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Long Form:   hydroethidine
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2019 Are Hydroethidine-Based Probes Reliable for Reactive Oxygen Species Detection? mito-HE, MRM, MS, ROS
2018 Development and validation of a LC/MS-based method for the measurement of intracellular superoxide anion. RA, ROS
2017 Recent developments in detection of superoxide radical anion and hydrogen peroxide: Opportunities, challenges, and implications in redox signaling. ---
2016 FITC Doped Rattle-Type Silica Colloidal Particle-Based Ratiometric Fluorescent Sensor for Biosensing and Imaging of Superoxide Anion. FITC
2015 Quantification of Plasmodium ex vivo drug susceptibility by flow cytometry. FC, LM, SG
2014 Assessment of myeloperoxidase activity by the conversion of hydroethidine to 2-chloroethidium. 3-Cl-Tyr, HOCl, MPO
2014 Carbon-dot-based ratiometric fluorescent probe for imaging and biosensing of superoxide anion in live cells. C-dots, ROS
2014 Cytometric measurement of in vitro inhibition of Plasmodium falciparum field isolates by drugs: a new approach for re-invasion inhibition study. TO
2014 Detection and identification of oxidants formed during •NO/O2•⁻ reaction: a multi-well plate CW-EPR spectroscopy combined with HPLC analyses. BMPO, CW-EPR
10  2014 Encapsulation of poly(D,L-lactide) microparticles with polyelectrolyte multilayers for antigen delivery. BMDCs, DCFH-DA, OVA, PLA, ROS
11  2014 Intracellular oxidation of hydroethidine: compartmentalization and cytotoxicity of oxidation products. ---
12  2014 Nitric oxide production by polymorphonuclear leucocytes in infected cystic fibrosis sputum consumes oxygen. CF, iNOS, L-NMMA, NO, NOS, PMNs
13  2014 On the use of fluorescence lifetime imaging and dihydroethidium to detect superoxide in intact animals and ex vivo tissues: a reassessment. ---
14  2013 Hydropropidine: a novel, cell-impermeant fluorogenic probe for detecting extracellular superoxide. ---
15  2012 A simplified hydroethidine method for fast and accurate detection of superoxide production in isolated mitochondria. ---
16  2010 Hydroethidine- and MitoSOX-derived red fluorescence is not a reliable indicator of intracellular superoxide formation: another inconvenient truth. ---
17  2010 Iron nanoparticles increase 7-ketocholesterol-induced cell death, inflammation, and oxidation on murine cardiac HL1-NB cells. 7-KC, CLSM, FAMIS, FCM, LDH
18  2010 Using fluorescence-activated flow cytometry to determine reactive oxygen species formation and membrane lipid peroxidation in viable boar spermatozoa. ROS
19  2009 HPLC study of oxidation products of hydroethidine in chemical and biological systems: ramifications in superoxide measurements. ---
20  2009 Novel high-throughput assay for antioxidant capacity against superoxide anion. LOD, LOQ, SOD
21  2009 Platelet-activating factor-stimulated production of reactive oxygen species in ovarian granulosa cells from periovulatory follicles. DHR, LH, MGC, PAF, PAFR
22  2009 Ros production by endogenously generated Protoporphyrin IX in murine leukemia cells. ALA, DCFH-DA, PDT, PpIX, ROS
23  2009 Simultaneous analysis of reactive oxygen species and reduced glutathione content in living cells by polychromatic flow cytometry. MBB, ROS
24  2009 Ultrastructural and fluorochromatic changes of Anaplasma marginale exposed to oxytetracycline, imidocarb and enrofloxacin in short-term erythrocyte cultures. EB, FACS
25  2008 Cytochrome c-mediated oxidation of hydroethidine and mito-hydroethidine in mitochondria: identification of homo- and heterodimers. EC
26  2008 Detection of 2-hydroxyethidium in cellular systems: a unique marker product of superoxide and hydroethidine. ---
27  2008 Rac and PI3 kinase mediate endothelial cell-reactive oxygen species generation during normoxic lung ischemia. ROS
28  2008 Superoxide radical detection in cells, tissues, organisms (animals, plants, insects, microorganisms) and soils. ---
29  2008 The effect of poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) microparticles with polyelectrolyte self-assembled multilayer surfaces on the cross-presentation of exogenous antigens. BMDCs, DCFH-DA, FITC-BSA, LbL, MHC, OVA, PEI, PLGA, ROS
30  2008 The selective detection of mitochondrial superoxide by live cell imaging. ---
31  2007 Enhanced antigen delivery via cell death induced by the vaccine adjuvants. APCs, DCFH-DA, ROS
32  2007 Superoxide flux in endothelial cells via the chloride channel-3 mediates intracellular signaling. ClC-3, ROS, SOD
33  2006 Aging influences multiple incidices of oxidative stress in the aortic media of the Fischer 344/NNiaxBrown Norway/BiNia rat. Et, MAPKs
34  2006 Contribution of epoxyeicosatrienoic acids to the hypoxia-induced activation of Ca2+ -activated K+ channel current in cultured rat hippocampal astrocytes. Ca, EETs, MS-PPOH
35  2006 Flow cytometric evaluation of selected antimicrobial efficacy for clearance of Anaplasma marginale in short-term erythrocyte cultures. OK, ROC, VGN
36  2006 Pulse radiolysis and steady-state analyses of the reaction between hydroethidine and superoxide and other oxidants. ---
37  2006 Selective fluorescent imaging of superoxide in vivo using ethidium-based probes. Etd
38  2006 Suppression of hyperglycemia-induced superoxide formation and endothelin-1 gene expression by carvedilol. CV, HUVEC, SO
39  2006 The confounding effects of light, sonication, and Mn(III)TBAP on quantitation of superoxide using hydroethidine. HPLC-EC
40  2005 Activation of endothelial NADPH oxidase during normoxic lung ischemia is KATP channel dependent. DCF, DPPP, ROS
41  2005 Detection and characterization of the product of hydroethidine and intracellular superoxide by HPLC and limitations of fluorescence. BMPO
42  2005 Interference of non-specific peroxidases in the fluorescence detection of superoxide radical by hydroethidine oxidation: a new assay for H2O2. ---
43  2005 Mechanistic similarities between oxidation of hydroethidine by Fremy's salt and superoxide: stopped-flow optical and EPR studies. NDS
44  2005 Superoxide potentiates NF-kappaB activation and modulates endotoxin-induced cytokine production in alveolar macrophages. EMSAs, IL, ROS, SODm, TNF-alpha
45  2004 Carvedilol prevents doxorubicin-induced free radical release and apoptosis in cardiomyocytes in vitro. DCF, ROS
46  2004 Protection of Ewing's sarcoma family tumor (ESFT) cell line SK-N-MC from betulinic acid induced apoptosis by alpha-DL-tocopherol. BA, ESFT, L-NAC, PI
47  2004 Radiation-induced apoptosis of stem/progenitor cells in human umbilical cord blood is associated with alterations in reactive oxygen and intracellular pH. 7-AAD, UCB
48  2004 Rapid adaptive down regulation of oxidative burst induced by high dextrose in human umbilical vein endothelial cells. SO
49  2004 The fluorescence detection of superoxide radical using hydroethidine could be complicated by the presence of heme proteins. ---
50  2003 A novel gene, Jpk, induces apoptosis in F9 murine teratocarcinoma cell through ROS generation. 7-AAD, p.c, ROS
51  2003 Flow cytometry study of polymorphonuclear neutrophil oxidative burst: a comparison of three fluorescent probes. DCFH, PMN
52  2003 Investigations of phagosomes, mitochondria, and acidic granules in human neutrophils using fluorescent probes. CLSM, FCM, MTG, ROS
53  2003 Superoxide reacts with hydroethidine but forms a fluorescent product that is distinctly different from ethidium: potential implications in intracellular fluorescence detection of superoxide. DHE
54  2003 The role of free radicals in the muscle vasodilatation of systemic hypoxia in the rat. DHR, FVC, NO, SOD, XO
55  2002 Effect of growth conditions and staining procedure upon the subsurface transport and attachment behaviors of a groundwater protist. DAPI
56  2002 Leukotoxin-activated human pulmonary artery endothelial cell produces nitric oxide and superoxide anion. EB, HPAEC, NO, NOS
57  2001 Circulating neutrophils exhibit enhanced apoptosis associated with mitochondrial dysfunctions after surgery under general anaesthesia. 7-AAD, PMN, ROS
58  2000 Flow cytometry to evaluate Theileria sergenti parasitemia using the fluorescent nucleic acid stain, SYTO16. ---
59  1999 Intracellular oxidant production and cytokine responses in lung macrophages: evaluation of fluorescent probes. AM, DCFH, DHR
60  1998 Critical evaluation of the use of hydroethidine as a measure of superoxide anion radical. ---
61  1997 Fluorescence-based measurement of nitric oxide synthase activity in activated rat macrophages using dichlorofluorescin. AMs, DCFH, DHR
62  1997 Intracellular generation of reactive oxygen species during nonhypoxic lung ischemia. AFU
63  1995 Mitochondrial dysfunctions in circulating T lymphocytes from human immunodeficiency virus-1 carriers. Eth, HIV, NAO
64  1995 Mitochondrial perturbations define lymphocytes undergoing apoptotic depletion in vivo. Eth, HIV-1, TCR
65  1995 Sequential reduction of mitochondrial transmembrane potential and generation of reactive oxygen species in early programmed cell death. PCD, ROS
66  1994 Intracellular hydrogen peroxide and superoxide anion detection in endothelial cells. DCF, DCFH-DA, EB
67  1991 Simultaneous flow cytometric method to measure phagocytosis and oxidative products by neutrophils. EB, PMNLs
68  1990 Continuous cell activation is necessary for stable interaction of complement receptor type 3 with its counter-structure in the aggregation response of human neutrophils. CR3, LAD
69  1990 Flow cytometric analysis of respiratory burst activity in phagocytes with hydroethidine and 2',7'-dichlorofluorescin. DCF, DCFH, EB
70  1990 Oxidative metabolism in the alveolar macrophage: analysis by flow cytometry. AMs, DCFH, PMA