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Long Form:   iron-responsive elements
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Iron metabolic pathways in the processes of sponge plasticity. ADGB, IRP1, NGB
2019 Glycogen branching enzyme controls cellular iron homeostasis via Iron Regulatory Protein 1 and mitoNEET. AGBE, IRP1, mRNAs
2019 Regulation of cellular iron metabolism: Iron-dependent degradation of IRP by SCFFBXL5 ubiquitin ligase. ---
2019 Relevance of the iron-responsive element (IRE) pseudotriloop structure for IRP1/2 binding and validation of IRE-like structures using the yeast three-hybrid system. ALAS2, EPAS1, FTL, IRE, IRPs, UTRs
2018 Manganese causes neurotoxic iron accumulation via translational repression of amyloid precursor protein and H-Ferritin. 5'-UTRs, APP, H-Ferritin, IC-ICP-MS, Mn, PD
2018 Methods for Studying Iron Regulatory Protein 1: An Important Protein in Human Iron Metabolism. ---
2018 Regulation of transferrin receptor-1 mRNA by the interplay between IRE-binding proteins and miR-7/miR-141 in the 3'-IRE stem-loops. 3'-UTR, IRPs, TfR1
2018 The roles of hypoxia-inducible Factor-1 and iron regulatory protein 1 in iron uptake induced by acute hypoxia. DMT1, HIF-1alpha, HREs, IRP1, LDH
2017 A drastic superoxide-dependent oxidative stress is prerequisite for the down-regulation of IRP1: Insights from studies on SOD1-deficient mice and macrophages treated with paraquat. IRP1, SOD1
10  2017 Effect of iron on cholesterol 7alpha-hydroxylase expression in alcohol-induced hepatic steatosis in mice. AFLD, CYP7A1, IRPs, UTRs
11  2016 EGFR regulates iron homeostasis to promote cancer growth through redistribution of transferrin receptor 1. EGFR, IRPs, TfR1
12  2016 Transferrin receptor mRNA interactions contributing to iron homeostasis. IRPs
13  2015 Iron misregulation and neurodegenerative disease in mouse models that lack iron regulatory proteins. IRPs
14  2015 Iron Regulatory Protein 1 Suppresses Hypoxia-Induced Iron Uptake Proteins Expression and Decreases Iron Levels in HepG2 Cells. DMT1, HIF-1, HREs, IRP1, LDH, LIP, UTR
15  2015 SIRT3 regulates cellular iron metabolism and cancer growth by repressing iron regulatory protein 1. IRPs
16  2014 Electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA) for the study of RNA-protein interactions: the IRE/IRP example. EMSA, UTRs
17  2014 Hypoxia induced changes in expression of proteins involved in iron uptake and storage in cultured lens epithelial cells. HIF, HRE, IRP, LEC, ROS, TfR
18  2014 Involvement of the iron regulatory protein from Eisenia andrei earthworms in the regulation of cellular iron homeostasis. IRPs, UTR
19  2014 The IRP/IRE system in vivo: insights from mouse models. ALAS2, HIF2alpha, TfR1
20  2014 The physiological functions of iron regulatory proteins in iron homeostasis - an update. IRPs
21  2013 Abnormal body iron distribution and erythropoiesis in a novel mouse model with inducible gain of iron regulatory protein (IRP)-1 function. IRP, IRP1
22  2012 Accommodating variety in iron-responsive elements: Crystal structure of transferrin receptor 1 B IRE bound to iron regulatory protein 1. Ftn H, IRPs
23  2012 Mammalian iron metabolism and its control by iron regulatory proteins. ---
24  2012 The bifunctional role of aconitase in Streptomyces viridochromogenes Tu494. IRPs
25  2011 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin impairs iron homeostasis by modulating iron-related proteins expression and increasing the labile iron pool in mammalian cells. LIP, TCDD, TfR1
26  2011 Iron regulatory protein 1 outcompetes iron regulatory protein 2 in regulating cellular iron homeostasis in response to nitric oxide. Ft, IRPs
27  2011 Iron regulatory protein-1 and -2: transcriptome-wide definition of binding mRNAs and shaping of the cellular proteome by iron regulatory proteins. IRPs
28  2011 Redox control of iron regulatory protein 2 stability. IRP2
29  2011 Two covariance models for iron-responsive elements. IRPs, UTRs
30  2010 Iron regulatory proteins: from molecular mechanisms to drug development. IRPs
31  2010 Multiple determinants within iron-responsive elements dictate iron regulatory protein binding and regulatory hierarchy. IRPs
32  2009 Chlamydia trachomatis alters iron-regulatory protein-1 binding capacity and modulates cellular iron homeostasis in HeLa-229 cells. CT, IRP, TfR
33  2009 Responsiveness of Trichomonas vaginalis to iron concentrations: evidence for a post-transcriptional iron regulation by an IRE/IRP-like system. UTRs
34  2008 An iron responsive element-like stem-loop regulates alpha-hemoglobin-stabilizing protein mRNA. AHSP, IRPs, UTR
35  2008 HOIL-1 is not required for iron-mediated IRP2 degradation in HEK293 cells. aa, HEK293, HOIL-1, IRP2
36  2008 Insights on regulation and function of the iron regulatory protein 1 (IRP1). ICS, IRP1
37  2008 Interaction of anthracyclines with iron responsive element mRNAs. IRPs
38  2008 Iron-independent phosphorylation of iron regulatory protein 2 regulates ferritin during the cell cycle. IRP2
39  2008 Tempol-mediated activation of latent iron regulatory protein activity prevents symptoms of neurodegenerative disease in IRP2 knockout mice. TfR1
40  2008 The functional duality of iron regulatory protein 1. ---
41  2007 Excess capacity of the iron regulatory protein system. TfR1
42  2007 Iron-dependent RNA-binding activity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis aconitase. ACN, ideR, IRPs, TCA, UTRs
43  2007 Iron/IRP-1-dependent regulation of mRNA expression for transferrin receptor, DMT1 and ferritin during human erythroid differentiation. DMT1, EMSA, EPO, IGF-I, IRP, SCF, TfR
44  2007 Overexpression of iron regulatory protein 1 suppresses growth of tumor xenografts. IRP1, TfR1
45  2006 Crystal structure of human iron regulatory protein 1 as cytosolic aconitase. IRPs
46  2006 Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of iron regulatory protein 1 in complex with ferritin IRE RNA. IRP1
47  2006 Iron regulation and the cell cycle: identification of an iron-responsive element in the 3'-untranslated region of human cell division cycle 14A mRNA by a refined microarray-based screening strategy. IRPs
48  2006 Iron regulatory protein-independent regulation of ferritin synthesis by nitrogen monoxide. SNP, TfR
49  2006 Of two cytosolic aconitases expressed in Drosophila, only one functions as an iron-regulatory protein. ---
50  2006 Role of HIF-1 in iron regulation: potential therapeutic strategy for neurodegenerative disorders. HIF, HO-1, HREs, IRPs, TfR
51  2006 Structure of dual function iron regulatory protein 1 complexed with ferritin IRE-RNA. IRP1, mRNAs
52  2006 The role of iron regulatory proteins in mammalian iron homeostasis and disease. ---
53  2006 [The role of iron regulatory proteins (IRPs) in the regulation of systemic iron homeostasis: lessons from studies on IRP1 and IRP2 knock out mice]. IRPs, UTR
54  2005 Divalent metal transporter 1. DMT1
55  2005 Increased IRP1 activity in Friedreich ataxia. FRDA, ISC
56  2004 A characterization of the activities of iron regulatory protein 1 in various farm animal species. IRP1
57  2004 Crassostrea gigas ferritin: cDNA sequence analysis for two heavy chain type subunits and protein purification. cDNA, EST, RACE, UTRs
58  2004 Detection of intracellular iron by its regulatory effect. IRPs, NGAL
59  2004 Iron metabolism and the IRE/IRP regulatory system: an update. ---
60  2003 A high-capacity RNA affinity column for the purification of human IRP1 and IRP2 overexpressed in Pichia pastoris. ---
61  2003 A phosphomimetic mutation at Ser-138 renders iron regulatory protein 1 sensitive to iron-dependent degradation. IRP1
62  2003 Effects of iron regulatory protein regulation on iron homeostasis during hypoxia. DMT1, Ft, mAco, TfR, UTR
63  2003 Identification of two novel mutations in the 5'-untranslated region of H-ferritin using denaturing high performance liquid chromatography scanning. 5'UTR, HPLC
64  2003 Nitric oxide and peroxynitrite promote complete disruption of the [4Fe-4S] cluster of recombinant human iron regulatory protein 1. IRP1, SOD
65  2003 Role of nitric oxide in cellular iron metabolism. IFN-gamma, LPS, TfR, UTR
66  2002 An iron-responsive element type II in the 5'-untranslated region of the Alzheimer's amyloid precursor protein transcript. 5'-UTR, APP, IRP
67  2002 Cloning and molecular characterization of two mosquito iron regulatory proteins. IRPs
68  2002 Conditional derepression of ferritin synthesis in cells expressing a constitutive IRP1 mutant. IRP1
69  2002 Down-regulation of liver iron-regulatory protein 1 in haemochromatosis. HH, IRPs
70  2002 Erythroblast iron metabolism in sideroblastic and sideropenic states. ACD, IDA, IRPs, sTfR, TfR
71  2002 Hereditary hyperferritinaemia/ cataract syndrome. HHCS, IRPs, UTRs
72  2002 Iron deficiency can upregulate expression of transferrin receptor at both the mRNA and protein level. DFO, IRPs, TfR, TfR2, UTR
73  2002 Nitric oxide-mediated modulation of iron regulatory proteins: implication for cellular iron homeostasis. IFN-gamma, LPS, TfR, UTR
74  2002 Nitrogen monoxide-mediated control of ferritin synthesis: implications for macrophage iron homeostasis. NO, SNP
75  2002 Pathogenesis of hyperferritinemia cataract syndrome. HHCS, IRE, UTRs
76  2002 Recycling of RNA binding iron regulatory protein 1 into an aconitase after nitric oxide removal depends on mitochondrial ATP. IRPs, NO
77  2002 The Brome mosaic virus subgenomic promoter hairpin is structurally similar to the iron-responsive element and functionally equivalent to the minus-strand core promoter stem-loop C. BMV, RdRp, sg
78  2001 Iron: deficiencies and requirements. IRPs
79  2001 IRP1 activation by extracellular oxidative stress in the perfused rat liver. ---
80  2001 Modulation of cellular iron metabolism by hydrogen peroxide. Effects of H2O2 on the expression and function of iron-responsive element-containing mRNAs in B6 fibroblasts. IRP, TfR
81  2001 Regulation of the 75-kDa subunit of mitochondrial complex I by iron. ---
82  2001 Targeted deletion of the gene encoding iron regulatory protein-2 causes misregulation of iron metabolism and neurodegenerative disease in mice. IRPs, TFRC
83  2001 The intracellular location of iron regulatory proteins is altered as a function of iron status in cell cultures and rat brain. IRPs
84  2000 Internal loop/bulge and hairpin loop of the iron-responsive element of ferritin mRNA contribute to maximal iron regulatory protein 2 binding and translational regulation in the iso-iron-responsive element/iso-iron regulatory protein family. HL, IL/B, IRPs
85  2000 Iron regulatory proteins in pathobiology. ---
86  2000 Nitrogen monoxide activates iron regulatory protein 1 RNA-binding activity by two possible mechanisms: effect on the [4Fe-4S] cluster and iron mobilization from cells. DFO, IRP1, NO, SNAP, SNP, SPER-NO, UTR
87  2000 Overexpression of the ferritin iron-responsive element decreases the labile iron pool and abolishes the regulation of iron absorption by intestinal epithelial (Caco-2) cells. IRPs
88  2000 The cellular mechanisms of body iron homeostasis. IRPs
89  2000 Thyrotropin-releasing hormone and epidermal growth factor regulate iron-regulatory protein binding in pituitary cells via protein kinase C-dependent and -independent signaling pathways. EGF, MAPK, PKC, TRH
90  1999 Bacillus subtilis aconitase is an RNA-binding protein. ---
91  1999 Control of transferrin receptor expression via nitric oxide-mediated modulation of iron-regulatory protein 2. NO, SNP, TfR
92  1999 Human cytoplasmic aconitase (Iron regulatory protein 1) is converted into its [3Fe-4S] form by hydrogen peroxide in vitro but is not activated for iron-responsive element binding. IRP1
93  1999 Identification of RNA-binding surfaces in iron regulatory protein-1. ---
94  1999 Inactivation of both RNA binding and aconitase activities of iron regulatory protein-1 by quinone-induced oxidative stress. IRP-1, MSB
95  1999 Increased placental iron regulatory protein-1 expression in diabetic pregnancies complicated by fetal iron deficiency. TfR
96  1999 Iron-dependent regulation of transferrin receptor expression in Trypanosoma brucei. ESAG6, IRPs, TbACO, UTR
97  1999 Iron-regulatory proteins, iron-responsive elements and ferritin mRNA translation. IRPs, TfR
98  1999 Molecular cloning of mouse glycolate oxidase. High evolutionary conservation and presence of an iron-responsive element-like sequence in the mRNA. GOX, IRPs, UTR
99  1999 Organization of the ferritin genes in Drosophila melanogaster. BDGP, HCH, IRP, LCH, MREs, PCR
100  1999 Phylogenetic analysis of the 5-aminolevulinate synthase gene. ALS, HRMs