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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Association between the content of intracellular and extracellular fluid and the amount of water intake among Chinese college students. BW, ECF, TBW, TFI
2019 Tolvaptan Efficiently Reduces Intracellular Fluid: Working Toward a Potential Treatment Option for Cellular Edema. CKD, TBW
2017 Alzheimer's disease against peptides products of enzymatic cleavage APP protein: Biological, pathobiological and physico-chemical properties of fibrillating peptides. APP, BBB, BCSFB, CSF, ISF
2017 Extracellular Fluid/Intracellular Fluid Volume Ratio as a Novel Risk Indicator for All-Cause Mortality and Cardiovascular Disease in Hemodialysis Patients. BNP, CRP, CVD, ECF, MIA, PWV
2016 Distribution of Extracellular Fluid in Legs with Venous Edema and Lymphedema. BIA, ECF, LE, Re, RI, VE
2016 Nanocrystalline silver dressings significantly influence bioimpedance spectroscopy measurements of fluid volumes in burns patients. AD, BIS, ECF, TBW
2015 Association between muscle hydration measures acquired using bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging in healthy and hemodialysis population. BIS, ECF, ESRD, HD, LG, MRI, TA
2014 Association of basketball season with body composition in elite junior players. ALST, DXA, ECW, FFM, FM, LST, Mc, SM, TBW
2014 Changes in foot volume, body composition, and hydration status in male and female 24-hour ultra-mountain bikers. BM, ECF, FM, SM, TBW, ultra-MTBers
10  2014 Comparison of fluid volume estimates in chronic hemodialysis patients by bioimpedance, direct isotopic, and dilution methods. BAA, BIA, DEMs, ECF, IEMs, TBW
11  2014 Effect of transporter inhibition on the distribution of cefadroxil in rat brain. BBB, BCSFB, CSF, ECF, i.c.v, MRPs, OATPs, OATs, PEPT2, Vu,brain
12  2014 Influence of posture and frequency modes in total body water estimation using bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy in boys and adult males. BIS, ECF, MF, SF, TBW
13  2013 Pneumatic compression devices during hemodialysis: a randomized crossover trial. CBV, CO, ECF, HD, IDH, PCDs, SVR, TBW
14  2012 Analysis of energy utilization and body composition in kidney, bladder, and adrenal cancer patients. BW, ECF, F-O, FFM, FM, MREE, REE, TW
15  2011 Assessment of bilateral limb lymphedema by bioelectrical impedance spectroscopy. BIS, ECF, LE, Ri
16  2010 Resting energy expenditure and body composition in patients with newly detected cancer. BCM, CO, ECF, FFM, FM, FO, MREE, REE, TW
17  2009 Comparison of two bioimpedance spectroscopy techniques in the assessment of body fluid volumes. BMI, ECF, TBW
18  2009 Estimating survival in patients with cancer receiving palliative care: is analysis of body composition using bioimpedance helpful? BIS, ECF
19  2008 Intra and extra cellular fluid shifts during the inter dialytic period in conventional and daily hemodialysis patients. CBV, ECF, HD, SBIA
20  2007 Dielectric behavior of beef meat in the 1-1500kHz range: Simulation with the Fricke/Cole-Cole model. ECF, Rs
21  2006 Extravascular lung water and peripheral volume status in hemodialysis patients with and without a history of heart failure. CHF, ECF, EVLW, TBW
22  2002 Comparison of segmental and global bioimpedance spectroscopy errors using generalizability theory. ECF
23  2002 Diabetic ketoacidosis and cerebral edema. ECF
24  2002 Facilitating an understanding of integrative physiology: emphasis on the composition of body fluid compartments. ECF
25  2002 Skeletal muscle regulates extracellular potassium. ECF
26  2001 Bioelectric impedance analysis of acute body water changes in congestive heart failure. BIA, ECF, TBW
27  2000 Characterization of methylaminoisobutyric acid transport by system A in rat mammary gland. cAMP, MeAIB, PMA, Vmax
28  2000 Evaluation of body fluid status after cardiac surgery using bioelectrical impedance analysis. BIA, ECF, TBW
29  1999 Water and electrolyte shifts with partial fluid replacement during exercise. ISF, PV
30  1998 Electrolyte disturbances in foals with severe rhabdomyolysis. ---
31  1998 Variations in plasma sodium concentration in post-operative patients depend on an electrolyte-free water balance, part of a tonicity balance. EFW
32  1997 [Metabolic alkalosis on the surface but metabolic acidosis in depth]. ECF
33  1996 A systematic histochemical investigation in mammals of the dense glycocalyx glycosylations common to all cells bordering the interstitial fluid compartment of the brain. ---
34  1996 Lactate distribution and metabolism during and after anoxia in the turtle, Chrysemys picta bellii. ECF
35  1996 What is the impact of potassium excretion on the intracellular fluid volume: importance of urine anions. ECF, Na
36  1994 Integrated responses to exhaustive exercise and recovery in rainbow trout white muscle: acid-base, phosphogen, carbohydrate, lipid, ammonia, fluid volume and electrolyte metabolism. ECF, Em
37  1993 Changes in body fluid compartments during hypohydration and rehydration in heat-acclimated tropical subjects. ISF, PV
38  1993 Glycerol-induced hyperhydration: its effects on fluid compartments in the rat. ECF, GIH, ISF, PV, TBW
39  1992 Competition for transport of amino acids into rat heart: effect of competitors on protein synthesis and degradation. BCAA
40  1992 The potential use of dual frequency bioimpedance in predicting the distribution of total body water in health and disease. ECF
41  1991 Hypobaric hypoxia (380 Torr) decreases intracellular and total body water in goats. BV, ECF, ISF, PV, TBW
42  1991 Monitoring of intracellular ammonium in perfused rat salivary gland by nitrogen-14 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. ---
43  1990 Effect of potassium solution on rehydration in rats: comparison with sodium solution and water. ECF
44  1990 Growth and metabolism in somatotropin-treated steers: III. Protein synthesis and tissue energy expenditures. ---
45  1988 Pharmacokinetics of iothalamate in endstage renal disease. ECF, ESRD
46  1987 A description of the changing body composition of the growing premature infant. BC, BCM, ECF, TBW
47  1986 Gastric processing and emptying of fat. ECF
48  1985 Cerebrospinal fluid sodium concentration and salt appetite. CSF, ECF, IVT
49  1985 Continuous measurement of fluid mobilization from ICF space following acute dehydration by dialyzation in dogs. ECF
50  1984 Nutritional assessment by isotope dilution analysis of body composition. BCM, ECF, ECS, TBW
51  1983 Cellular abnormalities of folate deficiency. ---
52  1982 Elevation of the blood lactate concentration by alkali therapy without requiring additional lactic acid accumulation: theoretical considerations. ECF
53  1982 Intracellular potassium in man. A comparison of in vivo and in vitro measurement techniques. b.wt, LBM, SFFS, TBW
54  1982 Osmolar changes in haemorrhage: the effects of an altered nutritional status. BV
55  1982 Reduced oncotic pressure after shock: a proposed mechanism. COP, ECF, IFS, PAL, PV, SA, TIAC
56  1977 Body fluid compartments. ECF, TBW