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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 [Clinical value of suspicious calcification in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of breast lesions using contrast-enhanced spectral mammography]. AUC, ICC, ROC
2019 Comparison of Contrast-Enhanced Mammography With Conventional Digital Mammography in Breast Cancer Screening: A Pilot Study. CEM, CI
2019 Counteranion-Triggered and Excitation-Dependent Chemopalette Effect in a Supramolecular Dual-Emissive System Based on Cu3Pz3. Cu3L3, HL, Pz
2019 Effects of dietary energy level on appetite and central adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) in broilers. ADFI, ADG, AMPK, AMPKalpha2, CCK, GR, HE, LKB1, NE, NPY, TG
2019 GEC-ESTRO ACROP recommendations on calibration and traceability of LE-LDR photon-emitting brachytherapy sources at the hospital level. BRAPHYQS, LDR
2019 Imaging cardiac sympathetic innervation with MIBG: linear conversion of the heart-to-mediastinum ratio between different collimators. ME, MIBG
2019 Implementation of a New Food Picture Database in the Context of fMRI and Visual Cognitive Food-Choice Task in Healthy Volunteers. dACC, FCFQ, fMRI, HAC, HE, HPC, PCA
2019 Known-Component Model-Based Material Decomposition for Dual Energy Imaging of Bone Compositions in the Presence of Metal Implant. CBCT, DE CT, HE, KC, MBMD
2019 Lipid Intake Enhances Muscle Growth But Does Not Influence Glucose Kinetics in 3-Week-Old Low-Birth-Weight Neonatal Pigs. HE, LBWT, NBWT
10  2019 Possible involvement of the RARRES2/CMKLR1-system in metabolic and reproductive parameters in Holstein dairy cows. CMKLR1, EB, GC, RARRES2, SAT
11  2018 An accurate sleep stages classification system using a new class of optimally time-frequency localized three-band wavelet filter bank. CPs, CV, EEG, FB, PSG, SBs, SFD, SSE, SVM, TBTFL
12  2018 Application of an optimal class of antisymmetric wavelet filter banks for obstructive sleep apnea diagnosis using ECG signals. BAWFB, CAD, ECG, FE, LS-SVM, OSA, PR, SDP, WSBs, ZM
13  2018 Bone Strength in Girls and Boys After a Distal Radius Fracture: A 2-Year HR-pQCT Double Cohort Study. BMD, Ct.BMD, F.Load, Tt.Ar, U.Stress
14  2018 Classification of Breast Masses Using a Computer-Aided Diagnosis Scheme of Contrast Enhanced Digital Mammograms. AUC, CAD, CEDM, DES
15  2018 Communicating Two States in Perovskite Revealed by Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Spectroscopy. HE, TRPL
16  2018 Diversity and population density of methanogens in the large intestine of pigs fed diets of different energy levels. HE, mcrA
17  2018 Femur segmentation in DXA imaging using a machine learning decision tree. ANN, BMD, DXA, GT, HE, PLDT, RGT
18  2018 Impact of seasonal thermal stress on physiological and blood biochemical parameters in pigs under different dietary energy levels. HE, NE, RH, RR, RT, THI
19  2018 Relative influence of dietary protein and energy contents on lysine requirements and voluntary feed intake of rainbow trout fry. DE, DP, HE, HP, LP, Lys, ME, MP, VFI
20  2018 SD-CNN: A shallow-deep CNN for improved breast cancer diagnosis. CEDM, FFDM, MRI, SD-CNN
21  2017 A multicenter prospective randomized study comparing the efficacy of escalating higher biphasic versus low biphasic energy defibrillations in patients presenting with cardiac arrest in the in-hospital environment. HE, ROSC, VF, VT
22  2017 Effect of dietary beta-mannanase on productive performance, egg quality, and utilization of dietary energy and nutrients in aged laying hens raised under hot climatic conditions. AMEn, HE
23  2017 Injury Characteristics of Low-Energy Lisfranc Injuries Compared With High-Energy Injuries. HE
24  2017 Involvement of plasma adipokines in metabolic and reproductive parameters in Holstein dairy cows fed with diets with differing energy levels. AI, HE
25  2017 Moderate Maternal Energy Restriction During Gestation in Pigs Attenuates Fetal Skeletal Muscle Development Through Changing Myogenic Gene Expression and Myofiber Characteristics. LD, mRNA
26  2017 Objective comparison of lesion detectability in low and medium-energy collimator iodine-123 mIBG images using a channelized Hotelling observer. CHO, GP, HR, ME, ROC
27  2017 Optimization of contrast-enhanced breast imaging: Analysis using a cascaded linear system model. CE, CLSM, DBT, DE, DM, FBP, FPI, HE, MTF, NPS, SNR, TE, wSub
28  2017 Optimization of dual-energy CT acquisitions for proton therapy using projection-based decomposition. AF, DECT, HE, SPR
29  2017 The effect of scatter correction on planar and tomographic semiquantitative 123I cardiac imaging. A phantom study. ME, TEW
30  2017 The response of gene expression associated with lipid metabolism, fat deposition and fatty acid profile in the longissimus dorsi muscle of Gannan yaks to different energy levels of diets. ACACA, FABP4, FASN, HE, IMF, ME, PPARgamma, SCD, SREBP-1c
31  2016 A wearable bluetooth LE sensor for patient monitoring during MRI scans. 50LSB, MR, MRI
32  2016 Beyond expectations: the physiological basis of sensory enhancement of satiety. ES, HE, LS, PP
33  2016 Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography improves diagnostic accuracy in the symptomatic setting. CESM, ROC
34  2016 Moderately decreased maternal dietary energy intake during pregnancy reduces fetal skeletal muscle mitochondrial biogenesis in the pigs. CAT, CS, CuZnSOD, GH, mRNA, mtDNA, NRC, NRF-1, PPARGC1A, SE, SIRT1
35  2015 Dual-Emissive Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Polypyridine Complexes as Ratiometric Biological Probes and Organelle-Selective Bioimaging Reagents. HE, TDDFT
36  2015 Effect of dietary energy source and level on nutrient digestibility, rumen microbial protein synthesis, and milk performance in lactating dairy cows. GC, HE, SFC
37  2015 Effects of corticosterone and dietary energy on immune function of broiler chickens. ADG, HE, IgG, RW
38  2015 Effects of environmental temperature and dietary energy on energy partitioning coefficients of female broiler breeders. EM, HE, ME, RFI, RME
39  2015 Evaluation of low-energy contrast-enhanced spectral mammography images by comparing them to full-field digital mammography using EUREF image quality criteria. CESM, FFDM
40  2015 LC-QTOF MS screening of more than 1,000 licit and illicit drugs and their metabolites in wastewater and surface waters from the area of Bogota, Colombia. HE, HLB, SPE, UHPLC-QTOF MS
41  2015 Transient dual-energy lasing in a semiconductor microcavity. HE
42  2015 Validation of an iPad visual analogue rating system for assessing appetite and satiety. AUC, HE
43  2014 A scatter correction method for dual-energy digital mammography: Monte Carlo simulation. DEDM, HE, MLEM, SPR
44  2014 Activation in inhibitory brain regions during food choice correlates with temptation strength and self-regulatory success in weight-concerned women. OFC
45  2014 Dual-energy cone-beam CT with a flat-panel detector: effect of reconstruction algorithm on material classification. CBCT, DE, FBP, FPD, HE, PL
46  2014 Dynamics of interpedicular widening in spinal burst fractures: an in vitro investigation. CO, HE, IPW
47  2014 Mechanically triggered fluorescence/phosphorescence switching in the excimers of planar trinuclear copper(I) pyrazolate complexes. HE
48  2014 Optimization of contrast-enhanced spectral mammography depending on clinical indication. AGD, CESM, CNR, HE
49  2014 Unlimited access to low-energy diet causes acute malnutrition in dams and alters biometric and biochemical parameters in offspring. ---
50  2014 Visceral adipose tissue mass in nonlactating dairy cows fed diets differing in energy density(1). BCS, HE, NEL
51  2013 A simple amino acid dose-response method to quantify amino acid requirements of individual meal-fed pigs. HE, HL, LH
52  2013 Anatomical noise in contrast-enhanced digital mammography. Part II. Dual-energy imaging. CEDM, DE, DM, HE, SE
53  2013 Changing presentation of knee dislocation and vascular injury from high-energy trauma to low-energy falls in the morbidly obese. BMI, HE, KD
54  2013 Early physical activity minimizes the adverse effects of a low-energy diet on growth and development parameters. AC, ALE, APAS, IC, ILE, LA, LLAS, TL
55  2013 Enhancing thermopower and hole mobility in bulk p-type half-Heuslers using full-Heusler nanostructures. fH-QDs, HE, HH, VB
56  2013 Ferrocene-donor and 4,5-dicyanoimidazole-acceptor moieties in charge-transfer chromophores with pi linkers tailored for second-order nonlinear optics. CV, HE, RDV
57  2013 Improved microcalcification visualization using dual-energy digital mammography. DEDM, FROC, HE, ROIs, SEDM
58  2012 Dietary energy density affects the preference for protein or carbohydrate solutions and piglet performance after weaning. DCHT, HE, PDP
59  2012 Standardization of metaiodobenzylguanidine heart to mediastinum ratio using a calibration phantom: effects of correction on normal databases and a multicentre study. LME, ME, MIBG
60  2012 The impact of feeding diets of high or low energy concentration on carcass measurements and the weight of primal and subprimal lean cuts. HE
61  2011 Circulating ghrelin and leptin concentrations and growth hormone secretagogue receptor abundance in liver, muscle, and adipose tissue of beef cattle exhibiting differences in composition of gain. GHS-R, HE
62  2011 Psammomys obesus, a particularly important animal model for the study of the human diabetic nephropathy. GFR, HE
63  2011 Rapid wide-scope screening of drugs of abuse, prescription drugs with potential for abuse and their metabolites in influent and effluent urban wastewater by ultrahigh pressure liquid chromatography-quadrupole-time-of-flight-mass spectrometry. HE, QTOF-MS, UHPLC
64  2011 Satiety-relevant sensory qualities enhance the satiating effects of mixed carbohydrate-protein preloads. HE, HS, LS, MS
65  2011 Use of quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry to determine proposed structures of transformation products of the herbicide bromacil after water chlorination. ESI, HE, QTOF, TPs, UHPLC
66  2010 Epidemiology of traumatic deaths: comprehensive population-based assessment. CNS, HE, ISS, MOF
67  2010 High-energy electron transfer dissociation (HE-ETD) using alkali metal targets for sequence analysis of post-translational peptides. CID, ECD, ETD, HE, HE-ETD, MS/MS, PTMs
68  2010 Optimization of a dual-energy contrast-enhanced technique for a photon-counting digital breast tomosynthesis system: I. A theoretical model. DBT, DE, HE, MGD, SDNRs
69  2010 Optimization of a dual-energy contrast-enhanced technique for a photon-counting digital breast tomosynthesis system: II. An experimental validation. DBT, DE, HE, SDNRs, SI
70  2009 Children's hard-wired aversion to pure vegetable tastes. A 'failed' flavour-nutrient learning study. HE
71  2009 Extended structures containing Pt(II)-Tl(I) bonds. Effect of these interactions on the luminescence of cyclometalated Pt(II) compounds. HE
72  2009 Multiscale deformable registration for dual-energy x-ray imaging. DE, HE, MTF
73  2009 The photophysics of singlet, triplet, and degradation trap states in 4,4-N,N(')-dicarbazolyl-1,1(')-biphenyl. CBP
74  2007 Effect of protein and energy intakes on body composition in non-diabetic maintenance-hemodialysis patients. BCMI, BDHQ, DEI, DPI, HE, HP, LP, MHD, nPNA
75  2007 Multifunctional ferrocene-ruthenocene dyads linked by single or double aza-containing bridges displaying metal-metal interactions and cation recognition properties. NIR
76  2007 Optical memory and multistep luminescence thermochromism in single crystals of K2Na[Ag(CN)2]3. HE, IE
77  2007 Synthesis, electrochemical, and optical properties of linear homo- and heterometallocene triads. NIR
78  2007 Variants of the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma- and beta-adrenergic receptor genes are associated with measures of compensatory eating behaviors in young children. BMI, COMPX, HE, NE, PPARG
79  2006 Anisotropic optical properties in electroluminescent conjugated polymers based on grazing angle photoluminescence measurements. GPL, HE, PEDOT
80  2006 Pregnancy outcome in the Psammomys obesus gerbil on low- and high-energy diets. DM, HE, T2DM
81  2006 Sorption of organic compounds to activated carbons. Evaluation of isotherm models. AC, HE
82  2005 Energy intakes of children after preloads: adjustment, not compensation. COMPX, EI, HE, NE
83  2005 Evidence for a major gene affecting the transition from normoglycaemia to hyperglycaemia in Psammomys obesus. HE
84  2003 Diurnal variation and the effect of feed restriction on plasma and milk metabolites in TMR-fed dairy cows. BHB, HE, NEFA, TMR
85  2002 Increased glucose sensitivity of stimulus-secretion coupling in islets from Psammomys obesus after diet induction of diabetes. DP, GSIS, HE
86  2002 Regulation of muscle malonyl-CoA levels in the nutritionally insulin-resistant desert gerbil, Psammomys obesus. DP, DR, HE, s.c
87  2001 Psammomys obesus and the albino rat--two different models of nutritional insulin resistance, representing two different types of human populations. HDL, HE
88  2000 Short-term growth and substrate use in very-low-birth-weight infants fed formulas with different energy contents. AGA, NE, SGA, VLBW
89  1998 Determination of calcium binding sites in gas-phase small peptides by tandem mass spectrometry. CAD, ESI, FAB, HE
90  1998 High- and low-energy collisionally activated decompositions of octaethylporphyrin and its metal complexes. HE, MS, OEP
91  1998 Mass spectrometric methods for distinguishing structural isomers of glutathione conjugates of estrone and estradiol. CAD, ESI, FAB, HE
92  1997 Islet amyloid polypeptide in Psammomys obesus (sand rat): effects of nutritionally induced diabetes and recovery on low-energy diet or vanadyl sulfate treatment. HE, IAPP
93  1995 Genetics of age-related hearing loss in mice. II. Strain differences and effects of caloric restriction on cochlear pathology and evoked response thresholds. ABR, BY, HE, WB
94  1994 Comparison of a low-fat, ad libitum complex-carbohydrate diet with a low-energy diet in moderately obese women. LFAL, QOL
95  1990 Effects of body composition, pre- and postpartum energy level and early weaning on reproductive performance of beef cows and preweaning calf gain. EW, HE, ME, PP, PRP
96  1990 Examination of the physical characteristics in a diverse group of dwarf White Leghorn pullets before and after first oviposition. HE, SM
97  1990 Toxicity studies of intravenous vitamin E in newborn rabbits. HE
98  1989 Effects of recombinant DNA-derived somatotropin and dietary energy intake on development of beef heifers: I. Growth and puberty. BF, BW, HE, HH
99  1989 Effects of recombinant DNA-derived somatotropin and dietary energy intake on development of beef heifers: II. Concentrations of hormones and metabolites in blood sera. GLU, HE, IGF-I, INS, NEFA, UN
100  1987 Metabolic utilization of energy and maintenance requirements in lactating sows. HE, ME, MEm