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Abbreviation:   GS  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   gastrocnemius-soleus
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Acute Effects of Gastrocnemius/Soleus Self-Myofascial Release vs. Dynamic Stretching on Closed Chain Dorsiflexion. CT, DD, DF, FR, ROM
2015 Long lasting activity of nociceptive muscular afferents facilitates bilateral flexion reflex pattern in the feline spinal cord. CFA, PBSt
2013 Changes in tetrodotoxin-resistant C-fibre activity during fatiguing isometric contractions in the rat. CDP, TTX-R
2012 Absence of effects of contralateral group I muscle afferents on presynaptic inhibition of Ia terminals in humans and cats. CPN, MSRs, PBSt, SO
2012 Major contribution of Adelta-fibres to increased reflex transmission in the feline spinal cord during acute muscle inflammation. MRs
2012 Role of gastrocnemius-soleus muscle in forefoot force transmission at heel rise - A 3D finite element analysis. MTHs
2011 Functioning of peripheral Ia pathways in infants with typical development: responses in antagonist muscle pairs. QAD, T-reflex, TA
2011 Spinal motor actions of the mu-opioid receptor agonist DAMGO in the cat. FRA, PBSt
2010 Limited BDNF contributes to the failure of injury to skin afferents to produce a neuropathic pain condition. E-LTP, HFS, L-LTP
10  2007 Acute muscle inflammation enhances the monosynaptic reflexes and c-fos expression in the feline spinal cord. Fos-ir, MSR
11  2007 Sensitization of rat dorsal horn neurons by NGF-induced subthreshold potentials and low-frequency activation. A study employing intracellular recordings in vivo. APs, EPSPs
12  2005 Effects in feline gastrocnemius-soleus motoneurones induced by muscle fatigue. EPSPs, FST, VR
13  2005 Length-tension properties of ankle muscles in chronic human spinal cord injury. GSA, GSK, NI, ROM, SCI, TA
14  2004 Fatigue-related depression of the feline monosynaptic gastrocnemius-soleus reflex. FST, MSR, PBSt, VR
15  2001 [Pathophysiology of low back pain and the transition to the chronic state - experimental data and new concepts]. ATP, BK, CGRP, NO, PGE2, SP, TTX-R
16  2000 Axotomized and intact muscle afferents but no skin afferents develop ongoing discharges of dorsal root ganglion origin after peripheral nerve lesion. DRG, SU
17  1998 Can antidromic stimulation of rat muscle afferents modulate the sensitivity of muscle spindles? ASt, DR
18  1998 Microvascular transfer of the combined gastrocnemius-soleus muscle flap in the rat. ---
19  1996 Postnatal development of the nociceptive withdrawal reflexes in the rat: a behavioural and electromyographic study. BP-ST, EDL, EMG
20  1996 The action of knee joint afferents and the concomitant influence of cutaneous (sural) afferents on the discharge of triceps surae gamma-motoneurones in the cat. PAN
21  1995 Effects of an acute muscle nerve section on the excitability of dorsal horn neurones in the rat. ---
22  1995 Neuromuscular adaptations during 30 days of cast-immobilization and head-down bedrest. CIM, HDB, IEMG
23  1994 Functional reorganization in the rat dorsal horn during an experimental myositis. ---
24  1990 A group II-activated ascending tract of lumbosacral origin in the cat spinal cord. ---
25  1989 Components of responses of a population of DSCT neurons to muscle stretch and contraction. DSCT, RPF
26  1988 Coerulospinal influence on recurrent inhibition of spinal motonuclei innervating antagonistic hindleg muscles of the cat. CP, LC's, MSRs
27  1988 Comments on group II excitation in hindlimb motoneurones in high and low spinal cats. ---
28  1988 Excitability changes of ankle extensor group Ia and Ib fibers during fictive locomotion in the cat. MSR's
29  1988 Histological and neurophysiological changes induced by carrageenan in skeletal muscle of cat and rat. ASA
30  1985 Aging effects on conduction velocities of myelinated and unmyelinated fibers of peripheral nerves. SU
31  1985 Evaluation of the muscle relaxant properties of a novel beta-carboline, ZK 93423 in rats and cats. EMG
32  1985 Influence of Renshaw cells on the response gain of hindlimb extensor muscles to sinusoidal labyrinth stimulation. RS, VS
33  1985 Responses of Renshaw cells coupled with hindlimb extensor motoneurons to sinusoidal stimulation of labyrinth receptors in the decerebrate cat. RS, VS
34  1985 Spinothalamic lumbosacral lamina I cells responsive to skin and muscle stimulation in the cat. lam.I-s.t.t
35  1984 Discharge activity of spindle afferents from the gastrocnemius-soleus muscle during head rotation in the decerebrate cat. ---
36  1984 GABAergic mechanisms in mediating muscular rigidity, catalepsy and postural asymmetry in rats: differences between dorsal and ventral striatum. EMG, SNr
37  1984 Reflex effects from high threshold neck muscle afferents on hind limb extensor gamma motoneurones in the cat. ---
38  1984 Specific and nonspecific mechanisms involved in generation of PAD of group Ia afferents in cat spinal cord. DP, PBSt, SP, SU, TIB
39  1983 Sites of action of segmental and descending control of transmission on pathways mediating PAD of Ia- and Ib-afferent fibers in cat spinal cord. PAD
40  1983 The distribution of afferent fibers from the gastrocnemius-soleus muscle in the dorsal horn of the cat, as revealed by the transport of horseradish peroxidase. HRP
41  1982 Interaction between phenytoin and diazepam in mutant Han-Wistar rats with progressive spastic paresis. EMG
42  1982 Role of opioid receptors in the substantia nigra in morphine-induced muscular rigidity. CN, EMG, MO, NAL, SNr
43  1980 Autogenetic effects of muscle contraction on extensor gamma motoneurones in the cat. FDL
44  1979 Descending influences on the responses of spinocervical tract neurones to chemical stimulation of fine muscle afferents. SCT
45  1977 Modulation of hindlimb reflexes by tonic neck positions in cats. DP
46  1977 Specific action of narcotics on reflex activation of rat alpha-motoneurones. ---
47  1977 The spinocervical tract as a possible pathway for muscular nociception. SCT
48  1976 Excitability changes of terminal arborizations of single Ia and Ib afferent fibers produced by muscle and cutaneous conditioning volleys. BST, DRG, SP, SU
49  1975 Response of Renshaw cells to sinusoidal stretch of hindlimb extensor muscles. ---
50  1975 The relative sensitivity of Renshaw cells to orthodromic group Ia volleys caused by static stretch and vibrations of extensor muscles. ---
51  1973 The effect of stimulation of Golgi tendon organs and spindle receptors from hindlimb extensor muscles on supraspinal descending inhibitory mechanisms. LGS, MG, Pl-FDHL, SBS