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Long Form:   inner root sheath
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2021 A KRT71 Loss-of-Function Variant Results in Inner Root Sheath Dysplasia and Recessive Congenital Hypotrichosis of Hereford Cattle. HY, OMIA
2021 Particulate Matters Induce Apoptosis in Human Hair Follicular Keratinocytes. MMPs, ORS, PM, ROS
2020 Low-dose oral minoxidil improves global hair density and length in children with loose anagen hair syndrome. LAHS, LDOM
2020 Single-cell Transcriptome Profiling reveals Dermal and Epithelial cell fate decisions during Embryonic Hair Follicle Development. DC, DP, IFE, t-SNE, TFs
2020 Stress-sensing in the human greying hair follicle: Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated (ATM) depletion in hair bulb melanocytes in canities-prone scalp. ATM, ROS
2019 Expression analysis of proteasome maturation protein (POMP) gene in Liaoning Cashmere goat. FGF5, IGF-1, MT, POMP
2019 [Expression pattern of mTOR subunits Raptor and Rictor in mouse hair follicle cycle]. HFSCs
2018 Development of Hair Fibres. KAP
2018 Differential expression of mTOR signaling pathway proteins in lichen planopilaris and frontal fibrosing alopecia. FFA, LPP, mTOR, ORS
10  2018 Gene Expression and Localization of LAMTOR3 in the Skin Cells of Liaoning Cashmere Goats. IGF-1, MAPK
11  2017 HOXC13 and HSP27 Expression in Skin and the Periodic Growth of Secondary Fiber Follicles from Longdong Cashmere Goats Raised in Different Production Systems. HS, ORS, SFs
12  2017 Polymorphisms of FST gene and their association with wool quality traits in Chinese Merino sheep. FST, HF, SNP
13  2017 Secretory phospholipase A2-IIA overexpressing mice exhibit cyclic alopecia mediated through aberrant hair shaft differentiation and impaired wound healing response. HFSCs, sPLA2-IIA
14  2015 A homozygous missense variant in type I keratin KRT25 causes autosomal recessive woolly hair. AR, WH
15  2015 Determination of Secondary Follicle Characteristics, Density, Activity, and Hoxc13 Expression Pattern of Hexi Cashmere Goats Breed. CTS, ORS, SF, TEM
16  2015 Two waves of anisotropic growth generate enlarged follicles in the spiny mouse. ---
17  2013 Immunolocalization of junctional proteins in human hairs indicates that the membrane complex stabilizes the inner root sheath while desmosomes contact the companion layer through specific keratins. ---
18  2012 A missense mutation within the helix initiation motif of the keratin K71 gene underlies autosomal dominant woolly hair/hypotrichosis. ADWH, ARWH, KRT71, KRT74, LIPH, LPAR6, WH
19  2012 Expression and location of phospho-Artemis (Serine516) in hair follicles during induced growth of mouse hair. IgG, ORS
20  2012 Hairless plays a role in formation of inner root sheath via regulation of Dlx3 gene. Hr, HR
21  2012 Identification of the C-terminal tail domain of AHF/trichohyalin as the critical site for modulation of the keratin filamentous meshwork in the keratinocyte. ---
22  2012 LIPH expression in skin and hair follicles of normal coat and Rex rabbits. ORS
23  2011 Cytokeratin 15 expression in central, centrifugal, cicatricial alopecia: new observations in normal and diseased hair follicles. BZ, CCCA, CK15
24  2011 Inhibition of BMP signaling in P-Cadherin positive hair progenitor cells leads to trichofolliculoma-like hair follicle neoplasias. BMPs, NSE
25  2011 Involucrin, but not filaggrin and Kdap mRNA, expression is downregulated in 3-D cultures of intact rat hair bulbs after calcium stimulation. ORS
26  2011 LPA-producing enzyme PA-PLA₁α regulates hair follicle development by modulating EGFR signalling. EGFR, LPA, TACE, TGF-alpha
27  2010 Autosomal-dominant woolly hair resulting from disruption of keratin 74 (KRT74), a potential determinant of human hair texture. ADWH, Ca, Cal4, KRT74, Rco
28  2010 c-Maf and MafB transcription factors are differentially expressed in Huxley's and Henle's layers of the inner root sheath of the hair follicle and regulate cuticle formation. ---
29  2010 Hair-cycle dependent differential expression of ADAM 10 and ADAM 12: An immunohistochemical analysis in human hair follicles in situ. ORS
30  2009 Cytokeratin 75 expression in central, centrifugal, cicatricial alopecia--new observations in normal and diseased hair follicles. CCCA
31  2009 The neuroepithelial stem cell protein nestin is a marker of the companion cell layer of the adult and developing human hair follicle. CCL, ORS
32  2008 Genetic interplays between Msx2 and Foxn1 are required for Notch1 expression and hair shaft differentiation. ---
33  2008 Heparanase 1: a key participant of inner root sheath differentiation program and hair follicle homeostasis. re
34  2008 Keratinization of outer root sheath cells is prevented by contact with inner root sheath of rat hair follicles. Kdap, ORS
35  2008 Molecular elements of the regulatory control of keratin filament modulator AHF/trichohyalin in the hair follicle. AHF, IFs, THH
36  2007 Effects of Wnt-10b on hair shaft growth in hair follicle cultures. DP
37  2007 Expression of class II beta-tubulin in non-melanoma cutaneous tumors. BCCs, CL, class II tubulin, KAs, MTs, ORS, SCCs, TEs
38  2007 In vitro degradation of the inner root sheath in human hair follicles lacking sebaceous glands. ---
39  2007 Investigation of the hair follicle inner root sheath in scarring and non-scarring alopecia. CCCA
40  2007 Mutations in the helix termination motif of mouse type I IRS keratin genes impair the assembly of keratin intermediate filament. ---
41  2007 Properties and histochemical application of a novel antibody against trichohyalin granules. BCC, SCC, THG
42  2006 Desmoglein 4 is expressed in highly differentiated keratinocytes and trichocytes in human epidermis and hair follicle. Dscs, DSG4, DSGs
43  2006 Expression of RNA-binding protein Musashi in hair follicle development and hair cycle progression. HF, Msi1, MSI2
44  2006 K25 (K25irs1), K26 (K25irs2), K27 (K25irs3), and K28 (K25irs4) represent the type I inner root sheath keratins of the human hair follicle. K25-K28
45  2006 Keratin expression provides novel insight into the morphogenesis and function of the companion layer in hair follicles. CL, K6a
46  2006 Morphologic and molecular characterization of two novel Krt71 (Krt2-6g) mutations: Krt71rco12 and Krt71rco13. ---
47  2006 The organization of the keratin I and II gene clusters in placental mammals and marsupials show a striking similarity. KAPs
48  2005 Differential expression of nitric oxide synthases in human scalp epidermal and hair follicle pigmentary units: implications for regulation of melanogenesis. eNOS, HF, iNOS, nNOS, NO, UVR
49  2005 Peptidylarginine deiminase isoforms are differentially expressed in the anagen hair follicles and other human skin appendages. PAD
50  2005 Premature termination of hair follicle morphogenesis and accelerated hair follicle cycling in Iasi congenital atrichia (fzica) mice points to fuzzy as a key element of hair cycle control. fz
51  2004 Comparative aspects of the inner root sheath in adult and developing hairs of mammals in relation to the evolution of hairs. ---
52  2004 Desmocollin 1 expression and desmosomal remodeling during terminal differentiation of human anagen hair follicle: an electron microscopic study. DSC1, HF, TD
53  2004 Epithelial Bmpr1a regulates differentiation and proliferation in postnatal hair follicles and is essential for tooth development. BMP
54  2004 Fine structure and immunocytochemistry of monotreme hairs, with emphasis on the inner root sheath and trichohyalin-based cornification during hair evolution. ---
55  2004 Fine structure of marsupial hairs, with emphasis on trichohyalin and the structure of the inner root sheath. ---
56  2004 Gap junction development in the human fetal hair follicle and bulge region. Cx, EGA, ORS
57  2003 GATA-3: an unexpected regulator of cell lineage determination in skin. ---
58  2003 Hypotrichosis simplex of the scalp is associated with nonsense mutations in CDSN encoding corneodesmosin. HSS
59  2003 Prolactin and its receptor are expressed in murine hair follicle epithelium, show hair cycle-dependent expression, and induce catagen. DP, ORS, PRL, PRLR
60  2002 Expression of parathyroid hormone (PTH)/PTH-related peptide receptor messenger ribonucleic acid in mice hair cycle. PTH, PTHrP, RT-PCR
61  2001 Identification and dissection of an enhancer controlling epithelial gene expression in skin. HSs, ORS
62  2001 Pattern of expression of c-Myc, Max and Bin1 in human anagen hair follicles. LR, UR
63  2001 The failure behavior of the anchorage of hairs during slow extraction. ---
64  2001 The transcriptional repressor CDP (Cutl1) is essential for epithelial cell differentiation of the lung and the hair follicle. CDP
65  2000 Expression of galectin-1 and -3 and of accessible binding sites during murine hair cycle. ORS
66  2000 Patterns of hairless (hr) gene expression in mouse hair follicle morphogenesis and cycling. DP, HF, hr
67  1999 The expression of stratum corneum chymotryptic enzyme in human anagen hair follicles: further evidence for its involvement in desquamation-like processes. SCCE
68  1998 Expression of transglutaminase 1 in human hair follicles, sebaceous glands and sweat glands. ORS, TGase 1
69  1997 Peptidylarginine deiminase of the hair follicle: characterization, localization, and function in keratinizing tissues. PAD
70  1997 The distribution of the desmosomal protein, plakophilin 1, in human skin and skin tumors. BCCs, ORS, SCCs
71  1995 A histocytological study of the rat hair follicle--an appraisal of a monocellular layer ("middle root sheath") between inner and outer root sheaths. ORS
72  1994 Formation of surface membranes in developing mammalian hair fibres. FC, ORS
73  1994 Pathogenesis in pili torti: morphological study. ORS, SEM, TEM
74  1993 A dual role for involucrin in the epidermis-ultrastructural localization in epidermis and hair follicle in humans and transgenic mice. hINV, ORS
75  1991 Identification of late differentiation antigens of human cornified epithelia, expressed in re-organized desmosomes and bound to cross-linked envelope. Ag, CLE, EGF, FCS, HF, MoAb, SC, SG, SS
76  1990 Cell kinetic study of human and mouse hair tissues using anti-bromodeoxyuridine monoclonal antibody. BrdU, IMC, ORS
77  1990 Glycoconjugate expression of cells of human anagen hair follicles during keratinization. Con A, IM, ORS, UEA I
78  1990 Keratins 1 and 10 or homologues as regular constituents of inner root sheath and cuticle cells in the human hair follicle. ---
79  1990 [The mutant gene wellhaarig disturbs the differentiation of hair follicle cells in the mouse]. ---
80  1989 Cytochemistry of trichohyalin granules: a possible role for cornification of inner root sheath cell in the hair follicle. EDM, G-LISS, KFs, TGs
81  1988 Electron microscopic study on cell differentiation in anagen hair follicles in mice. IMC, ORS
82  1987 Keratins of the human hair follicle: "hyperproliferative" keratins consistently expressed in outer root sheath cells in vivo and in vitro. hHF, hHS, IFE, ORS