrast of voice measurements. ---
85  2000 The effect of Isshiki type 1 thyroplasty on quality of life and vocal performance. NHP, NHR