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Abbreviation:   LPA  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   linear polyacrylamide
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2018 Large-scale Top-down Proteomics Using Capillary Zone Electrophoresis Tandem Mass Spectrometry. ---
2017 Surface-Confined Aqueous Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer (SCARAFT) Polymerization Method for Preparation of Coated Capillary Leads to over 10 000 Peptides Identified from 25 ng HeLa Digest by Using Capillary Zone Electrophoresis-Tandem Mass Spectrometry. CZE, SCARAFT, SIEs
2016 Stability and effectiveness of linear polyacrylamide capillary coating to suppress EOF in acidic media in the presence of surfactants, ionic liquids and organic modifiers. CE, EO, EOF
2016 Thermally-initiated free radical polymerization for reproducible production of stable linear polyacrylamide coated capillaries, and their application to proteomic analysis using capillary zone electrophoresis-mass spectrometry. CZE, TEMED
2016 Validation of CE modeling with a contactless conductivity array detector. ---
2015 Third-generation electrokinetically pumped sheath-flow nanospray interface with improved stability and sensitivity for automated capillary zone electrophoresis-mass spectrometry analysis of complex proteome digests. ---
2014 Charge-based characterisation of high-molecular-weight glutenin subunits from common wheat by capillary isoelectric focusing. CIEF, CZE, HMW-GS, PVA
2012 Divergent dispersion behavior of ssDNA fragments during microchip electrophoresis in pDMA and LPA entangled polymer networks. PDMA
2009 Effect of quasi-interpenetrating network of polyacrylamide and poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide) on separation of dsDNA fragments and basic protein using CE. AM, DMA, PDMA, quasi-IPN
10  2009 Nucleic acid contamination of glycogen used in nucleic acid precipitation and assessment of linear polyacrylamide as an alternative co-precipitant. ---
11  2009 Reduced matrix viscosity in DNA sequencing by CE and microchip electrophoresis using a novel thermo-responsive copolymer. PPO
12  2008 Hydrophobically modified polyacrylamide block copolymers for fast, high-resolution DNA sequencing in microfluidic chips. ---
13  2008 Poly(methyl methacrylate) microchip affinity capillary gel electrophoresis of aptamer-protein complexes for the analysis of thrombin in plasma. PMMA
14  2008 Rapid and variable-volume sample loading in sieving electrophoresis microchips using negative pressure combined with electrokinetic force. BW, HEC, SW
15  2008 Thermoresponsive N-alkoxyalkylacrylamide polymers as a sieving matrix for high-resolution DNA separations on a microfluidic chip. ---
16  2007 An integrated system for enzymatic cleavage and electrostretching of freely-suspended single DNA molecules. ---
17  2007 Effects of novel quasi-interpenetrating network/gold nanoparticles composite matrices on DNA sequencing performances by CE. CAE, GNPs, MCE, PDMA, quasi-IPN
18  2007 Mathematical model for DNA separation by capillary electrophoresis in entangled polymer solutions. HEC
19  2007 Novel quasi-interpenetrating network/gold nanoparticles composite matrices for DNA sequencing by CE. DSC, GNPs, PDMA, quasi-IPN
20  2006 A new quasi-interpenetrating network formed by poly(N-acryloyl-tris-(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane and polyvinylpyrrolidone: separation matrix for double-stranded DNA and single-stranded DNA fragments by capillary electrophoresis with UV detection. quasi-IPNs
21  2006 A robust cross-linked polyacrylamide coating for microchip electrophoresis of dsDNA fragments. CPA
22  2006 An optimized microchip electrophoresis system for mutation detection by tandem SSCP and heteroduplex analysis for p53 gene exons 5-9. HA, SGE, SSCP
23  2006 DNA sequencing and multiplex STR analysis on plastic microfluidic devices. bp, STRs
24  2006 Electrophoretic mobility of linear and star-branched DNA in semidilute polymer solutions. ---
25  2006 Scale-up development of high-performance polymer matrix for DNA sequencing analysis. MW, UHMW
26  2005 A microfluidic device using a green organic light emitting diode as an integrated excitation source. OLED
27  2005 Rapid identification of pathogenic bacteria by capillary electrophoretic analysis of rRNA genes. RFLP, SSCP
28  2004 Capillary isoelectric focusing--reproducibility and protein adsorption. CIEF, CZE, pI, RSD
29  2004 Detection of K-ras exon 1 mutations by constant denaturant capillary electrophoresis. CDCE
30  2004 Detection of the major mutation M467T causing cystinuria by single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis using capillary electrophoresis. LIF, PCR, PVA, SSCP, ssDNA
31  2004 Fluorescent-based single-strand conformation polymorphism/heteroduplex capillary electrophoretic mutation analysis of the P53 gene. CE, F-SSCP, HA, PDMA
32  2004 Near-infrared time-resolved fluorescence lifetime determinations in poly(methylmethacrylate) microchip electrophoresis devices. EOF, LIGA, near-IR
33  2004 Sparsely cross-linked "nanogel" matrixes as fluid, mechanically stabilized polymer networks for high-throughput microchannel DNA sequencing. Bis
34  2003 Advanced polymers for DNA separation. ---
35  2003 Sparsely cross-linked "nanogels" for microchannel DNA sequencing. CAE, LIF, Mw
36  2002 DNA sequencing of close to 1000 bases in 40 minutes by capillary electrophoresis using dimethyl sulfoxide and urea as denaturants in replaceable linear polyacrylamide solutions. CE, DMSO
37  2002 DNA sequencing with hydrophilic and hydrophobic polymers at elevated column temperatures. GPC-MALLS, PDMA
38  2002 High-throughput, high-sensitivity genetic mutation detection by tandem single-strand conformation polymorphism/heteroduplex analysis capillary array electrophoresis. CAE, HA, Mw, SSCP
39  2001 Effect of glycerol-induced DNA conformational change on the separation of DNA fragments by capillary electrophoresis. PEO, TBE
40  2001 Impact of polymer hydrophobicity on the properties and performance of DNA sequencing matrices for capillary electrophoresis. CE, DEA, DMA, PDMA
41  2001 Separation of dsDNA in the presence of electroosmotic flow under discontinuous conditions. EOF, HEC, HPC, PEO, TB
42  2001 Shear-induced degradation of linear polyacrylamide solutions during pre-electrophoretic loading. ---
43  2000 DNA sequencing up to 1300 bases in two hours by capillary electrophoresis with mixed replaceable linear polyacrylamide solutions. ---
44  2000 Optimization of high-performance DNA sequencing on short microfabricated electrophoretic devices. ---
45  1999 Optimization of high-speed DNA sequencing on microfabricated capillary electrophoresis channels. ---
46  1999 Toward real-world sequencing by microdevice electrophoresis. WICGR
47  1998 Correlation of plasma protein separation patterns obtained by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and by capillary electrophoresis. CIEF, SDS
48  1998 Routine DNA sequencing of 1000 bases in less than one hour by capillary electrophoresis with replaceable linear polyacrylamide solutions. HMM
49  1996 Rapid DNA sequencing of more than 1000 bases per run by capillary electrophoresis using replaceable linear polyacrylamide solutions. ---
50  1995 Sequence dependent migration behavior of double-stranded DNA in capillary electrophoresis. CE
51  1994 Effects of linear polyacrylamide concentrations and applied voltages on the separation of oligonucleotides and DNA sequencing fragments by capillary electrophoresis. LIF
52  1993 DNA sequencing by capillary electrophoresis with replaceable linear polyacrylamide and laser-induced fluorescence detection. CE, LIF, PMT
53  1993 Separation of DNA fragments by capillary electrophoresis using replaceable linear polyacrylamide matrices. ---