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2020 Co-Catalyst-Free Chemical Fixation of CO2 into Cyclic Carbonates by using Metal-Organic Frameworks as Efficient Heterogeneous Catalysts. CCS, CCU, GHG, LB, MOFs, TBAB
2020 Cobalt/Lewis Acid Catalysis for Hydrocarbofunctionalization of Alkynes via Cooperative C-H Activation. LLHT
2020 How Lewis Acids Catalyze Diels-Alder Reactions. ---
2020 Insight into the Decomposition Mechanism of Donor-Acceptor Complexes of EH2 (E = Ge and Sn) and Access to Germanium Thin Films from Solution. ---
2020 Lewis acids promoted organic pollutants degradation in aqueous solution with peroxymonosulfate and MnO2: New insights into the activation mechanism. PMS
2020 Optimizing the Energetics of FLP-Type H2 Activation by Modulating the Electronic and Structural Properties of the Lewis Acids: A DFT Study. DFT, FLPs, LB
2020 Reversible silylium transfer between P-H and Si-H donors. ---
2020 The effects of nonredox metal ions on the activation of peroxymonosulfate for organic pollutants degradation in aqueous solution with cobalt based catalysts: A new mechanism investigation. PMS
2020 Unveiling the Lewis Acid Catalyzed Diels-Alder Reactions Through the Molecular Electron Density Theory. MEDT, P-DA, TS
10  2019 Lewis Acid Dominant Windmill-Shaped V8 Clusters: A Bifunctional Heterogeneous Catalyst for CO2 Cycloaddition and Oxidation of Sulfides. LBs, POMs, POVs
11  2019 Lewis versus Bronsted Acid Activation of a Mn(IV) Catalyst for Alkene Oxidation. ---
12  2019 Understanding the Individual and Combined Effects of Solvent and Lewis Acid on CO2 Insertion into a Metal Hydride. AN
13  2018 A Molecular Electron Density Theory Study of the Competitiveness of Polar Diels⁻Alder and Polar Alder-ene Reactions. MEDT, P-AE, P-DA, TS
14  2018 Acceleration of CO2 insertion into metal hydrides: ligand, Lewis acid, and solvent effects on reaction kinetics. TS
15  2018 H2 Cleavage by Frustrated Lewis Pairs Characterized by the Energy Decomposition Analysis of Transition States: An Alternative to the Electron Transfer and Electric Field Models. EDA, EF, ET, FLPs, FMOs, LBs, MOs, TSs
16  2018 Polymerization of Polar Monomers Mediated by Main-Group Lewis Acid-Base Pairs. CLAs, FLPs, ILPs, LB, LPP, LPs
17  2018 Still Unconquered: Enantioselective Passerini and Ugi Multicomponent Reactions. CPA, IMCRs
18  2018 Surprisingly Flexible Oxonium/Borohydride Ion Pair Configurations. ---
19  2018 Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polymers Produced by the Immortal Phosphine-Based Catalyst System. FLP, IAP3, MMA, MWD, PMMA, RT, UHMW
20  2017 Carbonyl Activation by Borane Lewis Acid Complexation: Transition States of H2 Splitting at the Activated Carbonyl Carbon Atom in a Lewis Basic Solvent and the Proton-Transfer Dynamics of the Boroalkoxide Intermediate. TS
21  2017 Computational Elucidation of a Role That Bronsted Acidification of the Lewis Acid-Bound Water Might Play in the Hydrogenation of Carbonyl Compounds with H2 in Lewis Basic Solvents. TS
22  2017 Expanding the Boundaries of Water-Tolerant Frustrated Lewis Pair Hydrogenation: Enhanced Back Strain in the Lewis Acid Enables the Reductive Amination of Carbonyls. FLP
23  2017 Formation Mechanism of NF4+ Salts and Extraordinary Enhancement of the Oxidizing Power of Fluorine by Strong Lewis Acids. ---
24  2017 Highly enantioselective catalytic synthesis of chiral pyridines. ---
25  2017 Interactions of Verkade's Superbase with Strong Lewis Acids: From Labile Mono- and Binuclear Lewis Acid-Base Complexes to Phosphenium Cations. ---
26  2017 Liberation of H2 from (o-C6H4Me)3P-H(+) + (-)H-B(p-C6F4H)3 ion-pair: A transition-state in the minimum energy path versus the transient species in Born-Oppenheimer molecular dynamics. BOMD, EDA, FLP, LB, p-C6F4H, TS
27  2017 Metalate-Mediated Functionalization of P4 by Trapping Anionic [Cp*Fe(CO)2(eta1-P4)]- with Lewis Acids. TMs
28  2017 Modulation of in:out and out:out conformations in [X.X'.X''] phosphatranes by Lewis acids. ---
29  2017 Stereodivergent Mannich reaction of bis(trimethylsilyl)ketene acetals with N-tert-butanesulfinyl imines by Lewis acid or Lewis base activation, a one-pot protocol to obtain chiral beta-amino acids. LB
30  2017 Transformation of Unsaturated Fatty Acids/Esters to Corresponding Keto Fatty Acids/Esters by Aerobic Oxidation with Pd(II)/Lewis Acid Catalyst. ---
31  2015 A Balancing Act: Stability versus Reactivity of Mn(O) Complexes. HAT, OAT
32  2015 BF3-Et2O mediated skeletal rearrangements of norbornyl appended cyclopentanediols. ---
33  2015 Exchange Processes in Shibasaki's Rare Earth Alkali Metal BINOLate Frameworks and Their Relevance in Multifunctional Asymmetric Catalysis. LA/BB, REMB
34  2015 Iron catalyzed CO2 hydrogenation to formate enhanced by Lewis acid co-catalysts. ---
35  2014 DFT study on the mechanisms and diastereoselectivities of Lewis acid-promoted ketene-alkene [2 + 2] cycloadditions: what is the role of Lewis acid in the ketene and C = X (X = O, CH₂, and NH) [2 + 2] cycloaddition reactions? DFT, FMOs, IRC
36  2014 Lewis acid-assisted formic acid dehydrogenation using a pincer-supported iron catalyst. FA
37  2014 Uncovering the role of intra- and intermolecular motion in frustrated Lewis acid/base chemistry: ab initio molecular dynamics study of CO2 binding by phosphorus/boron frustrated Lewis pair [tBu3P/B(C6F5)3]. AIMD, LB, MEP
38  2013 Phosphorus as a simultaneous electron-pair acceptor in intermolecular PN pnicogen bonds and electron-pair donor to Lewis acids. ---
39  2013 Roles of the Lewis acid and base in the chemical reduction of CO2 catalyzed by frustrated Lewis pairs. AB, FLP, HT, LB
40  2013 Theoretical study on the molecular mechanism of the [5 + 2] vs. [4 + 2] cyclization mediated by Lewis acid in the quinone system. d,p
41  2013 Why do five-membered heterocyclic compounds sometimes not participate in polar Diels-Alder reactions? FHCs
42  2012 Lewis pair polymerization by classical and frustrated Lewis pairs: acid, base and monomer scope and polymerization mechanism. gammaMMBL, LB, LPP, LPs, MBL, MMA, NHCs
43  2011 Hydroarylation of alkynes catalyzed by nickel. ---
44  2011 Understanding the cooperative NHC/LA catalysis for stereoselective annulation reactions with homoenolates. A DFT study. NHC
45  2010 Nickel/Lewis acid-catalyzed cyanoesterification and cyanocarbamoylation of alkynes. ---
46  2008 Impact of Lewis acids on Diels-Alder reaction reactivity: a conceptual density functional theory study. DFT
47  2008 Substrate encapsulation: an efficient strategy for the RCM synthesis of unsaturated epsilon-lactones. ATPH
48  2005 Hydride affinities of borane derivatives: novel approach in determining the origin of lewis acidity based on triadic formula. HAs, HSAB
49  2004 Understanding the nature of the molecular mechanisms associated with the competitive Lewis acid catalyzed [4+2] and [4+3] cycloadditions between arylidenoxazolone systems and cyclopentadiene: a DFT analysis. Cp, DFT
50  2001 Do More Electrophilic Aldehydes/Ketones Exhibit Higher Reactivity toward Nucleophiles in the Presence of Lewis Acids? Nu