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Long Form:   immunofluorometric assay
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2019 A point-of-care test of active matrix metalloproteinase-8 predicts triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 levels in saliva. aMMP-8, PGLYRP1, POC, TREM-1
2018 Probiotic intervention influences the salivary levels of Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)-9 and Tissue Inhibitor of metalloproteinases (TIMP)-1 in healthy adults. ELISA, MMP, TIMP
2018 Serum MMP-8 and TIMP-1 predict prognosis in colorectal cancer. CI, CRC, CRP, ECM, ELISA, HR, MMPs, TIMPs
2017 Assays for Infliximab Drug Levels and Antibodies: AMatter of Scales and Categories. ELISA, RGA, TNF
2016 Association of thalassemia major and gingival inflammation: A pilot study. ELISAs, GCF, MMP, SH, TIMP, TM
2016 Characterization of a new highly sensitive immunometric assay for thyroglobulin with reduced interference from autoantibodies. mAbs, Tg
2016 Serum allergen-specific IgE, allergic rhinitis severity, and age. AR, VAS
2015 Do salivary and serum collagenases have a role in an association between obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and periodontal disease? A preliminary case-control study. ELISA, MMP-2, -8, -9, MPO, NE, NGAL, OSAS, TIMP-1
2015 Practical implications of novel serum ELISA-assay for matrix metalloproteinase-8 in acute cardiac diagnostics. CVDs, MMPs
10  2014 Matrix metalloproteinases and myeloperoxidase in gingival crevicular fluid provide site-specific diagnostic value for chronic periodontitis. GCF, MMP
11  2014 The effect of adjunctive chlorhexidine mouthrinse on GCF MMP-8 and TIMP-1 levels in gingivitis: a randomized placebo-controlled study. CHX, ELISA, GCF
12  2013 High diagnostic accuracy of subcutaneous Triptorelin test compared with GnRH test for diagnosing central precocious puberty in girls. CPP, ECLIA, PT
13  2013 Periodontal health and serum, saliva matrix metalloproteinases in patients with mild chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. COPD, ELISA, MMP, TIMP-1
14  2013 Prognostic significance of tumor-associated trypsin inhibitor (TATI) and human chorionic gonadotropin-beta (hCGbeta) in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. HCC, hCGbeta, TATI
15  2013 Prognostic value of serum MMP-8, -9 and TIMP-1 in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. ELISA, HCC
16  2012 Serum MMPs 7-9 and their inhibitors during glucocorticoid and anti-TNF-alpha therapy in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease. ELISA, ESR, FC, GC, HNE, IBD, MMPs, MPO, PGA, TIMPs
17  2011 Altered expression of matrix metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors as possible contributors to corneal droplet formation in climatic droplet keratopathy. CDK, MMPs
18  2011 Growth hormone secretory pattern in non-obese children and adolescents with Prader-Willi syndrome. BMI, GH, PWS
19  2010 Crevicular fluid matrix metalloproteinase-8, -13, and TIMP-1 levels in type 2 diabetics. DM, DM-G, DM-P, ELISA, GCF, H-C, H-G, HP, MMP-8, TIMP-1
20  2010 Detection of gingival crevicular fluid MMP-8 levels with different laboratory and chair-side methods. GCF, MMP
21  2010 Matrix metalloproteinase-8 in cervical fluid in early and mid pregnancy: relation to spontaneous preterm delivery. MMP-8, PPROMs, PTD, PTL
22  2010 Salivary MMP-8, TIMP-1, and ICTP as markers of advanced periodontitis. ELISA, MMP, TIMP
23  2008 Experimental tooth pain elevates substance P and matrix metalloproteinase-8 levels in human gingival crevice fluid. EIA, GCF, MMP, SP
24  2008 Gingival crevicular fluid and serum matrix metalloproteinase-8 and tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase-1 levels in renal transplant patients undergoing different immunosuppressive therapy. CsA, GCF, GO, MMP-8, TIMP-1
25  2007 Evaluation of immunoassay-based MMP-8 detection in gingival crevicular fluid on a point-of-care platform. aMMP-8, ELISA, GCF
26  2007 Matrix metalloproteinase-8 (MMP-8) is the major collagenase in human dentin. MMP-8
27  2006 Capsaicin-induced local elevations in collagenase-2 (matrix metalloproteinase-8) levels in human gingival crevice fluid. GCF
28  2006 Dose dependency of the serum bio/immuno GH ratio in children during pharmacological secretion tests. ---
29  2006 Endogenous hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia: diagnostic strategies, predictive features of malignancy and long-term survival. CT, MRI, RIA, US
30  2005 Levels of matrix metalloproteinase-2, -9 and -8 in the skin, serum and saliva of smokers and non-smokers. MMPs
31  2005 Matrix metalloproteinase-1 and -8 in gingival crevicular fluid during orthodontic tooth movement: a pilot study during 1 month of follow-up after fixed appliance activation. GCF, MMPs, PMN
32  2005 Validation of an ultrasensitive and specific immunofluorometric assay for mouse follicle-stimulating hormone. ---
33  2004 Chlamydia pneumoniae together with collagenase-2 (MMP-8) in periodontal lesions. GCF, MMP
34  2004 Immunofluorometric assay for the metastasis-related protein S100A4: release of S100A4 from normal blood cells prohibits the use of S100A4 as a tumor marker in plasma and serum. CRC, mAbs
35  2004 Neonatal TSH levels as an index of iodine sufficiency: differences related to time of screening sampling and methodology. IRMA, SAC
36  2004 Testing and validating a homogeneous immunometric assay for interference. CEA, mAb
37  2003 Changes in gingival crevicular fluid matrix metalloproteinase-8 levels during periodontal treatment and maintenance. AL, GCF, MMP-8, SRP
38  2003 Sequential changes in pancreatic markers in acute pancreatitis. AP, PSTI, T1-AAT, T2-AAT, TAP
39  2003 The in vivo levels of matrix metalloproteinase-1 and -8 in gingival crevicular fluid during initial orthodontic tooth movement. GCF, MMP, PDL
40  2002 Amplified and orderly growth hormone secretion characterizes lean adolescents with polycystic ovary syndrome. ApEn, BMI, GHBP, IGFBP, PCOS
41  2002 Hormonal responses to daily strenuous walking during 4 successive days. FSH, LH
42  2002 Postoperative persistent thyrotrophin releasing hormone-induced growth hormone release predicts recurrence in patients with acromegaly. GTT, ROC, TRH
43  2002 Serum HCG beta, CA 72-4 and CEA are independent prognostic factors in colorectal cancer. CEA
44  2002 The concentration of inhibin B in follicular fluid: relation to oocyte maturation and embryo development. ELISA, FF
45  2002 The effect of subgingival controlled-release delivery of chlorhexidine chip on clinical parameters and matrix metalloproteinase-8 levels in gingival crevicular fluid. CAL, CHX, GCF, MMP, PBI, PD, PI
46  2002 The relationship between MMPs and pH in whole saliva of radiated head and neck cancer patients. MMPs
47  2001 Development of an inhibin alpha subunit ELISA with broad specificity. mAbs
48  2000 Characterization and determination of the complex between prostate-specific antigen and alpha 1-protease inhibitor in benign and malignant prostatic diseases. API, PSA, PSA-API, tPSA
49  1999 Concentration of free hCGbeta subunit in serum as a prognostic marker for squamous-cell carcinoma of the oral cavity and oropharynx. SCC-Ag
50  1999 Growth hormone bioactivity and immunoactivity in tall children. GH, GHBPs, HA, IGF-I, LA
51  1999 Proliferative disorders of the aging human prostate: involvement of protein hormones and their receptors. BPH, EGF, hGH, hPL, IGFBPs, IGFs, NGF, PCa, PRL, TGF-beta
52  1999 Specific insulin and proinsulin secretion in glucokinase-deficient individuals. BMI, GCK, MODY, OGTT
53  1999 The level of bioavailable growth hormone (GH) after the first GH injection predicts the first year's growth response in GH-deficient children. GH, SC, SDS
54  1998 Detecting pre-ovulatory luteinizing hormone surges in urine. IRMA, LH
55  1997 Gonadotropin secretion in prepubertal normal and agonadal children evaluated by ultrasensitive time-resolved immunofluorometric assays. FSH, LH, PGF, RIA
56  1997 Isolation and characterization of myeloperoxidase from leukocytes of rat peritoneal fluid. MPO
57  1997 Parathyroid hormone-related protein in neonatal and reproductive goats determined by a sensitive time-resolved immunofluorometric assay. PTHrP
58  1997 Two-site immunofluorometric assay of intact salmon calcitonin with improved sensitivity. DELFIA, sCT
59  1996 Complex formation between PSA isoenzymes and protease inhibitors. A2M, HIC, PSA, PSA-ACT
60  1996 True insulin and intact proinsulin levels in acromegalic patients. IGF-I, IRI, OGTT, PI, RIA
61  1995 Comparison of the determination of insulin by a monoclonal antibody-based immunofluorometric assay and by radioimmunoassay. OGTT, RIA
62  1995 The predictive value of basal follicle stimulating and growth hormone levels as determined by immunofluorometry during assisted reproduction. AR, RIA
63  1994 Complex formation between protein C inhibitor and prostate-specific antigen in vitro and in human semen. PCI, PSA
64  1994 Determination of human tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) by time-resolved immunofluorometric assay. mAb, MW, SAB, SAB-IFMA, TNF-alpha
65  1994 Polymorphism of human pituitary FSH: analysis of immunoreactivity and in vitro bioactivity of different molecular species. IEMA, IRMA, IRP, IS, RIA
66  1994 Streptavidin-biotin based time-resolved immunofluorometric assay for direct measurement of high concentrations of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). hCG
67  1994 Time-resolved immunofluorometric assay and specimen storage conditions for measuring urinary gonadotropins. FSH, LH
68  1994 Time-resolved immunofluorometric assay of trypsin-2 complexed with alpha 1-antitrypsin in serum. AAT
69  1993 A supersensitive immunofluorometric assay for rat luteinizing hormone. ---
70  1993 Double-label time-resolved immunofluorometric assay of prostate-specific antigen and of its complex with alpha 1-antichymotrypsin. ACT, PSA
71  1993 Molecular composition of two different batches of urofollitropin: analysis by immunofluorimetric assay, radioligand receptor assay and in vitro bioassay. IEF, RRA
72  1993 Molecular heterogeneity of serum follicle-stimulating hormone in hypogonadal patients before and during androgen replacement therapy and in normal men. ---
73  1993 Optimization of a time-resolved immunofluorometric assay for tumor-associated trypsin inhibitor (TATI) using the streptavidin-biotin system. RIA, SAB, SAB-IFMA, TATI
74  1993 Serum glycoprotein hormones and their free alpha-subunit in a healthy elderly population selected according to the SENIEUR protocol. Analyses with ultrasensitive time resolved fluoroimmunoassays. EURAGE, FSH, hCG, LH, MCA
75  1993 Time-resolved immunofluorometry and other frequently used immunoassay types for follicle-stimulating hormone compared by using identical monoclonal antibodies. hFSH, IEMA, IRMA, MCA, RIA
76  1992 Determination of fetal hemoglobin by time-resolved immunofluorometric assay. ---
77  1992 Effect of improved assay sensitivity on luteinizing hormone pulse detection after gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist treatment in man. ---
78  1992 Immunological analysis of 17 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in benign and malignant human breast tissue. ---
79  1992 The imprecision profile in immunoassay. A study using a resampling technique. IP, RER, RIA
80  1991 Individual differences in lutropin immunoreactivity revealed by monoclonal antibodies. ---
81  1991 Maturation of hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal function in normal human fetuses: circulating levels of gonadotropins, their common alpha-subunit and free testosterone, and discrepancy between immunological and biological activities of circulating follicle-stimulating hormone. alpha-SU, B-FSH, FT
82  1991 Response of circulating gonadotropin levels to GnRH agonist treatment in prostatic cancer. bio, FSH, GnRH, LH, RIA
83  1990 Heterophilic antibodies in human sera causing falsely increased results in the CA 125 immunofluorometric assay. HAMA, IRMA
84  1990 Pregnancy serum contains the beta-core fragment of human choriogonadotropin. beta hCG
85  1990 [Nocturnal luteinizing hormone secretion patterns at the onset of puberty measured using a highly sensitive immunofluorometric assay]. ---
86  1989 Somatotropin as measured by a two-site time-resolved immunofluorometric assay. mAbs, RIA
87  1989 Time-resolved immunofluorometric assay for placental protein 14. PP14
88  1988 Immunofluorometric demonstration and quantification of placental protein 5 in the absence of pregnancy. PP5, RIA
89  1987 Measurement of corticotropin in unextracted plasma: comparison of a time-resolved immunofluorometric assay and an immunoradiometric assay, with use of the same monoclonal antibodies. IRMA
90  1987 Time-resolved immunofluorometric assay for the ovarian carcinoma-associated antigenic determinant CA 125 in serum. IRMA
91  1986 Immunofluorometry of thyrotropin, from whole-blood spots on filter paper, to screen for congenital hypothyroidism. ---
92  1984 Application of a solid-phase immunofluorometric assay to the selection of monoclonal antibody specific for the adenovirus group-reactive hexon antigen. ---