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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 How to Generate a More Accurate Laboratory-Based International Normalized Ratio: Solutions to Obtaining or Verifying the Mean Normal Prothrombin Time and International Sensitivity Index. INR, PT, VKAs
2018 International collaborative study for the calibration of proposed International Standards for thromboplastin, rabbit, plain, and for thromboplastin, recombinant, human, plain. CV, INR, ISIs, WHO
2017 Optimizing the Verification of Mean Normal Prothrombin Time (MNPT) and International Sensitivity Index (ISI) for Accurate Conversion of Prothrombin Time (PT) to International Normalized Ratio (INR). INR, MNPT, PT, VKAs
2017 Simplified Method for Local Correction of System International Normalized Ratio. INR, PT
2016 Impact of an Institutional Change in Prothrombin Time Methodology on INR and MELD Scores in Liver Transplant Evaluations. Cohort A, MELD, PT
2015 Long-term stability of international standards for thromboplastin stored at -20C, -70C, and -150C. PT, VKA
2015 Monitoring anticoagulant therapy with vitamin K antagonists in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome. aPL, APS, CFX, INR, PT, VKA
2014 A comparative study of conventional versus new, magnesium-poor Vacutainer Sodium Citrate blood collection tubes for determination of prothrombin time and INR. INR, PT
2014 Local verification and assignment of mean normal prothrombin time and International Sensitivity Index values across various instruments: recent experience and outcome from North America. CLSI, FDA, INR, MNPT, PT, R2G
10  2014 Significance of local international sensitivity index systems for monitoring warfarin and liver function. INR, WHO
11  2013 The international normalized ratio according to Owren in liver disease: interlaboratory assessment and determination of international sensitivity index. INR, ISIliver
12  2013 There are considerable drawbacks to oral anticoagulant for monitoring patients at home which should lead family physicians to discuss alternative or enhanced solutions: a cross-sectional study. FPs, INR, VKA
13  2012 Coagulometer international sensitivity index (ISI) derivation, a rapid method using the prothrombin time/international normalized ratio (PT/INR) Line: a multicenter study. ECAA, INR, MNPT, PT
14  2012 Improving the inter-laboratory harmonization of the international normalized ratio (INR): utilizing the concept of transference to estimate and/or validate international sensitivity index (ISI) and mean normal prothrombin time (MNPT) values and/or to eliminate measurement bias. INR, MNPT, PT
15  2011 Determination of an international sensitivity index of thromboplastin reagents using a WHO thromboplastin as calibrator for plasma spiked with rivaroxaban. INR
16  2010 An International Sensitivity Index (ISI) derived from patients with abnormal liver function improves agreement between INRs determined with different reagents. INR, ISIs, MELD
17  2010 Direct international normalized ratio determination using multicalibrators is more responsive than the conventional method for measuring prothrombin time. INR
18  2010 Effect of prothrombin time outlier exclusion rules on ISI calibration in multicentre studies. INR, PT, VKA, WHO
19  2010 Simplified method for international normalized ratio (INR) derivation based on the prothrombin time/INR line: an international study. ECAA, INR, PT
20  2008 Standardization of the INR: how good is your laboratory's INR and can it be improved? INR, MNPT, PT, VKA
21  2008 Time to think outside the box? Prothrombin time, international normalised ratio, international sensitivity index, mean normal prothrombin time and measurement of uncertainty: a novel approach to standardisation. INR, MNPT, PT
22  2007 Comparison of local International Sensitivity Index calibration and 'Direct INR' methods in correction of locally reported International Normalized Ratios: an international study. INR
23  2007 Influence of blood collection systems on the prothrombin time and international sensitivity index determined with human and rabbit thromboplastin reagents. INRs, PT
24  2007 Multicentre ISI assignment and calibration of the INR measuring range of a new point-of-care system designed for home monitoring of oral anticoagulation therapy. INR
25  2006 Phospholipid composition controls thromboplastin sensitivity to individual clotting factors. INR, PT
26  2005 Effect of lepirudin on the international normalized ratio. APTT, DTI, INR, PT
27  2005 Effect of magnesium contamination in evacuated blood collection tubes on the prothrombin time test and ISI calibration using recombinant human thromboplastin and different types of coagulometer. INR
28  2005 European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation. A multicentre calibration study of WHO international reference preparations for thromboplastin, rabbit (RBT/90) and human (rTF/95). INR, IRP
29  2005 More on: Properties of recombinant human thromboplastins that determine the International Sensitivity Index (ISI). ---
30  2005 Usefulness of lyophilized calibration plasmas for International Normalized Ratio determination with the bovine combined thromboplastin (Thrombotest): results of a collaborative study. INR
31  2004 Guidelines on preparation, certification, and use of certified plasmas for ISI calibration and INR determination. INR, MNPT, PT
32  2004 In-house calibration of the international sensitivity index or calibration curve for determination of the international normalized ratio. INR
33  2004 International multicenter international sensitivity index (ISI) calibration of a new human tissue factor thromboplastin reagent derived from cultured human cells. IRP
34  2004 Properties of recombinant human thromboplastin that determine the International Sensitivity Index (ISI). INR, PT
35  2004 Transition from argatroban to oral anticoagulation with phenprocoumon or acenocoumarol: effects on prothrombin time, activated partial thromboplastin time, and Ecarin Clotting Time. AC, APTT, ARG, ECT, INR, PC, PT, VKA
36  2003 European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation (ECAA). An assessment of lyophilised plasmas for ISI calibration of CoaguChek and TAS whole blood prothrombin time monitors. ECAA, INR, POCT, PT
37  2003 European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation (ECAA): an assessment of a method for ISI calibration of two whole blood point-of-care PT monitor systems based on lyophilized plasmas using whole blood equivalent PT. ECAA, INR, PT
38  2003 European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation. Correction of displayed international normalized ratio on two point-of-care test whole-blood prothrombin time monitors (CoaguChek Mini and TAS PT-NC) by independent international sensitivity index calibration. INR, POCT, PT
39  2003 European concerted action on anticoagulation. Minimum numbers of lyophilized plasma samples for ISI calibration of CoaguChek and TAS point-of-care whole blood prothrombin time monitors. ECAA, PT
40  2003 International sensitivity index calibration of the near-patient testing prothrombin time monitor, ProTime. ---
41  2003 Use of lyophilized calibrant plasmas for simplified international normalized ratio determination with a human tissue factor thromboplastin reagent derived from cultured human cells. CPP, INR, PT
42  2002 A comparison of INRs after local calibration of thromboplastin international sensitivity indexes. MNPT, TRS
43  2002 A reassessment of the relationship between international reference preparations for human and rabbit thromboplastins. IRP
44  2002 European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation (ECAA). Minimum number of centres for reliable International Sensitivity Index calibration of CoaguChek and TAS point-of-care whole blood monitors. ECAA, INR, POCT, PT, WHO
45  2002 European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation (ECAA): multicentre international sensitivity index calibration of two types of point-of-care prothrombin time monitor systems. CV, ECAA, IRPs, POCT, PT, WHO
46  2002 European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation--comparison of fresh plasma and whole blood multicentre ISI calibrations of CoaguChek Mini and TAS PT-NC whole blood prothrombin time point-of-care monitors. INR, POCT, PT
47  2002 European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation. Evaluation of a method for International Sensitivity Index calibration of two point-of-care prothrombin time (PT) monitoring systems (CoaguChek Mini and TAS PT-NC) with fresh plasmas based on whole-blood equivalent PT. POCT, PT
48  2002 European concerted action on anticoagulation. Use of plasma samples to derive international sensitivity index for whole-blood prothrombin time monitors. ECAA, POCT, PT
49  2002 Has the Quick or the Owren prothrombin time method the advantage in harmonization for the International Normalized Ratio system? INR, PT
50  2002 How to evaluate the influence of blood collection systems on the international sensitivity index. Protocol applied to two new evacuated tubes and eight coagulometer/thromboplastin combinations. INR, MRD, PT
51  2002 Minimum numbers of fresh whole blood and plasma samples from patients and healthy subjects for ISI calibration of CoaguChek and RapidPointCoag monitors. POCT, PT
52  2002 [Prothrombin time and its standardization]. INR, IRP
53  2001 Effect of melagatran on prothrombin time assays depends on the sensitivity of the thromboplastin and the final dilution of the plasma sample. INR, PT
54  2001 Use of EDTA samples for prothrombin time measurement in patients receiving oral anticoagulants. INR, PT
55  2000 A comparison between capillary and venous blood international normalized ratio determinations in a portable prothrombin time device. INR
56  2000 Mathematical derivative applied to international normalised ratio and analytical variations in oral anticoagulant therapy control. INR, PT
57  1999 A review of variables affecting PTs/INRs. ---
58  1999 A study of the variability seen in the international normalized ratio obtained using different sensitivity thromboplastin reagents on different instrument types. INR
59  1999 Calculation vs calibration curve for INR determination. Results of an interlaboratory proficiency scheme. INR
60  1999 Calibration of local systems with lyophilized calibrant plasmas improves the interlaboratory variability of the INR in the Italian external quality assessment scheme. EQAS
61  1999 Clinically significant differences in the International Normalized Ratio measured with reagents of different sensitivities. SPAF Investigators. Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation. INR
62  1999 Influence of three types of automated coagulometers on the international sensitivity index (ISI) of rabbit, human, and recombinant human tissue factor preparations--a multicenter study. INR, PT
63  1999 Multicenter evaluation of lyophilized and deep-frozen plasmas for assignment of the International Normalized Ratio. INR, PT
64  1999 Recombinant and tissue extract thromboplastins for determination of international normalised ratio in over-anticoagulated patients. INR
65  1999 Standardization of prothrombin time for laboratory control of oral anticoagulant therapy. INR, PT
66  1999 The effect of sample size on fresh plasma thromboplastin ISI determination. PT
67  1999 The effects of freeze drying and freeze drying additives on the prothrombin time and the international sensitivity index. ---
68  1999 [Suggestions and propositions to resolve some issues for standardization of prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time]. APTT, INR, PT
69  1998 A comparison of linear and orthogonal regression analysis for local INR determination in ECAA coagulometer studies. European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation. INR
70  1998 A cross-Canada survey of prothrombin time testing: Does the establishment of local ISI values improve the accuracy of international normalized ratio reporting? Thrombosis Interest Group of Canada. INR
71  1998 Assessment of the influence of citrate concentration on the International Normalized Ratio (INR) determined with twelve reagent-instrument combinations. INR
72  1998 Current recommendations for warfarin therapy. Use and monitoring. PT
73  1998 Effect of plasma pooling on the International Sensitivity Index of prothrombin time systems. WHO
74  1998 Highly sensitive thromboplastins do not improve INR precision. INR
75  1998 INR reporting in Canadian medical laboratories: an update. Thrombosis Interest Group of Canada. INR
76  1998 Minimum lyophilized plasma requirement for ISI calibration. European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation. ECAA, INR, PT
77  1998 Prolonged prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time due to underfilled specimen tubes with 109 mmol/L (3.2%) citrate anticoagulant. APTT, PT
78  1998 The importance of "like to like" ISI calibrations with freeze dried plasmas. European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation. IRP
79  1998 Thromboplastin standardisation: calibrated lyophilised plasmas and coagulometer-specific international sensitivity indices. INR, IRP, PT
80  1998 [Determination of the international normalized ratio (INR)]. INR
81  1998 [Inter-institute variations in International Normalized Ratio and thrombotest]. CV, INR, TOWARD, TT
82  1997 A simplified statistical method for local INR using linear regression. European Concerted Action on Anticoagulation. INR, IRP, PT
83  1997 Calculation of System International Sensitivity Index: how many calibrant plasmas are required? INR, MNPT
84  1997 Influence of plasma volumetric errors on the prothrombin time ratio and International Sensitivity Index. INR
85  1997 International Normalized Ratio determination using calibrated reference plasmas. INR, MNPT, PT
86  1997 Long-term French experience in INR standardization by a procedure using plasma calibrants. AK Cal, INR, NEQAS, PT
87  1997 Monitoring of oral anticoagulant therapy in lupus anticoagulant positive patients with the anti-phospholipid syndrome. APS, INR, LA, OAT
88  1997 Monitoring oral anticoagulant treatment with the TAS near-patient test system: comparison with conventional thromboplastins. INR, MNPT, PT, TAS
89  1997 System ISI calibration: a universally applicable scheme is possible only when coumarin plasma calibrants are used. CV, INR, PIVKA
90  1997 The INR: a perspective. INR
91  1996 A simplified procedure for thromboplastin calibration--the usefulness of lyophilized plasmas assessed in a collaborative study. ---
92  1996 Anticoagulant therapy monitoring with international normalized ratio at US academic health centers. INR, PT
93  1996 Multicentre evaluation of the Thrombotest International Sensitivity Index used with a steel ball coagulometer. ---
94  1996 Potential failure of the International Normalized Ratio (INR) System in the monitoring of oral anticoagulation in patients with lupus anticoagulants. INR, LA
95  1996 Precision and accuracy of the international normalized ratio in oral anticoagulant control. PT
96  1995 A comparison of lyophilized artificially depleted plasmas and lyophilized plasmas from patients receiving warfarin in correcting for coagulometer effects on international normalized ratios. ---
97  1995 A partial factor V deficiency in anticoagulated lyophilized plasmas has been identified as a cause of the international normalized ratio discrepancy in the external quality assessment scheme. EQAS, FV, INR, PT
98  1995 An easier alternative to orthogonal regression for calculation of International Sensitivity Indexes. INR
99  1995 Effect of thromboplastin and coagulometer interaction on the precision of the International Normalised Ratio. INR
100  1995 Multi-center calibration of the third BCR reference material for thromboplastin, rabbit, plain, coded CRM 149S. Long-term stability of previous BCR reference materials. BCR