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Long Form:   Kenyon cells
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Selective suppression and recall of long-term memories in Drosophila. CRE, CREB2, CS, LTM, MB
2019 Separate but interactive parallel olfactory processing streams governed by different types of GABAergic feedback neurons in the mushroom body of a basal insect. GABA, MB, MBONs, OSNs
2019 Suppression of GABAergic neurons through D2-like receptor secures efficient conditioning in Drosophila aversive olfactory learning. APL, DA, DD2R, ES
2018 A Complete Electron Microscopy Volume of the Brain of Adult Drosophila melanogaster. EM, MB
2018 Calcium in Kenyon Cell Somata as a Substrate for an Olfactory Sensory Memory in Drosophila. ORNs, PNs
2018 Drosophila mushroom bodies integrate hunger and satiety signals to control innate food-seeking behavior. DANs, MB, MBONs
2018 Kenyon Cell Subtypes/Populations in the Honeybee Mushroom Bodies: Possible Function Based on Their Gene Expression Profiles, Differentiation, Possible Evolution, and Application of Genome Editing. MBs
2018 Neural Control of Startle-Induced Locomotion by the Mushroom Bodies and Associated Neurons in Drosophila. DANs, MBONs, MBs, SING
2017 A connectome of a learning and memory center in the adult Drosophila brain. DAN, MB, MBONs
10  2017 Gene expression and immunohistochemical analyses of mKast suggest its late pupal and adult-specific functions in the honeybee brain. ALs, lKCs, OLs, sKCs, SOG
11  2017 Null EPAC mutants reveal a sequential order of versatile cAMP effects during Drosophila aversive odor learning. ---
12  2017 Origins of Cell-Type-Specific Olfactory Processing in the Drosophila Mushroom Body Circuit. MB
13  2017 Scalloped a member of the Hippo tumor suppressor pathway controls mushroom body size in Drosophila brain by non-canonical regulation of neuroblast proliferation. MBNb, MBs, NB, Sd, Yki
14  2017 Suppression of a single pair of mushroom body output neurons in Drosophila triggers aversive associations. DANs, MBONs
15  2017 Trace Conditioning in Drosophila Induces Associative Plasticity in Mushroom Body Kenyon Cells and Dopaminergic Neurons. DANs, MBs
16  2017 Two Components of Aversive Memory in Drosophila, Anesthesia-Sensitive and Anesthesia-Resistant Memory, Require Distinct Domains Within the Rgk1 Small GTPase. ARM, ASM
17  2016 Classification of odorants across layers in locust olfactory pathway. LHNs, PNs
18  2016 Direct neural pathways convey distinct visual information to Drosophila mushroom bodies. MB, vAC, VPNs
19  2016 Gap junction networks in mushroom bodies participate in visual learning and memory in Drosophila. MBONs, MBs
20  2016 Oscillatory integration windows in neurons. LFP
21  2016 Retinal homeobox promotes cell growth, proliferation and survival of mushroom body neuroblasts in the Drosophila brain. Dac, Ey, MBNbs, Pros, Rx, Tll
22  2015 Activity-dependent FMRP requirements in development of the neural circuitry of learning and memory. dfmr1, FXS, MB, PN
23  2015 Feed-Forward versus Feedback Inhibition in a Basic Olfactory Circuit. FB, GGN, LHNs
24  2015 Olfactory learning skews mushroom body output pathways to steer behavioral choice in Drosophila. ---
25  2015 Two independent mushroom body output circuits retrieve the six discrete components of Drosophila aversive memory. MB
26  2014 A single GABAergic neuron mediates feedback of odor-evoked signals in the mushroom body of larval Drosophila. APL, GRASP, MBs, PNs
27  2014 GABAergic circuit dysfunction in the Drosophila Fragile X syndrome model. FXS, GABAAR, GAD, MB, mGluR
28  2014 Honeybee Kenyon cells are regulated by a tonic GABA receptor conductance. MBs, RDL
29  2014 Octopamine and Dopamine differentially modulate the nicotine-induced calcium response in Drosophila Mushroom Body Kenyon Cells. BA, CS, DA, MB, nAChRs, OCT, US
30  2014 Temporal integration of cholinergic and GABAergic inputs in isolated insect mushroom body neurons exposes pairing-specific signal processing. ACh, GABA
31  2013 An octopamine-mushroom body circuit modulates the formation of anesthesia-resistant memory in Drosophila. APL, ARM, ASM, MB, OA
32  2013 Concentric zones for pheromone components in the mushroom body calyx of the moth brain. MB, PNs
33  2013 Design principles of the sparse coding network and the role of "sister cells" in the olfactory system of Drosophila. AL, MB, PNs
34  2013 Dissection of the head cuticle and sheath of living flies for whole-cell patch-clamp recordings in the brain. ---
35  2013 Encoding of mixtures in a simple olfactory system. PNs
36  2013 In vivo functional calcium imaging of induced or spontaneous activity in the fly brain using a GFP-apoaequorin-based bioluminescent approach. GA, GFP, MBs
37  2013 Multi-unit recording methods to characterize neural activity in the locust (Schistocerca americana) olfactory circuits. AL, MB, ORN
38  2013 Principal component analysis of odor coding at the level of third-order olfactory neurons in Drosophila. MB
39  2013 The GABA system regulates the sparse coding of odors in the mushroom bodies of Drosophila. GABA, MBs
40  2013 Transformation of odor selectivity from projection neurons to single mushroom body neurons mapped with dual-color calcium imaging. PNs
41  2013 Use of primary cultures of Kenyon cells from bumblebee brains to assess pesticide side effects. MBs, ppb
42  2012 Consolidated and labile odor memory are separately encoded within the Drosophila brain. ARM, ASM, dnc, LNs, rut
43  2012 Hydroxyurea ablation of mushroom bodies in Drosophila. AL, HU, iACT, LocI, MBs, RIl
44  2012 Network architecture underlying maximal separation of neuronal representations. ---
45  2012 Spontaneous olfactory receptor neuron activity determines follower cell response properties. LNs, ORNs, PNs
46  2012 Whole-cell recording from Kenyon cells in silkmoths. MBs
47  2011 A putative vesicular transporter expressed in Drosophila mushroom bodies that mediates sexual behavior may define a neurotransmitter system. MBs, prt
48  2011 Presynapses in Kenyon cell dendrites in the mushroom body calyx of Drosophila. MB, PNs
49  2010 Dynamics of glutamatergic signaling in the mushroom body of young adult Drosophila. Glu, MBs, mGluR
50  2010 Generating sparse and selective third-order responses in the olfactory system of the fly. ORNs, PNs
51  2009 Intrinsic membrane properties and inhibitory synaptic input of kenyon cells as mechanisms for sparse coding? MBs
52  2009 Modular subdivision of mushroom bodies by Kenyon cells in the silkmoth. ---
53  2008 Associative and non-associative plasticity in kenyon cells of the honeybee mushroom body. ---
54  2008 Olfactory representations by Drosophila mushroom body neurons. PNs
55  2008 Synaptic learning rules and sparse coding in a model sensory system. AL, MB
56  2008 Testing odor response stereotypy in the Drosophila mushroom body. ---
57  2007 A simple connectivity scheme for sparse coding in an olfactory system. ---
58  2006 Encoding and decoding of overlapping odor sequences. PNs
59  2004 Stereotyped odor-evoked activity in the mushroom body of Drosophila revealed by green fluorescent protein-based Ca2+ imaging. MB
60  1998 Spatiotemporal structure of olfactory inputs to the mushroom bodies. MB
61  1996 GABAergic synapses in the antennal lobe and mushroom body of the locust olfactory system. AL, GABA, MB