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Long Form:   indirect fluorescent antibody
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Protection against bovine respiratory syncytial virus in calves vaccinated with adjuvanted modified live vaccine administered in the face of maternal antibody. BRD, BRSV, IFN-gamma, MLV, PCR
2019 A radical form of nitric oxide inhibits porcine circovirus type 2 replication in vitro. NO, PCV2, PMWS
2019 Antibodies to Borrelia turicatae in Experimentally Infected Dogs Cross-React with Borrelia burgdorferi Serologic Assays. TBRF
2019 Development and application of an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using recombinant S1 for serological testing of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus. PEDV, ROC, rS1
2019 Ehrlichia spp. infection in domestic cats from Rio de Janeiro State, southeast Brazil. nPCR
2019 Growth characteristics of the novel goose parvovirus SD15 strain in vitro. DEFs, GEFs, GPV, N-GPV, qPCR, SBDS
2019 High seroprevalence of Babesia antibodies among Borrelia burgdorferi-infected humans in Sweden. Ba, LB, s.l, TBE
2019 Identification of a novel thrombospondin-related anonymous protein (BoTRAP2) from Babesia orientalis. TRAP
10  2019 Indicators of severe prognosis of scrub typhus: prognostic factors of scrub typhus severity. APACHE II, CRP, PCR, TNF-alpha, WBC
11  2019 Molecular identification of Ehrlichia ewingii in a polyarthritic Texas dog. qPCR
12  2019 Monoclonal antibody against EV71 3Dpol inhibits the polymerase activity of RdRp and virus replication. ELISA, EV71, mAbs, RdRp
13  2019 Retrospective Analysis of Toxoplasma gondii Serology Results from Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Medicine Parasitology Laboratory from 2007 to 2017 ELISA
14  2019 Serological prevalence of toxoplasmosis and neosporosis in dogs diagnosed with suspected meningoencephalitis in the UK. ---
15  2019 The Babesia observational antibody (BAOBAB) study: A cross-sectional evaluation of Babesia in two communities in Kilosa district, Tanzania. BAOBAB, RDT, S/CO, TMA
16  2019 The Neurotropic Parasite Toxoplasma gondii Induces Astrocyte Polarization Through NFkappaB Pathway. CNS, NF, TE, TgESAs
17  2019 Tick-borne pathogens in carthorses from Foz do Iguacu City, Parana State, southern Brazil: A tri-border area of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. dsb, TBD, trp36
18  2019 [Isolation of Rickettsia slovaca by shell-vial cell culture method from Dermacentor marginatus ticks]. OmpA
19  2018 An ELISA-based method for detection of rabies virus nucleoprotein-specific antibodies in human antemortem samples. CSF, ELISA, G protein, Ig, N protein, RABV
20  2018 Bartonella Seroepidemiology in Dogs from North America, 2008-2014. CVBD
21  2018 Diagnostic tools of caprine and ovine anaplasmosis: a direct comparative study. cELISA, ME, PCR
22  2018 Performance Evaluation of a Prototype Architect Antibody Assay for Babesia microti. NAT, TTB
23  2018 Utility of Bartonella henselae IgM Western Blot Bands for Serodiagnosis of Cat Scratch Disease. CSD, IgM, IgM ELISA, WB
24  2017 Survey of vector-borne agents in feral cats and first report of Babesia gibsoni in cats on St Kitts, West Indies. SFGR
25  2017 The utility of a country-specific Bartonella henselae antigen in an IgM-indirect fluorescent antibody assay for the improved diagnosis of cat scratch disease. ---
26  2017 Unreliability of three commercial Coxiella burnetii phase II IgM ELISA kits for the seroscreening of acute Q fever in human cases. QF
27  2017 Widespread Trypanosoma cruzi infection in government working dogs along the Texas-Mexico border: Discordant serology, parasite genotyping and associated vectors. ---
28  2017 [A negleted bacteria with a case: Bartonella henselae]. CSD, LAP, PCR
29  2017 [Preparation and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against human neuropilin 1 b1b2 domain (HuNRP1b)]. HuNRP1b, mAbs, rHuNRP1b
30  2016 Development of monoclonal antibodies and serological assays including indirect ELISA and fluorescent microsphere immunoassays for diagnosis of porcine deltacoronavirus. dpi, DSe, DSp, ELISA, FMIA, mAb, PDCoV
31  2016 Development of Primer Pairs from Molecular Typing of Rabies Virus Variants Present in Mexico. mAbs, RABV
32  2016 Evaluation of serological cross-reactivity and cross-neutralization between the United States porcine epidemic diarrhea virus prototype and S-INDEL-variant strains. PEDV, VN
33  2016 Induction of Robust Immune Responses in Swine by Using a Cocktail of Adenovirus-Vectored African Swine Fever Virus Antigens. Ad-ASFV, ASFV, CTLs
35  2016 Seroprevalence of Canine Leishmaniasis in Northern Cyprus. CanL
36  2016 The health status of a village population, 7 years after a major Q fever outbreak. NCSI
37  2015 A novel combination of fipronil and permethrin (Frontline Tri-Act/Frontect) reduces risk of transmission of Babesia canis by Dermacentor reticulatus and of Ehrlichia canis by Rhipicephalus sanguineus ticks to dogs. ---
38  2015 A phage-displayed single domain antibody fused to alkaline phosphatase for detection of porcine circovirus type 2. AP, ELISA, ICC, PCV2, sdAbs, SPR
39  2015 Bartonella henselae as a cause of acute-onset febrile illness in cats. BAPGM, WB
40  2015 Coxiella burnetii exposure in northern sea otters Enhydra lutris kenyoni. ---
41  2015 Development of an indirect ELISA, blocking ELISA, fluorescent microsphere immunoassay and fluorescent focus neutralization assay for serologic evaluation of exposure to North American strains of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus. bELISA, FFN, FMIA, iELISA, mAbs, NP, PEDV, PRCV, ROC, TGEV
42  2015 Feasibility, safety, clinical, and laboratory effects of convalescent plasma therapy for patients with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection: a study protocol. CP, DSMB, ELISA, GCC, IRB, KAIMRC, MERS-CoV, WHO
43  2015 Persistent Ehrlichia ewingii infection in dogs after natural tick infestation. VLPT
44  2015 Prevalence of Coxiella burnetii Infection in Humans Occupationally Exposed to Animals in Poland. CFT, ELISA
45  2015 Prevention of Babesia canis in dogs: efficacy of a fixed combination of permethrin and fipronil (Effitix) using an experimental transmission blocking model with infected Dermacentor reticulatus ticks. ---
46  2015 Schistosoma mansoni antigen detects Schistosoma mekongi infection. ---
47  2015 Test of 259 serums from patients with arthritis or neurological symptoms confirmed existence of Lyme disease in Hainan province, China. WB
48  2014 "Rickettsia amblyommii" and R. montanensis infection in dogs following natural exposure to ticks. SFG
49  2014 A comparison of anti-nuclear antibody quantification using automated enzyme immunoassays and immunofluorescence assays. ANA, CI, dsDNA
50  2014 A longitudinal study of Babesia microti infection in seropositive blood donors. PCR
51  2014 Antinuclear antibodies: two-step detection strategy. ANA, CLIA
52  2014 Babesia infection in the southwest of china, a case report. TEM
53  2014 Construction of recombinant Marek's disease virus (MDV) lacking the meq oncogene and co-expressing AIV-H9N2 HA and NA genes under control of exogenous promoters. CEF, HA, LPAIV, MDV, NA
54  2014 Construction of recombinant Marek's disease virus (rMDV) co-expressing AIV-H9N2-NA and NDV-F genes under control of MDV's own bi-directional promoter. CEF, NA, NDV, rMDV
55  2014 Detection of antibodies against Anaplasma phagocytophilum in dogs using an automated fluorescence based system. PCR
56  2014 Human respiratory syncytial virus and metapneumovirus in patients with acute respiratory infection in Colombia, 2000 - 2011. ARI, hMPV, RSV, RT-PCR
57  2014 Molecular detection and seroprevalence of Babesia microti among stock farmers in Khutul City, Selenge Province, Mongolia. ---
58  2014 New application of indirect fluorescent antibody (IFA) technique using latex particles coupled with verotoxin 2 from Escherichia coli O157:H7 in order to determine colostral antibody titers in immunized dairy cows. ELISA, VT2
59  2014 [Investigation of Pneumocystis jirovecii colonization in patients with pulmonary diseases]. BAL, GMS
60  2014 [Preparation and application of polyclonal antibody against chicken high mobility group box 1 protein]. chHMGB1, RT-PCR
61  2014 [Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in sheep in Silopi district by using indirect fluorescent antibody test (IFAT)]. IFAT
62  2013 Brugia pahangi: immunization with early L3 ES alters parasite migration, and reduces microfilaremia and lymphatic lesion formation in gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus). dpi, ES, i.p, ID
63  2013 Clinic-epidemiologic study of human infection by Granada virus, a new phlebovirus within the sandfly fever Naples serocomplex. GRV, IgG, NT, TOSV
64  2013 Clinical presentations and diagnosis of brucellosis. ELISA, PCR, SAT
65  2013 Determination of antibody titers against soluble antigen by indirect fluorescent antibody (IFA) assay using latex particles coupled with soluble antigen: a preliminary study. FITC
66  2013 Evaluation of an indirect rapid immunohistochemistry test for the differentiation of rabies virus variants. IRIT, MAb-N, RABV
67  2013 Hematological values associated to the serological and molecular diagnostic in cats suspected of Ehrlichia canis infection. PCR
68  2013 Levels of certain endothelial biomarkers during the acute phase and convalescence in patients with different severity of Mediterranean spotted fever. CAMs, MCP-1, MSF, sCAMs, sCAMs
69  2013 Long-Term immune responses to Coxiella burnetii after vaccination. ---
70  2013 Polyclonal antibody against conserved peptide in transmembrane protein of avian leukosis virus subgroup J. KLH, TM
71  2013 Presence of cross-reactions with other viral encephalitides in the indirect fluorescent-antibody test for diagnosis of rabies. ---
72  2013 Prevalence of antibodies to spotted fever group Rickettsia spp. and Ehrlichia spp. in coyotes (Canis latrans) in Oklahoma and Texas, USA. ELISA, SFG
73  2013 Seroepidemiology of toxoplasmosis in childbearing women of Northwest Iran. ---
74  2013 Seroprevalence of Toscana virus infection in Tunisia. TOSV
75  2013 Survey on tick-borne pathogens in thoroughbred horses in the Hidaka district, Hokkaido, Japan. ---
76  2013 [Investigation of Coxiella burnetii prevalence in women who had miscarriage and their spouses by serological and molecular methods]. PCR
77  2013 [Investigation of Pneumocystis jirovecii in Respiratory Samples of Immunocompromised Patients with PCR, IFA and Giemsa Staining Methods]. ITS, mt LSU rRNA, nPCR
78  2012 Bartonella spp. infection in healthy and sick horses and foals from the southeastern United States. ---
79  2012 Evaluation of indirect fluorescent antibody assays compared to rapid influenza diagnostic tests for the detection of pandemic influenza A (H1N1) pdm09. H1N1, PCR, RIDT
80  2012 Evaluation of the colonization capabilities of Salmonella Enteritidis in quails using an RT-PCR approach. ---
81  2012 Evidence of Anaplasma phagocytophilum in game animals from Slovenia. PCR
82  2012 Expression of porcine sapovirus VP1 gene and VP1 specific monoclonal antibody production. mAbs, SaV
83  2012 RNA polymerase I-driven reverse genetics system for enterovirus 71 and its implications for vaccine production. CPE, EV71, HFMD, ORF, RG
84  2012 Screening for IgG antinuclear autoantibodies by HEp-2 indirect fluorescent antibody assays and the need for standardization. ANA, SLE
85  2012 The third described case of transfusion-transmitted Babesia duncani. ---
86  2012 Validation of a serological test for the diagnosis of canine rickettsial disease. ACC
87  2012 [Laboratory-based evaluation of "INOVA/QUANTA Lite" to determine antinuclear antibodies (ANA) and autoantibodies to double-stranded DNA, SS-A and SS-B]. ANA, ds
88  2011 A serological investigation of Bartonella henselae infection in cats in Turkey. CSD
89  2011 Alphaviruses. mAbs, NAAT
90  2011 Diagnostic assays for anti-PM/Scl IgG antibodies: heterogeneity in antibody response or lack of standardization? ANA, EIAs, LIA
91  2011 Distribution of spotted fever group rickettsiae in select tissues of experimentally infected and field-collected Gulf Coast ticks. SFGR
92  2011 Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay screening then indirect immunofluorescence confirmation of antinuclear antibodies: a statistical analysis. ANA, ELISA, SLE
93  2011 Orf virus DNA vaccines expressing ORFV 011 and ORFV 059 chimeric protein enhances immunogenicity. ---
94  2011 Prevalence of Anaplasma phagocytophilum infection and effect on lamb growth. TBF
95  2011 Seroprevalence of Anaplasma phagocytophilum in horses in the Czech Republic. CZ, EGA
96  2011 Visceral leishmaniasis in a patient with cutaneous lesions, negative Leishman-Donovan bodies and immunological test: A case report. CRP, ESR, LDH, VL
97  2011 [Cloning and expression of gp85 gene of subgroup J avian leukosis virus isolated from hemangiomas]. ---
98  2011 [How can serology contribute to the diagnosis of parasitic diseases?]. ELISA
99  2010 A serological survey of canine respiratory coronavirus and canine influenza virus in Korean dogs. CIV, CRCoV
100  2010 Detection of anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in experimentally and naturally infected non-human primates by Indirect Fluorescence Assay (IFA) and indirect ELISA. p.i