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Long Form:   gentamicin sulfate
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2020 In vitro and in vivo evaluation of gentamicin sulphate-loaded PLGA nanoparticle-based film for the treatment of surgical site infection. PA, PLGA, SA
2020 Protein-reduced gold nanoparticles mixed with gentamicin sulfate and loaded into konjac/gelatin sponge heal wounds and kill drug-resistant bacteria. KGM
2020 Rapid construction of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) biological implants incorporated with brushite (CaHPO42H2O) and antibiotics for anti-infection and enhanced osseointegration. LbL, PEEK
2019 3D Printed Antibiotic and Chemotherapeutic Eluting Catheters for Potential Use in Interventional Radiology: In Vitro Proof of Concept Study. MTX
2019 Differential Susceptibility of Catheter Biomaterials to Biofilm-Associated Infections and Their Remedy by Drug-Encapsulated Eudragit RL100 Nanoparticles. E-G-S, E. coli, MIC
2019 Formulation development and in vitro evaluation of gentamicin sulfate-loaded PLGA nanoparticles based film for the treatment of surgical site infection by Box-Behnken design. DoE, PA, PBS, PDI, PLGA, PNPs, PVA, SA, SEM, SSI, SWF, TEM, TS, XRD
2019 Graphene Oxide Finely Tunes the Bioactivity and Drug Delivery of Mesoporous ZnO Scaffolds. GO, SBF, ZnO
2019 Interaction of gentamicin sulfate with alginate and consequences on the physico-chemical properties of alginate-containing biofilms. CF, EPS
2019 Laser Processed Antimicrobial Nanocomposite Based on Polyaniline Grafted Lignin Loaded with Gentamicin-Functionalized Magnetite. MAPLE
10  2019 Microporous drug-eluting large silk particles through cryo-granulation. DoxR, KS, TS
11  2019 Preparation of biocompatible wound dressings with long-term antimicrobial activity through covalent bonding of antibiotic agents to natural polymers. CIP, CMC, Col, HSF, WVTR
12  2019 Preparation of gentamicin sulfate eluting fiber mats by emulsion and by suspension electrospinning. PCL, PLA, PLGA
13  2019 Release Profile of Gentamicin Sulfate from Polylactide-co-Polycaprolactone Electrospun Nanofiber Matrices. PLA-PCL
14  2018 Construction of three-dimensional net-like polyelectrolyte multilayered nanostructures onto titanium substrates for combined antibacterial and antioxidant applications. LbL, NFs, PCL, PDA, ROS, TA
15  2018 Endowing polyetheretherketone with synergistic bactericidal effects and improved osteogenic ability. BAI, PEEK, SF
16  2018 Gentamicin-loaded ceramic-biopolymer dual layer coatings on the Ti with improved bioactive and corrosion resistance properties for orthopedic applications. CS-LY
17  2018 Gentamicin-Releasing Mesoporous ZnO Structures. ZnO
18  2018 In vivo diabetic wound healing with nanofibrous scaffolds modified with gentamicin and recombinant human epidermal growth factor. rhEGF
19  2018 Microbicidal gentamicin-alginate hydrogels. ALG, FTIR-ATR, SEM, TGA, XPS
20  2018 Nonionic microemulsions for oral and transdermal delivery of gentamicin. FTIR, MEs
21  2017 A novel composite scaffold comprising ultralong hydroxyapatite microtubes and chitosan: preparation and application in drug delivery. HMT
22  2017 Amino-functionalized mesoporous bioactive glass for drug delivery. APTES, N-MBG
23  2017 Dynamic release of gentamicin sulfate (GS) from alginate dialdehyde (AD)-crosslinked casein (CAS) films for antimicrobial applications. AD, CAS
24  2017 Heparin-mimetic polyurethane hydrogels with anticoagulant, tunable mechanical property and controllable drug releasing behavior. SEM, SKGM
25  2017 Nanopore thin film enabled optical platform for drug loading and release. AAO, LbL
26  2017 Sustainable hydroxypropyl methylcellulose/xyloglucan/gentamicin films with antimicrobial properties. HPMC, XG
27  2017 Synthesis, coating, and drug-release of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles loaded with antibiotics. CIP, EPD, HAP, NPs
28  2017 The Synergistic Antibacterial Mechanism of Gentamicin-Loaded CaCO 3 Nanoparticles. ---
29  2016 Controlled release behaviour and antibacterial effects of antibiotic-loaded titania nanotubes. GSCH
30  2016 Development of antibacterial and high light transmittance bulk materials: Incorporation and sustained release of hydrophobic or hydrophilic antibiotics. HLECs, PDMS, TCA
31  2016 Electrospun Gelatin Fibers with a Multiple Release of Antibiotics Accelerate Dermal Regeneration in Infected Deep Burns. ---
32  2016 GS/DBM/PLA porous composite biomaterial for the treatment of infective femoral condyle defect in rats. DBM, PLA
33  2016 Porous CS based membranes with improved antimicrobial properties for the treatment of infected wound in veterinary applications. CS
34  2016 Porous poly(DL-lactic acid) matrix film with antimicrobial activities for wound dressing application. MZ, PEG, PLA
35  2016 The impact of storage conditions upon gentamicin coated antimicrobial implants. ---
36  2015 Gentamicin loaded PLGA nanoparticles as local drug delivery system for the osteomyelitis treatment. GS-NPs
37  2015 Lab-on-fiber optofluidic platform for in situ monitoring of drug release from therapeutic eluting polyelectrolyte multilayers. CHI, LOF, LPG
38  2015 Synthesis, characterization of dextran hydrogels and their in vitro release of gentamycin sulphate. Dex-AE, FTIR, PEGDA, SEM
39  2015 Tracking Drug Loading Capacities of Calcium Silicate Hydrate Carrier: A Comparative X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structures Study. ALN, DLCs, IBU, MS-CSH, XANES
40  2014 Antibiotic-loaded chitosan hydrogel with superior dual functions: antibacterial efficacy and osteoblastic cell responses. CM-chitosan
41  2014 Drug loaded phosphate glass/hydroxyapatite nanocomposite for orthopedic applications. E. coli, PG/HA, S. aureus, SBF
42  2014 Effect of normobaric hyperoxia on gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats. ---
43  2014 Gentamicin palmitate as a new antibiotic formulation for mixing with bone tissue and local release. BCh, GP
44  2014 Gentamicin release from biodegradable poly-l-lactide based composites for novel intramedullary nails. Alg, CF, TCP
45  2014 Nanospray technology for an in situ gelling nanoparticulate powder as a wound dressing. SWF
46  2014 Therapeutic efficacy of antibiotic-loaded gelatin microsphere/silk fibroin scaffolds in infected full-thickness burns. GMs, SF
47  2013 Combined treatment of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA01 biofilm formation with the water-soluble extract of Ligustrum sinense and gentamicin sulphate. MIC, WEL
48  2013 Depth profiling of PLGA copolymer in a novel biomedical bilayer using confocal Raman spectroscopy. ---
49  2013 Design and production of gentamicin/dextrans microparticles by supercritical assisted atomisation for the treatment of wound bacterial infections. GAP, SAA
50  2013 Endogenously triggered electrospun fibres for tailored and controlled antibiotic release. AOT, PCL
51  2013 Protective Effects of Houttuynia cordata Thunb. on Gentamicin-induced Oxidative Stress and Nephrotoxicity in Rats. BUN, CAT, i.p, MDA, SOD
52  2012 Gentamicin and bone morphogenic protein-2 (BMP-2)-delivering heparinized-titanium implant with enhanced antibacterial activity and osteointegration. ALP, BMP-2, Hep-Ti, Ti, XPS
53  2012 pH-controlled delivery of gentamicin sulfate from orthopedic devices preventing nosocomial infections. NPs
54  2012 Protective effect of Panax ginseng against serum biochemical changes and apoptosis in kidney of rats treated with gentamicin sulphate. PG
55  2011 Effect of rosmarinic acid on inhibition of gentamicin induced nephrotoxicity in rats. PCT, RA
56  2011 Enhanced gentamicin loading and release of PLGA and PLHMGA microspheres by varying the formulation parameters. PLGA, PLHMGA
57  2011 Novel biocatalytic polymer-based antimicrobial coatings as potential ureteral biomaterial: preparation and in vitro performance evaluation. PCL
58  2011 Polycaprolactone-based fused deposition modeled mesh for delivery of antibacterial agents to infected wounds. PCL-TCP, PT15, TG
59  2011 Preparation and properties of calcium phosphate cements incorporated gelatin microspheres and calcium sulfate dihydrate as controlled local drug delivery system. CPC, CSD, GMs
60  2010 Albumin/gentamicin microspheres produced by supercritical assisted atomization: optimization of size, drug loading and release. BSA, SAA
61  2010 Diffusion loading and drug delivery characteristics of alginate gel microparticles produced by a novel impinging aerosols method. PBS, SGF
62  2010 Influence of lactose addition to gentamicin-loaded acrylic bone cement on the kinetics of release of the antibiotic and the cement properties. ---
63  2010 Release of gentamicin sulphate from biodegradable PLGA-implants produced by hot melt extrusion. PEG 400, PLGA, PMMA
64  2009 Novel mesoporous silica-based antibiotic releasing scaffold for bone repair. PLGA, SBF
65  2008 Controlled release of an antibiotic, gentamicin sulphate, from gravity spun polycaprolactone fibers. PCL
66  2008 Nanoemulsion drug delivery by ketene based polyester synthesized using electron rich carbon/silica composite surface. ATR-FTIR, CPH, ESR, LMKP, NMR, SEC
67  2008 Spirulina platensis protects against gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats. GPx, MDA, NO, ROS, SOD, SP
68  2006 Delivery of the antibiotic gentamicin sulphate from precipitation cast matrices of polycaprolactone. PCL
69  2005 Efficacy of antibiotics-loaded interpenetrating network (IPNs) hydrogel based on poly(acrylic acid) and gelatin for treatment of experimental osteomyelitis: in vivo study. VCl
70  2004 Effect of composition of interpenetrating polymer network hydrogels based on poly(acrylic acid) and gelatin on tissue response: a quantitative in vivo study. BAm, GA, GE, IPN, LM
71  2004 Effect of lactide/glycolide monomers on release behaviors of gentamicin sulfate-loaded PLGA discs. GM, LM, PLGA
72  2003 Mucoadhesive microspheres containing gentamicin sulfate for nasal administration: preparation and in vitro characterization. ---
73  2002 Calcium phosphate/chitosan composite scaffolds for controlled in vitro antibiotic drug release. beta-TCP
74  2002 Gentamicin sulphate release from a modified commercial acrylic surgical radiopaque bone cement. I. Influence of the gentamicin concentration on the release process mechanism. SEM
75  2002 In vitro-in vivo characterization of gentamicin bone implants. MIC, PLA
76  2002 Release of gentamicin sulphate from a modified commercial bone cement. Effect of (2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) comonomer and poly(N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone) additive on release mechanism and kinetics. PVP
77  2001 In vivo-in vitro study of biodegradable and osteointegrable gentamicin bone implants. MW, PLGA
78  2000 Control of gentamicin release from a calcium phosphate cement by admixed poly(acrylic acid). CPC, MCPM, PAA
79  2000 Formulation of calcium phosphates/poly (d,l-lactide) blends containing gentamicin for bone implantation. HAP, TCP
80  1999 Hydroxyapatite composites designed for antibiotic drug delivery and bone reconstruction: a caprine model. HA, PMMA
81  1998 Evaluation of free and liposome-encapsulated gentamycin for intramuscular sustained release in rabbits. AUC, Chol, GO, LGO, LGS
82  1998 Evaluation of soluble Bioadhesive Ophthalmic Drug Inserts (BODI) for prolonged release of gentamicin: lachrymal pharmacokinetics and ocular tolerance. BODI, CAP, EC, HPC, HPMC
83  1997 Gentamicin-loaded hydraulic calcium phosphate bone cement as antibiotic delivery system. ---
84  1995 Isolation of dermatophytes from house dust on a medium containing gentamicin and flucytosine. 5-FC, ACS medium
85  1993 Sodium hyaluronate 0.25% used as a vehicle increases the bioavailability of topically administered gentamicin. PBS, SH
86  1988 Comparison of three topical antimicrobials for acute bacterial conjunctivitis. SS, TP
87  1987 Comparative vestibular toxicity study with 3-O-demethylfortimicin A disulfate and gentamicin sulfate in cats. ODMF
88  1985 Acute, subchronic, and chronic toxicity studies with 3-O-demethylfortimicin A disulfate, a new aminocyclitol antibiotic. ODMF
89  1985 Corticosteroid/antibiotic treatment of adrenalectomized dogs challenged with lethal E. coli. MPSS
90  1983 Prevention or amelioration of morphologic lesions in LD100 E coli-shocked baboons with steroid/antibiotic therapy. MPSS, PMNs
91  1983 Relationship of serum gentamicin levels and methylprednisolone sodium succinate treatment in baboons challenged with Escherichia coli LD100. MPSS
92  1981 Survival of primates in lethal septic shock following delayed treatment with steroid. MPSS