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Abbreviation:   HPS  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Capillary leak-syndrome triggered by Maripa virus in French Guiana: case report and implication for pathogenesis. CLS
2019 Epidemiological description, case-fatality rate, and trends of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome: 9 years of surveillance in Argentina. ANDV
2019 Innate and adaptive immune responses against human Puumala virus infection: immunopathogenesis and suggestions for novel treatment strategies for severe hantavirus-associated syndromes. HFRS, MNP, NK, PUUV
2019 Orthohantaviruses belonging to three phylogroups all inhibit apoptosis in infected target cells. ANDV, HFRS, HTNV, PUUV
2019 Severity and outcome of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome marked by increased serum levels of IL-6 and intestinal fatty acid-binding protein. ANDV, I-FABP
2019 The ecological dynamics of hantavirus diseases: From environmental variability to disease prevention largely based on data from China. HFRS, HTNV, PUUV, SNV
2019 Unique Interferon Pathway Regulation by the ANDV Nucleocapsid Protein is Conferred by Phosphorylation of Serine 386. ANDV, HVD, MAPV
2018 Development of a serosurveillance assay for detection of Necocli virus exposure. MCLV, NECV, NECV-rN
2018 Distributional ecology of Andes hantavirus: a macroecological approach. ANDV
10  2018 Innate immune responses elicited by Sin Nombre virus or type I IFN agonists protect hamsters from lethal Andes virus infections. ANDV, SNV
11  2018 Protocadherin-1 is essential for cell entry by New World hantaviruses. ANDV, PCDH1, SNV
12  2018 Two Atypical Cases of Hantavirus Infections from Sri Lanka. HFRS
13  2017 A Fatal Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome Misdiagnosed as Dengue: An Investigation into the First Reported Case in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. ---
14  2017 Circulation and diagnostics of Puumala virus in Norway: nephropatia epidemica incidence and rodent population dynamics. HFRS, NE, PUUV
15  2017 Clinical aspects of hantavirus infections in Bulgaria. DOBV, HFRS, PUUV
16  2017 High-resolution computed tomography findings in eight patients with hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. GGOs, HRCT
17  2017 Serum Cytokine Profiles Differentiating Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. HFRS
18  2016 A Cluster of Three Cases of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome among Canadian Military Personnel. ---
19  2016 Andes Hantavirus-Infection of a 3D Human Lung Tissue Model Reveals a Late Peak in Progeny Virus Production Followed by Increased Levels of Proinflammatory Cytokines and VEGF-A. ANDV
20  2016 Depletion of Alveolar Macrophages Does Not Prevent Hantavirus Disease Pathogenesis in Golden Syrian Hamsters. ANDV, BAL, VEGF
21  2016 Effect of Vandetanib on Andes virus survival in the hamster model of Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. ANDV, VEGF, VEGFR2
22  2016 Endocytic Pathways Used by Andes Virus to Enter Primary Human Lung Endothelial Cells. ANDV
23  2016 Environmental Variables Associated with Hantavirus Reservoirs and Other Small Rodent Species in Two National Parks in the Parana Delta, Argentina: Implications for Disease Prevention. ---
24  2016 Genetic characterization of hantaviruses isolated from rodents in the port cities of Heilongjiang, China, in 2014. HFRS, HTNV, SEOV
25  2016 Hantavirus Infection Suppresses Thrombospondin-1 Expression in Cultured Endothelial Cells in a Strain-Specific Manner. HFRS, HUVEC, THBS1
26  2016 Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in a highly endemic area of Brazil. ---
27  2016 Laguna Negra Virus Infection Causes Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome in Turkish Hamsters (Mesocricetus brandti). LNV
28  2016 Landscape, Environmental and Social Predictors of Hantavirus Risk in Sao Paulo, Brazil. ---
29  2016 Mechanistic Insight into Bunyavirus-Induced Membrane Fusion from Structure-Function Analyses of the Hantavirus Envelope Glycoprotein Gc. HFRS
30  2016 Molecular Diagnosis of Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome Caused by Puumala Virus. HCPS, HFRS, PUUV, RT
31  2016 Phylogeographic analysis of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome patients using multiplex PCR-based next generation sequencing. HFRS, HTNV, NGS, WGS
32  2016 Serological Survey of Hantavirus in Inhabitants from Tropical and Subtropical Areas of Brazil. ---
33  2016 Ten years of a hantavirus disease emergency in the Federal District, Brazil. DF, PTP
34  2016 The Andes Virus Nucleocapsid Protein Directs Basal Endothelial Cell Permeability by Activating RhoA. ANDV, MECs, TSC
35  2016 [Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in Buenos Aires, 2009-2014]. ---
36  2015 Antiviral Biologic Produced in DNA Vaccine/Goose Platform Protects Hamsters Against Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome When Administered Post-exposure. ANDV, PsVNA
37  2015 Detection of different South American hantaviruses. HCPS, HFRS, PCR
38  2015 Multiplex Analysis of Serum Cytokines in Humans with Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. ---
39  2015 Phosphorylation of the nucleocapsid protein of Hantaan virus by casein kinase II. CKII, HFRS, HTNV, NP, PKC
40  2015 Preferential host switching and its relation with Hantavirus diversification in South America. ---
41  2015 Rodent-borne infectious disease outbreaks after flooding disasters: Epidemiology, management, and prevention. HFRS, LS
42  2015 Rodent-borne infectious disease outbreaks after flooding disasters: Epidemiology, management, and prevention. HFRS, LS
43  2014 A hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) DNA vaccine delivered using a spring-powered jet injector elicits a potent neutralizing antibody response in rabbits and nonhuman primates. ANDV, DSJI, GMTs, ID, IM, NHPs, SNV
44  2014 A lethal disease model for hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in immunosuppressed Syrian hamsters infected with Sin Nombre virus. ANDV, SNV
45  2014 An innate immunity-regulating virulence determinant is uniquely encoded by the Andes virus nucleocapsid protein. ANDV, dsRNA, IFN, IKKepsilon, ISG, ISGs, ISRE, ORF, pS396, TNF-alpha
46  2014 Antigenic properties of N protein of hantavirus. HFRS, ICTV
47  2014 Development of an immunochromatography strip test based on truncated nucleocapsid antigens of three representative hantaviruses. aa, ANDV, HFRS, HTNV, ICG, NE, PUUV
48  2014 Discovery of hantaviruses in bats and insectivores and the evolution of the genus Hantavirus. HFRS, TPMV
49  2014 DNA vaccine-derived human IgG produced in transchromosomal bovines protect in lethal models of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. ANDV, NAU, SNV, TcBs
50  2014 Effectiveness of the ribavirin in treatment of hantavirus infections in the Americas and Eurasia: a meta-analysis. HFRS
51  2014 Epidemiology of Hantavirus infections in humans: a comprehensive, global overview. HFRS
52  2014 Estimating hantavirus risk in southern Argentina: a GIS-based approach combining human cases and host distribution. ANDV, GIS, SDM
53  2014 Hantavirus Public Health outreach effectiveness in three populations: an overview of northwestern New Mexico, Los Santos Panama, and Region IX Chile. ---
54  2014 Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome in the New, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome in the Old World: paradi(se)gm lost or regained? HFRS, NE, PUUV
55  2014 Maripa hantavirus in French Guiana: phylogenetic position and predicted spatial distribution of rodent hosts. ---
56  2014 Modeling to predict cases of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in Chile. ARIMA
57  2014 NK cell activation in human hantavirus infection explained by virus-induced IL-15/IL15Ralpha expression. HFRS, NK
58  2014 Novel camelid antibody fragments targeting recombinant nucleoprotein of Araucaria hantavirus: a prototype for an early diagnosis of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. HFRS, SPR, WB
59  2014 Pathophysiology of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in rhesus macaques. NHP, SNV
60  2014 Recognition and management of rodent-borne infectious disease outbreaks after heavy rainfall and flooding. LS
61  2014 Regional variations and time trends of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in Brazil. ---
62  2014 Serological diagnosis of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in a febrile patient in Colombia. ---
63  2014 Serological diagnosis with recombinant N antigen for hantavirus infection. HFRS, NE
64  2014 Small interfering RNA inhibition of Andes virus replication. ANDV, siRNA
65  2014 Twenty years of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in Brazil: a review of epidemiological and clinical aspects. ---
66  2014 [Conditions for the transmission of Hantavirus in Rio Negro, Argentina]. AND
67  2014 [Prognostic factors in hantavirus infections]. APTT, ARDS, BUN, CPK, CRP, DIC, HFRS, INR, PT
68  2013 A novel Sin Nombre virus DNA vaccine and its inclusion in a candidate pan-hantavirus vaccine against hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) and hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS). ANDV, HFRS, HTNV, mEP, PUUV, SNV
69  2013 Antiviral efficacy of favipiravir against two prominent etiological agents of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. ANDV, SNV
70  2013 Endothelial cell permeability during hantavirus infection involves factor XII-dependent increased activation of the kallikrein-kinin system. BK, EC, ECIS, FXII, HFRS, HK, KAL, KKS, PK, VE, VEGF, VSMC
71  2013 First evidence of asymptomatic infection related to the Araucaria (Juquitiba-like) hantavirus. ---
72  2013 Hamster-adapted Sin Nombre virus causes disseminated infection and efficiently replicates in pulmonary endothelial cells without signs of disease. SNV
73  2013 Hantavirus fever without pulmonary syndrome in Panama. HF, HV
74  2013 Hantavirus-infection confers resistance to cytotoxic lymphocyte-mediated apoptosis. HCPS, HFRS
75  2013 Host mTORC1 signaling regulates andes virus replication. ANDV, mTOR, mTORC1
76  2013 Hypoxia induces permeability and giant cell responses of Andes virus-infected pulmonary endothelial cells by activating the mTOR-S6K signaling pathway. ANDV, HIF-1alpha, TULV, VEGF
77  2013 Ribavirin protects Syrian hamsters against lethal hantavirus pulmonary syndrome--after intranasal exposure to Andes virus. ---
78  2013 Role of vascular and lymphatic endothelial cells in hantavirus pulmonary syndrome suggests targeted therapeutic approaches. ---
79  2013 Slit2-Robo4 receptor responses inhibit ANDV directed permeability of human lung microvascular endothelial cells. AJs, ANDV, ECs, HFRS, HTNV, HUVECs, PMECs
80  2013 Twenty-year summary of surveillance for human hantavirus infections, United States. ---
81  2012 Andes virus infection of lymphatic endothelial cells causes giant cell and enhanced permeability responses that are rapamycin and vascular endothelial growth factor C sensitive. ANDV, ECs, HFRS, HTNV, LECs, mTOR, VEGFR2
82  2012 DNA vaccine-generated duck polyclonal antibodies as a postexposure prophylactic to prevent hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). ANDV, FFP, NAU, PRNT
83  2012 Dysregulation of the beta3 integrin-VEGFR2 complex in Hantaan virus-directed hyperpermeability upon treatment with VEGF. ECs, HFRS, HTNV, VEGF
84  2012 Geographic distribution of hantaviruses associated with neotomine and sigmodontine rodents, Mexico. ---
85  2012 Hantavirus infections for the clinician: from case presentation to diagnosis and treatment. HFRS, NE
86  2012 Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome clinical findings: evaluating a surveillance case definition. ---
87  2012 Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome in visitors to a national park--Yosemite Valley, California, 2012. ---
88  2012 Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome: prognostic factors for death in reported cases in Brazil. ---
89  2012 Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome and coexisting hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. HFRS
90  2012 Infection of Hantaan virus strain AA57 leading to pulmonary disease in laboratory mice. FFU, HFRS, HTNV
91  2012 Second external quality assurance study for the serological diagnosis of hantaviruses in Europe. ENIVD, EQA, HFRS
92  2012 Sin Nombre hantavirus decreases survival of male deer mice. SNV
93  2012 The Role of the Endothelium in HPS Pathogenesis and Potential Therapeutic Approaches. ---
94  2012 The Syrian hamster model of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. ---
95  2012 Transmission ecology of Sin Nombre hantavirus in naturally infected North American deermouse populations in outdoor enclosures. SNV
96  2011 A novel hantavirus detected in Yunnan red-backed vole (Eothenomys miletus) in China. HFRS
97  2011 Cytokine expression during early and late phase of acute Puumala hantavirus infection. HFRS
98  2011 Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, United States, 1993-2009. ---
99  2011 Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. ANDV, HFRS, HTNV, SNV
100  2011 Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome: encephalitis caused by virus Andes. ---