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Abbreviation:   HMVEC  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   human microvascular endothelial cells
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Effect of Raw and Roasted Phoenix dactylifera L. Seed Polyphenols Extracts on Suppression of Angiogenesis in Endothelial Cells. DSPE
2022 Healthberry 865® and a Subset of Its Single Anthocyanins Attenuate Oxidative Stress in Human Endothelial In Vitro Models. PGA, VA
2022 ROS- and Radiation Source-Dependent Modulation of Leukocyte Adhesion to Primary Microvascular Endothelial Cells. ROS
2021 Identification of Basp1 as a novel angiogenesis-regulating gene by multi-model system studies. CoNV, GWAS
2021 VEGF-A, HGF and bFGF are Involved in IL-17A-mediated Migration and Capillary-like Vessel Formation of Vascular Endothelial Cells. Ab, bFGF, CXC, CXCL8, HDF, HGF, HUVEC, IL, VEGF
2020 ERK1/2 Has Divergent Roles in LPS-Induced Microvascular Endothelial Cell Cytokine Production and Permeability. TLR4, TRIF
2020 Vascularized cardiac tissue construction with orientation by layer-by-layer method and 3D printer. ECM, HBC, hiPSC-CM, LbL, NHCF
2019 Alda-1 attenuates hyperoxia-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in lung vascular endothelial cells. 4-HNE, ALDH2, ALI
2019 Carnosol as a Nrf2 Activator Improves Endothelial Barrier Function Through Antioxidative Mechanisms. ARE, eNOS, HO-1, LDH, NO, Nrf2, ROS, TBHP, VE-cadherin
10  2019 Efficient Human Cytomegalovirus Replication in Primary Endothelial Cells Is SOCS3 Dependent. HCMV, JAK/STAT, siCNTRs, SOCS, SOCS3
11  2019 Invasion of human microvascular endothelial cells by Mycobacterium leprae through Mce1A protein. SC
12  2019 MicroRNA-16-5p Aggravates Myocardial Infarction Injury by Targeting the Expression of Insulin Receptor Substrates 1 and Mediating Myocardial Apoptosis and Angiogenesis. CK-MB, IRS-1, LDH, MCM2, miR-16-5p, PCNA, VEGF
13  2019 Natural dietary antioxidants containing flavonoids modulate keratinocytes physiology: In vitro tri-culture models. CM, MT
14  2019 Pancreatic cancer cell-derived exosomal microRNA-27a promotes angiogenesis of human microvascular endothelial cells in pancreatic cancer via BTG2. DEGs, miR-27a, MVD, PC
15  2019 Zinc deficiency promotes endothelin secretion and endothelial cell migration through nuclear hypoxia-inducible factor-1 translocation. ET-1, HIF-1, IH, OSA
16  2018 A unique role for galectin-9 in angiogenesis and inflammatory arthritis. Gal-9, JNK, MN, siRNA
17  2018 Decreased GPIHBP1 protein levels in visceral adipose tissue partly underlie the hypertriglyceridemic phenotype in insulin resistance. GPIHBP1, LPL, TG
18  2018 In vitro effect of chlorambucil on human glioma cell lines (SF767 and U87-MG), and human microvascular endothelial cell (HMVEC) and endothelial progenitor cells (ECFCs), in the context of plasma chlorambucil concentrations in tumor-bearing dogs. ECFCs, HMVECs
19  2018 NGF increases FGF2 expression and promotes endothelial cell migration and tube formation through PI3K/Akt and ERK/MAPK pathways in human chondrocytes. FGF-2, NGF, OA, TrkA
20  2018 One pot environmental friendly synthesis of gold nanoparticles using Punica Granatum Juice: A novel antioxidant agent for future dermatological and cosmetic applications. cyt c, DPPH, PGJ, SPF
21  2018 Serenoa repens and N-acetyl glucosamine/milk proteins complex differentially affect the paracrine communication between endothelial and follicle dermal papilla cells. FDPC, HF, SR
22  2017 Anti-inflammatory omega-3 endocannabinoid epoxides. DHA, DHEA, EDP-EA, EPA, EPEA, PUFAs
23  2017 Self-assembled hyaluronic acid nanoparticles for controlled release of agrochemicals and diosgenin. HA
24  2017 The effects of hyperoxia on microvascular endothelial cell proliferation and production of vaso-active substances. eNOS, ET-1
25  2017 Tumor endothelial cells with high aldehyde dehydrogenase activity show drug resistance. ALDH, NEC, PDGF, TEC
26  2016 A Reversibly Sealed, Easy Access, Modular (SEAM) Microfluidic Architecture to Establish In Vitro Tissue Interfaces. LPS, SEAM
27  2016 Dysregulated bioenergetics: a key regulator of joint inflammation. 3PO, bFGF, DMOG, GAPDH, PET, RASF, TEM, TNFi
28  2016 Particulate matter from indoor environments of classroom induced higher cytotoxicity and leakiness in human microvascular endothelial cells in comparison with those collected from corridor. EDX, HCS, PM, RT-PCR, SEM
29  2015 Cubical Shape Enhances the Interaction of Layer-by-Layer Polymeric Particles with Breast Cancer Cells. EM, TA/PVPON
30  2015 Endothelial sphingosine kinase/SPNS2 axis is critical for vessel-like formation by human mesoangioblasts. CM, MAB, S1P, SK, Spns2
31  2015 Paracrine crosstalk between human hair follicle dermal papilla cells and microvascular endothelial cells. FDPC, HF, VEGF
32  2015 Platelet-derived microparticles induce polymorphonuclear leukocyte-mediated damage of human pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells. BRMs, ICAM-1, LPS, MoAb, PLTs, PMN, PMPs, sCD40L
33  2015 Selective binding of C-6 OH sulfated hyaluronic acid to the angiogenic isoform of VEGF(165). C-6 OH, HA, HUVEC, sHA, VEGF165, wet-AMD
34  2014 Angiogenic properties of dehydrated human amnion/chorion allografts: therapeutic potential for soft tissue repair and regeneration. Ang-2, bFGF, EGF, ELISAs, GM-CSF, HB-EGF, HGF, HUVECs, PDGF-BB, PlGF, TGF-beta3, VEGF
35  2014 Biological characteristics of rat dorsal root ganglion cell and human vascular endothelial cell in mono- and co-culture. DRGC, MTT, NGF, qRT-PCR, VEGF
36  2014 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor prevents the endothelial barrier dysfunction induced by interleukin-1beta and tumor necrosis factor-alpha. BDNF, IL, TNF, VE
37  2014 CXCL4L1 and CXCL4 signaling in human lymphatic and microvascular endothelial cells and activated lymphocytes: involvement of mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinases, Src and p70S6 kinase. ERK, MAP, MAPK, PF4
38  2014 Effect of bevacizumab (Avastin (TM) ) on mitochondrial function of in vitro retinal pigment epithelial, neurosensory retinal and microvascular endothelial cells. MDA
39  2014 Fucosyltransferase 1 mediates angiogenesis in rheumatoid arthritis. EC, FUT1, MCP-1, RA, SF, ST
40  2014 Niacin receptor activation improves human microvascular endothelial cell angiogenic function during lipotoxicity. NMN, SIRT
41  2014 Small airway epithelial cells exposure to printer-emitted engineered nanoparticles induces cellular effects on human microvascular endothelial cells in an alveolar-capillary co-culture model. ENMs, IL, NEPs, PEPs, ROS, SAEC
42  2014 Tissue factor inflammatory response regulated by promoter genotype and p38 MAPK in neonatal vs. adult microvascular endothelial cells. IL-1alpha, MAPK, TF
43  2013 Hepatocyte growth factor enhances the barrier function in primary cultures of rat brain microvascular endothelial cells. BBB, HGF, HUVEC, RBEC, TEER
44  2012 Cell permeability, migration, and reactive oxygen species induced by multiwalled carbon nanotubes in human microvascular endothelial cells. ICAM-1, MCP-1, MWCNT, ROS
45  2012 Effects of hydroquinone on retinal and vascular cells in vitro. AMD, DMSO, HQ, LDH
46  2012 Endothelial insulin receptor expression in human atherosclerotic plaques: linking micro- and macrovascular disease in diabetes? ---
47  2012 Induction of elastin expression in vascular endothelial cells relates to hepatoportal sclerosis in idiopathic portal hypertension: possible link to serum anti-endothelial cell antibodies. AECA, ELISA, Ig, IPH
48  2012 L-asparaginase inhibits invasive and angiogenic activity and induces autophagy in ovarian cancer. L-ASP
49  2012 Role of the CCL21 and CCR7 pathways in rheumatoid arthritis angiogenesis. RA
50  2011 Cell permeability, migration, and reactive oxygen species induced by multiwalled carbon nanotubes in human microvascular endothelial cells. ICAM-1, MCP-1, MWCNT, ROS
51  2011 Characterization and modulation of fibroblast/endothelial cell co-cultures for the in vitro preformation of three-dimensional tubular networks. EC, EGF, FBS, HUVEC, IGF-1, VEGF
52  2011 Dengue hemorrhagic fever-associated immunomediators induced via maturation of dengue virus nonstructural 4B protein in monocytes modulate endothelial cell adhesion molecules and human microvascular endothelial cells permeability. DENV, DHF, NS4B
53  2011 Estrogen impairs pulmonary microvascular response to gut-derived mediators after shock conditions. FITC, ICAM
54  2011 Norepinephrine promotes the beta1-integrin-mediated adhesion of MDA-MB-231 cells to vascular endothelium by the induction of a GROalpha release. ---
55  2011 The pro-inflammatory effects of platelet contamination in plasma and mitigation strategies for avoidance. PMN, sCD40L, TRALI
56  2011 Tumor cells induce COX-2 and mPGES-1 expression in microvascular endothelial cells mainly by means of IL-1 receptor activation. AAc, cPGES, mPGES-1, PG
57  2011 Tumor endothelial marker 7 (TEM-7): a novel target for antiangiogenic therapy. ADCC, EPC, FFPE, HUVEC, IHC, TEM7
58  2010 A cellular model to mimic exhaled cigarette smokeinduced lung microvascular endothelial cell injury and death. CCS
59  2010 Arsenic promotes angiogenesis in vitro via a heme oxygenase-1-dependent mechanism. HO-1
60  2010 Could recombinant insulin compounds contribute to adenocarcinoma progression by stimulating local angiogenesis? IRs
61  2010 Different modulation of dipeptidyl peptidase-4 activity between microvascular and macrovascular human endothelial cells. DPP-4, GLP-1, HAEC
62  2010 Endocannabinoid-like N-arachidonoyl serine is a novel pro-angiogenic mediator. ARA-S, GPR55, TRPV1
63  2010 ERK5 Contributes to VEGF Alteration in Diabetic Retinopathy. ERK5, KLF2, MEF2C, VEGF
64  2010 Hypoxic upregulation of arginase II in human lung endothelial cells. Arg II, HIF, NO
65  2010 IL-17 contributes to angiogenesis in rheumatoid arthritis. RA
66  2010 Interleukin 18 induces angiogenesis in vitro and in vivo via Src and Jnk kinases. IL-18, NL, RA, SCID, STs
67  2010 Osteogenesis in an in vitro coculture of human periodontal ligament fibroblasts and human microvascular endothelial cells. BMP, EMD, hPDL
68  2010 Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) induces reactive oxygen species (ROS) production in human microvascular endothelial cells: role in endothelial permeability. PFAA, PFOS, ROS
69  2010 PTEN silencing reverses aging-related impairment of angiogenesis in microvascular endothelial cells. Neo-HMVEC
70  2010 SR16388: a steroidal antiangiogenic agent with potent inhibitory effect on tumor growth in vivo. CAM, ERalpha, GT, HIF-1alpha, NSCLC, STAT3
71  2009 Differential effects of nicotine on retinal and vascular cells in vitro. AMD
72  2009 Effects of benzo(e)pyrene on the retinal neurosensory cells and human microvascular endothelial cells in vitro. LDH
73  2009 Human microvasculature fabrication using thermal inkjet printing technology. ---
74  2009 Intestinal epithelial cells mediate lung injury after ethanol exposure and hypoxic insult. I/R
75  2009 MicroRNA and gene expression patterns in the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells. EB, hES, HUVEC, LFB, miRNA, NHA, qRT-PCR, UASMC
76  2008 An assay system for in vitro detection of permeability in human "endothelium". ---
77  2008 Green tea catechins inhibit angiogenesis through suppression of STAT3 activation. GAS, IFN-gamma, MMP-9, Poly E, STAT, VEGF
78  2008 Human microvascular endothelial cells are sensitive to IGF-I but resistant to insulin at the receptor level. IGF-IR, IR
79  2008 LPS-induced MCP-1 expression in human microvascular endothelial cells is mediated by the tyrosine kinase, Pyk2 via the p38 MAPK/NF-kappaB-dependent pathway. MAPK
80  2008 Modulatory effects of hypercapnia on in vitro and in vivo pulmonary endothelial-neutrophil adhesive responses during inflammation. LPS, NF-kappaB
81  2008 Novel homeobox genes are differentially expressed in placental microvascular endothelial cells compared with macrovascular cells. HUVEC, PLEC
82  2008 Novel pathway compendium analysis elucidates mechanism of pro-angiogenic synthetic small molecule. PNF1, TGF-beta, TNF-alpha
83  2008 Positive signaling interactions between arsenic and ethanol for angiogenic gene induction in human microvascular endothelial cells. EtOH, IGF1, PKC
84  2008 Sonic hedgehog derived from human pancreatic cancer cells augments angiogenic function of endothelial progenitor cells. EPC, HUVEC, PTCH1, SHH, VEGF
85  2008 Systemic not just mesenteric lymph causes acute lung injury following hemorrhagic shock. ALI, ICAM-1
86  2008 The angiopoietin-2 gene of endothelial cells is up-regulated in hypoxia by a HIF binding site located in its first intron and by the central factors GATA-2 and Ets-1. Ang-1, Ang-2, HRE
87  2008 The essential role of fibroblasts in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma-induced angiogenesis. ESCC, TGF, VEGF
88  2008 VEGF-mediated elevated intracellular calcium and angiogenesis in human microvascular endothelial cells in vitro are inhibited by dominant negative TRPC6. TRPC, VEGF
89  2007 Cannabinoid modulation of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus infection and transformation. KSHV
90  2007 Differential gene expression analysis of tubule forming and non-tubule forming endothelial cells: CDC42GAP as a counter-regulator in tubule formation. ---
91  2007 Hypoxia enhances CXCR4 expression in human microvascular endothelial cells and human melanoma cells. ---
92  2007 Interference with TRALI-causing anti-HLA DR alloantibody induction of human pulmonary microvascular endothelial cell injury by purified soluble HLA DR. HLA, PMN, psHLA DR, TNF-alpha, TRALI
93  2007 [Serological screening of autoantigens associated with vasculitis in systemic lupus erythematosus]. SEREX, SLE
94  2006 A central role for nicotinic cholinergic regulation of growth factor-induced endothelial cell migration. nAChR, TXNIP
95  2006 Bicyclic monoterpene diols stimulate release of nitric oxide from skin cells, increase microcirculation, and elevate skin temperature. BMTd, NHEK
96  2006 Ghrelin stimulates angiogenesis in human microvascular endothelial cells: Implications beyond GH release. ---
97  2006 Human microvascular endothelial cell activation by IL-1 and TNF-alpha stimulates the adhesion and transendothelial migration of circulating human CD14+ monocytes that develop with RANKL into functional osteoclasts. hPBMCs, M-CSF, OC, pre-OC, TEM
98  2006 Molecular weight fibrinogen variants determine angiogenesis rate in a fibrin matrix in vitro and in vivo. ---
99  2006 Osteoprotegerin protects endothelial cells against apoptotic cell death induced by Porphyromonas gingivalis cysteine proteinases. OPG
100  2006 Protein tyrosine phosphatase PRL-3 in malignant cells and endothelial cells: expression and function. PMA