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Long Form:   K homology
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Deletion of the KH1 Domain of Fmr1 Leads to Transcriptional Alterations and Attentional Deficits in Rats. FMRP, FXS, mPFC
2019 [The Molecular Basis of Drug Discovery Targeting the Regulatory Mechanism of MAPK Signaling via the Spatial Regulation of RNA-binding Proteins]. ERK, MAPK, RBP, SGs
2018 Human proteins that interact with RNA/DNA hybrids. ---
2018 Mex-3B induces apoptosis by inhibiting miR-92a access to the Bim-3'UTR. 3'UTR, Ago, miRNAs
2018 Structural and functional characterization of hMEX-3C Ring finger domain as an E3 ubiquitin ligase. ---
2018 The ancestral KH peptide at the root of a domain family with three different folds. ---
2018 The ERA-Related GTPase AtERG2 Associated with Mitochondria 18S RNA Is Essential for Early Embryo Development in Arabidopsis. DAP, ROS, SME, WT
2017 A jack of all trades: the RNA-binding protein vigilin. RBP
2017 Arabidopsis KHZ1 and KHZ2, two novel non-tandem CCCH zinc-finger and K-homolog domain proteins, have redundant roles in the regulation of flowering and senescence. FMI, OE, WT
10  2017 MEX3C interacts with adaptor-related protein complex 2 and involves in miR-451a exosomal sorting. AP2
11  2017 Spatial regulation of the KH domain RNA-binding protein Rnc1 mediated by a Crm1-independent nuclear export system in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. NES, RBPs
12  2017 The DEAD-box protein DDX43 (HAGE) is a dual RNA-DNA helicase and has a K-homology domain required for full nucleic acid unwinding activity. HAGE
13  2017 The human RNA-binding protein and E3 ligase MEX-3C binds the MEX-3-recognition element (MRE) motif with high affinity. MRE
14  2016 Effects of protein-DNA complex formation on the intermolecular vibrational density of states of interfacial water. FUSE, SSB, ssDNAs
15  2016 Identification and characterization of an hnRNP E1 translational silencing motif. EMT, hnRNP-E1, PTM, TGF-beta, UTR
16  2016 Thermodynamics of complex structures formed between single-stranded DNA oligomers and the KH domains of the far upstream element binding protein. FBP, FEP, ssDNA
17  2015 (1)H, (15)N and (13)C backbone resonance assignments of the N-terminal, tandem KH domains of human hnRNP E1. alphaCP, hnRNPs, PCBPs, ss
18  2015 A Host KH RNA-Binding Protein Is a Susceptibility Factor Targeted by an RXLR Effector to Promote Late Blight Disease. ---
19  2015 Correlated Conformational Motions of the KH Domains of Far Upstream Element Binding Protein Complexed with Single-Stranded DNA Oligomers. FUSE, SSB, ssDNA
20  2015 Different motif requirements for the localization zipcode element of beta-actin mRNA binding by HuD and ZBP1. RBPs, RRMs
21  2015 Dynamics of water around the complex structures formed between the KH domains of far upstream element binding protein and single-stranded DNA molecules. ssDNA
22  2015 K-homology nuclear ribonucleoproteins regulate floral organ identity and determinacy in arabidopsis. AG, FLC, FLK, PCBPs, PEP
23  2015 KH domain protein RCF3 is a tissue-biased regulator of the plant miRNA biogenesis cofactor HYL1. DCL1, HYL1, miRNAs, RCF3
24  2015 KH-RNA interactions: back in the groove. ---
25  2015 Nuclear Protein Sam68 Interacts with the Enterovirus 71 Internal Ribosome Entry Site and Positively Regulates Viral Protein Translation. 5'UTR, EMSA, EV71, IRES, PABP, PCBP2, shRNA
26  2015 The PCBP1 gene encoding poly(rC) binding protein I is recurrently mutated in Burkitt lymphoma. ---
27  2014 Interaction between ribosome assembly factors Krr1 and Faf1 is essential for formation of small ribosomal subunit in yeast. ---
28  2013 A KH domain-containing putative RNA-binding protein is critical for heat stress-responsive gene regulation and thermotolerance in Arabidopsis. HSFs, HSPs
29  2013 A KH-domain RNA-binding protein interacts with FIERY2/CTD phosphatase-like 1 and splicing factors and is important for pre-mRNA splicing in Arabidopsis. CTD, RNAPII, SR
30  2013 Archaeal beta-CASP ribonucleases of the aCPSF1 family are orthologs of the eukaryal CPSF-73 factor. aCPSF
31  2013 Caspase-3 cleaves hnRNP K in erythroid differentiation. aa, DICE, hnRNP K, r15-LOX, UTR
32  2013 Identification of a novel and unique transcription factor in the intraerythrocytic stage of Plasmodium falciparum. ---
33  2013 Mapping and characterization of the interaction interface between two polypyrimidine-tract binding proteins and a nova-type protein of Solanum tuberosum. DIPP, PTB, RRMs
34  2013 Regulation of abiotic stress signalling by Arabidopsis C-terminal domain phosphatase-like 1 requires interaction with a k-homology domain-containing protein. CTD, ds, RCF3
35  2013 Structure-function studies of STAR family Quaking proteins bound to their in vivo RNA target sites. QKI, RREs
36  2012 Bicc1 links the regulation of cAMP signaling in polycystic kidneys to microRNA-induced gene silencing. AC6, ADPKD, SAM
37  2012 Crystal structure of Caulobacter crescentus polynucleotide phosphorylase reveals a mechanism of RNA substrate channelling and RNA degradosome assembly. PNPase
38  2012 Inhibition of pre-mRNA splicing by a synthetic Blom7alpha-interacting small RNA. SELEX
39  2012 KH domains with impaired nucleic acid binding as a tool for functional analysis. ---
40  2012 KHDC1A, a novel translational repressor, induces endoplasmic reticulum-dependent apoptosis. ER, TMM
41  2012 Potassium acts as a GTPase-activating element on each nucleotide-binding domain of the essential Bacillus subtilis EngA. ---
42  2012 Precision mechanics with multifunctional tools: how hnRNP K and hnRNPs E1/E2 contribute to post-transcriptional control of gene expression in hematopoiesis. hnRNPs, mRNPs
43  2012 Short RNA molecules with high binding affinity to the KH motif of A-kinase anchoring protein 1 (AKAP1): implications for the regulation of steroidogenesis. AKAP1, StAR
44  2012 Two mutations in human BICC1 resulting in Wnt pathway hyperactivity associated with cystic renal dysplasia. Bicc1, SAM
45  2011 Interleukin-1 activates synthesis of interleukin-6 by interfering with a KH-type splicing regulatory protein (KSRP)-dependent translational silencing mechanism. AREs, IL, KSRP
46  2011 Protein-RNA and protein-protein recognition by dual KH1/2 domains of the neuronal splicing factor Nova-1. POMA
47  2011 The extra-membranous domains of the competence protein HofQ show DNA binding, flexibility and a shared fold with type I KH domains. ---
48  2010 Four KH domains of the C. elegans Bicaudal-C ortholog GLD-3 form a globular structural platform. ---
49  2010 The star family member QKI and cell signaling. SrcPTKs, STAR
50  2009 Bicaudal C, a novel regulator of Dvl signaling abutting RNA-processing bodies, controls cilia orientation and leftward flow. BicC, LR, P-bodies, PCP, SAM
51  2009 Mutually exclusive binding of PP1 and RNA to AKAP149 affects the mitochondrial network. AKAP149, PP1
52  2009 Tandem KH domains of Khd4 recognize AUACCC and are essential for regulation of morphology as well as pathogenicity in Ustilago maydis. ---
53  2009 The STAR RNA binding proteins GLD-1, QKI, SAM68 and SLM-2 bind bipartite RNA motifs. SELEX, SLM-1
54  2008 Dynamic endogenous association of neurofilament mRNAs with K-homology domain ribonucleoproteins in developing cerebral cortex. NFs, RNPs
55  2008 Expression and nucleotide diversity of the maize RIK gene. RIK, SF1
56  2008 Hierarchical mechanisms build the DNA-binding specificity of FUSE binding protein. FIR, FUSE
57  2008 Interaction of poly(rC)-binding protein 2 domains KH1 and KH3 with coxsackievirus RNA. IRES, PCBP
58  2008 K homology domains of the mouse polycystic kidney disease-related protein, Bicaudal-C (Bicc1), mediate RNA binding in vitro. mBicc1, PKD
59  2008 Proteomic analysis of RNA-binding proteins in dry seeds of rice after fractionation by ssDNA affinity column chromatography. ssDNA
60  2008 Structure and function of KH domains. hnRNP K
61  2008 The linker domain of poly(rC) binding protein 2 is a major determinant in poliovirus cap-independent translation. 5'NCR, IRES, PCBP2
62  2008 The sequence selectivity of KSRP explains its flexibility in the recognition of the RNA targets. ---
63  2007 Functional overlap between conserved and diverged KH domains in Saccharomyces cerevisiae SCP160. GXXG
64  2007 Identification and characterization of human Mex-3 proteins, a novel family of evolutionarily conserved RNA-binding proteins differentially localized to processing bodies. Ago, P-bodies
65  2007 Structural and biochemical characterization of the yeast exosome component Rrp40. ---
66  2007 Structure and function of DnaA N-terminal domains: specific sites and mechanisms in inter-DnaA interaction and in DnaB helicase loading on oriC. oriC
67  2007 Targeting the RNA-binding protein Sam68 as a treatment for cancer? RBPs, STAR
68  2006 IMP1 interacts with poly(A)-binding protein (PABP) and the autoregulatory translational control element of PABP-mRNA through the KH III-IV domain. ARS, IMP1, PABP, UNR
69  2006 PEPPER, a novel K-homology domain gene, regulates vegetative and gynoecium development in Arabidopsis. PEP
70  2006 Phosphorylation status of the Kep1 protein alters its affinity for its protein binding partner alternative splicing factor ASF/SF2. ---
71  2006 The DICE-binding activity of KH domain 3 of hnRNP K is affected by c-Src-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation. 3'UTR, DICE, r15-LOX
72  2005 FMRP RNA targets: identification and validation. ---
73  2005 Formation of an alphaCP1-KH3 complex with UC-rich RNA. AR, mRNA
74  2005 Role of A kinase anchor proteins in the tissue-specific regulation of lipoprotein lipase. AKAP, BAT, LPL
75  2005 The binding activity of yeast RNAs to yeast Hek2p and mammalian hnRNP K proteins, determined using the three-hybrid system. hnRNP
76  2004 Asc1p, a WD40-domain containing adaptor protein, is required for the interaction of the RNA-binding protein Scp160p with polysomes. ---
77  2004 Characterization of hnRNP K protein-RNA interactions. SAGE
78  2004 Control of mRNA translation and stability in haematopoietic cells: the function of hnRNPs K and E1/E2. hnRNPs
79  2004 Cooperative binding of the hnRNP K three KH domains to mRNA targets. hnRNP
80  2004 Crystallization, microPIXE and preliminary crystallographic analysis of the complex between the third KH domain of hnRNP K and single-stranded DNA. ssDNA
81  2004 Determination and augmentation of RNA sequence specificity of the Nova K-homology domains. hnRNP E, POMA
82  2004 Regulation of flowering time in Arabidopsis by K homology domain proteins. ---
83  2004 The fragile X mental retardation protein has nucleic acid chaperone properties. FMRP, mRNPs
84  2003 Crystal structure of NusA from Thermotoga maritima and functional implication of the N-terminal domain. NusA, RBD
85  2003 Evidence for posttranscriptional regulation of the multi K homology domain protein vigilin by a small peptide encoded in the 5' leader sequence. uORF
86  2003 Identification of mRNAs associated with alphaCP2-containing RNP complexes. alphaCPs
87  2003 PKA-dependent binding of mRNA to the mitochondrial AKAP121 protein. 3'UTRs, MnSOD, PKA
88  2003 Positional cloning of jcpk/bpk locus of the mouse. Chr, SAM
89  2003 Regulation of alpha-globin mRNA stability. 3'UTR, alphaCP, C-rich, hn, RNP
90  2003 RNAi-mediated depletion of the 15 KH domain protein, vigilin, induces death of dividing and non-dividing human cells but does not initially inhibit protein synthesis. ---
91  2003 Two RNA binding proteins, HEN4 and HUA1, act in the processing of AGAMOUS pre-mRNA in Arabidopsis thaliana. HEN4
92  2003 Two ZBP1 KH domains facilitate beta-actin mRNA localization, granule formation, and cytoskeletal attachment. CEFs, RRMs, ZBP1
93  2002 Cytoplasmic trafficking of IGF-II mRNA-binding protein by conserved KH domains. IMPs, RRM
94  2002 Genome analysis: RNA recognition motif (RRM) and K homology (KH) domain RNA-binding proteins from the flowering plant Arabidopsis thaliana. RRM
95  2002 Molecular basis of sequence-specific single-stranded DNA recognition by KH domains: solution structure of a complex between hnRNP K KH3 and single-stranded DNA. FUSE, hnRNP K, ss
96  2002 Role of HuD and other RNA-binding proteins in neural development and plasticity. ELAV, FMRP, QKI
97  2001 A family of IGF-II mRNA binding proteins (IMP) involved in RNA trafficking. CRD-BP, IGF-II, IMP, RRMs
98  2001 An extended RNA binding surface through arrayed S1 and KH domains in transcription factor NusA. ---
99  2001 KH domain: one motif, two folds. hnRNP K
100  2001 Mammalian homologue of E. coli Ras-like GTPase (ERA) is a possible apoptosis regulator with RNA binding activity. ERA