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2020 IGLV3-21*01 is an inherited risk factor for CLL through the acquisition of a single-point mutation enabling autonomous BCR signaling. BCR, CDRs, CLL, HCs, Ig, UM
2019 Chromogranin A Tubulopathy: Differing Histopathologic Patterns of Acute TubularInjury in the Setting of Neuroendocrine Neoplasms. ATI, CgA
2019 Coagulation factors VII, IX and X are effective antibacterial proteins against drug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria. XDR
2019 Inherent Biophysical Properties Modulate the Toxicity of Soluble Amyloidogenic Light Chains. AL
2019 Process optimization and protein engineering mitigated manufacturing challenges of a monoclonal antibody with liquid-liquid phase separation issue by disrupting inter-molecule electrostatic interactions. CDRs, LLPS
2019 Reprogramming the antigen specificity of B cells using genome-editing technologies. AID, BCRs, bNAb, HC, Ig
2018 Antibody Light Chains Dictate the Specificity of Contact Hypersensitivity Effector Cell Suppression Mediated by Exosomes. CHS
2018 Therapies for cardiac light chain amyloidosis: An update. HF
2017 Computational design of a specific heavy chain/kappa light chain interface for expressing fully IgG bispecific antibodies. bsAbs, HCs
10  2017 Contribution of human smooth muscle cells to amyloid angiopathy in AL (light-chain) amyloidosis. AL, SMCs, VSMCs
11  2017 Epigallocatechin-3-gallate preferentially induces aggregation of amyloidogenic immunoglobulin light chains. EGCG
12  2017 Heat-induced native dimerization prevents amyloid formation by variable domain from immunoglobulin light-chain REI. AL, VL
13  2017 Incomplete Refolding of Antibody Light Chains to Non-Native, Protease-Sensitive Conformations Leads to Aggregation: A Mechanism of Amyloidogenesis in Patients? ---
14  2017 Proteotoxicity in cardiac amyloidosis: amyloidogenic light chains affect the levels of intracellular proteins in human heart cells. hCFs
15  2016 Calcium-mediated regulation of recombinant hybrids of full-length Physarum myosin heavy chain with Physarum/scallop myosin light chains. PhELC, PhHC, ScRLC
16  2016 Comparing domain interactions within antibody Fabs with kappa and lambda light chains. HCs
17  2016 Effects of oxidative post-translational modifications on structural stability and self-assembly of lamda6 immunoglobulin light chain. AL, HNE, PTMs
18  2016 Evaluation of the biological differences of canine and human factor VIII in gene delivery: implications in human hemophilia treatment. cFIII, cHC, HA, hFVIII, hHC
19  2016 Immunoglobulin Fc Heterodimer Platform Technology: From Design to Applications in Therapeutic Antibodies and Proteins. bsAbs, Fc, HCs, IgG
20  2016 Impaired Lysosomal Function Underlies Monoclonal Light Chain-Associated Renal Fanconi Syndrome. PT, RFS, RFS-kappaLCs
21  2016 In situ characterization of protein aggregates in human tissues affected by light chain amyloidosis: a FTIR microspectroscopy study. FTIR
22  2016 Searching for Therapeutics Against Botulinum Neurotoxins: A True Challenge for Drug Discovery. BoNTs
23  2016 Structure and function of outer dynein arm intermediate and light chain complex. HCs, ODA, OID
24  2015 High Inter-Individual Diversity of Point Mutations, Insertions, and Deletions in Human Influenza Virus Nucleoprotein-Specific Memory B Cells. HCs
25  2015 Pseudo-Peritoneal Carcinomatosis Presentation of a Crystal-Storing Histiocytosis With an Unmutated Monoclonal kappa Light Chain. CSH
26  2015 The Antibody Light-Chain Linker Is Important for Domain Stability and Amyloid Formation. CLkappa, VL
27  2014 Future directions in the clinical management of amyloid light-chain amyloidosis. AL, PC, PIs
28  2013 Free light chain content in culture media reflects recombinant monoclonal antibody productivity and quality. mAbs
29  2013 Molecular analysis of immunoglobulin genes reveals frequent clonal relatedness in double monoclonal gammopathies. DMGs, HC, Ig, IGHV, MGs
30  2013 Receptor-associated protein blocks internalization and cytotoxicity of myeloma light chain in cultured human proximal tubular cells. RAP
31  2013 Retinal pigment epithelial detachments and tears, and progressive retinal degeneration in light chain deposition disease. BCVA, LCDD, RPE
32  2012 The pre-B cell receptor; selecting for or against autoreactivity. BCRs, HCs, SLC
33  2012 The rationale and evidence base for the direct removal of serum-free light chains in the management of myeloma kidney. ---
34  2011 B-cell receptors and heavy chain diseases: guilty by association? BCR, BiP, HCDs, HCs, Ig
35  2010 A comparison of GFP-tagged clathrin light chains with fluorochromated light chains in vivo and in vitro. Cy3-LCs, GFP
36  2010 Biopsy-proven resolution of renal light-chain deposition disease after autologous stem cell transplantation. ASCT, LCDD
37  2010 Calcium regulation of the ATPase activity of Physarum and scallop myosins using hybrid smooth muscle myosin: the role of the essential light chain. HMM
38  2010 Inhibition of pathologic immunoglobulin-free light chain production by small interfering RNA molecules. ---
39  2010 Role of glycosaminoglycan sulfation in the formation of immunoglobulin light chain amyloid oligomers and fibrils. AL, GAGs, HS
40  2009 Crosslinking methods purification and analysis of crosslinked dynein products. HCs, ICs
41  2009 Dynein light intermediate chain in Aspergillus nidulans is essential for the interaction between heavy and intermediate chains. HCs, ICs, LICs, nud
42  2009 Light chain amyloidosis - current findings and future prospects. AL, HCs, Ig
43  2008 Isolation of human monoclonal antibodies by mammalian cell display. HCs, PBMC, scFv, VLP, VRs
44  2008 Myeloma light chains induce epithelial-mesenchymal transition in human renal proximal tubule epithelial cells. CsA, EMT, HSA, PACAP, PTECs
45  2007 Jump-starting kinesin. FEZ1, HCs, JIP1, MTs
46  2007 Mechanisms of renal damage in plasma cell dyscrasias: an overview. ---
47  2007 Structural and thermodynamic characterization of a cytoplasmic dynein light chain-intermediate chain complex. ---
48  2006 Anti-erythrocyte natural antibody activity in the unconventional 'heavy chain' immunoglobulins of Indian desert camel (Camelus dromedarius). Ags, E-Ags, HA, Ig, NAb
49  2005 Elicitation of allergic asthma by immunoglobulin free light chains. ---
50  2004 AL-amyloidosis and light-chain deposition disease light chains induce divergent phenotypic transformations of human mesangial cells. AL-Am, HMCs, LCDD, MCN, MSA, RER, SMA
51  2004 Analysis of somatic hypermutation and antigenic selection in the clonal B cell in immunoglobulin light chain amyloidosis (AL). AL
52  2004 Different types of glomerulopathic light chains interact with mesangial cells using a common receptor but exhibit different intracellular trafficking patterns. AL-Am, IF, LCDD, MCs
53  2004 The LC7 light chains of Chlamydomonas flagellar dyneins interact with components required for both motor assembly and regulation. ---
54  2003 ELISAs for free light chains of human immunoglobulins using monoclonal antibodies: comparison of their specificity with available polyclonal antibodies. ELISAs, mAbs
55  2003 Light chain deposition disease with renal involvement: clinical characteristics and prognostic factors. CI, LCDD, MM, RR
56  2002 Endocytosis of light chains induces cytokines through activation of NF-kappaB in human proximal tubule cells. ELISA, EMSA, HSA, IL, MCP-1, NF-kappaB, PDTC, PTCs
57  2002 Kidney and liver involvement in monoclonal light chain disorders. AL, LCDD, MP, VAD
58  2000 Four structural risk factors identify most fibril-forming kappa light chains. ---
59  1999 Glomerulopathic light chain-mesangial cell interactions modulate in vitro extracellular matrix remodeling and reproduce mesangiopathic findings documented in vivo. ECM, LCDD, TGF-beta
60  1998 EPR and CD spectroscopy of fast myosin light chain conformation during binding of trifluoperazine. ALCs, LC2, TFP
61  1998 In vitro modulation of AL-amyloid formation by human mesangial cells exposed to amyloidogenic light chains. AEF, HMCs, LCDD, T-LCs, TSP
62  1996 A model of Ca(2+)-free calmodulin binding to unconventional myosins reveals how calmodulin acts as a regulatory switch. CaM, RD
63  1996 In vitro AL-amyloid formation by rat and human mesangial cells. AEF
64  1995 Distribution of neurone-specific clathrin light chain b between clathrin-coated vesicle subclasses. CVs
65  1991 Intracompartmental sorting of essential myosin light chains: molecular dissection and in vivo monitoring by epitope tagging. ARCs, MHC
66  1990 Outer-arm dynein from trout spermatozoa: substructural organization. ATPase, ICs, Mr
67  1988 Theoretical estimation of the calcium-binding constants for proteins from the troponin C superfamily based on a secondary structure prediction method. II. Applications. CaBPs, CaMs, CaVP, CB, OCM, PVs, SCPs, TnC
68  1986 Mechanical and histochemical characterization of skeletal muscles from senescent rats. EDL, SOL
69  1983 Myosin isoenzymes in fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles of normal and dystrophic mice. EDL, fast
70  1983 Renal lesions in multiple myeloma: their relationship to associated protein abnormalities. IEP, RI