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Abbreviation:   LFP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   local field potential
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Activation of Distinct Channelrhodopsin Variants Engages Different Patterns of Network Activity. ChR
2020 Adaptive spike-artifact removal from local field potentials uncovers prominent beta and gamma band neuronal synchronization. ---
2020 Advantages and detection of phase coding in the absence of rhythmicity. ---
2020 Changes in neural network connectivity in mice brain following exposures to palatable food. HP, LHa, NAc, OB
2020 Characterization of information processing in the subthalamic area of Parkinson's patients. DBS, PD, STN, ZI
2020 Cortical hemodynamic responses induced by low-intensity transcranial ultrasound stimulation of mouse cortex. CBF, TUS
2020 Cross-subject decoding of eye movement goals from local field potentials. PFC
2020 Directional deep brain stimulation leads reveal spatially distinct oscillatory activity in the globus pallidus internus of Parkinson's disease patients. GPi
2020 Discovering Precise Temporal Patterns in Large-Scale Neural Recordings through Robust and Interpretable Time Warping. ---
10  2020 Divergent neuronal activity patterns in the avian hippocampus and nidopallium. AMUA, NREM, SWRs
11  2020 Electrocorticogram (ECoG) is highly informative in primate visual cortex. BMIs, ECoG, EEG
12  2020 Enhanced cortical responsiveness during natural sleep in freely behaving mice. MUA, REM, SWS
13  2020 Evidence for the origin of the binaural interaction component of the auditory brainstem response. ABR, BIC
14  2020 Exposure to carbon black nanoparticles increases seizure susceptibility in male mice. CBNPs, KA, PTZ, SLE, SRS
15  2020 Force decoding using local field potentials in primary motor cortex: PLS or Kalman filter regression? BCI, CC, NMSE, PLS
16  2020 Improved detection of Parkinsonian resting tremor with feature engineering and Kalman filtering. aDBS, ML, PD
17  2020 In vivo imaging of deep neural activity from the cortical surface during hippocampal epileptiform events in the rat brain using electrical impedance tomography. EIT
18  2020 LFP-Net: A deep learning framework to recognize human behavioral activities using brain STN-LFP signals. CNN, DBS, PD, STN
19  2020 Medial entorhinal cortex activates in a traveling wave in the rat. MEC
20  2020 Modulation of local field potentials and neuronal activity in primate hippocampus during saccades. PC
21  2020 Modulation of Spinal Nociceptive Transmission by Sub-Sensory Threshold Spinal Cord Stimulation in Rats After Nerve Injury. SCS, SNL
22  2020 Phase-Specific Microstimulation Differentially Modulates Beta Oscillations and Affects Behavior. ICMS
23  2020 Reconfigurable 3D-Printed headplates for reproducible and rapid implantation of EEG, EMG and depth electrodes in mice. ECoG, EMG
24  2020 Regularized Partial Least Square Regression for Continuous Decoding in Brain-Computer Interfaces. BCIs, ECoG, NIR, PLS, PLSRW, RPLS, RR
25  2020 Single-Trial Decoding from Local Field Potential Using Bag of Word Representation. BoW
26  2020 Spatial attention enhances network, cellular and subthreshold responses in mouse visual cortex. RF
27  2020 Spike-and-Wave Discharges Are Not Pathological Sleep Spindles, Network-Level Aspects of Age-Dependent Absence Seizure Development in Rats. ETX, SWDs
28  2020 Striatal and Thalamic Auditory Response During Deep Brain Stimulation for Essential Tremor: Implications for Psychosis. DBS, EEG, ET, RT, SZ, VIM
29  2020 The relationship between BOLD and neural activity arises from temporally sparse events. BOLD, rs-fMRI
30  2020 ZapLine: A simple and effective method to remove power line artifacts. EEG, MEG
31  2020 Zebrafish-Based Screening of Antiseizure Plants Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Magnolia officinalis Extract and Its Constituents Magnolol and Honokiol Exhibit Potent Anticonvulsant Activity in a Therapy-Resistant Epilepsy Model. EKP, M. officinalis, PSD, PTZ, TCM
32  2019 A Machine Learning Approach to Characterize the Modulation of the Hippocampal Rhythms Via Optogenetic Stimulation of the Medial Septum. MS
33  2019 A model for the peak-interval task based on neural oscillation-delimited states. ---
34  2019 ACC Plasticity Maintains Masseter Hyperalgesia Caused by Occlusal Interference. ACC, EOI, MT
35  2019 Adaptive Artifact Removal From Intracortical Channels for Accurate Decoding of a Force Signal in Freely Moving Rats. BMI, CAR, MUA, SUA
36  2019 Adaptive delivery of continuous and delayed feedback deep brain stimulation - a computational study. aDBS, apLDF, cDBS, cpLDF
37  2019 Alterations in Oscillatory Behavior of Central Medial Thalamic Neurons Demonstrate a Key Role of CaV3.1 Isoform of T-Channels During Isoflurane-Induced Anesthesia. CeM, ISO, T-channels, TTA-P2, WT
38  2019 An Energy Efficient AdaBoost Cascade Method for Long-Term Seizure Detection in Portable Neurostimulators. RNS, TLE
39  2019 Automatic Sleep Stage Classification Based on Subthalamic Local Field Potentials. DBS, PD, STN
40  2019 Canonical maximization of coherence: A novel tool for investigation of neuronal interactions between two datasets. caCOH, CMC
41  2019 Carbon monofilament electrodes for unit recording and functional MRI in same subjects. PEDOT
42  2019 Causal relationship between local field potential and intrinsic optical signal in epileptiform activity in vitro. IOS, IOSh
43  2019 Cerebellar Lobulus Simplex and Crus I Differentially Represent Phase and Phase Difference of Prefrontal Cortical and Hippocampal Oscillations. dCA1, LS, mPFC, PC
44  2019 Changes in Neuronal Entropy in a Network Model of the Cortico-Basal Ganglia during Deep Brain Stimulation. DBS, GP, PD, STN
45  2019 Cholinergic modulation of hippocampal calcium activity across the sleep-wake cycle. mAChRs, SWRs
46  2019 Chronic stress increases pain sensitivity via activation of the rACC-BLA pathway in rats. BLA, CeA, CFSS, FPP, FS, HNS, LIS, PDC, rACC, SIH
47  2019 Coherence of Visual-Evoked Gamma Oscillations Is Disrupted by Propofol but Preserved Under Equipotent Doses of Isoflurane. ITPC, LOC, VEP
48  2019 Comparing Open-Source Toolboxes for Processing and Analysis of Spike and Local Field Potentials Data. ---
49  2019 Compensatory Plasticity in the Lateral Extrastriate Visual Cortex Preserves Audiovisual Temporal Processing following Adult-Onset Hearing Loss. CSD, SOAs
50  2019 Cortical Electrocorticogram (ECoG) Is a Local Signal. ECoG, MUA, RF
51  2019 Cortical Pain Processing in the Rat Anterior Cingulate Cortex and Primary Somatosensory Cortex. ACC, ERPs
52  2019 Cortical Plasticity Induced by Anodal Transcranial Pulsed Current Stimulation Investigated by Combining Two-Photon Imaging and Electrophysiological Recording. a-tPCS, A1ARs
53  2019 Cortical Seizures in FoxG1+/- Mice are Accompanied by Akt/S6 Overactivation, Excitation/Inhibition Imbalance and Impaired Synaptic Transmission. FOXG1, VGLUT2
54  2019 Cortico-subthalamic Coherence in a Patient With Dystonia Induced by Chorea-Acanthocytosis: A Case Report. DBS, MEG, PD, STN
55  2019 Decoding Hidden Cognitive States From Behavior and Physiology Using a Bayesian Approach. GLM
56  2019 Delayed Feedback-Based Suppression of Pathological Oscillations in a Neural Mass Model. STN
57  2019 Delta Rhythm Orchestrates the Neural Activity Underlying the Resting State BOLD Signal via Phase-amplitude Coupling. BOLD, fMRI, PAC
58  2019 Diazepam and ethanol differently modulate neuronal activity in organotypic cortical cultures. ---
59  2019 Differential responsivity of neurons in perirhinal cortex, lateral entorhinal cortex, and dentate gyrus during time-bridging learning. DG, EC
60  2019 Direct neurophysiological evidence for a role of the human anterior cingulate cortex in central command. ACC
61  2019 Discrete Structure of the Brain Rhythms. ---
62  2019 Distinct processing of tone offset in two primary auditory cortices. AAF
63  2019 Dynamics and sources of response variability and its coordination in visual cortex. ---
64  2019 Effects of different patterns of electric stimulation of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex on hippocampal-prefrontal coherence in a rat model of depression. CUS, DBS, vmPFC
65  2019 Eltoprazine prevents levodopa-induced dyskinesias by reducing causal interactions for theta oscillations in the dorsolateral striatum and substantia nigra pars reticulate. AIMs, BG, dStr, LID, PD, SNr
66  2019 Emotional arousal modifies auditory steady state response in the auditory cortex and prefrontal cortex of rats. ASSR, mPFC
67  2019 Estimation of Bladder Pressure and Volume from the Neural Activity of Lumbosacral Dorsal Horn Using a Long-Short-Term-Memory-based Deep Neural Network. CC, DRNN, LSTM, NRMS
68  2019 Evaluation of acute anodal direct current stimulation-induced effects on somatosensory-evoked responses in the rat. aDCS, tDCS, VSD
69  2019 Evaluation of Hemisphere Lateralization with Bilateral Local Field Potential Recording in Secondary Motor Cortex of Mice. AD, WT
70  2019 Field potential 1/f activity in the subcallosal cingulate region as a candidate signal for monitoring deep brain stimulation for treatment-resistant depression. DBS, SCC-DBS, TRD
71  2019 Finding the balance between model complexity and performance: Using ventral striatal oscillations to classify feeding behavior in rats. DBS, VS
72  2019 Focal inputs are a potential origin of local field potential (LFP) in the brain regions without laminar structure. LFPs
73  2019 Frequency-specific coupling in fronto-parieto-occipital cortical circuits underlie active tactile discrimination. ACC, PPC
74  2019 Functional Brain Connectivity Revealed by Sparse Coding of Large-Scale Local Field Potential Dynamics. ---
75  2019 Gamma Oscillations in the Basolateral Amygdala: Biophysical Mechanisms and Computational Consequences. BL, FSIs, PNs
76  2019 Hippocampal coupling with cortical and subcortical structures in the context of memory consolidation. ---
77  2019 Hippocampal gamma rhythms during Y-maze navigation in the juvenile rat. SA
78  2019 Hippocampus-nidopallium caudolaterale interactions exist in the goal-directed behavior of pigeon. HP, NCL, PDC
79  2019 Impact of Stress on Gamma Oscillations in the Rat Nucleus Accumbens During Spontaneous Social Interaction. CSDS, NAc
80  2019 Impaired cognitive flexibility following NMDAR-GluN2B deletion is associated with altered orbitofrontal-striatal function. DS, NMDAR, OFC
81  2019 In vivo neurovascular response to focused photoactivation of Channelrhodopsin-2. RBC
82  2019 In vivo Recording Quality of Mechanically Decoupled Floating Versus Skull-Fixed Silicon-Based Neural Probes. MUA
83  2019 Inferring the direction of rhythmic neural transmission via inter-regional phase-amplitude coupling (ir-PAC). DG, ir-PAC, ir-PAC, PAC, PFC
84  2019 Integrate-and-fire network model of activity propagation from thalamus to cortex. ---
85  2019 Isoflurane anesthesia does not affect spinal cord neurovascular coupling: evidence from decerebrated rats. fMRI, SCBF
86  2019 Lack of mutant huntingtin in cortical efferents improves behavioral inflexibility and corticostriatal dynamics in Huntington's disease mice. BE, DS, HD, mHTT, WT
87  2019 Large-scale changes in cortical dynamics triggered by repetitive somatosensory electrical stimulation. PSD, SES, SFC
88  2019 LFP clustering in cortex reveals a taxonomy of Up states and near-millisecond, ordered phase-locking in cortical neurons. ---
89  2019 Low-cost solution for rodent home-cage behaviour monitoring. EMG
90  2019 Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Stimulation Modulates the Nonlinear Dynamics of Local Field Potentials in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. EEG, KA, LIPUS, TLE
91  2019 Male dominance status regulates odor-evoked processing in the forebrain of a cichlid fish. ---
92  2019 Measuring Sharp Waves and Oscillatory Population Activity With the Genetically Encoded Calcium Indicator GCaMP6f. SWs
93  2019 Methodological Considerations on the Use of Different Spectral Decomposition Algorithms to Study Hippocampal Rhythms. EEMD
94  2019 Minimax-optimal decoding of movement goals from local field potentials using complex spectral features. ---
95  2019 Modulation of thalamo-cortical activity by the NMDA receptor antagonists ketamine and phencyclidine in the awake freely-moving rat. mPFC
96  2019 Modulation of Theta-Band Local Field Potential Oscillations Across Brain Networks With Central Thalamic Deep Brain Stimulation to Enhance Spatial Working Memory. CA, CT, DBS, FC, LFPs
97  2019 Multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis of continuous neural time series in primate visual cortex. MF-DFA
98  2019 Multiscale modeling and decoding algorithms for spike-field activity. BMI, MSF, NHP
99  2019 Network Properties Revealed during Multi-Scale Calcium Imaging of Seizure Activity in Zebrafish. 4-AP
100  2019 Neural Correlates of Internal States that Capture Movement Variability. ---