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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Broilers fed a low protein diet supplemented with synthetic amino acids maintained growth performance and retained intestinal integrity while reducing nitrogen excretion when raised under poor sanitary conditions. aa, LP, LPA
2020 Differential regulation of mTORC1 activation by leucine and beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate in skeletal muscle of neonatal pigs. HMB, Leu, LP, mTOR
2020 Dynamics of gene expression of hormones involved in the growth of broiler chickens in response to the dietary protein and energy changes. HE, LP
2020 High Dietary Protein Does Not Alter Renal Prostanoids and Other Oxylipins in Normal Mice or in Those with Inherited Kidney Disease. LP, SUN
2020 Increased Susceptibility to Obesity and Glucose Intolerance in Adult Female Rats Programmed by High-Protein Diet during Gestation, But Not during Lactation. ---
2020 Leucine Supplementation Does Not Restore Diminished Skeletal Muscle Satellite Cell Abundance and Myonuclear Accretion When Protein Intake Is Limiting in Neonatal Pigs. IGF, LD, RP, RPL
2020 Perinatal exposure of rats to a maternal diet with varying protein quantity and quality affects the risk of overweight in female adult offspring. DSS, NP, PND
2019 Amino acid efficiencies of utilization vary by different mechanisms in response to energy and protein supplies in dairy cows: Study at mammary-gland and whole-body levels. EAA, HE, MG, MPY, NEAA, NEL
2019 AMP-activated protein kinase signaling regulated expression of urea cycle enzymes in response to changes in dietary protein intake. AICAR, AMPK
10  2019 Expression of genes related to energy metabolism and the unfolded protein response in dairy cow mammary cells is affected differently during dietary supplementation with energy from protein and fat. BCAT1, ER, HF, HP/HF, HP/LF, LP/HF, LP/LF, TCA, XBP1
11  2019 Genes Involved in Oxidative Stress Pathways Are Differentially Expressed in Circulating Mononuclear Cells Derived From Obese Insulin-Resistant and Lean Insulin-Sensitive Individuals Following a Single Mixed-Meal Challenge. F2-IsoP, HC, HF, MNC
12  2019 Glycaemic response at night is improved after eating a high protein meal compared with a standard meal: A cross-over study. iAUC
13  2019 High Compared with Moderate Protein Intake Reduces Adaptive Thermogenesis and Induces a Negative Energy Balance during Long-term Weight-Loss Maintenance in Participants with Prediabetes in the Postobese State: A PREVIEW Study. AT, EB, MP, REE, REEp, RQ
14  2019 Impact of a high-protein diet during lactation on milk composition and offspring in a pig model. ---
15  2019 Influence of macronutrient composition of commercial diets on circulating leptin and adiponectin concentrations in overweight dogs. HCLP, HCMP, HF
16  2019 Mammary gland utilization of amino acids and energy metabolites differs when dairy cow rations are isoenergetically supplemented with protein and fat. DM, EAA, HF, HP/HF, HP/LF, LP/HF, LP/LF
17  2019 Maternal High-Protein Diet during Pregnancy Modifies Rat Offspring Body Weight and Insulin Signalling but Not Macronutrient Preference in Adulthood. DSS, HPDSS2, NP
18  2019 Metabolic effects of epinephrine on the crab Neohelice granulata. CAs, CHH, HC
19  2019 Moving to Keep Fit: Feeding Behavior and Movement of Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on Artificial Diet With Different Protein: Carbohydrate Ratios. HC, OP
20  2019 Protective Effect of an Avocado Peel Polyphenolic Extract Rich in Proanthocyanidins on the Alterations of Colonic Homeostasis Induced by a High-Protein Diet. AvPPE, CSs
21  2019 Reduced protein diet and amino acid concentration alter intestinal barrier function and performance of broiler chickens with or without synthetic glucocorticoid. BWG, DEX, EAA, FCR, FITC-D, IP, LP, SP, ZO-2
22  2019 The metabolic regulation of fenofibrate is dependent on dietary protein content in male juveniles of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). LP
23  2019 Usefulness of Urinary Creatinine/Urea Nitrogen Ratio as Indicator of Body Protein Catabolism in Dogs Fed Low Protein Diets. LPs, SP
24  2018 A high carbohydrate, but not fat or protein meal attenuates postprandial ghrelin, PYY and GLP-1 responses in Chinese men. GLP-1, HC, HF, PYY
25  2018 A high-protein diet or combination exercise training to improve metabolic health in individuals with long-standing spinal cord injury: a pilot randomized study. Comb-Ex, GLUT4, RT, SCI, VL
26  2018 Associations of Brain Reactivity to Food Cues with Weight Loss, Protein Intake and Dietary Restraint during the PREVIEW Intervention. MP
27  2018 Dietary macronutrient composition and central neuropeptide Y injection affect dietary preference and hypothalamic gene expression in chicks. HC, HF
28  2018 Different protein composition of low-calorie diet differently impacts adipokine profile irrespective of weight loss in overweight and obese women. ---
29  2018 Effect of High Protein Diet and Probiotic Lactobacillus casei Shirota Supplementation in Aflatoxin B1-Induced Rats. AFB1, AFM1, LcS
30  2018 Effects of a High-Protein Diet Including Whole Eggs on Muscle Composition and Indices of Cardiometabolic Health and Systemic Inflammation in Older Adults with Overweight or Obesity: A Randomized Controlled Trial. IMAT
31  2018 Effects of a high-protein intake on metabolic targets for weight loss in children with obesity: a randomized trial. BMI-SDS, NP, REE
32  2018 Effects of supplemented isoenergetic diets varying in cereal fiber and protein content on the bile acid metabolic signature and relation to insulin resistance. BA, FGF19, HCF, IR
33  2018 High protein diet is of benefit for patients with type 2 diabetes: An updated meta-analysis. CI, LP, SMD
34  2018 High protein diets do not affect anthropometric indexes and cardiometabolic risk factors among children with excess weight: A randomized controlled trial. CVD, FBG, PC, TG
35  2018 Impact of macronutrient content of meals on postprandial glucose control in the context of closed-loop insulin delivery: A randomized cross-over study. AUC, HF, HFHP
36  2018 Linoleic acid derived oxylipins are elevated in kidney and liver and reduced in serum in rats given a high-protein diet. LA
37  2018 Paralytic and nonparalytic muscle adaptations to exercise training versus high-protein diet in individuals with long-standing spinal cord injury. Comb-Ex, CSA, NMES, RT, SCI, VL
38  2018 Plasma and Pancreas Islet Hormone Concentrations in Lactating Rats Are Associated with Dietary Protein Amounts. aa, G6Pase, LP, NO, PEPCK, SP
39  2018 Reductions in food cravings are similar with low-fat weight loss diets differing in protein and carbohydrate in overweight and obese adults with type 2 diabetes: A randomized clinical trial. FCI, G-FCQ-T, HC, T2D, WL, WM
40  2018 Relative influence of dietary protein and energy contents on lysine requirements and voluntary feed intake of rainbow trout fry. DE, DP, HE, LE, LP, Lys, ME, MP, VFI
41  2018 Responses to peripheral neuropeptide Y in avian adipose tissue are diet, depot, and time specific. AGPAT2, HC, HF, NPY, NPYR2
42  2018 The Effects of High-Protein and High-Monounsaturated Fat Meals on Postprandial Lipids, Lipoprotein Particle Numbers, Cytokines, and Leptin Responses in Overweight/Obese Subjects. HMF, LB-HDL2b, OW/O, SD-HDLP, SD-LDL III, T-HDLP, TGs, VLDL-P
43  2018 The Protein Status of Rats Affects the Rewarding Value of Meals Due to their Protein Content. CRH, LP, NAcc, NP, NPY
44  2017 A high fat diet enhances the sensitivity of chick adipose tissue to the effects of centrally injected neuropeptide Y on gene expression of adipogenesis-associated factors. FABP4, HC, HF, ME, NPY, PPARgamma, SREBP1
45  2017 Effect of meal composition on postprandial lipid concentrations and lipoprotein particle numbers: A randomized cross-over study. CI, HMF, LPN, T-HDLP, T-HDLP-LB-HDL2b, TG, VLDL-P
46  2017 Equivalent reductions in body weight during the Beef WISE Study: beef's role in weight improvement, satisfaction and energy. ---
47  2017 Glyceroneogenesis in the hepatopancreas of the crab Neohelice granulata: Diet, starvation and season effects. ---
48  2017 High-Protein and High-Dietary Fiber Breakfasts Result in Equal Feelings of Fullness and Better Diet Quality in Low-Income Preschoolers Compared with Their Usual Breakfast. HF, HPHF, pre
49  2017 Intra-generational protein malnutrition impairs temporal astrogenesis in rat brain. LP, PMN, SVZ
50  2017 Long-term intake of a high-protein diet increases liver triacylglycerol deposition pathways and hepatic signs of injury in rats. TG
51  2017 Mixed compared with single-source proteins in high-protein diets affect kidney structure and function differentially in obese fa/fa Zucker rats. ---
52  2017 Neonatal high protein intake enhances neonatal growth without significant adverse renal effects in spontaneous IUGR piglets. IUGR
53  2017 Oral Contraceptive Pill Alters Acute Dietary Protein-Induced Thermogenesis in Young Women. EE, NP
54  2017 Standardized ileal digestible amino acids and digestible energy contents in high-protein distiller's dried grains with solubles fed to growing pigs. CON, DDGS, SID
55  2017 The effect of diet, temperature and intermittent low oxygen on the metabolism of rainbow trout. SP
56  2017 The effects of dietary macronutrient composition on lipid metabolism-associated factor gene expression in the adipose tissue of chickens are influenced by fasting and refeeding. HC, HF, NEFA
57  2017 Weight loss achieved using an energy restriction diet with normal or higher dietary protein decreased the number of CD14++CD16+ proinflammatory monocytes and plasma lipids and lipoproteins in middle-aged, overweight, and obese adults. ER, HDL, LDL, MS, TC
58  2016 Adaptation to a high-protein diet progressively increases the postprandial accumulation of carbon skeletons from dietary amino acids in rats. aa
59  2016 Cpt1a gene expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells as an early biomarker of diet-related metabolic alterations. CPT1a, HF, MONW, PBMC
60  2016 Dual effects of a high-protein diet on DSS-treated mice during colitis resolution phase. DSS, NP
61  2016 Effects of Early Nutrition on the Infant Metabolome. AAs, BCAAs, CHOP
62  2016 Effects of High Protein and Balanced Diets on Lipid Profiles and Inflammation Biomarkers in Obese and Overweight Women at Aerobic Clubs: A Randomized Clinical Trial. BDs, hs-CRP
63  2016 Enteral beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate supplementation increases protein synthesis in skeletal muscle of neonatal pigs. HMB, LD, LP
64  2016 Fast-digestive protein supplement for ten days overcomes muscle anabolic resistance in healthy elderly men. AP, CAS, FSRs, PRO
65  2016 Glutamine, fish oil and antioxidants in critical illness: MetaPlus trial post hoc safety analysis. ---
66  2016 High protein intake in neonatal period induces glomerular hypertrophy and sclerosis in adulthood in rats born with IUGR. IUGR, NP
67  2016 High-Protein Exposure during Gestation or Lactation or after Weaning Has a Period-Specific Signature on Rat Pup Weight, Adiposity, Food Intake, and Glucose Homeostasis up to 6 Weeks of Age. NP
68  2016 High-Protein Intake during Weight Loss Therapy Eliminates the Weight-Loss-Induced Improvement in Insulin Action in Obese Postmenopausal Women. WL
69  2016 Higher-protein diets improve indexes of sleep in energy-restricted overweight and obese adults: results from 2 randomized controlled trials. AU, BMI, BP, GSS, PSQI, SL
70  2016 Impact of Diet Composition in Adult Offspring is Dependent on Maternal Diet during Pregnancy and Lactation in Rats. HF
71  2016 Meal rich in carbohydrate, but not protein or fat, reveals adverse immunometabolic responses associated with obesity. HC, HF, LIS, MNC, OIR
72  2016 Remission of pre-diabetes to normal glucose tolerance in obese adults with high protein versus high carbohydrate diet: randomized control trial. HC
73  2016 STIM1fl/fl Ksp-Cre Mouse has Impaired Renal Water Balance. TAL
74  2016 The Effect of a High-Protein Diet and Exercise on Cardiac AQP7 and GLUT4 Gene Expression. AQP7, GLUT4
75  2016 The Effect of Protein-Enriched Meal Replacement on Waist Circumference Reduction among Overweight and Obese Chinese with Hyperlipidemia. MR, SP
76  2015 A high-protein breakfast prevents body fat gain, through reductions in daily intake and hunger, in "Breakfast skipping" adolescents. CON, NP
77  2015 Consuming High-Protein Soy Snacks Affects Appetite Control, Satiety, and Diet Quality in Young People and Influences Select Aspects of Mood and Cognition. HF
78  2015 Dietary Macronutrient Composition Affects the Influence of Exogenous Prolactin-Releasing Peptide on Appetite Responses and Hypothalamic Gene Expression in Chickens. HC, HF, NPY, PrRP
79  2015 Dietary protein influences the life-history characteristics across generations in the African striped mouse Rhabdomys. BP, LP
80  2015 Dietary restriction in moderately obese rats improves body size and glucose handling without the renal and hepatic alterations observed with a high-protein diet. NP, OP, OR, PW
81  2015 Early Life Factors Influencing the Risk of Obesity. CI, LP
82  2015 High-protein diet differently modifies intestinal goblet cell characteristics and mucosal cytokine expression in ileum and colon. NP
83  2015 Impact of prolonged leucine supplementation on protein synthesis and lean growth in neonatal pigs. RP
84  2015 Influence of dietary protein level on body composition and energy expenditure in calorically restricted overweight cats. CR, ME
85  2015 Inhibition of Diethylnitrosamine-Induced Hepatocarcinogenesis in Mice by a High Dietary Protein Intake. DEN, HCC
86  2015 Peripheral blood mononuclear cells as a source to detect markers of homeostatic alterations caused by the intake of diets with an unbalanced macronutrient composition. HF, PBMCs
87  2015 Protein supplementation increases postexercise plasma myostatin concentration after 8 weeks of resistance training in young physically active subjects. IGF-1, IL-1beta, IL-6, MM, MSTN, NP, RT, TNF-alpha
88  2015 Serotonin effects in the crab Neohelice granulata: Possible involvement of two types of receptors in peripheral tissues. HC
89  2015 The effect of short-term high versus normal protein intake on whole-body protein synthesis and balance in children following cardiac surgery: a randomized double-blind controlled clinical trial. FSRalb
90  2015 The role of higher protein diets in weight control and obesity-related comorbidities. DioGenes, GI, HGI, NP
91  2014 "Fast proteins" with a unique essential amino acid content as an optimal nutrition in the elderly: growing evidence. AP, CAS, PB, PRO, PS, WB
92  2014 A high-protein diet is anti-steatotic and has no pro-inflammatory side effects in dyslipidaemic APOE2 knock-in mice. APOE2ki, LP
93  2014 A high-protein formula increases colonic peptide transporter 1 activity during neonatal life in low-birth-weight piglets and disturbs barrier function later in life. LBW, NBW, NP, PepT-1
94  2014 A randomized crossover, pilot study examining the effects of a normal protein vs. high protein breakfast on food cravings and reward signals in overweight/obese "breakfast skipping", late-adolescent girls. BS, HVA, NP
95  2014 A snapshot of nitrogen balance in endurance-trained women. NH
96  2014 Acute effects of high-protein versus normal-protein isocaloric meals on satiety and ghrelin. AUC, NP
97  2014 Comparison of high vs. normal/low protein diets on renal function in subjects without chronic kidney disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis. MD
98  2014 Delineating the protein changes in Asian noodles induced by vacuum mixing. LP, MRI
99  2014 Dietary protein level and source differentially affect bone metabolism, strength, and intestinal calcium transporter expression during ad libitum and food-restricted conditions in male rats. AL, FR, NP, PTH, vBMD
100  2014 Glucose uptake by the brain on chronic high-protein weight-loss diets with either moderate or low amounts of carbohydrate. LC, MC