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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Cold-tolerant introgression line construction and low-temperature stress response analysis for bell pepper. APX, CAT, MDA, POD, SOD
2020 Color Mutations Alter the Biochemical Composition in the San Marzano Tomato Fruit. gf, NP, SM
2020 Genome-wide introgression from a bread wheat  Lophopyrum elongatum amphiploid into wheat. SNP
2020 Genomic Dissection of a Wild Region in a Superior Solanum pennellii Introgression Sub-Line with High Ascorbic Acid Accumulation in Tomato Fruit. GBS, RNA-Seq, SNP
2020 High Photosynthetic Rates in a Solanum pennellii Chromosome 2 QTL Is Explained by Biochemical and Photochemical Changes. ---
2020 High Resolution Mapping of a Hordeum bulbosum-Derived Powdery Mildew Resistance Locus in Barley Using Distinct Homologous Introgression Lines. Bgh, CC-NBS-LLR, GBS, Hb
2020 Identification and Validation of Aerobic Adaptation QTLs in Upland Rice. MH63
2020 Identification of main-effect quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for low-temperature stress tolerance germination- and early seedling vigor-related traits in rice (Oryza sativa L.). BMSI, HNG, LTG, LTGS, LTS, PV, RL, RLSI, SLSI, SVI, WTR-1
2020 Identify QTLs and candidate genes underlying source-, sink-, and grain yield-related traits in rice by integrated analysis of bi-parental and natural populations. ---
10  2020 Introgression of perennial growth habit from Lophopyrum elongatum into wheat. DS, PSCR, TB1
11  2020 Marker Assisted Forward Breeding to Combine Multiple Biotic-Abiotic Stress Resistance/Tolerance in Rice. AC, BLB, BPH, GM, MAFB, MAS
12  2020 Network Analysis Provides Insight into Tomato Lipid Metabolism. ---
13  2020 Utilizing Wild Cajanus platycarpus, a Tertiary Genepool Species for Enriching Variability in the Primary Genepool for Pigeonpea Improvement. Ca, Zn
14  2019 Candidate loci for the kernel row number in maize revealed by a combination of transcriptome analysis and regional association mapping. DEGs, IM, KRN
15  2019 Construction of introgression lines of Oryza rufipogon and evaluation of important agronomic traits. ---
16  2019 Deciphering the biological processes underlying tomato biomass production and composition. ---
17  2019 Detection of First Marker Trait Associations for Resistance Against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in Brassica juncea-Erucastrum cardaminoides Introgression Lines. ETI, GWAS, MTAs, PAMPs
18  2019 Development of high oleic peanut lines through marker-assisted introgression of mutant ahFAD2 alleles and its fatty acid profiles under open-field and controlled conditions. AS-PCR, CAPS, HO, LLS, MABC, RP
19  2019 Evaluation and Identification of Promising Introgression Lines Derived From Wild Cajanus Species for Broadening the Genetic Base of Cultivated Pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.]. AICRP, AMMI, ies, IVTs, REML
20  2019 Genetic dissection of developmental responses of agro-morphological traits under different doses of nutrient fertilizers using high-density SNP markers. FATs, MAS, NuUE, SNP, tGBS
21  2019 Identification of a novel locus, BPH38(t), conferring resistance to brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens Stal.) using early backcross population in rice (Oryza sativa L.). BPH, SNP
22  2019 Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with Nutrient Use Efficiency Traits, Using SNP Markers in an Early Backcross Population of Rice (Oryza sativa L.). AE, NuUE, PFP, SNP
23  2019 Introgression and monitoring of wild Helianthus praecox alien segments associated with Sclerotinia basal stalk rot resistance in sunflower using genotyping-by-sequencing. BSR, DI, DM, GBS
24  2019 Introgression lines of Solanum sitiens, a wild nightshade of the Atacama Desert, in the genome of cultivated tomato. SNP
25  2019 Molecular and genetic analysis of defensive responses of Brassica juncea - B. fruticulosa introgression lines to Sclerotinia infection. DEFL, GBS
26  2019 Overdominance is the major genetic basis of lint yield heterosis in interspecific hybrids between G. hirsutum and G. barbadense. ODO
27  2019 QTL analysis for yield and fibre quality traits using three sets of introgression lines developed from three Gossypium hirsutum race stocks. QTL, SSR, TM-1
28  2018 Genetic Dissection and Simultaneous Improvement of Drought and Low Nitrogen Tolerances by Designed QTL Pyramiding in Rice. DQP, DT, GSR, HHZ, KASP, LN, LNT
29  2018 Identification of minor effect QTLs for plant architecture related traits using super high density genotyping and large recombinant inbred population in maize (Zea mays). GBS, PATs, RILs
30  2018 Natural genetic variation in C. elegans identified genomic loci controlling metabolite levels. aa, FA, mQTL, RILs
31  2018 QTL and QTL networks for cold tolerance at the reproductive stage detected using selective introgression in rice. CT, FGUs, LD
32  2018 QTL Mapping for Fiber Quality and Yield Traits Based on Introgression Lines Derived from Gossypium hirsutum G. tomentosum. PVE, SLAF-seq, SNP
33  2018 Simultaneous Improvement and Genetic Dissection of Drought Tolerance Using Selected Breeding Populations of Rice. SSR
34  2017 A major locus involved in the formation of the radial oxygen loss barrier in adventitious roots of teosinte Zea nicaraguensis is located on the short-arm of chromosome 3. ROL
35  2017 Cytogenetic and Molecular Characterization of B-Genome Introgression Lines of Brassica napus L. fl-GISH
36  2017 Development and Genetic Characterization of Advanced Backcross Materials and An Introgression Line Population of Solanum incanum in a S. melongena Background. ABs
37  2017 Exploiting Natural Variation to Discover Candidate Genes Involved in Photosynthesis-Related Traits. ---
38  2017 Genetic Architecture and Molecular Networks Underlying Leaf Thickness in Desert-Adapted Tomato Solanum pennellii. ---
39  2017 Genetic Dissection of Seedling Stage Salinity Tolerance in Rice Using Introgression Lines of a Salt Tolerant Landrace Nona Bokra. GO, QTL
40  2017 Harnessing the hidden genetic diversity for improving multiple abiotic stress tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.). ---
41  2017 Identification and validation of QTLs for seedling salinity tolerance in introgression lines of a salt tolerant rice landrace 'Pokkali'. GBS, SIS
42  2017 Identification of Pm58 from Aegilops tauschii. ---
43  2017 Integrated RNA Sequencing and QTL Mapping to Identify Candidate Genes from Oryza rufipogon Associated with Salt Tolerance at the Seedling Stage. DEGs
44  2017 Introgression of Shoot Fly (Atherigona soccata L. Moench) Resistance QTLs into Elite Post-rainy Season Sorghum Varieties Using Marker Assisted Backcrossing (MABC). MABC
45  2017 Mapping resistance responses to Sclerotinia infestation in introgression lines of Brassica juncea carrying genomic segments from wild Brassicaceae B. fruticulosa. Fl-GISH, MTAs
46  2017 Mechanisms of Transmission Ratio Distortion at Hybrid Sterility Loci Within and Between Mimulus Species. hms1, hms2, TRD
47  2017 Trait and Marker Associations in Oryza nivara and O. rufipogon Derived Rice Lines under Two Different Heat Stress Conditions. SMA, YPP
48  2017 Two Loci Contribute Epistastically to Heterospecific Pollen Rejection, a Postmating Isolating Barrier Between Species. DILs, SI, UI
49  2016 A new genomic library of melon introgression lines in a cantaloupe genetic background for dissecting desirable agronomical traits. ---
50  2016 Alteration of wheat vernalization requirement by alien chromosome-mediated transposition of MITE. CS, MITE
51  2016 Breeding Potential of Introgression Lines Developed from Interspecific Crossing between Upland Cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) and Gossypium barbadense: Heterosis, Combining Ability and Genetic Effects. SCA
52  2016 Contrasting invertebrate immune defense behaviors caused by a single gene, the Caenorhabditis elegans neuropeptide receptor gene npr-1. RILs
53  2016 Genetic and Epigenetic Alterations of Brassica nigra Introgression Lines from Somatic Hybridization: A Resource for Cauliflower Improvement. ---
54  2016 Genomic structure analysis of a set of Oryza nivara introgression lines and identification of yield-associated QTLs using whole-genome resequencing. ---
55  2016 Identification of a Solanum pennellii Chromosome 4 Fruit Flavor and Nutritional Quality-Associated Metabolite QTL. ---
56  2016 Identification of Loci Affecting Accumulation of Secondary Metabolites in Tomato Fruit of a Solanum lycopersicum Solanum chmielewskii Introgression Line Population. ---
57  2016 Mapping of fiber quality QTLs reveals useful variation and footprints of cotton domestication using introgression lines. ---
58  2016 Molecular breeding for introgression of fatty acid desaturase mutant alleles (ahFAD2A and ahFAD2B) enhances oil quality in high and low oil containing peanut genotypes. MABC, MAS
59  2016 Quantitative Trait Loci and Inter-Organ Partitioning for Essential Metal and Toxic Analogue Accumulation in Barley. QTL
60  2016 Recent progress on the genetics and molecular breeding of brown planthopper resistance in rice. BPH, MABC, NILs, PLs
61  2016 Single R Gene Introgression Lines for Accurate Dissection of the Brassica - Leptosphaeria Pathosystem. Avr, DH
62  2016 Solanum pennellii backcross inbred lines (BILs) link small genomic bins with tomato traits. BILs, SNP
63  2015 Development and GBS-genotyping of introgression lines (ILs) using two wild species of rice, O. meridionalis and O. rufipogon, in a common recurrent parent, O.sativa cv. Curinga. GBS
64  2015 Development, identification and utilization of introgression lines using Chinese endemic and synthetic wheat as donors. GNS, PH, SL, SSR
65  2015 Genotype-dependent lifespan effects in peptone deprived Caenorhabditis elegans. ---
66  2015 Marker assisted accelerated introgression of null allele of kunitz trypsin inhibitor in soybean. KTI, RPGC, TIC
67  2015 Pore size regulates operating stomatal conductance, while stomatal densities drive the partitioning of conductance between leaf sides. QTL
68  2014 Genome-wide response to selection and genetic basis of cold tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L.). CT, FGUs
69  2014 Linking ecophysiological modelling with quantitative genetics to support marker-assisted crop design for improved yields of rice (Oryza sativa) under drought stress. ---
70  2014 Marker-assisted introgression of a QTL region to improve rust resistance in three elite and popular varieties of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.). MABC
71  2014 Red pericarp introgression lines derived from interspecific crosses of rice: physicochemical characteristics, antioxidative properties and phenolic content. CAT, SOD
72  2014 The genome of the stress-tolerant wild tomato species Solanum pennellii. ---
73  2014 Wild barley introgression lines revealed novel QTL alleles for root and related shoot traits in the cultivated barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). GH, QTL, RDW, RL, RV, TIL
74  2013 A quantitative genetic basis for leaf morphology in a set of precisely defined tomato introgression lines. ---
75  2013 Chilling-induced water stress: variation in shoot turgor maintenance among wild tomato species from diverse habitats. ---
76  2013 Fine genetic mapping of RXopJ4, a bacterial spot disease resistance locus from Solanum pennellii LA716. QTL, Sp, Xp
77  2013 Flooding tolerance in interspecific introgression lines containing chromosome segments from teosinte (Zea nicaraguensis) in maize (Zea mays subsp. mays). QTL
78  2013 General combining ability of most yield-related traits had a genetic basis different from their corresponding traits per se in a set of maize introgression lines. GCA
79  2013 Genetic mapping of variation in dauer larvae development in growing populations of Caenorhabditis elegans. ---
80  2013 Genome-wide analysis of histone modifiers in tomato: gaining an insight into their developmental roles. HATs, HDACs, HDMs, HMs, HMTs, HPTMs
81  2013 Identification of combining ability loci for five yield-related traits in maize using a set of testcrosses with introgression lines. GCA, SCA
82  2013 Identification of quantitative trait loci in rye introgression lines carrying multiple donor chromosome segments. DCS
83  2013 Novel natural genetic variation controlling the competence to form adventitious roots and shoots from the tomato wild relative Solanum pennellii. ---
84  2013 QTL mapping and correlation analysis for 1000-grain weight and percentage of grains with chalkiness in rice. BTGW, PGWC, PTGW, QTL
85  2013 Resolution by recombination: breaking up Solanum pennellii introgressions. QTL
86  2013 Sequence-based SSR marker development and their application in defining the Introgressions of LA0716 (Solanum pennellii) in the background of cv. M82 (Solanum lycopersicum). ---
87  2013 The interactive effects of transgenically overexpressed 1Ax1 with various HMW-GS combinations on dough quality by introgression of exogenous subunits into an elite Chinese Wheat variety. HMW-GS
88  2012 Differential modulation of photosynthesis, signaling, and transcriptional regulation between tolerant and sensitive tomato genotypes under cold stress. GO, ROS
89  2012 High-resolution mapping of a fruit firmness-related quantitative trait locus in tomato reveals epistatic interactions associated with a complex combinatorial locus. ERF, PME, QTL, s.p
90  2012 Identification of a BAHD acetyltransferase that produces protective acyl sugars in tomato trichomes. ---
91  2012 Identification of quantitative trait loci affecting hemicellulose characteristics based on cell wall composition in a wild and cultivated rice species. AX, MLG, QTL
92  2012 Identification of salt-tolerant QTLs with strong genetic background effect using two sets of reciprocal introgression lines in rice. DSS, E-QTLs, M-QTLs, QTL, RILs, SST, ST
93  2012 Identification of stably expressed QTL for heading date using reciprocal introgression line and recombinant inbred line populations in rice. HD, RILs
94  2012 Metabolic profiling of a mapping population exposes new insights in the regulation of seed metabolism and seed, fruit, and plant relations. mQTL
95  2012 Molecular diversity, genomic constitution, and QTL mapping of fiber quality by mapped SSRs in introgression lines derived from Gossypium hirsutumG. darwinii Watt. ---
96  2012 Using chromosome introgression lines to map quantitative trait loci for photosynthesis parameters in rice (Oryza sativa L.) leaves under drought and well-watered field conditions. PSII, SSR
97  2011 Development of upland rice introgression lines and identification of QTLsfor basal root thickness under different water regimes. BRT
98  2011 Discovery of quantitative trait loci for crossability from a synthetic wheatgenotype. IM
99  2011 Genetic analysis of heterotic loci detected in a cross between indica and japonica rice (Oryza sativa L.). HL
100  2011 Identification of heterotic loci associated with yield-related traits in Chinese common wild rice (Oryza rufipogon Griff.). ---