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Abbreviation:   GTPase  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   guanosine triphosphatase
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Cyclin C: The Story of a Non-Cycling Cyclin. CDKs, CKM
2019 Focus on Cdc42 in Breast Cancer: New Insights, Target Therapy Development and Non-Coding RNAs. GDP, GEFs
2019 GDP-Bound Rab27a Dissociates from the Endocytic Machinery in a Phosphorylation-Dependent Manner after Insulin Secretion. GDP, PKCepsilon, Ser, siRNA
2019 Involvement of H-Ras in the adaptive immunity of Nile tilapia by regulating lymphocyte activation. ---
2019 KRASG12C inhibition produces a driver-limited state revealing collateral dependencies. CDs, CRISPRi, GDP, S-IIP
2019 MnmE, a Central tRNA-Modifying GTPase, Is Essential for the Growth, Pathogenicity, and Arginine Metabolism of Streptococcus suis Serotype 2. ADS
2019 Rab7b participation on the TLR4 (Toll-like receptor) endocytic pathway in Shiga toxin-associated Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS). E. coli, HUS, IL-6, LPS, TNF-alpha
2019 Regulator of G Protein Signaling Protein 12 (Rgs12) Controls Mouse Osteoblast Differentiation via Calcium Channel/Oscillation and Galphai-ERK Signaling. cAMP, cKO, ERK, OBs, OCs, OPCs, Osx, PTX, Rgs12, WT
2019 Role of the RAB7 Protein in Tumor Progression and Cisplatin Chemoresistance. ---
10  2019 SGK2 promotes renal cancer progression via enhancing ERK 1/2 and AKT phosphorylation. ERK, Grb2, RCC, SGKs, WB
11  2019 Structure of the C-terminal guanine nucleotide exchange factor module of Trio in an autoinhibited conformation reveals its oncogenic potential. DH, GEF, GPCRs, PH
12  2019 Temporal regulation of cell polarity via the interaction of the Ras GTPase Rsr1 and the scaffold protein Bem1. ---
13  2019 Tulp3 Regulates Renal Cystogenesis by Trafficking of Cystoproteins to Cilia. cAMP, ERK, MAPK
14  2018 Activation of the Small GTPase Rap1 Inhibits Choroidal Neovascularization by Regulating Cell Junctions and ROS Generation in Rats. 8CPT, CNV, ROS, RPE, VEGF
15  2018 Association of fat mass and obesity-associated and retinitis pigmentosa guanosine triphosphatase (GTPase) regulator-interacting protein-1 like polymorphisms with body mass index in Chinese women. BMI, FTO, RPGRIP1L
16  2018 Fatty acyl recognition and transfer by an integral membrane S-acyltransferase. ---
17  2018 Lysophospholipids Facilitate COPII Vesicle Formation. COPII, GDP, lysoPI
18  2018 Regulation of thymocyte trafficking by Tagap, a GAP domain protein linked to human autoimmunity. ---
19  2018 Structural Dynamics Control Allosteric Activation of Cytohesin Family Arf GTPase Exchange Factors. GEFs, PH
20  2018 The emerging role of Rab GTPases in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease. PD, Rab, RAB32, RAB39B
21  2018 TLR Crosstalk Activates LRP1 to Recruit Rab8a and PI3Kgamma for Suppression of Inflammatory Responses. LRP1, PI3K, TLRs
22  2017 Arap1 Deficiency Causes Photoreceptor Degeneration in Mice. ARFs, EGFR, GAPs
23  2017 ARF6, induced by mutant Kras, promotes proliferation and Warburg effect in pancreatic cancer. ARF6
24  2017 Isolation and Characterization of Ftsz Genes in Cassava. FtsZs, qRT-PCR
25  2017 Knockdown of Rhotekin 2 expression suppresses proliferation and induces apoptosis in colon cancer cells. RTKN
26  2017 Leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 exacerbates neuronal cytotoxicity through phosphorylation of histone deacetylase 3 and histone deacetylation. HDACs, LRRK2, PD
27  2017 MicroRNA-373 Promotes Growth and Cellular Invasion in Osteosarcoma Cells by Activation of the PI3K/AKT-Rac1-JNK Pathway: The Potential Role in Spinal Osteosarcoma. miR, OS, PI3K
28  2017 Mitochondrial redox signaling enables repair of injured skeletal muscle cells. MCU, ROS
29  2017 Nepsilon-Fatty acylation of Rho GTPases by a MARTX toxin effector. MARTX
30  2017 Pathophysiological Roles of Ezrin/Radixin/Moesin Proteins. ERM, PKA
31  2017 Probing Cdc42 Polarization Dynamics in Budding Yeast Using a Biosensor. ---
32  2017 Rab32 connects ER stress to mitochondrial defects in multiple sclerosis. CNS, EAE, ER, MAM, MS, UPR
33  2017 RAF1/BRAF dimerization integrates the signal from RAS to ERK and ROKalpha. ERK, MAPK, MEK
34  2017 The adaptor molecule RIAM integrates signaling events critical for integrin-mediated control of immune function and cancer progression. MRL, RIAM
35  2017 The iron-type nitrile hydratase activator protein is a GTPase. ---
36  2017 The lncRNA H19 mediates breast cancer cell plasticity during EMT and MET plasticity by differentially sponging miR-200b/c and let-7b. ADP, EMT, lncRNA, MET
37  2017 The small GTPase CDC42 regulates actin dynamics during porcine oocyte maturation. ---
38  2016 A barley SKP1-like protein controls abundance of the susceptibility factor RACB and influences the interaction of barley with the barley powdery mildew fungus. Bgh, RHO, SCF, SKP1
39  2016 A C9ORF72/SMCR8-containing complex regulates ULK1 and plays a dual role in autophagy. ALS, C9orf72, FTD, GDP-GTP, SMCR8
40  2016 A novel Rab10-EHBP1-EHD2 complex essential for the autophagic engulfment of lipid droplets. EHBP1, EHD2, LDs
41  2016 Allele-specific inhibitors inactivate mutant KRAS G12C by a trapping mechanism. ---
42  2016 Biochemical Classification of Disease-associated Mutants of RAS-like Protein Expressed in Many Tissues (RIT1). NS, RIT1
43  2016 Distinct subcellular localization of alternative splicing variants of EFA6D, a guanine nucleotide exchange factor for Arf6, in the mouse brain. ARF6
44  2016 EHBP1L1 coordinates Rab8 and Bin1 to regulate apical-directed transport in polarized epithelial cells. EHBP1L1, ERC
45  2016 Elongation factor G initiates translocation through a power stroke. EF-G, mRNA, polTIRF, PRE, tRNAs
46  2016 ERas protein is overexpressed and binds to the activated platelet-derived growth factor beta receptor in bovine urothelial tumour cells associated with papillomavirus infection. ERas, PDGFbetaR, PI3K
47  2016 NbRABG3f, a member of Rab GTPase, is involved in Bamboo mosaic virus infection in Nicotiana benthamiana. BaMV, GFP
48  2016 Pharmacological modulation of oncogenic Ras by natural products and their derivatives: Renewed hope in the discovery of novel anti-Ras drugs. GTP, MAPK, PI3K, RAS
49  2016 RhoA inhibits neural differentiation in murine stem cells through multiple mechanisms. BMP4
50  2016 Sevoflurane Inhalation Accelerates the Long-Term Memory Consolidation via Small GTPase Overexpression in the Hippocampus of Mice in Adolescence. NADPH
51  2016 The adhesion GPCR BAI1 mediates macrophage ROS production and microbicidal activity against Gram-negative bacteria. BAI1, PRRs, ROS
52  2016 Zds1/Zds2-PP2ACdc55 complex specifies signaling output from Rho1 GTPase. CWI, GAP, MAPK
53  2015 Activation of GTP hydrolysis in mRNA-tRNA translocation by elongation factor G. cryo-EM, EF-G, GTP, tRNA
54  2015 Antioxidants can increase melanoma metastasis in mice. NAC
55  2015 Hypoxia/reoxygenation-experienced cancer cell migration and metastasis are regulated by Rap1- and Rac1-GTPase activation via the expression of thymosin beta-4. CPT, TALEN, Tbeta4, TME
56  2015 Identification of an oncogenic RAB protein. PI3K
57  2015 Intercellular transfer of transferrin receptor by a contact-, Rab8-dependent mechanism involving tunneling nanotubes. EEA, GFP, Tf, TfR, TNTs
58  2015 RAL-1 controls multivesicular body biogenesis and exosome secretion. MVBs
59  2015 RhoC is essential in TGF-beta1 induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in cervical cancer cells. EMT, RhoC, TGF
60  2015 The insulin response integrates increased TGF-beta signaling through Akt-induced enhancement of cell surface delivery of TGF-beta receptors. TGF-beta
61  2015 The small GTPase Rab7 as a central regulator of hepatocellular lipophagy. LDs
62  2015 Upregulated dynamin 1 in an acute seizure model and in epileptic patients. TLE
63  2014 Cell surface ABP1-TMK auxin-sensing complex activates ROP GTPase signaling. ABP1, TMK
64  2014 Conserved electrostatic fields at the Ras-effector interface measured through vibrational Stark effect spectroscopy explain the difference in tilt angle in the Ras binding domains of Raf and RalGDS. MD, RalGDS, RBD, VSE, WT
65  2014 Dynamin 2 regulates actin-mediated spindle migration in mouse oocytes. ---
66  2014 Essential function for PDLIM2 in cell polarization in three-dimensional cultures by feedback regulation of the beta1-integrin-RhoA signaling axis. EMT, FAK, NF-kappaB, RACK1
67  2014 Hepatic trans-Golgi action coordinated by the GTPase ARFRP1 is crucial for lipoprotein lipidation and assembly. ARFRP1, VLDLs
68  2014 Huntingtin promotes mTORC1 signaling in the pathogenesis of Huntington's disease. HD, HTT, mTOR
69  2014 Notch signaling regulates the phosphorylation of Akt and survival of lipopolysaccharide-activated macrophages via regulator of G protein signaling 19 (RGS19). GSI, LPS, PI3K, RGS19
70  2014 PLAGL2 regulates actin cytoskeletal architecture and cell migration. PLAGL2
71  2014 RacGAP alpha2-chimaerin function in development adjusts cognitive ability in adulthood. ---
72  2014 RAS signaling promotes resistance to JAK inhibitors by suppressing BAD-mediated apoptosis. Bcl-2, JAK2, MPNs, STAT
73  2014 Rnd3 haploinsufficient mice are predisposed to hemodynamic stress and develop apoptotic cardiomyopathy with heart failure. ROCK1, TAC
74  2014 ROMO1 is an essential redox-dependent regulator of mitochondrial dynamics. RNAi, Romo1
75  2014 Semaphorin 3A activates the guanosine triphosphatase Rab5 to promote growth cone collapse and organize callosal axon projections. GEF, NP-1, Sema3A
76  2014 Single-step protease cleavage elution for identification of protein-protein interactions from GST pull-down and mass spectrometry. bait
77  2014 Suppression of p21Rac signaling and increased innate immunity mediate remission in Crohn's disease. IBD
78  2014 Timing of GTP binding and hydrolysis by translation termination factor RF3. GDP, tRNA
79  2013 Aberrant dynamin 2-dependent Na(+) /H(+) exchanger-1 trafficking contributes to cardiomyocyte apoptosis. ARVMs, DNM, NHE1
80  2013 Adenosine promotes tumor metastasis. PKA
81  2013 An adenosine-mediated signaling pathway suppresses prenylation of the GTPase Rap1B and promotes cell scattering. ---
82  2013 Control of ribosomal subunit rotation by elongation factor G. EF-G, GTP
83  2013 Distinct roles of Rho1, Cdc42, and Cyk3 in septum formation and abscission during yeast cytokinesis. SS
84  2013 Elongation factor G bound to the ribosome in an intermediate state of translocation. EF-G, mRNA, tRNA
85  2013 Expression of Rac-1 related to tumor depth, lymph node metastasis and patient prognosis in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma. ESCC, mRNA
86  2013 From endocytosis to membrane fusion: emerging roles of dynamin in virus entry. CME, cryo-EM
87  2013 Genetic deletion of Rnd3 results in aqueductal stenosis leading to hydrocephalus through up-regulation of Notch signaling. NICD
88  2013 Geometric catalysis of membrane fission driven by flexible dynamin rings. PHDs
89  2013 Hyperactive transforming growth factor-beta1 signaling potentiates skeletal defects in a neurofibromatosis type 1 mouse model. NF1, TGF-beta
90  2013 MRP4-mediated regulation of intracellular cAMP and cGMP levels in trabecular meshwork cells and homeostasis of intraocular pressure. AH, HTM, MLC, MRP4, PKA, PKG, TM
91  2013 Nonredundant functions for Ras GTPase-activating proteins in tissue homeostasis. ---
92  2013 RhoE is frequently down-regulated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and suppresses HCC invasion through antagonizing the Rho/Rho-kinase/myosin phosphatase target pathway. HBV, HCC, mRNA
93  2013 SEACing the GAP that nEGOCiates TORC1 activation: evolutionary conservation of Rag GTPase regulation. EGOC, GAP, SEAC, TORC1
94  2013 Spatial control of Epac2 activity by cAMP and Ca2+-mediated activation of Ras in pancreatic beta cells. GEF
95  2012 An information theoretical analysis of kinase activated phosphorylation dephosphorylation cycle. PdPC
96  2012 ARAP1 regulates the ring size of circular dorsal ruffles through Arf1 and Arf5. ARFs, CDRs, GAPs
97  2012 BART inhibits pancreatic cancer cell invasion by PKCalpha inactivation through binding to ANX7. ANX7, BART, PKC
98  2012 Calcium regulates podocyte actin dynamics. FPs, SD
99  2012 Comparison of small molecule inhibitors of the bacterial cell division protein FtsZ and identification of a reliable cross-species inhibitor. SAR
100  2012 Epithelial junction formation requires confinement of Cdc42 activity by a novel SH3BP1 complex. ---