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2020 A biophysical strategy to examine the impact of newly synthesized polymerizable ammonium-based ionic liquids on the structural stability and proteolytic activity of stem bromelain. BMN, Tm
2020 A Pictorial View of Viscosity in Ionic Liquids and the Link to Nanostructural Heterogeneity. ---
2020 A space-confined strategy toward large-area two-dimensional crystals of ionic liquid. ---
2020 A study into the species sensitivity of green algae towards imidazolium-based ionic liquids using flow cytometry. C. vulgaris, Cl, S. quadricauda
2020 Adsorption Separation of Cr(VI) from a Water Phase Using Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube-Immobilized Ionic Liquids. ---
2020 Alkyl chain length affecting uptake of imidazolium based ionic liquids by ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.). ---
2020 An Overview on the Toxicological Properties of Ionic Liquids toward Microorganisms. ---
2020 Anticancer Activity of Rutin and Its Combination with Ionic Liquids on Renal Cells. RCC
2020 Anticrystal Engineering of Ketoprofen and Ester Local Anesthetics: Ionic Liquids or Deep Eutectic Mixtures? BEN, DEMs, KET, LA, PRO, TET
10  2020 Aqueous Co-Solvent in Zwitterionic-based Protic Ionic Liquids as Electrolytes in 2.0 V Supercapacitors. Bet, EOA, MSA, MSAH, PILs, WcS, ZPILs
11  2020 Are (fluorinated) ionic liquids relevant environmental contaminants? High-resolution mass spectrometric screening for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in environmental water samples led to the detection of a fluorinated ionic liquid. FF, PFASs, TFMSA
12  2020 Assessing the ecotoxicity of ionic liquids on Vibrio fischeri using electrostatic potential descriptors. ELM, RMSE
13  2020 Atomic Force and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Ordered Ionic Liquid Wetting Layers from 110 K up to Room Temperature. ---
14  2020 Biocompatible Ionic Liquid Enhances Transdermal Antigen Peptide Delivery and Preventive Vaccination Effect. ---
15  2020 Bioreactor Membranes for Laccase Immobilization Optimized by Ionic Liquids and Cross-Linking Agents. Ch ol, Chol, Fo, PILM, PIM, PVC, RBBR
16  2020 Can the selectivity of phosphonium based ionic liquids be exploited as stationary phase for routine gas chromatography? A case study: The use of trihexyl(tetradecyl) phosphonium chloride in the flavor, fragrance and natural product fields. GC, MAOT, SPs
17  2020 Cation and anion effect on the biodegradability and toxicity of imidazolium- and choline-based ionic liquids. ---
18  2020 Chain Length Dependence of Hydrogen Bond Linkages between Cationic Constituents in Hydroxy-Functionalized Ionic Liquids: Tracking Bulk Behavior to the Molecular Level with Cold Cluster Ion Spectroscopy. ---
19  2020 Characterization of Ethylene-propylene Composites Filled with Perlite and Vermiculite Minerals: Mechanical, Barrier, and Flammability Properties. AMIMTFSI, BMIMTFSI, phr
20  2020 Charge oscillations in ionic liquids: A microscopic cluster model. BSK
21  2020 Chiral Ionic Liquids: Structural Diversity, Properties and Applications in Selected Separation Techniques. ABS, CILs, IL
22  2020 Chitin-glucan complex - Based biopolymeric structures using biocompatible ionic liquids. CGC, ChGC
23  2020 Cobalt Extraction from Sulfate/Chloride Media with Trioctyl(alkyl)phosphonium Chloride Ionic Liquids. ---
24  2020 Comparative Study of M[N(SO2F)(SO2CF3)]-[N-Butyl-N-methylpyrroridinium][N(SO2F)(SO2CF3)] (M = Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs) Ionic Liquid Electrolytes. FTA, PC
25  2020 Comparing ion transport in ionic liquids and polymerized ionic liquids. ADs, PolyILs
26  2020 Comparison of the Extraction Efficiency of Isoflavone Compounds from Puerariae lobatae by Ionic Liquids with 11 Anions and 8 Imidazolium-Based Cations. ---
27  2020 Competitive Adsorption of Lubricant Base Oil and Ionic Liquid Additives at Air/Liquid and Solid/Liquid Interfaces. SFG
28  2020 Conformational Free-Energy Landscapes of Alanine Dipeptide in Hydrated Ionic Liquids from Enhanced Sampling Methods. ABF, ADP, Cho, IL, MetaD, WT-MetaD
29  2020 Connecting Correlated and Uncorrelated Transport to Dynamics of Ionic Interactions in Cyclic Ammonium-Based Ionic Liquids. MSDs
30  2020 Continuous Molecular Representations of Ionic Liquids. ML, VAEs
31  2020 Controlling "like-likes-like" charge attraction in hydroxy-functionalized ionic liquids by polarizability of the cations, interaction strength of the anions and varying alkyl chain length. c-a, c-c, DSC, HOCn, IR
32  2020 Controlling the nanoscale friction by layered ionic liquid films. AFM
33  2020 COSMO-RS Based Prediction for Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA) Extraction from Microalgae Biomass Using Room Temperature Ionic Liquids (RTILs). ALA, COSMO-RS, PUFA, RTILs
34  2020 Coupling of Bioreaction and Separation via Novel Thermosensitive Ionic Liquids Applied in the Baker's Yeast-Catalyzed Reduction of Ethyl 2-oxo-4-phenylbutyrate. ee, EHPB, EOPB, PTT, RSCP, TIBS
35  2020 Creation of Nonspherical Microparticles through Osmosis-Driven Arrested Coalescence of Microfluidic Emulsions. ---
36  2020 CYP3A4 and microRNA-122 are involved in the apoptosis of HepG2 cells induced by ILs 1-decyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide. CYP3A4, GLUT2, miR-122
37  2020 Degradation mechanism of Saccharomyces cerevisiae beta-D-glucan by ionic liquid and dynamic high pressure microfluidization. EMIMAc, HPM
38  2020 Designing Imidazolium Poly(amide-amide) and Poly(amide-imide) Ionenes and Their Interactions with Mono- and Tris(imidazolium) Ionic Liquids. PA, PAA, PAI, PI
39  2020 Determination of Ferulic Acid in Angelica sinensis by Temperature-Controlled Hydrophobic Ionic Liquids-Based Ultrasound/Heating-Assisted Extraction Coupled with High Performance Liquid Chromatography. FA, HPLC, RSD, TC-ILs-UHAE
40  2020 Developing New Inexpensive Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids with High Thermal Stability and a Greener Synthetic Profile. RTILs
41  2020 Development of a w/o emulsion using ionic liquid strategy for transdermal delivery of anti - aging component alpha - lipoic acid: Mechanism of different ionic liquids on skin retention and efficacy evaluation. ALA, ALA - TEOA, SC, VED
42  2020 Development of Nanoscale Hybrids from Ionic Liquid-Peptide Amphiphile Assemblies as New Functional Materials. AFM, ThrC7
43  2020 Development, formulation and optimization of a novel biocompatible ionic liquids dispersant for the effective oil spill remediation. ---
44  2020 Diffusion of Ions in Phosphonium Orthoborate Ionic Liquids Studied by 1H and 11B Pulsed Field Gradient NMR. PFG
45  2020 Dissolution and regeneration of silk from silkworm Bombyx mori in ionic liquids and its application to medical biomaterials. SF
46  2020 Dissolving Cellulose in 1,2,3-Triazolium- and Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids with Aromatic Anions. MD, NHCs
47  2020 Disturbance of chiral ionic liquids to phototaxis of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: regular analysis and mechanism attempt. AFM, BMIM L, ROS
48  2020 Dual mechanism of ionic liquid-induced protein unfolding. EMIM
49  2020 Dyeing of m-Aramid Fibers in Ionic Liquids. ---
50  2020 Effect of Hydrogen Bonding between Ions of Like Charge on the Boundary Layer Friction of Hydroxy-Functionalized Ionic Liquids. ---
51  2020 Effect of SILPs on the Vulcanization and Properties of Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Elastomer. SILP
52  2020 Effect of the Ionic Liquid Structure on the Melt Processability of Polyacrylonitrile Fibers. PAN
53  2020 Effect of Water on Molecular and Transport Phenomena Behaviors of [Bmim][Ac]/Water/CO2, Using Molecular Dynamics Strategy. ---
54  2020 Effects of Nitridation and Vinylation of Imidazolium Rings on Hydrogen Bonding Interactions, pi-pi-Stacking Structures, and Dynamical Heterogeneities in Imidazolium and Triazolium Ionic Liquids. ---
55  2020 Efficacy of imidazolium and piperidinium based ionic liquids on inhibiting biofilm formation on titanium and carbon steel surfaces. IL-E
56  2020 Efficiency of capillary GC columns based on phosphonium ionic liquids. ---
57  2020 Efficiency of Ionic Liquids-Based Aqueous Two-phase Electrophoresis for Partition of Cytochrome c. ATPES
58  2020 Electric field control of ordered oxygen vacancy planes and antiferromagnetic structures in strontium cobaltite. AFM
59  2020 Electrotunable Lubrication with Ionic Liquids: the Effects of Cation Chain Length and Substrate Polarity. ---
60  2020 Encapsulation of Ionic Liquids for Tailored Applications. ---
61  2020 Encapsulation of ionic liquids inside cucurbiturils. ITC, MD
62  2020 Enhanced extraction of astaxanthin using aqueous biphasic systems composed of ionic liquids and potassiumphosphate. ABS
63  2020 Enhanced extraction of phenol from model oils using ionic liquids elucidated with neutron diffraction. COM
64  2020 Enhanced ionic conductivity in poly(vinylidene fluoride) electrospun separator membranes blended with different ionic liquids for lithium ion batteries. LIBs, PVDF
65  2020 Evaluation of Chemical Reactivity and Stability of Ionic Liquids Using Ab Initio and COSMO-RS model. BMIM, HEPMIM, HMIM, HOMO, LUMO, OMIM, PMIM
66  2020 Evaluation of tetraalkylammonium amino acid ionic liquids as chiral ligands in ligand-exchange capillary electrophoresis. CE, LE-CE, Rs, TAA-AAILs, TMA-l-Arg, TMA-l-Glu, TMA-l-Pro
67  2020 Evidence of Direct Dissolution of CO2 into the Ionic Liquid [C4min] [NTf2] during Their Initial Interaction. FJSB, KW method, VFT
68  2020 Expanding the Solubility Parameter Method MOSCED to Pyridinium-, Quinolinium-, Pyrrolidinium-, Piperidinium-, Bicyclic-, Morpholinium-, Ammonium-, Phosphonium-, and Sulfonium-Based Ionic Liquids. ---
69  2020 Extraction of basil seed mucilage using ionic liquid and preparation of AuNps/mucilage nanocomposite for catalytic degradation of dye. BSM
70  2020 Fabrication of heteroatom doped NFP-MWCNT and NFB-MWCNT nanocomposite from imidazolium ionic liquid functionalized MWCNT for antibiofilm and wound healing in Wistar rats: Synthesis, characterization, in-vitro and in-vivo studies. A-MWCNT, MWCNT
71  2020 Fabrication of ILs-Assisted AgTaO3 Nanoparticles for the Water Splitting Reaction: The Effect of ILs on Morphology and Photoactivity. SSR
72  2020 Facile synthesis of tellurium nano- and microstructures by trace HCl in ionic liquids. Te
73  2020 Flame Retardant-Functionalized Cotton Cellulose Using Phosphonate-Based Ionic Liquids. DIMIM, EMIM
74  2020 Forcing Dicyanamide Coordination to f-Elements by Dissolution in Dicyanamide-Based Ionic Liquids. ---
75  2020 Freezing the Motion in Hydroxy-Functionalized Ionic Liquids-Temperature Dependent NMR Deuteron Quadrupole Coupling Constants for Two Types of Hydrogen Bonds Far below the Glass Transition. c-a, DQCCs
76  2020 From protein and its hydration water dynamics to controlling mechano-elasticity of cellular lipid membranes and cell migration via ionic liquids. ---
77  2020 Functionalized ionic liquids-supported metal organic frameworks for dispersive solid phase extraction of sulfonamide antibiotics in water samples. HPLC-DAD, NTf2, SAs, Zr-MOFs
78  2020 Heterogeneity in the microstructure and dynamics of tetraalkylammonium hydroxide ionic liquids: insight from classical molecular dynamics simulations and Voronoi tessellation analysis. MD, NG, TBAH, TEAH, TPAH
79  2020 Heterogenized Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids in PebaxRnew. Thermal, Gas Transport and Antimicrobial Properties. DMSIP, DSC, OOMmim
80  2020 Highly efficient cellulose dissolution by alkaline ionic liquids. CI
81  2020 How Does Addition of Lithium Salt Influence the Structure and Dynamics of Choline Chloride-Based Deep Eutectic Solvents? DESs, EPR, NMR
82  2020 How Molecular Chiralities of Bis(mandelato)borate Anions Affect Their Binding Structures With Alkali Metal Ions and Microstructural Properties in Tetraalkylphosphonium Ionic Liquids. ---
83  2020 How thermal stability of ionic liquids leads to more efficient TiO2-based nanophotocatalysts: Theoretical and experimental studies. ---
84  2020 How Viscous Is the Solidlike Structure at the Interface of Ionic Liquids? A Study Using Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Spectroscopy with a Fluorescent Molecular Probe Sensitive to High Viscosity. Ph-DER, TIRF
85  2020 Hydrogen bonding of ionic liquids in the groove region of DNA controls the extent of its stabilization: synthesis, spectroscopic and simulation studies. DETMG, TMG
86  2020 Hydrogen Bonds in Disulfonic-Functionalized Acid Ionic Liquids for Efficient Biodiesel Synthesis. DFT, DSFAILs
87  2020 Hydrogen-bonded host-guest systems are stable in ionic liquids. ---
88  2020 Imidazolium based ionic liquid derivatives; synthesis and evaluation of inhibitory effect on mild steel corrosion in hydrochloric acid solution. AFM, SEM
89  2020 Imidazolium-based ionic liquids cause mammalian cell death due to modulated structures and dynamics of cellular membrane. ---
90  2020 Impact of chronic exposure to the ionic liquid ([C8mim][PF6]) on intestinal physical barrier, immunological barrier and gut microbiota in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.). ---
91  2020 Implication of Threonine-based Ionic Liquids towards the Structural Stability, Binding and Activity of Cytochrome c. cyt c, ITC, TEM
92  2020 Improved coarse-grain model to unravel the phase behavior of 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium-based ionic liquids through molecular dynamics simulations. AA, CMC, FF, MD
93  2020 Improving dermal delivery of hyaluronic acid by ionic liquids for attenuating skin dehydration. HA, TEWL
94  2020 In vitro cytotoxicity assessment of monocationic and dicationic pyridinium-based ionic liquids on HeLa, MCF-7, BGM and EA.hy926 cell lines. ---
95  2020 Inactivation Mechanism of 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium-Based Ionic Liquid on beta-Glucosidase Produced by Paenibacillus sp. LLZ1 and Enhanced Activity Using a Surfactant. BG, CD
96  2020 Induced Protic Behaviour in Aprotonic Ionic Liquids by Anion Basicity for Efficient Carbon Dioxide Capture. ---
97  2020 Influence of alkyl chain substitution of ammonium ionic liquids on the activity and stability of tobacco etch virus protease. DEAP, MD, RMSD, TEAP, TEV
98  2020 Influence of Anion Structure on Thermal, Mechanical and CO2 Solubility Properties of UV-Cross-Linked Poly(ethylene glycol) Diacrylate Iongels. CN, PEGDA
99  2020 Influence of osmolytes and ionic liquids on the Bacteriorhodopsin structure in the absence and presence of oxidative stress: A combined experimental and computational study. MD, PCA, SASA
100  2020 Insight into the interaction between arabinoxylan and imidazolium acetate-based ionic liquids. AmimAc, Bmim Ac, EMIMAc, HOemimAc, PrmimAc