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Long Form:   gradient-recalled echo
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Can MR elastography be used to measure liver stiffness in patients with iron overload? MRE, SE-EPI, TE
2019 High Acceleration Three-Dimensional T1-Weighted Dual Echo Dixon Hepatobiliary Phase Imaging Using Compressed Sensing-Sensitivity Encoding: Comparison of Image Quality and Solid Lesion Detectability with the Standard T1-Weighted Sequence. AF, CS, FLLs, HBP, JAFROC, SENSE
2019 Magnetic resonance elastography SE-EPI vs GRE sequences at 3T in a pediatric population with liver disease. kPa, MRE, ROI, SE-EPI
2019 MR elastography of liver at 3 Tesla: comparison of gradient-recalled echo (GRE) and spin-echo (SE) echo-planar imaging (EPI) sequences and agreement across stiffness measurements. EPI, LS, MRE, SE
2019 Rapid automated liver quantitative susceptibility mapping. ICC, IP, LIC, PDFF, QSM, ROI
2019 Traumatic Microbleeds in the Hippocampus and Corpus Callosum Predict Duration of Posttraumatic Amnesia. GCS, MRI, PTA, TBI, TMBs
2018 Agreement between manual relaxometry and semi-automated scanner-based multi-echo Dixon technique for measuring liver T2* in a pediatric and young adult population. CI, ICC, mDixon
2018 Analysis and improvement of motion encoding in magnetic resonance elastography. DNR, MRE, MRI, SE
2018 Assessment of advanced hepatic MR elastography methods for susceptibility artifact suppression in clinical patients. AUCs, BMI, EPI, MRE, SE
10  2018 Comparison of Standard Breath-Held, Free-Breathing, and Compressed Sensing 2D Gradient-Recalled Echo MR Elastography Techniques for Evaluating Liver Stiffness. CS, ICCs, MRE
11  2018 Correlations of MRI manifestations with survivin gene expression in primary hepatic carcinoma. HCC, IHC, MRI, OS
12  2018 Left ventricular function and regional strain with subtly-tagged steady-state free precession feature tracking. SubTag SSFP
13  2018 Liver MR Elastography at 3 T: Agreement Across Pulse Sequences and Effect of Liver R2* on Image Quality. LS, MRE, RF, SE-EPI
14  2018 Lorentzian effects in magnetic susceptibility mapping of anisotropic biological tissues. GLTA, QSM
15  2018 Magnetic resonance elastography of healthy livers at 3.0 T: Normal liver stiffness measured by SE-EPI and GRE. MRE, ROI, SE-EPI
16  2018 Magnetic Resonance Elastography of Liver: Current Update. CLD, MRE, MRI
17  2018 Per-organ assessment of subject-induced susceptibility distortion for MR-only male pelvis treatment planning. CTV, MR, RTP
18  2018 Placental baseline conditions modulate the hyperoxic BOLD-MRI response. BOLD
19  2018 Simultaneous multi-parametric mapping of total sodium concentration, T1, T2 and ADC at 7 T using a multi-contrast unbalanced SSFP. ADC, FA, QuICS
20  2018 Simultaneous quantification of hepatic MRI-PDFF and R2* in a rabbit model with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. NAFLD, PDFF
21  2018 Structure tensor informed fibre tractography at 3T. STIFT
22  2018 Three-dimensional ultrashort echo time cones (3D UTE-Cones) magnetic resonance imaging of entheses and tendons. CPMG, MTR, PsA
23  2018 Vascular and Tissue Changes of Magnetic Susceptibility in the Mouse Brain After Transient Cerebral Ischemia. QSM, tMCAO
24  2017 Characterization of high-resolution Gradient Echo and Spin Echo EPI for fMRI in the human visual cortex at 7T. CNR, EPI, fMRI, SE, SNR
25  2017 Comparison of spin-echo echoplanar imaging and gradient recalled echo-based MR elastography at 3 Tesla with and without gadoxetic acid administration. AUC, LS, MRE, SE-EPI
26  2017 Effects of biological tissue structural anisotropy and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility on the gradient echo MRI signal phase: theoretical background. GLTA
27  2017 Evolution of cerebral microbleeds after cranial irradiation in medulloblastoma patients. CMBs
28  2017 Exploring the origins of echo-time-dependent quantitative susceptibility mapping (QSM) measurements in healthy tissue and cerebral microbleeds. CC, CMBs, OR, QSM, TE
29  2017 High-resolution gradient-recalled echo imaging at 9.4T using 16-channel parallel transmit simultaneous multislice spokes excitations with slice-by-slice flip angle homogenization. NRMSE, SMS
30  2017 Improved cerebral microbleeds detection using their magnetic signature on T2*-phase-contrast: A comparison study in a clinical setting. CMBs, FPR, GUI, IFM, MIP, SWI, SWI
31  2017 MR elastography: high rate of technical success in pediatric and young adult patients. BMI, MR
32  2017 Optimizing the acceleration and resolution of three-dimensional fat image navigators for high-resolution motion correction at 7T. ---
33  2017 Quantitative susceptibility mapping using principles of echo shifting with a train of observations sequence on 1.5T MRI. PRESTO, QSM
34  2017 Radial Ultrashort TE Imaging Removes the Need for Breath-Holding in Hepatic Iron Overload Quantification by R2* MRI. BH, CVs, FB, HIC, UTE
35  2017 Revisiting Grade 3 Diffuse Axonal Injury: Not All Brainstem Microbleeds are Prognostically Equal. AAN, DRS, MRI, TAI, TMBs
36  2017 Spin-echo Echo-planar Imaging MR Elastography versus Gradient-echo MR Elastography for Assessment of Liver Stiffness in Children and Young Adults Suspected of Having Liver Disease. EPI, ICCs, MR, ROI, SE
37  2017 T2* Mapping from Multi-Echo Dixon Sequence on Gadoxetic Acid-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Hepatic Fat Quantification: Can It Be Used for Hepatic Function Assessment? MRI, ROC
38  2016 7T MRI in focal epilepsy with unrevealing conventional field strength imaging. FCD, FLAIR, FSE-IR, FSPGR, MRI, SOZ, SWAN, T1W, TBE
39  2016 Acute pancreatitis with gradient echo T2*-weighted magnetic resonance imaging. AP, APACHE II, MRSI
40  2016 Detection of Small Pulmonary Nodules with Ultrashort Echo Time Sequences in Oncology Patients by Using a PET/MR System. CT, MR, PET, UTE
41  2016 Development of a screening MRI for infants at risk for abusive head trauma. AHT
42  2016 Diagnostic Performance of MRI Sequences for Evaluation of Dural Venous Sinus Thrombosis. CE, DVST, MRV
43  2016 Lamina-dependent calibrated BOLD response in human primary motor cortex. BOLD, fMRI
44  2016 Magnetic Resonance Elastography of the Liver: Qualitative and Quantitative Comparison of Gradient Echo and Spin Echo Echoplanar Imaging Sequences. LS, MRE, SE-EPI
45  2016 On the relationship between cellular and hemodynamic properties of the human brain cortex throughout adult lifespan. dCBV, GEPCI
46  2016 Separation of cellular and BOLD contributions to T2* signal relaxation. OEF
47  2016 Validation of a new T2* algorithm and its uncertainty value for cardiac and liver iron load determination from MRI magnitude images. ROI
48  2015 A modulated closed form solution for quantitative susceptibility mapping--a thorough evaluation and comparison to iterative methods based on edge prior knowledge. MCF, QSM
49  2015 A Rotational Cylindrical fMRI Phantom for Image Quality Control. CNR, EPI, fMRI
50  2015 Accelerated model-based proton resonance frequency shift temperature mapping using echo-based GRAPPA reconstruction. PRF, ROI, TE
51  2015 Automated slice-specific simultaneous z-shim method for reducing B1 inhomogeneity and susceptibility-induced signal loss with parallel transmission at 3T. BOLD
52  2015 Compressed Sensing for fMRI: Feasibility Study on the Acceleration of Non-EPI fMRI at 9.4T. bSSFP, CS, EPI, fMRI
53  2015 Demographic confounders in volumetric MRI analysis: is the posterior fossa really small in the adult Chiari 1 malformation? OR
54  2015 Fast susceptibility-weighted imaging with three-dimensional short-axis propeller (SAP)-echo-planar imaging. IEPI, SAP, SAP-EPI, SWI
55  2015 Generalized Lorentzian Tensor Approach (GLTA) as a biophysical background for quantitative susceptibility mapping. GLTA, QSM
56  2015 High-resolution 3D-GRE imaging of the abdomen using controlled aliasing acceleration technique - a feasibility study. ---
57  2015 MR detection of retinal hemorrhages: correlation with graded ophthalmologic exam. ---
58  2015 MRI measurement of blood-brain barrier transport with a rapid acquisition refocused echo (RARE) method. BBB, DCE, MRI, RARE, SSS
59  2015 Multi-echo gradient recalled echo imaging of the pelvis for improved depiction of brachytherapy seeds and fiducial markers facilitating radiotherapy planning and treatment of prostatic carcinoma. FSE, RT
60  2015 Numerical evaluation of image homogeneity, signal-to-noise ratio, and specific absorption rate for human brain imaging at 1.5, 3, 7, 10.5, and 14T in an 8-channel transmit/receive array. MRI, RF, SNR, TE, TR
61  2015 Optimized protocols for cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in patients with thoracic metallic implants. MR, SSFP, TSE
62  2015 Phase imaging in brain using SWIFT. ---
63  2015 Postischemic hyperperfusion on arterial spin labeled perfusion MRI is linked to hemorrhagic transformation in stroke. AIS, ASL, CBF, CI, HI, HT, MRI, NIHSS, OR, PH, tPA
64  2015 Projection MR imaging of peripheral arterial calcifications. CTA, PAD, PETRA, TE
65  2015 Quantitative susceptibility mapping using single-shot echo-planar imaging. EPI, QSM
66  2015 Retrospective comparison of gradient recalled echo R2* and spin-echo R2 magnetic resonance analysis methods for estimating liver iron content in children and adolescents. LIC
67  2014 Compressed sensing fMRI using gradient-recalled echo and EPI sequences. CS, CS-fMRI, EPI
68  2014 Diagnostic accuracy of dual-echo (in- and opposed-phase) T1-weighted gradient recalled echo for detection and grading of hepatic iron using quantitative and visual assessment. FSF, LIC, ME, MRI, rSI
69  2014 Ex vivo cardiovascular magnetic resonance measurements of right and left ventricular mass compared with direct mass measurement in excised hearts after transplantation: a first human SSFP comparison. ATMT, SSFP
70  2014 GRE T2∗-weighted MRI: principles and clinical applications. MRI
71  2014 Magnetic resonance assessment of pulmonary (QP) to systemic (QS) flows using 4D phase-contrast imaging: pilot study comparison with standard through-plane 2D phase-contrast imaging. AA, MPA, MR, PC
72  2014 MR imaging of the substantia nigra at 7 T enables diagnosis of Parkinson disease. MR, PD, SN
73  2014 MR-acoustic radiation force imaging (MR-ARFI) and susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI) to visualize calcifications in ex vivo swine brain. CT, MR-ARFI, MRgFUS, SWI
74  2014 New imaging strategies using a motion-resistant liver sequence in uncooperative patients. CAIPIRINHA, KWIC, MPRAGE, SS-ETSE
75  2014 On the role of neuronal magnetic susceptibility and structure symmetry on gradient echo MR signal formation. ---
76  2014 Quantification of prenatal liver and spleen iron in a sheep model and assessment of iron stores in a human neonate with neonatal hemochromatosis using R2* mapping. dw, MRI
77  2014 Quantitative magnetic susceptibility mapping without phase unwrapping using WASSR. QSM, WASSR
78  2014 Rapid acquisition technique for MR elastography of the liver. MRE, MREs
79  2014 Three-dimensional dynamic contrast enhanced imaging of the carotid artery with direct arterial input function measurement. ---
80  2013 Abdominopelvic and lower extremity deep venous thrombosis: evaluation with contrast-enhanced MR venography with a blood-pool agent. CE, DVT, MRV
81  2013 Accuracy of equilibrium magnetization mapping in sliced two-dimensional spoiled gradient-recalled echo pulse sequence with variable flip angle. Gd-DTPA, SPGR, VFA
82  2013 Atlas-based analysis of cardiac shape and function: correction of regional shape bias due to imaging protocol for population studies. CMR, SSFP
83  2013 Axial 3D gradient-echo imaging for improved multiple sclerosis lesion detection in the cervical spinal cord at 3T. MRI, MS, T2-FSE
84  2013 Cerebral microbleeds after use of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in children. CMB, ECMO, MRI
85  2013 Characteristics of diffusion-weighted stimulated echo pulse sequence in human skeletal muscle. DWI, FA, SD, SE, SOL, STE, TA
86  2013 Combined measurement of perfusion, venous oxygen saturation, and skeletal muscle T2* during reactive hyperemia in the leg. MR, PASL
87  2013 Comparison of ESWAN, SWI-SPGR, and 2D T2*-weighted GRE sequence for depicting cerebral microbleeds. CMBs, SWI-SPGR
88  2013 High-resolution MRI of cranial nerves in posterior fossa at 3.0 T. ---
89  2013 Increased focal hemosiderin deposition in pediatric medulloblastoma patients receiving radiotherapy at a later age. FHD, MB, RT
90  2013 MRI for transformation of preserved organs and their pathologies into digital formats for medical education and creation of a virtual pathology museum. A pilot study. 3D-FLAIR, MRI, T1W
91  2013 Performance of spin-echo and gradient-echo T1-weighted sequences for evaluation of dural venous sinus thrombosis and stenosis. MRV, NPV, PPV, SE, TS
92  2013 Rapid acquisition of multifrequency, multislice and multidirectional MR elastography data with a fractionally encoded gradient echo sequence. EPI, MRE
93  2013 Signal changes on T2*-weighted magnetic resonance imaging from the acute to chronic phases in patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage. EP, MR, SAH
94  2013 Susceptibility-weighted imaging is more reliable than T2*-weighted gradient-recalled echo MRI for detecting microbleeds. CMB, SWI
95  2013 The frequency of cerebral microbleeds increases with CHADS(2) scores in stroke patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation. CMBs, ICH, MRI, NVAF, OA
96  2012 3T magnetic resonance imaging accurately depicts radiofrequency ablation zones in a blood-perfused bovine liver model. CI, MR, NADPH, RF, T1W
97  2012 Imaging findings of brain death on 3-tesla MRI. DWI, LIFSV, MRA, MRI, SWI, T2WI, TOF
98  2012 Liver MRI and histological correlates in chronic liver disease on multiphase gadolinium-enhanced 3D gradient echo imaging. CI, CLD, MRI
99  2012 Magnetic resonance imaging in valvular heart disease: clinical application and current role for patient management. bSSFP, CMR, pcMR, TSE, VHD
100  2012 Magnetic resonance imaging metallic artifact of commonly encountered surgical implants and foreign material. MRI, TSE