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Abbreviation:   LEEM  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   low-energy electron microscopy
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Multiscale Analysis of Phase Transformations in Self-Assembled Layers of 4,4'-Biphenyl Dicarboxylic Acid on the Ag(001) Surface. GCG, KMC
2019 Growing a LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructure on Ca2Nb3O10 nanosheets. ---
2019 High throughput scanning muLEED imaging of surface structural heterogeneity: Defective graphene on Cu(111). SEP, SPA
2019 Measuring chromatic aberration in LEEM/PEEM. PEEM
2019 Quantification of propagating and standing surface acoustic waves by stroboscopic X-ray photoemission electron microscopy. SAWs, X-PEEM
2019 Quantitative analysis of spectroscopic low energy electron microscopy data: High-dynamic range imaging, drift correction and cluster analysis. ---
2019 Space- and time-resolved UV-to-NIR surface spectroscopy and 2D nanoscopy at 1 MHz repetition rate. NOPA
2019 Synthesis of sub-millimeter single-crystal grains of aligned hexagonal boron nitride on an epitaxial Ni film. CVD, GBs, h-BN
2019 Two-dimensional growth of dendritic islands of NTCDA on Cu(001) studied in real time. NTCDA
10  2019 Visualization of three different phases in a multiphase steel by scanning electron microscopy at 1 eV landing energy. SLESEM
11  2018 Retraction Note: Large local lattice expansion in graphene adlayers grown on copper. ARPES
12  2018 Structure and magnetism of ultrathin nickel-iron oxides grown on Ru(0001) by high-temperature oxygen-assisted molecular beam epitaxy. PEEM
13  2017 Comparing Fourier optics and contrast transfer function modeling of image formation in low energy electron microscopy. CTF, FO
14  2017 Finite size effect on the structural and magnetic properties of MnAs/GaAs(001) patterned microstructures thin films. RT, XMCD-PEEM
15  2017 Growth and motion of liquid alloy droplets of Au on Ge(110). ---
16  2017 Large scale 2D/3D hybrids based on gallium nitride and transition metal dichalcogenides. GaN, KPFM, MOCVD, TMD, XPS
17  2017 Low-energy electron potentiometry. LEEP
18  2017 Reprint of Low-energy electron potentiometry. LEEP
19  2017 Spatial inhomogeneity and temporal dynamics of a 2D electron gas in interaction with a 2D adatom gas. 2DEG
20  2017 The EIGER detector for low-energy electron microscopy and photoemission electron microscopy. PEEM, SIM
21  2016 Low temperature growth of cobalt on Cr2O3(0 0 0 1). ---
22  2016 Role of RuO2(100) in surface oxidation and CO oxidation catalysis on Ru(0001). ---
23  2015 Catadioptric aberration correction in cathode lens microscopy. PEEM
24  2015 Insights into the gas phase oxidation of Ru(0001) on the mesoscopic scale using molecular oxygen. STM
25  2015 Low-Energy Electron Potentiometry: Contactless Imaging of Charge Transport on the Nanoscale. ---
26  2015 Reliable synthesis of self-running Ga droplets on GaAs (001) in MBE using RHEED patterns. MBE, RHEED
27  2014 Focal-series reconstruction in low-energy electron microscopy. ---
28  2014 Growth, reaction and nanowire formation ofFe on the ZnS(1 0 0) surface. X-PEEM, XMCDPEEM
29  2013 A new aberration-corrected, energy-filtered LEEM/PEEM instrument II. Operation and results. PEEM
30  2013 Enhanced reactivity of graphene wrinkles and their function as nanosized gas inlets for reactions under graphene. ---
31  2013 First experimental proof for aberration correction in XPEEM: resolution, transmission enhancement, and limitation by space charge effects. XPEEM
32  2013 Growth mode and oxidation state analysis of individual cerium oxide islands on Ru(0001). ---
33  2013 Initial stages of FeO growth on Ru(0001). ---
34  2013 Lattice-oriented catalytic growth of graphene nanoribbons on heteroepitaxial nickel films. GNRs
35  2013 LEEM image phase contrast of MnAs stripes. ---
36  2012 A Contrast Transfer Function approach for image calculations in standard and aberration-corrected LEEM and PEEM. CTF, PEEM
37  2012 Low energy electron microscopy and photoemission electron microscopy investigation of graphene. PEEM
38  2012 Nanopattering in CeOx/Cu(111): A New Type of Surface Reconstruction and Enhancement of Catalytic Activity. ---
39  2012 One-dimensional corrugation of the h-BN monolayer on Fe(110). CLPES, h-BN, STM, XAS
40  2012 The influence of substrate temperature on growth of para-sexiphenyl thin films on Ir{111} supported graphene studied by LEEM. ---
41  2011 Growth from below: graphene bilayers on Ir(111). ARPES, LEED
42  2011 Interactions of oxygen and ethylene with submonolayer Ag films supported on Ni(111). XPS
43  2011 Measuring and correcting aberrations of a cathode objective lens. PEEM
44  2010 A new aberration-corrected, energy-filtered LEEM/PEEM instrument. I. Principles and design. PEEM
45  2010 Double aberration correction in a low-energy electron microscope. ---
46  2010 Dynamic observation of layer-by-layer growth and removal of graphene on Ru(0001). PEEM, STM
47  2010 Phase retrieval low energy electron microscopy. ---
48  2010 Spatially-resolved structure and electronic properties of graphene on polycrystalline Ni. ---
49  2010 Surface patterning of silver using an electron- or photon-assisted oxidation reaction. LEED, MEM, X-PEEM
50  2010 The electron density decay length effect on surface reactivity. QWS, X-PEEM
51  2010 Trends in low energy electron microscopy. SPLEEM
52  2009 A LEEM/micro-LEED investigation of phase transformations in TiOx/Pt(111) ultrathin films. micro-LEED
53  2009 A simple energy filter for low energy electron microscopy/photoelectron emission microscopy instruments. PEEM
54  2009 Fourier optics of image formation in LEEM. ---
55  2009 LEEM investigations of ion beam effects on clean metal surfaces: quantitative studies of the driven steady state. ---
56  2009 Medipix 2 detector applied to low energy electron microscopy. MCPs, PEEM
57  2009 Nanoscale analysis of Ru(0001) oxidation using low-energy and photoemission electron microscopy. ---
58  2009 Preparing arrays of large atomically flat regions on single crystal substrates. AES
59  2009 Step contrast reversal in LEEM during Pbdeposition on W(110). ---
60  2008 Real-time imaging of surface evolution driven by variable-energy ion irradiation. ---
61  2008 Surface plasmon microscopy using an energy-filtered low energy electron microscope. ---
62  2007 Low energy electron diffraction and low energy electron microscopy microspot I/V analysis of the (4 x 4)O structure on Ag(111): surface oxide or reconstruction? LEED
63  2007 Spontaneous domain switching during phase separation of Pb on Ge(111). ---
64  2006 Synthesis of butane-like SiGe hydrides: enabling precursors for CVD of Ge-rich semiconductors. DFT
65  2001 Thermally activated stripe reconstruction induced by O on Nb (011). ---
66  2000 Threshold Energy Effects in Secondary Electron Emission. ESEM, PEEM, SPM
67  1992 Emission microscopy and related techniques: resolution in photoelectron microscopy, low energy electron microscopy and mirror electron microscopy. MEM
68  1992 Low-energy electron microscopy (LEEM) and mirror electron microscopy (MEM) of biological specimens: preliminary results with a novel beam separating system. MEM
69  1991 Design and performance of a high-resolution photoelectron microscope. ---
70  1991 Historical perspective and current trends in emission microscopy, mirror electron microscopy and low-energy electron microscopy. An introduction to the proceedings of the Second International Symposium and Workshop on Emission microscopy and Related Techniques. MEM, PEEM or PEM