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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Enhanced Efficacy of Dust Mite Sublingual Immunotherapy in Low-Response Allergic Rhinitis Patients after Dose Increment at 6 Months: A Prospective Study. AR, CSMS, LR, NR, SLIT, VAS
2019 Basophil-expressing genes related with the efficacy of sublingual immunotherapy. AIT, CNV, NR, PHD, SLIT
2019 Effect of weight loss on bone metabolism in postmenopausal obese women with osteoarthritis. BMI, LR, PTH
2019 Individual Differences in Ethanol Drinking and Seeking Behaviors in Rats Exposed to Chronic Intermittent Ethanol Vapor Exposure is Associated with Altered CaMKII Autophosphorylation in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell. AUD, CaMKII, CIE, LR
2019 miR-1185-1 and miR-548q Are Biomarkers of Response to Weight Loss and Regulate the Expression of GSK3B. LR, RESMENA-S, WBCs
2019 Peripheral viral challenge exacerbates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. APR, EAE, LR, MS, PIC
2019 Three days of a eucaloric, low-carbohydrate/high-fat diet increases insulin clearance in healthy non-obese Japanese men. GIR, IMCL, LCHF, LR, MCRI, SSSI
2018 Immune cell counts and signaling in body fluids of cows vaccinated against Clostridium difficile. CDI, Ctr, DCC, IM, LR
2018 Impact of a novel environment on alcohol-induced locomotor activity in Wistar rats. BACs
10  2018 Implication of miR-612 and miR-1976 in the regulation of TP53 and CD40 and their relationship in the response to specific weight-loss diets. LR
11  2018 Reduced serotonin levels after a lifestyle intervention in obese children: association with glucose and anthropometric measurements. LR
12  2018 Regulation of divergent cortisol responsiveness in European sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax L. HSD11B2
13  2018 Stimulated enrichment of Clostridium difficile specific IgA in mature cow's milk. C. diff, LR
14  2017 An Auto-Adjustable Night Garment to Control Early Rebound Effect of Edema Volume After Intensive Phase of Decongestive Lymphedema Therapy. DLT, LR
15  2017 EARLY FLOWERING3 Redundancy Fine-Tunes Photoperiod Sensitivity. DNE, ELF3, PPD, SN
16  2017 Identification of biomarker sets for predicting the efficacy of sublingual immunotherapy against pollen-induced allergic rhinitis. AdaBoost, NRs, SLIT
17  2017 IgG subclasses of FVIII inhibitors in an argentine cohort of severe hemophilia A patients: Analysis by flow cytometry. FC, ITI, LR, SHA
18  2017 IL17A augments autophagy in Mycobacterium tuberculosis-infected monocytes from patients with active tuberculosis in association with the severity of the disease. LR, MT
19  2017 Persistence of Porphyromonas gingivalis is a negative predictor in patients with moderate to severe periodontitis after nonsurgical periodontal therapy. GLM
20  2016 Changes in Galanin Systems in a Rat Model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). GAL, LR, PTSD, RT-PCR
21  2016 Current view and outcome of ITI therapy - A change over time? ITI, LR
22  2016 Distinct functional enrichment of transcriptional signatures in pigs with high and low IFN-gamma responses after vaccination with a porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV). LR, PRRSV
23  2016 Salivary protein levels as a predictor of perceived astringency in model systems and solid foods. GSE, SP D-value
24  2016 Strain-Transcending Inhibitory Antibodies against Homologous and Heterologous Strains of Duffy Binding Protein region II. DBPII
25  2016 [The influence of heterogeneity on the analysis of sleep-wake architecture in the single-prolonged stress rats]. AN, bAN, LR, SPS, ST
26  2015 Habitual physical activity and plasma metabolomic patterns distinguish individuals with low vs. high weight loss during controlled energy restriction. LR, QIPH
27  2015 Individual differences in novelty-seeking behavior in spontaneously hypertensive rats: Enhanced sensitivity to the reinforcing effect of methylphenidate in the high novelty-preferring subpopulation. ADHD, HNP, LNP, LR, SHRs, WKY
28  2015 Peripheral blood mononuclear cell gene expression profile in obese boys who followed a moderate energy-restricted diet: differences between high and low responders at baseline and after the intervention. BMI-SDS, LR, PBMC
29  2015 Relative expression analysis of IL-5 and IL-6 genes in tropical sheep breed Pelibuey infected with Haemonchus contortus. EPG, LR, p.i, PBMCs
30  2015 Repeatability of metabolic responses to a nutrient deficiency in early and mid lactation and implications for robustness of dairy cows. LR, NEB, NEFA
31  2015 Revealing a latent variable: individual differences in affective response to repeated injections. LR
32  2015 Understanding the individual responsiveness to resistance training periodization. BDNF, IL-1beta, LP, LR, MR, RT, TLR4, UP
33  2014 A review of immune tolerance induction with Haemate P in haemophilia A. FVIII, ITI, LR, vWF
34  2014 IFNG-mediated immune responses enhance autophagy against Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens in patients with active tuberculosis. HD, LR, Mtb, Mtb-Ag
35  2014 Mild effects of gestational stress and social reactivity on the onset of mother-young interactions and bonding in sheep. LR
36  2013 Coupling between stress coping style and time of emergence from spawning nests in salmonid fishes: evidence from selected rainbow trout strains (Oncorhynchus mykiss). LR
37  2012 Association between locomotor response to novelty and light reinforcement: sensory reinforcement as a rodent model of sensation seeking. Loco, LR, SA, SS, VSR
38  2012 Comparison of Atlantic salmon individuals with different outcomes of cardiomyopathy syndrome (CMS). CMS, LR, PMCV, wpi
39  2012 Differences in neural-immune gene expression response in rat spinal dorsal horn correlates with variations in electroacupuncture analgesia. DH, EA, NR, TFL
40  2012 Extraordinarily favorable left ventricular reverse remodeling through long-term cardiac resynchronization: super-response to cardiac resynchronization. CHF, CRT, IVMD, LBBB, LR, LV, LVEDD, LVPEI, SDEMD
41  2012 Fine epitope mapping within the pathogenic thyroglobulin peptide 2340-2359: minimal epitopes retaining antigenicity across various MHC haplotypes are not necessarily immunogenic. EAT, LR, Tg
42  2012 Neural plasticity is affected by stress and heritable variation in stress coping style. BDNF, LTS, NeuroD, PCNA, STC
43  2012 The effect of temperament and responsiveness towards humans on the behavior, physiology and milk production of multi-parous dairy cows in a familiar and novel milking environment. ACTH, HAD, LR, MR
44  2012 The mRNA expression of cortisol axis related genes differs in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) categorized as high or low responders. GR, LR
45  2012 Trial-to-trial variability differentiates motor imagery during observation between low versus high responders: a functional near-infrared spectroscopy study. fNIRS, LR
46  2011 Cortisol response to stress is associated with myocardial remodeling in salmonid fishes. CSI, LR, NFAT
47  2011 Delta(9)-THC and WIN55,212-2 affect brain tissue levels of excitatory amino acids in a phenotype-, compound-, dose-, and region-specific manner. LR
48  2011 High-novelty-preference rats are predisposed to compulsive cocaine self-administration. HNP, SA
49  2011 Immunoglobulin isotypes of lactating Holstein cows classified as high, average, and low type-1 or -2 immune responders. AR, HEWL, Ig, LR
50  2011 Impact of baseline prepulse inhibition on nicotine-induced locomotor sensitization in rats. HI, LI, LMA, LR, LRNE, PPI
51  2011 Individual differences in vulnerability for self-injurious behavior: studies using an animal model. LR, SIB
52  2011 Reserpine differentially affects cocaine-induced behavior in low and high responders to novelty. LR
53  2011 The use of dermal fibroblasts as a predictive tool of the toll-like receptor 4 response pathway and its development in Holstein heifers. LPS, LR, TLR
54  2010 Individual differences in the effects of cannabinoids on motor activity, dopaminergic activity and DARPP-32 phosphorylation in distinct regions of the brain. DA, Delta9-THC, LR
55  2010 Short recovery augments magnitude of muscle damage in high responders. 10RM, CK, NR
56  2009 Colocalisation of c-Fos and glucocorticoid receptor as well as of 5-HT(1A) and glucocorticoid receptor immunoreactivity-expressing cells in the brain structures of low and high anxiety rats. BLA, DG, GRs, ir, LR
57  2009 Effect of cocaine on Fas-associated protein with death domain in the rat brain: individual differences in a model of differential vulnerability to drug abuse. FADD, LR
58  2009 Increased clearance of cortisol by 5beta-reductase in a subgroup of women with adrenal hyperandrogenism in polycystic ovary syndrome. IR, NR, PCOS
59  2009 Individual differences in dopamine cell neuroadaptations following cocaine self-administration. LR
60  2009 Individual differences in response to novelty and the conditioned locomotor effects of nicotine. LR
61  2009 Individual differences in the sensitivity to serotonergic drugs: a pharmacobehavioural approach using rats selected on the basis of their response to novelty. LR
62  2009 The contribution of the central nucleus of the amygdala to individual differences in amphetamine-induced hyperactivity. LR, PBS
63  2009 The expression of c-Fos and colocalisation of c-Fos and glucocorticoid receptors in brain structures of low and high anxiety rats subjected to extinction trials and re-learning of a conditioned fear response. DG, GR-ir, LR
64  2009 Withdrawal effects from progesterone and estradiol relate to individual risk-taking and explorative behavior in female rats. EPM, LR, OF, PMDD, PMS
65  2008 Behavioral plasticity in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) with divergent coping styles: when doves become hawks. ---
66  2008 Cocaine interacts with the novelty-seeking trait to modulate FGFR1 gene expression in the rat. FGF, LR
67  2008 Expression of c-Fos and CRF in the brains of rats differing in the strength of a fear response. LR
68  2008 Individual differences in amphetamine self-administration: the role of the central nucleus of the amygdala. LR
69  2008 Individual responses to novelty are associated with differences in behavioral and neurochemical profiles. FST, LR, OR, PA, WM
70  2008 Inter-individual differences in novelty-seeking behavior in rats predict differential responses to desipramine in the forced swim test. DMI, FLU, FST, LR, NRIs, PFC, PVN
71  2008 Repeated social defeat stress-induced sensitization to the locomotor activating effects of d-amphetamine: role of individual differences. LR
72  2008 s-ICAM-1 and s-VCAM-1 in healthy men are strongly associated with traits of the metabolic syndrome, becoming evident in the postprandial response to a lipid-rich meal. NR, sCAM
73  2008 The relationship between the locomotor response to a novel environment and behavioral disinhibition in rats. DRL, HD, LD, LR
74  2008 [Novelty-seeking: its relationship with vulnerability to addiction and stress]. LR
75  2007 CK-MM and ACE genotypes and physiological prediction of the creatine kinase response to exercise. ACE, CK, ERB
76  2007 Differential contribution of storage pools to the extracellular amount of accumbal dopamine in high and low responders to novelty: effects of reserpine. LR
77  2007 High tissue factor-expressing human monocytes carry low surface CD36: application to intersubject variability. AU, LPS, LR, MFIs, MNC, TF
78  2007 Hippocampus modulates the behaviorally-sensitizing effects of nicotine in a rat model of novelty-seeking: potential role for mossy fibers. CSF, LR, NIC, SP-MF
79  2007 Individual differences in novelty-seeking and emotional reactivity correlate with variation in maternal behavior. LR
80  2007 Individual differences in the effects of chronic prazosin hydrochloride treatment on hippocampal mineralocorticoid and glucocorticoid receptors. CORT, GRs, LR, MRs
81  2007 Mechanisms of variability in strength loss after muscle-lengthening actions. CAR, CMAP, iEMG, LR
82  2007 The CCK-system mediates adaptation to novelty-induced stress in the rat: a pharmacological evidence. CCK, EPM, LD, LR
83  2006 Differential regulation of immediate-early gene expression in the prefrontal cortex of rats with a high vs low behavioral response to methamphetamine. IEGs, LR, METH, PFC
84  2006 Effect of amphetamine on response inhibition in rats showing high or low response to novelty. DRL, FCN, LR
85  2006 Individual differences in vulnerability to drug abuse: the high responders/low responders model. LR
86  2006 Individual differences of acupuncture analgesia in humans using cDNA microarray. FWL, LR, SCL-90-R
87  2006 Inducible costimulator: a modulator of IFN-gamma production in human tuberculosis. ICOS, LR
88  2006 Inhibitor screening for patients with hemophilia in Turkey. FFP, LR, VWD
89  2006 Modulation of clinical expression of plaque-induced gingivitis: response in aggressive periodontitis subjects. AngBS, AP, CPE, GCF, GI, LR, PH, PLI
90  2006 Rituximab in the treatment of high responding inhibitors in severe haemophilia A. FVIII, ITT
91  2006 Selective breeding for divergence in novelty-seeking traits: heritability and enrichment in spontaneous anxiety-related behaviors. LR
92  2006 Serum interleukin-6 response to elective total hip replacement surgery. IL-6, LR
93  2006 Time as a factor in the identification of subjects with different susceptibility to plaque-induced gingivitis. CPE, GCF, LR
94  2005 Behavioral and Neuroendocrine Correlates of Selection for Stress Responsiveness in Rainbow Trout--a Review. LR
95  2005 Estrous cycle influence on individual differences in the response to novelty and cocaine in female rats. LR
96  2005 Modulation of clinical expression of plaque-induced gingivitis: interleukin-1 gene cluster polymorphisms. AngBS, GCF, GI, IL-1, LR, PI
97  2005 Perseverance of exploration in novel environments predicts morphine place conditioning in rats. CPP, LR
98  2004 Extinction of a conditioned response in rainbow trout selected for high or low responsiveness to stress. CR, CS, LR, US
99  2004 Hippocampal mossy fibre terminal field size is differentially affected in a rat model of risk-taking behaviour. LR
100  2004 Individual differences in rats' reactivity to novelty and the unconditioned and conditioned locomotor effects of methamphetamine. LR