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2018 High molecular weight hyaluronan ameliorates allergic inflammation and airway hyperresponsiveness in the mouse. AHR, HA, HMW-HA, sHA
2018 Oocyte-specific ablation of N- and O-glycans alters cumulus cell signalling and extracellular matrix composition. C1galt1, COC, DM, HA, hCG, PMSG, PTX3, TSG-6
2018 Recessive DNAH9 Loss-of-Function Mutations Cause Laterality Defects and Subtle Respiratory Ciliary-Beating Defects. ODAs
2018 Vertebrate Dynein-f depends on Wdr78 for axonemal localization and is essential for ciliary beat. IC
2017 Computational design of a specific heavy chain/kappa light chain interface for expressing fully IgG bispecific antibodies. bsAbs, LCs
2017 IgG light chain-independent secretion of heavy chain dimers: consequence for therapeutic antibody production and design. LC
2016 Cell Therapy of Corneal Diseases. HA, Lum, TSG6, UMSCs
2016 Comparing domain interactions within antibody Fabs with kappa and lambda light chains. LCs
2016 Immunoglobulin Fc Heterodimer Platform Technology: From Design to Applications in Therapeutic Antibodies and Proteins. bsAbs, Fc, IgG, LCs
10  2016 Pathological Hyaluronan Matrices in Cystic Fibrosis Airways and Secretions. CF, HA, HC-HA
11  2016 Structure and function of outer dynein arm intermediate and light chain complex. LCs, ODA, OID
12  2015 Analysis of the heavy-chain modification and TSG-6 activity in pathological hyaluronan matrices. HA, IalphaI, TSG-6
13  2015 High Inter-Individual Diversity of Point Mutations, Insertions, and Deletions in Human Influenza Virus Nucleoprotein-Specific Memory B Cells. LCs
14  2015 Metal Ion-dependent Heavy Chain Transfer Activity of TSG-6 Mediates Assembly of the Cumulus-Oocyte Matrix. COC, HA, IalphaI, TSG-6
15  2015 Molecular analysis of the cumulus matrix: insights from mice with O-glycan-deficient oocytes. CCs, COCs, ECM, HA, PTX3
16  2014 A general strategy for generating intact, full-length IgG antibodies that penetrate into the cytosol of living cells. VHs, VL
17  2014 Irreversible heavy chain transfer to chondroitin. HA
18  2014 Modification of hyaluronan by heavy chains of inter-alpha-inhibitor in idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension. HA, IPAH
19  2014 MZB1 is a GRP94 cochaperone that enables proper immunoglobulin heavy chain biosynthesis upon ER stress. ER
20  2013 Domain organization of membrane-bound factor VIII. EM, FIXa, FVIII, HC, LC
21  2013 Inter-alpha-inhibitor impairs TSG-6-induced hyaluronan cross-linking. HA, IalphaI
22  2013 Irreversible heavy chain transfer to hyaluronan oligosaccharides by tumor necrosis factor-stimulated gene-6. HA, HMW, IalphaI, TSG-6
23  2013 Sulfation of the bikunin chondroitin sulfate chain determines heavy chainhyaluronan complex formation. CS, HA, IalphaI
24  2013 Therapeutic preparations of IVIg contain naturally occurring anti-HLA-E antibodies that react with HLA-Ia (HLA-A/-B/-Cw) alleles. Abs, IVIG
25  2012 Constitutive expression of inter-alpha-inhibitor (IalphaI) family proteins and tumor necrosis factor-stimulated gene-6 (TSG-6) by human amniotic membrane epithelial and stromal cells supporting formation of the heavy chain-hyaluronan (HC-HA) complex. AM, HA, HC-HA, IalphaI, TNF, TSG-6
26  2012 The pre-B cell receptor; selecting for or against autoreactivity. BCRs, LCs, SLC
27  2011 B-cell receptors and heavy chain diseases: guilty by association? BCR, BiP, HCDs, Ig, LCs
28  2011 Recombinant human cytoplasmic dynein heavy chain 1 and 2: observation of dynein-2 motor activity in vitro. MT
29  2011 Silencing of a putative inner arm dynein heavy chain results in flagellar immotility in Trypanosoma brucei. ---
30  2010 Evolutionary conservation of heavy chain protein transfer between glycosaminoglycans. Gg, HC2, TSG-6
31  2010 Immunoglobulin aggregation leading to Russell body formation is prevented by the antibody light chain. Ig, LC, RBs
32  2010 Strikingly fast microtubule sliding in bundles formed by Chlamydomonas axonemal dynein. ---
33  2010 Three outer arm dynein heavy chains of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii operate in a coordinated fashion both in vitro and in vivo. OAD
34  2009 Airway smooth muscle cells synthesize hyaluronan cable structures independent of inter-alpha-inhibitor heavy chain attachment. COC, HASM, MASM
35  2009 Biochemical characterization and function of complexes formed by hyaluronan and the heavy chains of inter-alpha-inhibitor (HC*HA) purified from extracts of human amniotic membrane. AM, HA, HMW, IalphaI, PBS, TSG-6
36  2009 Crosslinking methods purification and analysis of crosslinked dynein products. ICs, LCs
37  2009 Dynein light intermediate chain in Aspergillus nidulans is essential for the interaction between heavy and intermediate chains. ICs, LCs, LICs, nud
38  2009 Light chain amyloidosis - current findings and future prospects. AL, Ig, LCs
39  2008 Isolation of human monoclonal antibodies by mammalian cell display. LCs, PBMC, scFv, VLP, VRs
40  2008 Synthesis of tumor necrosis factor alpha-induced protein 6 in porcine preovulatory follicles: a study with A38 antibody. HA, IalphaI, OCCs, TNFAIP6
41  2008 The transfer of heavy chains from bikunin proteins to hyaluronan requires both TSG-6 and HC2. IalphaI, TSG-6
42  2007 Chlamydomonas outer arm dynein alters conformation in response to Ca2+. ---
43  2007 Jump-starting kinesin. FEZ1, JIP1, LCs, MTs
44  2007 PTX3 interacts with inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor: implications for hyaluronan organization and cumulus oophorus expansion. HA, IalphaI, PTX3
45  2007 TSG-6 potentiates the antitissue kallikrein activity of inter-alpha-inhibitor through bikunin release. ---
46  2006 E2-25K mediates US11-triggered retro-translocation of MHC class I heavy chains in a permeabilized cell system. ER, ERAD
47  2006 Precursor B cell receptor signaling activity can be uncoupled from surface expression. ER, preBCR, TGN
48  2006 SEL1L, the homologue of yeast Hrd3p, is involved in protein dislocation from the mammalian ER. ER, HCMV, MHC, shRNA
49  2006 Subtle sequence variation among MHC class I locus products greatly influences sensitivity to HCMV US2- and US11-mediated degradation. HCMV, US
50  2005 Characterization of complexes formed between TSG-6 and inter-alpha-inhibitor that act as intermediates in the covalent transfer of heavy chains onto hyaluronan. HA, IalphaI
51  2005 The unique region of surrogate light chain component lambda5 is a heavy chain-specific regulator of precursor B cell receptor signaling. pre-BCRs, UR
52  2004 A glycosylated type I membrane protein becomes cytosolic when peptide: N-glycanase is compromised. ER, MHC
53  2004 Covalent transfer of heavy chains of inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor family proteins to hyaluronan in in vivo and in vitro expanded porcine oocyte-cumulus complexes. HA, IalphaI, OCCs
54  2004 Major histocompatibility complex class I molecules expressed with monoglucosylated N-linked glycans bind calreticulin independently of their assembly status. ER, MHC
55  2004 Specificity of the tumor necrosis factor-induced protein 6-mediated heavy chain transfer from inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor to hyaluronan: implications for the assembly of the cumulus extracellular matrix. IalphaI, TNFIP6
56  2003 A study of inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor chains expression in liposarcomas. ELISA, HA, RT-PCR
57  2002 Increased level of HLA-B27 expression in ankylosing spondylitis patients compared with healthy HLA-B27-positive subjects: a possible further susceptibility factor for the development of disease. AS, BASDAI, BASFI, BASMI, IFN-gamma, NC, PBMCs, PCR-SSP
58  2001 Association between actin and light chains in Chlamydomonas flagellar inner-arm dyneins. ---
59  1999 Splice acceptor site mutation of the transporter associated with antigen processing-1 gene in human bare lymphocyte syndrome. BLS, ER, HLA
60  1998 Differential expression of myosin heavy chain mRNA and protein isoforms in four functionally diverse rabbit skeletal muscles during pre- and postnatal development. ---
61  1996 HLA-B27 heavy chains contribute to spontaneous inflammatory disease in B27/human beta2-microglobulin (beta2m) double transgenic mice with disrupted mouse beta2m. beta 2m
62  1995 cDNA and deduced amino acid sequence of human PK-120, a plasma kallikrein-sensitive glycoprotein. ITI, PK
63  1995 Evidence for an early heavy chain intermediate in the assembly of H-2Db class I MHC molecules. beta 2m
64  1992 ATPase sites in two-headed fragment of Tetrahymena 22S ciliary dynein. ---
65  1991 The RMA-S lymphoma mutant; consequences of a peptide loading defect on immunological recognition and graft rejection. beta 2m, CTL, MHC, NK
66  1988 Assembly of a protein sharing epitopes with sperm dynein heavy chains into meiotic spindle in the prometaphase starfish oocyte. GV, ICs
67  1987 Chymotryptic digestion of Tetrahymena ciliary dynein. II. Pathway of the degradation of 22S dynein heavy chains. ---
68  1986 Expression of myosin heavy chains during thyroid hormone-induced cardiac growth. ---
69  1984 Regulation of myosin synthesis by thyroid hormone: relative change in the alpha- and beta-myosin heavy chain mRNA levels in rabbit heart. ---