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Long Form:   hydrogen bonding
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2019 H-bonding effect of oxyanions enhanced photocatalytic degradation of sulfonamides by g-C3N4 in aqueous solution. DS, SMZ
2019 Microhydration of protonated 5-hydroxyindole revealed by infrared spectroscopy. IRPD
2018 A Robust, Self-Healable, and Shape Memory Supramolecular Hydrogel by Multiple Hydrogen Bonding Interactions. DN, H-bonds, NAGA, NBAA
2018 Coordination chemistry within a protein host: regulation of the secondary coordination sphere. Sav
2018 Examination of inequivalent wetting on the crystal habit surfaces of RS-ibuprofen using grid-based molecular modelling. ---
2018 Hydrogen Bonds Dictate O2 Capture and Release within a Zinc Tripod. ---
2018 Hydrogen-Bonded Donor-Acceptor Arrays at the Solution-Graphite Interface. HBC, PDI, STM
2018 Hydrogen-Bonding-Assisted Supramolecular Metal Catalysis. ---
2018 Lignin from Hardwood and Softwood Biomass as a Lubricating Additive to Ethylene Glycol. EG
10  2018 Microscopic structural descriptor of liquid water. LSI
11  2018 Thermo-thickening behavior and its mechanism in a chitosan-graft-polyacrylamide aqueous solution. DLS, NMR, TEM
12  2018 Unnatural Base Pairs for Synthetic Biology. WC
13  2017 A study of the competitive multiple hydrogen bonding effect and its associated excited-state proton transfer tautomerism. DHDA, ESIPT
14  2017 Core-hole-induced dynamical effects in the x-ray emission spectrum of liquid methanol. ---
15  2017 Insight into the Bonding Mechanism and the Bonding Covalency in Noble Gas-Noble Metal Halides: An NBO/NRT Investigation. NBO, NRT
16  2017 Polydopamine Particles Reinforced Poly(vinyl alcohol) Hydrogel with NIR Light Triggered Shape Memory and Self-Healing Capability. NIR, PDAPs, PVA
17  2017 Solvent-dependent dynamics of hydrogen bonding structure 5-(methylthio)-1, 3, 4-thiadiazole-2(3H)-thione as determined by Raman spectroscopy and theoretical calculation. ESPT
18  2017 Structural and electrostatic effects at the surfaces of size- and charge-selected aqueous nanodrops. IRPD
19  2016 A new class of N-H excited-state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) molecules bearing localized zwitterionic tautomers. ESIPT
20  2016 Effect of alkyl chain functionalization of ionic liquid surfactants on the complexation and self-assembling behavior of polyampholyte gelatin in aqueous medium. DLS, ILS, ITC, SEM
21  2016 Factor Analysis of Conformations and NMR Signals of Rotaxanes: AIMD and Polarizable MD Simulations. AIMD, FA, MD
22  2016 Nanofibers of Elastin and Hydrophilic Segmented Polyurethane Solution Blends Show Enhanced Mechanical Properties through Intermolecular Protein-Polymer H Bonding. SPUs
23  2016 Observation of alpha-Helical Hydrogen-Bond Cooperativity in an Intact Protein. ---
24  2016 Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Tannic Acid Hydrogels with Excellent Mechanical Properties and Shape Memory Behaviors. PVA, TA
25  2016 Rearrangements of a Water Molecule in Both Directions between Two Hydrogen-Bonding Sites of 5-Hydroxyindole Cation: Experimental Determination of the Energy Threshold for the Rearrangement. 5-HI
26  2016 Second sphere control of spin state: Differential tuning of axial ligand bonds in ferric porphyrin complexes by hydrogen bonding. GS, HS, LS, RR
27  2015 An introduction to recurrent nucleotide interactions in RNA. E. coli
28  2015 Flower-like supramolecular self-assembly of phosphonic acid appended naphthalene diimide and melamine. SEM, TEM
29  2015 Harnessing Excited-State Intramolecular Proton-Transfer Reaction via a Series of Amino-Type Hydrogen-Bonding Molecules. ESIPT
30  2015 Hydrogen bonding and pi-pi interactions in imidazolium-chloride ionic liquid clusters. IPs
31  2015 Hydrogen bonding in ionic liquids. IL
32  2015 Ion aggregation in high salt solutions. IV. Graph-theoretical analyses of ion aggregate structure and water hydrogen bonding network. ---
33  2015 Locking covalent organic frameworks with hydrogen bonds: general and remarkable effects on crystalline structure, physical properties, and photochemical activity. ---
34  2015 Molecular structure-affinity relationship of bufadienolides and human serum albumin in vitro and molecular docking analysis. HSA, OAc
35  2015 Structure, Spectroscopy, and Bonding within the Zn(q+)-Imidazole(n) (q = 0, 1, 2; n = 1-4) Clusters and Implications for Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks and Zn-Enzymes. DFT, Im, ZIFs
36  2014 A different view of structure-making and structure-breaking in alkali halide aqueous solutions through x-ray absorption spectroscopy. ---
37  2014 Experimental and theoretical investigations of energy transfer and hydrogen-bond breaking in small water and HCl clusters. ---
38  2014 Physical meaning of the QTAIM topological parameters in hydrogen bonding. H-bond
39  2014 Understanding the role of H-bonding in self-aggregation in organic liquids by fatty acid amphiphiles with a hydrocarbon tail containing different H-bonding linker groups. ---
40  2013 A cyclochiral conformational motif constructed using a robust hydrogen-bonding network. ---
41  2013 Benzonitrile as a probe of local environment in ionic liquids. ILs, IR
42  2013 Concentration-dependent supramolecular engineering of hydrogen-bonded nanostructures at surfaces: predicting self-assembly in 2D. ---
43  2013 Conformational preferences of furan- and thiophene-based arylamides: a combined computational and experimental study. QM
44  2013 Dihydrogen phosphate as a hydrogen-bonding donor element: anion receptors based on acylhydrazone. ---
45  2013 Intramolecular hydrogen-bonding in aqueous carbohydrates as a cause or consequence of conformational preferences: a molecular dynamics study of cellobiose stereoisomers. ---
46  2013 Preparation and Structural Properties of InIII-H Complexes. ---
47  2013 Surface functionality as a means to impact polymer nanoparticle size and structure. NPs, PE
48  2013 The study of correlations between hydrogen bonding characteristics in liquid, sub- and supercritical methanol. Molecular dynamics simulations and Raman spectroscopy analysis. HB, MD
49  2013 Thermoresponsive synergistic hydrogen bonding switched by several guest units in a water-soluble polymer. ---
50  2012 Conformational preferences of trans-1,2- and cis-1,3-cyclohexanedicarboxylic acids in water and dimethyl sulfoxide as a function of the ionization state as determined from NMR spectroscopy and density functional theory quantum mechanical calculations. DMSO
51  2012 DFT study of (17)O, (1)H and (13)C NMR chemical shifts in two forms of native cellulose, I(alpha) and I(beta). NMR
52  2012 High-pressure effect on the dynamics of solvated peptides. ---
53  2012 Relating hydrogen-bonding interactions with the phase behavior of naproxen/PVP K 25 solid dispersions: evaluation of solution-cast and quench-cooled films. PVP
54  2012 Structure and stability of cyclic peptide based nanotubes: a molecular dynamics study of the influence of amino acid composition. CPNTs, CPs, MD, MM/PBSA
55  2012 Synthesis, structure, and physical properties for a series of trigonal bipyramidal M(II)-Cl complexes with intramolecular hydrogen bonds. DFT, NMR, TAO
56  2012 Vesicle structure and formation of AB/BC amphiphile mixture based on hydrogen bonding in a selective solvent: a Monte Carlo study. ---
57  2012 X-ray diffraction and infrared spectroscopy of N,N-dimethylformamide and dimethyl sulfoxide solvatomorphs of betulonic acid. BA, DMF, DMSO
58  2011 Assessment of the Performance of DFT and DFT-D Methods for Describing Distance Dependence of Hydrogen-Bonded Interactions. SAPT
59  2011 First-principles study of one- and two-photon absorption of the H-bonding complexes from monomeric red fluorescent proteins with large Stokes shifts. LSS, RFPs
60  2011 Infrared spectroscopy and molecular simulations of a polymeric sorbent and its enantioselective interactions with benzoin enantiomers. DFT, HPLC, IPA, MC, MD
61  2011 Insights into hydrogen bonding and stacking interactions in cellulose. AIM, beta
62  2011 Self-assembly of the AB/BC diblock copolymer mixture based on hydrogen bonding in a selective solvent: a Monte Carlo study. ---
63  2010 Halogen-water-hydrogen bridges in biomolecules. ---
64  2010 MP2, density functional theory, and molecular mechanical calculations of C-H...pi and hydrogen bond interactions in a cellulose-binding module-cellulose model system. CBMs, DFT, MM, NBO, QM
65  2009 Anionic lipid and cholesterol interactions with alpha4beta2 nAChR: insights from MD simulations. Chol, EC, H-bonds, IC, nAChR, POPA, POPC, TM
66  2009 Hydrogen bonding in ortho-substituted arylamides: the influence of protic solvents. ---
67  2008 Intramolecular hydrogen bonding and cooperative interactions in carbohydrates via the molecular tailoring approach. MTA, SASA
68  2008 Structure, energetics, and reactivity of boric acid nanotubes: a molecular tailoring approach. CG-MTA, MESP
69  2007 Bader's electron density analysis of hydrogen bonding in secondary structural elements of protein. AIM, HBCPs, RCP, SE
70  2007 Theoretical study of cooperativity in biotin. ---
71  2006 A promising system of mixed single- and double-short-tailed PEO ether phosphate esters: phase behavior and vesicle formation. cmc, FF-TEM, staining-TEM
72  2006 Discovering H-bonding rules in crystals with inductive logic programming. ILP
73  2006 Theoretical rationale for regioselection in phosphine-catalyzed allenoate additions to acrylates, imines, and aldehydes. ---
74  2004 The effect of a side chain-backbone swap on protein stability. NMR, RPLC
75  2003 RNA binding efficacy of theophylline, theobromine and caffeine. FTIR
76  2001 Characterization of glass solutions of poorly water-soluble drugs produced by melt extrusion with hydrophilic amorphous polymers. PVP, RH
77  2000 Prediction of retention indices. V. Influence of electronic effects and column polarity on retention index. ---
78  1993 Structure of beta-crystallite assemblies formed by Alzheimer beta-amyloid protein analogues: analysis by x-ray diffraction. ---