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Abbreviation:   IGFs  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   insulin-like growth factors
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2022 Abstracts of Presentations at the Association of Clinical Scientists 143rd Meeting Louisville, KY May 11-14,2022. ACS, AD, AH, AI, ALBU, ALD, AML, ARDS, ASAP, CDC, CNV, CSF, ctDNA, CyTOF, DESI, DFS, DHT, ECHA, EM, ER, FLVs, GBM, HCC, IGFBP-3, IGFBP7, IHC, IND, LA, LOD, MAF, mAH, MALDI-TOF, MARS, MDS, MPN, MRM, NGS, NP, NPH, OS, p-Tau, PCR, PEEP, PG, PR, PSRBCT, Q-GRFT, RA, ROTEM, SEER, SLN, t-Tau, TB, TEG, TEM, TGF-beta, TNF, ToF-SIMS, UChicago, VET, VTM, YAP1, ZIKV
2022 An insulin growth factor-I/II-neutralizing monoclonal antibody in combination with epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors potently inhibits tumor cell growth. EGFR, IGF-1R, IR, mAb
2022 Analysis of Insulin-like growth factor-1 serum levels and promoter (rs12579108) polymorphism in the children with autism spectrum disorders. ASD, PCR-RFLP
2022 Association between gestational diabetes mellitus and bioavailability of insulin-like growth factors and role of their binding proteins. GDM, IGFBPs
2022 Circulating insulin-like growth factor system adaptations in hibernating brown bears indicate increased tissue IGF availability. ALS, IGFBP
2022 Circulating insulin-like growth factors and risks of overall, aggressive and early-onset prostate cancer: a collaborative analysis of 20 prospective studies and Mendelian randomization analysis. CI, IGFBPs, MR, OR
2022 Declining Levels and Bioavailability of IGF-I in Cardiovascular Aging Associate With QT Prolongation-Results From the 1946 British Birth Cohort. IGFBP-3, MRC, NSHD
2022 Fetal growth regulation via insulin-like growth factor axis in normal and diabetic pregnancy. DM
2022 Gestational Diabetes Mellitus and Energy-Dense Diet: What Is the Role of the Insulin/IGF Axis? GDM
10  2022 Hormonal patterns in men with prediabetes and diabetes in NHANES III: possible links with prostate cancer. CI, IGFBP-3, SHBG
11  2022 IGF-binding proteins secreted by cancer-associated fibroblasts induce context-dependent drug sensitization of lung cancer cells. CAFs, IGFBPs, NAFs, RTK
12  2022 Insulin-like growth factor 1 enhances follicle-stimulating hormone-induced phosphorylation of GATA4 in rat granulosa cells. eCG, FSH, GC, GSK-3beta
13  2022 Insulin-like growth factor binding protein 5 accelerate the senescence of periodontal ligament stem cells. IGFBP5, PDLSCs, SA-beta-gal
14  2022 Insulin-like growth factor role in determining the anti-cancer effect of metformin: RCT in prostate cancer patients. ADT, IGFBPs, PAPP-A, STC2
15  2022 Macromolecules Influence Cellular Competence and Expression Level of IGFs Genes in Bovine Oocytes In Vitro. GPx
16  2022 Molecular cloning and expression profiling of insulin-like growth factor 2 and IGF-binding protein 6 in Clarias magur (Hamilton 1822). IGFBPs
17  2022 Noncoding RNA actions through IGFs and IGF binding proteins in cancer. lncRNAs, miRNAs, ncRNAs
18  2022 Normal-high IGF-I level improves pregnancy rate after ovarian stimulation, in women treated with growth hormone replacement therapy. FSH, GH, SD
19  2022 Postnatal expression of IGF2 is the norm in amniote vertebrates. IIS
20  2022 Sex-Selective Increase of IGF-2 Expression in the Hypoxic Guinea Pig Placenta of Growth-Restricted Fetuses. FGR
21  2022 Structural basis for assembly and disassembly of the IGF/IGFBP/ALS ternary complex. ACLSD, ALS, IGFBP-3
22  2022 The Clinical Application of Growth Hormone and Its Biological and Molecular Mechanisms in Assisted Reproduction. GH, GHRs
23  2022 The Insulin-like Growth Factor Signalling Pathway in Cardiac Development and Regeneration. IGFBPs, INSR
24  2022 The Insulin-like Growth Factor System and Colorectal Cancer. CRC
25  2022 The Potential Role of Insulin-Like Growth Factors in Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Narrative Review. MPS
26  2021 A Comparative Update on the Neuroendocrine Regulation of Growth Hormone in Vertebrates. GH
27  2021 Altered redox homeostasis in steroid-depleted follicles attenuates hCG regulation of follicular events: Cross-talk between endocrine and IGF axis in maturing oocytes. AG, fg
28  2021 Association of decreased sperm motility and increased seminal plasma IGF-I, IGF-II, IGFBP-2, and PSA levels in infertile men. IGFBPs, NZ, PSA, SP
29  2021 Comprehensive Analysis of IGFBPs as Biomarkers in Gastric Cancer. GEPIA, IGFBPs, STAD
30  2021 Coordinate regulation of feeding, metabolism, and growth: Perspectives from studies in fish. CCK, GH, GHR, GLP, GLU, GRLN, IGFR, INS, LEP, SS
31  2021 Environmental estrogens inhibit the expression of insulin-like growth factor mRNAs in rainbow trout in vitro by altering activation of the JAK-STAT, AKT-PI3K, and ERK signaling pathways. betaS, EE, ER, GH, NP, SOCS2
32  2021 Igf3: a novel player in fish reproduction†. ---
33  2021 Investigating the Relationship Between IGF-I, IGF-II, and IGFBP-3 Concentrations and Later-Life Cognition and Brain Volume. ACE-III, CI, HV, IGFBP-3, IIS, VLS, WBV, WLT, WMHV
34  2021 Multi-Omics Data Analysis Uncovers Molecular Networks and Gene Regulators for Metabolic Biomarkers. GWAS, IR, KDs
35  2021 Physiologic IGFBP7 levels prolong IGF1R activation in acute lymphoblastic leukemia. ALL, ERK, IGF-1R, IGFBP-rP, IGFBPs, IRS-1
36  2021 The diagnostic and prognostic utility of insulin growth factor of squamous cell carcinoma in oral cavity. IGFBP-3, OSCC, PCC
37  2021 The Insight into Insulin-Like Growth Factors and Insulin-Like Growth-Factor-Binding Proteins and Metabolic Profile in Pediatric Obesity. HC, IGFBPs, OB
38  2021 The Interplay Between Non-coding RNAs and Insulin-Like Growth Factor Signaling in the Pathogenesis of Neoplasia. ---
39  2021 The Roles of the IGF Axis in the Regulation of the Metabolism: Interaction and Difference between Insulin Receptor Signaling and IGF-I Receptor Signaling. ---
40  2020 Abundance of insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2, and type 1 insulin-like growth factor receptor in placentas of dogs. CTB, STB
41  2020 Characterization of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein-5 (IGFBP-5) Gene and Its Potential Roles in Ontogenesis in the Pacific Abalone, Haliotis discus hannai. IGFBP-5
42  2020 Epigenetic silencing of IGFBPL1 promotes esophageal cancer growth by activating PI3K-AKT signaling. ESCC, IGFBPL1, IGFBPs, MSP
43  2020 Expression of acid-labile subunit (ALS) in developing and adult zebrafish and its role in dorso-ventral patterning during development. ACLSD, ALS, hIGFALS, IGFBPs, MOs
44  2020 Gene expression of the IGF hormones and IGF binding proteins across time and tissues in a model reptile. IGFBPs, IIS
45  2020 Hormonal Contraception and Bone Health in Adolescents. BMD, COCs, LARCs
46  2020 IGF family effects on development, stability, and treatment of hematological malignancies. ---
47  2020 Immunohistochemical study of IGF-I and IGF-II expression in canine mammary tumours: Prognostic and diagnostic role. ---
48  2020 Insulin Growth Factor Binding Protein 7 (IGFBP7)-Related Cancer and IGFBP3 and IGFBP7 Crosstalk. HCC, IGFBP7
49  2020 Insulin-like growth factor 2 is produced by antral follicles and promotes preantral follicle development in macaques†. ---
50  2020 Insulin-like growth factor receptor signaling in tumorigenesis and drug resistance: a challenge for cancer therapy. ---
51  2020 Insulin-like growth factors 1 and 2 regulate gene expression and enzymatic activity of cyp17a1 in ovarian follicles of the yellowtail, Seriola quinqueradiata. ---
52  2020 Insulin-Like Growth Factors in Development, Cancers and Aging. ---
53  2020 Mini Review: Opposing Pathologies in Cancer and Alzheimer's Disease: Does the PI3K/Akt Pathway Provide Clues? AD, IRS-1, LRP1, mTORC1, PIN1
54  2020 Pediatric pulmonary hypertension: insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 2 is a novel marker associated with disease severity and survival. ---
55  2020 The IGF system and longitudinal growth in preterm infants in relation to gestational age, birth weight and gender. AGA, ALS, BP, GA, SDS, SGA
56  2020 The role of insulin-like growth factors in modulating the activity of dental mesenchymal stem cells. MSCs
57  2020 Vitamin D and the insulin-like growth factor system: Implications for colorectal neoplasia. CRC, VDR, VEGF
58  2019 Deregulated microRNAs and Adiponectin in Postmenopausal Women with Breast Cancer. BC, miRs
59  2019 Effect of insulin-loaded trimethyl chitosan nanoparticles on genes expression in the hippocampus of diabetic rats. ---
60  2019 Effects of n-acetyl-cysteine supplementation in late gestational diet on maternal-placental redox status, placental NLRP3 inflammasome, and fecal microbiota in sows1. GSH-Px, IL, LC3B, MDA, NAC, NLRP3, SOD
61  2019 Growth Factors as Tools in Photoreceptor Cell Regeneration and Vision Recovery. BDNF, ESC, FGF, NGF, RA
62  2019 IGFBP-2 Signaling in the Brain: From Brain Development to Higher Order Brain Functions. CSF, HBD, IGF-IR, IGFBP-2
63  2019 Insulin-Like Growth Factor Dysregulation Both Preceding and Following Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis. AAb, IGFBPs
64  2019 Investigation of insulin-like growth factors/insulin-like growth factor binding proteins regulation in metabolic syndrome patients. MSX
65  2019 Investigational IGF1R inhibitors in early stage clinical trials for cancer therapy. IGF-1R
66  2019 Klotho Gene and Protein in Human Placentas According to Birth Weight and Gestational Age. AGA, BW
67  2019 Molecular cloning and expression pattern of IGFBP-2a in black porgy (Acanthopagrus schlegelii) and evolutionary analysis of IGFBP-2s in the species of Perciformes. CDS, IGFBP-2
68  2019 Normal Growth despite Combined Pituitary Hormone Deficiency. ALS, GH, IGFBP-3
69  2019 PAPP-A activity is increased in cerebrospinal fluid from patients with diabetic polyneuropathy and correlates with peripheral nerve impairment. CSF, DPN, IGFBP-4, PAPP-A, T2D
70  2019 Pleiotropic roles of the insulin-like growth factor axis in type 1 diabetes. T1D
71  2019 Temperature Affects Musculoskeletal Development and Muscle Lipid Metabolism of Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus aurata). GH
72  2019 The association between serum insulin-like growth factor 1 and cognitive impairments in patients with schizophrenia. ELISA
73  2019 The associations of anthropometric, behavioural and sociodemographic factors with circulating concentrations of IGF-I, IGF-II, IGFBP-1, IGFBP-2 and IGFBP-3 in a pooled analysis of 16,024 men from 22 studies. IGFBPs
74  2019 The insulin-like growth factor family and breast cancer prognosis: A prospective cohort study among postmenopausal women in Denmark. BC, CI, ER, HR
75  2019 The role of mTOR pathway as target for treatment in adrenocortical cancer. ACCs
76  2019 [Insulin-like Growth Factors and Dermatosis]. ---
77  2019 [The physiological role of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factors]. GH
78  2018 A dual-specific IGF-I/II human engineered antibody domain inhibits IGF signaling in breast cancer cells. eAd, IGF-1R, IR
79  2018 Deletion of muscle IGF-I transiently impairs growth and progressively disrupts glucose homeostasis in male mice. MID
80  2018 Different Effects of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-2 on Myogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells. IGFBP-6, PMSCs
81  2018 Effects of Lactogen 13, a New Probiotic Preparation, on Gut Microbiota and Endocrine Signals Controlling Growth and Appetite of Oreochromis niloticus Juveniles. AgRP, GI, MyoD, NPY
82  2018 Effects of Transport Duration and Environmental Conditions in Winter or Summer on the Concentrations of Insulin-Like Growth Factors and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-Binding Proteins in the Plasma of Market-Weight Pigs. IGFBPs
83  2018 Extraocular muscle regeneration in zebrafish requires late signals from Insulin-like growth factors. EOM, MOs
84  2018 Growth hormone - past, present and future. GH, GHD
85  2018 IGF-Binding Proteins: Why Do They Exist and Why Are There So Many? IGFBP
86  2018 IGF1 receptor signaling pathways. GRB2, IRSs, MAP kinase, PI 3-kinase, SH2, SHC
87  2018 In silico interaction of insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3 with insulin-like growth factor 1. IGFBP-3
88  2018 Increased Concentrations of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein (IGFBP)-2, IGFBP-3, and IGFBP-4 Are Associated With Fetal Mortality in Pregnant Cows. IGFBP, IGFBPs, rh
89  2018 Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Proteins in Autoimmune Diseases. IGFBPs
90  2018 IRS-2 deubiquitination by USP9X maintains anchorage-independent cell growth via Erk1/2 activation in prostate carcinoma cell line. IGF-IR, IRSs, siRNA, USP9X
91  2018 Prognostic relevance and performance characteristics of serum IGFBP-2 and PAPP-A in women with breast cancer: a long-term Danish cohort study. CIs, HR, IGFBP, MDR, NPI, OS, PAPP-A, RFS, SANN, SSVM
92  2018 Roles of insulin-like growth factors in metamorphic development of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus). IGFBPs
93  2018 The Emerging Role of Insulin Receptor Isoforms in Thyroid Cancer: Clinical Implications and New Perspectives. DDR1, HGF, TC
94  2018 The insulin like growth factor and binding protein family: Novel therapeutic targets in obesity & diabetes. ---
95  2018 The Prospective Association Between Plasma Concentrations of Cellular Growth Factors and Risk of Heart Failure Mortality in Japanese Population. CI, IGFBP-3, SD
96  2017 Association of insulin-like growth factor I gene polymorphisms with the risk of osteoporosis in a Chinese population. PCR-RFLP
97  2017 Clinical studies in humans targeting the various components of the IGF system show lack of efficacy in the treatment of cancer. ---
98  2017 Does milk intake promote prostate cancer initiation or progression via effects on insulin-like growth factors (IGFs)? A systematic review and meta-analysis. IGF
99  2017 Genome-wide interactions between FSH and insulin-like growth factors in the regulation of human granulosa cell differentiation. GCs, IGF-1R
100  2017 IGF1 stimulates greater muscle hypertrophy in the absence of myostatin in male mice. ---