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Abbreviation:   HRP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   horseradish peroxidase
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 ()-Licarin A and its semi-synthetic derivatives: In vitro and in silico evaluation of trypanocidal and schistosomicidal activities. S. mansoni, T. cruzi
2020 3D-printed graphene direct electron transfer enzyme biosensors. PLA
2020 A ''naked-eye'' colorimetric and ratiometric fluorescence probe for uric acid based on Ti3C2 MXene quantum dots. FRET, OPD, oxOPD, UA
2020 A challenge in biosensors: Is it better to measure a photon or an electron for ultrasensitive detection? CL
2020 A competitive immunoassay for electrochemical impedimetric determination of chlorpyrifos using a nanogold-modified glassy carbon electrode based on enzymatic biocatalytic precipitation. BSA-CPF, CPF
2020 A dual-enzyme, micro-band array biosensor based on the electrodeposition of carbon nanotubes embedded in chitosan and nanostructured Au-foams on microfabricated gold band electrodes. CS, GOx, RSD
2020 A label-free immunosensor for the sensitive detection of hepatitis B e antigen based on PdCu tripod functionalized porous graphene nanoenzymes. HBeAg, PdCu TP, PG
2020 A laccase-catalysed tyrosine click reaction. ---
2020 A nature-inspired colorimetric and fluorescent dual-modal biosensor for exosomes detection. DNA, ELISA, IFE, NTA
10  2020 A new approach for affinity-based purification of horseradish peroxidase. ---
11  2020 A novel amperometric biosensor for rapid detection of ethanol utilizing gold nanoparticles and enzyme coupled PVC reaction cell. AOX, c-MWCNTs, CHIT, CV, EIS, LOD, Nf, PVC, SEM
12  2020 A Rapid and Sensitive Salmonella Biosensor Based on Viscoelastic Inertial Microfluidics. MNPs
13  2020 A Rapid Quantitative Chemiluminescence Immunoassay for Vitamin B12 in Human Serum. CLIA, CR, LOD
14  2020 A sensitive H2O2 biosensor based on carbon nanotubes/tetrathiafulvalene and its application in detecting NADH. CNTs, MB, TTF
15  2020 Acetylcholinesterase biosensors based on ionic liquid functionalized carbon nanotubes and horseradish peroxidase for monocrotophos determination. AChE, MPs
16  2020 AFM Imaging of Protein Aggregation in Studying the Impact of Knotted Electromagnetic Field on A Peroxidase. AFM, KEMF
17  2020 Amperometric Bioplatforms To Detect Regional DNA Methylation with Single-Base Sensitivity. 5hmC, CRC, HQ, LODs, SPCEs, Strep-MBs
18  2020 Amperometric determination of heavy metal using an HRP inhibition biosensor based on ITO nanoparticles-ruthenium (III) hexamine trichloride composite: Central composite design optimization. CH, GCE, ITO
19  2020 Amperometric Flow-Injection Analysis of Phenols Induced by Reactive Oxygen Species Generated under Daylight Irradiation of Titania Impregnated with Horseradish Peroxidase. 4-AP, EPR, FIA, HQ, LOD, ROS
20  2020 An Au@NH2-MIL-125(Ti)-based multifunctional platform for colorimetric detections of biomolecules and Hg2. ---
21  2020 An Electrochemical Immunosensor for Sensitive Detection of the Tumor Marker Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) Based on Three-Dimensional Porous Nanoplatinum/Graphene. CEA
22  2020 Analytical possibilities of Putrescine and Cadaverine enzymatic colorimetric determination in tuna based on diamine oxidase: A critical study of the use of ABTS. ABTS, Cad, DAO, Put
23  2020 Antibody-biotin-streptavidin-horseradish peroxidase (HRP) sensor for rapid and ultra-sensitive detection of fumonisins. NMBs
24  2020 Antibody-Electroactive Probe Conjugates Based Electrochemical Immunosensors. AQ, Fc, Thi
25  2020 Articular Joint-Simulating Mechanical Load Activates Endogenous TGF-beta in a Highly Cellularized Bioadhesive Hydrogel for Cartilage Repair. ELISA, OCDs, TGF-beta1
26  2020 Assessing bladder hyper-permeability biomarkers in vivo using molecularly-targeted MRI. GAG, IC/BPS, mt-MRI, mt-MRI, PS, VEGFR1, ZO-1
27  2020 ATP induced alteration in the peroxidase-like properties of hollow Prussian blue nanocubes: a platform for alkaline phosphatase detection. ALP, ATP, hPBNCs
28  2020 AuNPs-LISA, an efficient detection assay for Opisthorchis viverrini (Ov) antigen in urine. ELISA, LOD, OV, OvAg
29  2020 Background-free cell surface glycan analysis using persistent luminescence nanoparticle as an optical probe. PLNP
30  2020 Boosting the biocatalytic precipitation with enzyme-loaded liposomes: Toward a general platform for amplified photoelectrochemical immunoassay. BCP, NCs, NPs, NTs, PEC
31  2020 Boronic acid functionalized MOFs as HILIC material for N-linked glycopeptide enrichment. FTIR, SEM, TEM, XRD
32  2020 Colorimetric and fluorescent dual-mode strategy for sensitive detection of sulfide: Target-induced horseradish peroxidase deactivation. DAP, OPD
33  2020 Colorimetric aptasensor for the detection of mercury based on signal intensification by rolling circle amplification. LOD, RCA
34  2020 Colorimetric detection of cholesterol based on peroxidase mimetic activity of GoldMag nanocomposites. ABTS, CHO, FTIR, GoldMag, XPS
35  2020 Competitive HRP-Linked Colorimetric Aptasensor for the Detection of Fumonisin B1 in Food based on Dual Biotin-Streptavidin Interaction. csDNA, FB1
36  2020 Construction of an Electrochemical Receptor Sensor Based on Graphene/Thionine for the Sensitive Determination of beta-Lactam Antibiotics Content in Milk. GO/TH, HRP-AMP, LOD, LOQ, MRL
37  2020 Control of cellular adhesiveness in hyaluronic acid-based hydrogel through varying degrees of phenol moiety cross-linking. HA-Ph
38  2020 Control the fate of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells with dual-enzymatically cross-linked gelatin hydrogels for potential applications in nerve regeneration. ChOx, hUCMSCs, NfL
39  2020 Cu-nanoflower decorated gold nanoparticles-graphene oxide nanofiber as electrochemical biosensor for glucose detection. GOx, NF, PVA
40  2020 Cu2+-Modified Boron Nitride Nanosheets-Supported Subnanometer Gold Nanoparticles: An Oxidase-Mimicking Nanoenzyme with Unexpected Oxidation Properties. TMB
41  2020 Degradation of acetaminophen in photo-enzyme coupling system with natural organic matters from different sources. AAP, NOM, PECS
42  2020 Delta-FeOOH as Support for Immobilization Peroxidase: Optimization via a Chemometric Approach. FA, FTIR, NPs, SEM, XRD
43  2020 Detecting protein-protein interaction based on protein fragment complementation assay. DHFR, FAK, GFP, TEV
44  2020 Detection of isothermally amplified ostreid herpesvirus 1 DNA in Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) using a miniaturised electrochemical biosensor. OsHV-1, RPA
45  2020 Detection of quiescent fungi in harvested fruit using CMOS biosensor: A proof of concept study. ---
46  2020 Determination of biocatalytic parameters of a copper radical oxidase using real-time reaction progress monitoring. AA5, AlcOx, VTNA
47  2020 Development of a Flow-Free Automated Colorimetric Detection Assay Integrated with Smartphone for Zika NS1. ELISA, NS1, POC, ZIKV
48  2020 Development of a new and simple method for the detection of histidine-tagged proteins based on thionine-chitosan/gold nanoparticles/horseradish peroxidase. AFM, Chit-GNPs, TEM
49  2020 Development of a sandwich ELISA for the detection of Chinese sacbrood virus infection. CSBD, CSBV, ELISA, IgG, mAb, RT-PCR
50  2020 Development of a Surfactant-Containing Process to Improve the Removal Efficiency of Phenol and Control the Molecular Weight of Synthetic Phenolic Polymers Using Horseradish Peroxidase in an Aqueous System. ---
51  2020 Development of an in situ injectable hydrogel containing hyaluronic acid for neural regeneration. CNS, DA, hMSCs, HPA, HyA
52  2020 DNAzyme-Triggered Visual and Ratiometric Electrochemiluminescence Dual-Readout Assay for Pb(II) Based on an Assembled Paper Device. ECL
53  2020 Dual-enzymatically crosslinked hyaluronic acid hydrogel as a long-time 3D stem cell culture system. BMSC, ChOx
54  2020 Effect of titanium or zirconia implant abutments on epithelial attachments after ultrasonic cleaning. ---
55  2020 Efficient enzyme-activated therapy based on the different locations of protein and prodrug in nanoMOFs. EAPT, IAA
56  2020 Enhanced Colorimetric Signal for Accurate Signal Detection in Paper-Based Biosensors. PVDF, TMB
57  2020 Enhanced removal of phenol from biorefinery wastewater treatment using enzymatic and Fenton process. ---
58  2020 Enkephalinergic Circuit Involved in Nociceptive Modulation in the Spinal Dorsal Horn. DOR, ENK, IB4, mEPSC, PBN, PPE, SDH, TMR
59  2020 Entrapment of enzyme in the presence of proline: effective approach to enhance activity and stability of horseradish peroxidase. ---
60  2020 Enzymatic conversion reactions of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF) to bio-based 2,5-diformylfuran (DFF) and 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid (FDCA) with air: mechanisms, pathways and synthesis selectivity. AO, CAT, DFF, FDCA, FFA, GO, HMF, HMFA, Lac, LPO
61  2020 Enzymatic Platforms for Sensitive Neurotransmitter Detection. DA, Pt
62  2020 Enzymatically crosslinked silk and silk-gelatin hydrogels with tunable gelation kinetics, mechanical properties and bioactivity for cell culture and encapsulation. G-TA, hMSCs, SF
63  2020 Enzyme-coupled fluorescence sensor for sensitive determination of uric acid and uricase inhibitor. GQDs, UA
64  2020 Enzyme-Mediated Conjugation of Peptides to Silk Fibroin for Facile Hydrogel Functionalization. FTIR, RGD, SF
65  2020 Experimental and theoretical affinity and catalysis studies between halogenated phenols and peroxidases: Understanding the bioremediation potential. 2,4-DCP, 4-BP, DFT, QM/MM
66  2020 Extracellular matrix-mimetic composite hydrogels of cross-linked hyaluronan and fibrillar collagen with tunable properties and ultrastructure. ---
67  2020 Extrusion-Based Bioprinting through Glucose-Mediated Enzymatic Hydrogelation. Ph
68  2020 Facile fabrication of a high-efficient and biocompatibility biocatalyst for bisphenol A removal. BPA, pCBMA
69  2020 Facile strategy for immobilizing horseradish peroxidase on a novel acetate functionalized ionic liquid/MWCNT matrix for electrochemical biosensing. NpAc-IL
70  2020 Femtomolar sensing of Alzheimer's tau proteins by water oxidation-coupled photoelectrochemical platform. AD, DAB, Mo, PEC, t-tau
71  2020 Flexible and Printed Electrochemical Immunosensor Coated with Oxygen Plasma Treated SWCNTs for Histamine Detection. SWCNTs
72  2020 Fluorescent enzyme-linked immunoassay based on silane-doped carbon dots for sensitive detection of microcystin-LR in water and crucian samples. FELISA, MC-LR, ox-ABTS, Si-CDs
73  2020 Fully Automated Protein Proximity Assay in FFPE Tissue using Caged Haptens. AP, DAB, FFPE, NP, PPCs
74  2020 Generation and evaluation of anti-mouse IgG IgY as secondary antibody. FITC, PEG 6000
75  2020 Genosensors for differential detection of Zika virus. DIG, PCR, ZIKV
76  2020 Glutamate detection at the cellular level by means of polymer/enzyme multilayer modified carbon nanoelectrodes. GlutOx
77  2020 Graft modification of lignin-based cellulose via enzyme-initiated reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization and free-radical coupling. AM, BA, FTIR, GPC, RAFT, XPS
78  2020 Graphene oxide-based colorimetric detection of organophosphorus pesticides via a multi-enzyme cascade reaction. GO, OPs
79  2020 Green enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay based on the single-stranded binding protein-assisted aptamer for the detection of mycotoxin. ELISA, SA, SSB
80  2020 Hemin/G-Quadruplex Horseradish Peroxidase-Mimicking DNAzyme: Principle and Biosensing Application. ---
81  2020 Hierarchical 0D-2D bio-composite film based on enzyme-loaded polymeric nanoparticles decorating graphene nanosheets as a high-performance bio-sensing platform. GNSs, GONSs, NPs
82  2020 High peroxidase-like activity realized by facile synthesis of FeS2 nanoparticles for sensitive colorimetric detection of H2O2 and glutathione. NPs, PL, TA, TMB
83  2020 Highly dispersed Pt nanoparticles on ultrasmall EMT zeolite: A peroxidase-mimic nanoenzyme for detection of H2O2 or glucose. PtNPs, TMB
84  2020 Horseradish Peroxidase-Catalyzed Crosslinking of Fibrin Microthread Scaffolds. ---
85  2020 How starch-g-poly(acrylamide) molecular structure effect sizing properties. 1H NMR, AM, DB, DS, FTIR, GR, S-g-PAM
86  2020 Hydrogel Microvalves as Control Elements for Parallelized Enzymatic Cascade Reactions in Microfluidics. GOx, MYO, PNIPAAm, UV-vis
87  2020 Immobilization of horseradish peroxidase on Fe3O4 nanoparticles for enzymatic removal of endocrine disrupting chemicals. BPA, FTIR, GA, HA, TEM, VSM, XRD
88  2020 Immobilization of horseradish peroxidase onto Purolite A109 and its anthraquinone dye biodegradation and detoxification potential. ---
89  2020 Immunoassay-type biosensor based on magnetic nanoparticle capture and the fluorescence signal formed by horseradish peroxidase catalysis for tumor-related exosome determination. EpCAM, HCC, MNP
90  2020 In-vitro Anti-cancer assay and apoptotic cell pathway of newly synthesized benzoxazole-N-heterocyclic hybrids as potent tyrosine kinase inhibitors. ---
91  2020 Inactivation of Horseradish Peroxidase by Acid for Sequential Chemiluminescent Western Blot. WB
92  2020 Inhibitors in Commercially Available 2,2'-Azino-bis(3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonate) Affect Enzymatic Assays. ---
93  2020 Laccases and peroxidases: The smart, greener and futuristic biocatalytic tools to mitigate recalcitrant emerging pollutants. AOPs, CPO, EPs, LiP, MnP, MPs, SBP
94  2020 Lattice-Like DNA Tetrahedron Nanostructure as Scaffold to Locate GOx and HRP Enzymes for Highly Efficient Enzyme Cascade Reaction. GOx
95  2020 Luminescence-Sensing Tb-MOF Nanozyme for the Detection and Degradation of Estrogen Endocrine Disruptors. MOF
96  2020 Magnetic biochar derived from biosolids via hydrothermal carbonization: Enzyme immobilization, immobilized-enzyme kinetics, environmental toxicity. ---
97  2020 Magnetic titanium dioxide nanomaterialmodified with hydrophilic dicarboxylic ligand for effective enrichment and separation of phosphopeptides and glycopeptides. ---
98  2020 Magnetically responsive horseradish peroxidase@ZIF-8 for biocatalysis. ZIF-8
99  2020 Metal-Organic Framework in Situ Post-Encapsulating DNA-Enzyme Composites on a Magnetic Carrier with High Stability and Reusability. MOFs, MPs
100  2020 MiRNA-125a-5p attenuates blood-spinal cord barrier permeability under hypoxia in vitro. BSCB