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Long Form:   low-protein diet
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Oxytocin receptor agonist reduces perinatal brain damage by targeting microglia. FGR, IL1beta
2019 Semi-synthetic diet versus diet using natural ingredients-Comparative study in female Golden Syrian hamsters. HFD, NCD, NSD, SSD
2019 The Role for Protein Restriction in Addition to Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System Inhibitors in theManagement of CKD. CKD, RAAS
2018 A low-protein diet exerts a beneficial effect on diabetic status and prevents diabetic nephropathy in Wistar fatty rats, an animal model of type 2 diabetes and obesity. BAT, BW, FW, HMW, MW, p-S6RP, WFRs
2018 A Low-Protein Diet for Diabetic Kidney Disease: Its Effect and Molecular Mechanism, an Approach from Animal Studies. CKD, DKD, mTORC1, PEW, VLPD
2018 Could Low-Protein Diet Modulate Nrf2 Pathway in Chronic Kidney Disease? CKD, Nrf2
2018 Diet changes alter paternally inherited epigenetic pattern in male Wild guinea pigs. ---
2018 Dietary patterns, cost and compliance with low-protein diet of phenylketonuria and other inherited metabolic diseases. IMD, LPFs, NSPKU, PKU
2018 Does Low-Protein Diet Influence the Uremic Toxin Serum Levels From the Gut Microbiota in Nondialysis Chronic Kidney Disease Patients? CKD, RP-HPLC
10  2018 Dynamic changes in morphology, gene expression and microbiome in the jejunum of compensatory-growth rats induced by protein restriction. NPD, VH
11  2018 Effect of essential amino acid кetoanalogues and protein restriction diet on morphogenetic proteins (FGF-23 and Кlotho) in 3b-4 stages chronic кidney disease patients: a randomized pilot study. CKD, KA, VCS
12  2018 Effect of restricted protein diet supplemented with keto analogues in end-stage renal disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis. ESRD, sLPD
13  2018 Effects of Low-Protein Diet on lipid and anthropometric profiles of patients with chronic kidney disease on conservative management. BMI, CKD, GFR
14  2018 Effects of Low-Protein, and Supplemented Very Low-Protein Diets, on Muscle Protein Turnover in Patients With CKD. CKD, sVLPD
15  2018 Efficacy of low-protein diet for diabetic nephropathy: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials. CI, DN, GFR, RCTs, SMD
16  2018 Low-protein diet supplemented with ketoacids delays the progression of diabetic nephropathy by inhibiting oxidative stress in the KKAy mice model. DN, NPD
17  2018 Maternal Low Protein Diet Impairs Prostate Growth in Young Rat Offspring and Induces Prostate Carcinogenesis with Aging. GLLP, GLP, PND
18  2018 Modulation of Microglial Activation by Adenosine A2a Receptor in Animal Models of Perinatal Brain Injury. ARs
19  2018 Mouse maternal protein restriction during preimplantation alone permanently alters brain neuron proportion and adult short-term memory. NSC
20  2018 Paternal diet programs offspring health through sperm- and seminal plasma-specific pathways in mice. NPD
21  2018 Very low protein diet plus ketoacid analogs of essential amino acids supplement to retard chronic kidney disease progression. CKD, GFR, KA/EAA, VLPD
22  2017 A low-protein diet induces body weight loss and browning of subcutaneous white adipose tissue through enhanced expression of hepatic fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21). FGF21, LFgf21KO, PREDIMED, scWAT, UCP1
23  2017 Chronic kidney disease progression: a retrospective analysis of 3-year adherence to a low protein diet. CKD, DM, eGFR
24  2017 Cyclic and intermittent very low-protein diet can have beneficial effects against advanced diabetic nephropathy in Wistar fatty (fa/fa) rats, an animal model of type 2 diabetes and obesity. L-FABP, STD, VLPD, WFRs
25  2017 Dietary protein intake and chronic kidney disease. CKD
26  2017 Effect of endurance training and branched-chain amino acids on the signaling for muscle protein synthesis in CKD model rats fed a low-protein diet. BCAA, BD, CKD, mTOR
27  2017 Effect of oregano essential oil and benzoic acid supplementation to a low-protein diet on meat quality, fatty acid composition, and lipid stability of longissimus thoracis muscle in pigs. BA, IMF, LT, MPD, NPD, OEO, PUFA
28  2017 Ketoanalogues supplementation decreases dialysis and mortality risk in patients with anemic advanced chronic kidney disease. CKD, KA
29  2017 Lung microRNA deregulation associated with impaired alveolarization in rats after intrauterine growth restriction. IUGR, miRNA
30  2017 Maternal Low-Protein Diet Modulates Glucose Metabolism and Hepatic MicroRNAs Expression in the Early Life of Offspring †. IL-6, NCD, TNF-alpha
31  2017 Paternal low protein diet programs preimplantation embryo gene expression, fetal growth and skeletal development in mice. ---
32  2017 Perinatal Malnutrition Leads to Sexually Dimorphic Behavioral Responses with Associated Epigenetic Changes in the Mouse Brain. IEG, NPY, Npy1r
33  2017 Protein malnutrition during fetal programming induces fatty liver in adult male offspring rats. GGT, pAKT, SGPT
34  2017 Protein-Restricted Diets for Ameliorating Motor Fluctuations in Parkinson's Disease. PD, PRD
35  2017 [Effects of keto/amino acids and a low-protein diet on the nutritional status of patients with Stages 3B-4 chronic kidney disease]. BMI, CKD, KDIGO
36  2016 6-tips diet: a simplified dietary approach in patients with chronic renal disease. A clinical randomized trial. ---
37  2016 A practical approach to a low protein diet in Brazil. CKD
38  2016 A practical approach to low protein diets in Sweden- 45years of clinical use. ---
39  2016 A very-low-protein diet ameliorates advanced diabetic nephropathy through autophagy induction by suppression of the mTORC1 pathway in Wistar fatty rats, an animal model of type 2 diabetes and obesity. mTORC1, p-S6RP, PTCs, WFRs, WLRs
40  2016 Compliance, illiteracy and low-protein diet: multiple challenges in CKD and a case of self-empowerment. CKD
41  2016 Diet as a system: an observational study investigating a multi-choice system of moderately restricted low-protein diets. ---
42  2016 Effect of restricted protein diet supplemented with keto analogues in chronic kidney disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis. CKD, VLPD
43  2016 Efficacy of the Essential Amino Acids and Keto-Analogues on the CKD progression rate in real practice in Russia - city nephrology registry data for outpatient clinic. EAA/KA, PU, RRT
44  2016 Is low-protein diet a possible risk factor of malnutrition in chronic kidney disease patients? CKD
45  2016 Ketoanalogue-Supplemented Vegetarian Very Low-Protein Diet and CKD Progression. KD
46  2016 Role of low protein diet in management of different stages of chronic kidney disease - practical aspects. CKD, ESRD, MDRD, RRT
47  2015 Accelerated age-related decline in renal and vascular function in female rats following early-life growth restriction. MAP, NPD
48  2015 Early supplemented low-protein diet restriction for chronic kidney disease patients in Taiwan - A cost-effectiveness analysis. CKD, eGFR, KA, QALYs
49  2015 Effect of a low-protein diet supplemented with keto-acids on autophagy and inflammation in 5/6 nephrectomized rats. ASC, CKD, KA, NPD, PEW, PINK1, ROS, TNF-alpha
50  2015 Effect of personalized dietary intervention on nutritional, metabolic and vascular indices in patients with chronic kidney disease. BAFMD, BIA, BMI, CIMT, CKD, CRP, CV, DEXA
51  2015 Effects of oral carbonic adsorbent (AST-120) on kidney of early-stage chronic kidney disease rats. AD, CTRL, GSI, SCr, TIFS
52  2015 Fetuin-A decrease induced by a low-protein diet enhances vascular calcification in uremic rats with hyperphosphatemia. ---
53  2015 Impaired alveolarization and intra-uterine growth restriction in rats: a postnatal genome-wide analysis. GEO, IUGR, PPAR
54  2015 Maternal nutrition modifies trophoblast giant cell phenotype and fetal growth in mice. NPD, TGCs
55  2015 When early life growth restriction in rats is followed by attenuated postnatal growth: effects on cardiac function in adulthood. IUGR, NPD
56  2014 Acute dietary protein intake restriction is associated with changes in myostatin expression after a single bout of resistance exercise in healthy young men. NPD, SCs
57  2014 Effects of Italian Mediterranean organic diet vs. low-protein diet in nephropathic patients according to MTHFR genotypes. CKD, IMD, IMOD, MTHFR
58  2014 Expert opinion of nephrologists about the effectiveness of low-protein diet in different stages of chronic kidney disease (CKD). CKD
59  2014 Low protein diet inhibits uric acid synthesis and attenuates renal damage in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. DN, SUA, UAE
60  2014 Low-protein diet for diabetic nephropathy. ---
61  2014 Paternal low protein diet affects adult offspring cardiovascular and metabolic function in mice. NPD
62  2014 Patients' perception on the nutritional therapy for diabetic nephropathy. eGFR, QOL
63  2014 Perinatal protein malnutrition affects mitochondrial function in adult and results in a resistance to high fat diet-induced obesity. ---
64  2014 [Retrospective analysis of influence of differential protein intake on renal prognosis for progressive chronic kidney disease]. CKD, DPI, eGFR, NPD, PEM, VLPD
65  2013 Attenuation of the activated mammalian target of rapamycin pathway might be associated with renal function reserve by a low-protein diet in the rat remnant kidney model. mTOR, NPD
66  2013 Effect of low-protein diet supplemented with keto acids on progression of chronic kidney disease. CKD, keto-diet
67  2013 Evidence of altered biochemical composition in the hearts of adult intrauterine growth-restricted rats. FTIR, NPD
68  2013 Light and shadows of dietary protein restriction in elderly with chronic kidney disease. CKD
69  2013 Phosphate attenuates the anti-proteinuric effect of very low-protein diet in CKD patients. CKD, eGFR, VLPD
70  2013 Protein restriction in the rat negatively impacts long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid composition and mammary gland development at the end of gestation. AA, DHA, EPA, LCPUFAs
71  2013 Very low protein diet reduces indoxyl sulfate levels in chronic kidney disease. CKD, HD, IS, VLPD
72  2012 Angiotensin II receptor antagonist reduces subsequent uterine arterial dysfunction in pregnant offspring of protein-restricted rat dams. PE
73  2012 Long term effects of low protein diet on depressive symptoms and quality of life in elderly Type 2 diabetic patients. ADL, CIRS-IS, CrCl, MMSE, NPD
74  2012 Maternal low-protein diet up-regulates the neuropeptide Y system in visceral fat and leads to abdominal obesity and glucose intolerance in a sex- and time-specific manner. HFD, NPD, NPY, PLS, PRP, VAT, Y2R
75  2012 Protein deprivation attenuates Hsp expression in fat tissue. ---
76  2011 Benefits in nutritional interventions in patients with CKD stage 3-4. ACEI, CKD, MDRD, SVLPD
77  2011 Effect of short-term low-protein diet supplemented with keto acids on hyperphosphatemia in maintenance hemodialysis patients. DPI, MHD, NP, sLP
78  2011 Elevated vascular resistance and afterload reduce the cardiac output response to dobutamine in early growth-restricted rats in adulthood. DOB, IUGR, MAP, NPD
79  2011 IUGR in the absence of postnatal "catch-up" growth leads to improved whole body insulin sensitivity in rat offspring. DEXA, RER
80  2011 Maternal periconceptional and gestational low protein diet affects mouse offspring growth, cardiovascular and adipose phenotype at 1 year of age. INSR, UCP1
81  2010 Dietary protein intake in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease and on dialysis. CKD
82  2010 Effect of maternal protein restriction during pregnancy and lactation on the number of cardiomyocytes in the postproliferative weanling rat heart. NPD
83  2010 Suppression subtractive hybridization analysis of low-protein diet- and vitamin D-induced gene expression from rat kidney inner medullary base. AQP2, IM, ttSSH, Vit D
84  2010 The effects of intrauterine malnutrition on maternal-fetal cholesterol transport and fetal lipid synthesis in mice. ---
85  2009 A strict low protein diet during the predialysis period suppresses peritoneal permeability at induction of peritoneal dialysis. PD, PET, PI
86  2009 Effect of a low- versus moderate-protein diet on progression of CKD: follow-up of a randomized controlled trial. CKD, MPD
87  2009 Effects of a low-protein diet on plasma amino acid and homocysteine levels and oxidative status in rats. Hcy
88  2009 Influence of ketoanalogs supplementation on the progression in chronic kidney disease patients who had training on low-protein diet. CKD, GFR, KA
89  2009 Metabolic and mitochondrial dysfunction in early mouse embryos following maternal dietary protein intervention. HPD, MPD
90  2009 Urea and NaCl regulate UT-A1 urea transporter in opposing directions via TonEBP pathway during osmotic diuresis. HSD, HUD, IM, LSD, TonEBP
91  2009 [Acute and persistent antiproteinuric effect of a low-protein diet in chronic kidney disease]. AGE, VLpD
92  2009 [The role of balanced low-protein diet in inhibition of predialysis chronic kidney disease progression in patients with systemic diseases]. CDK
93  2008 Adaptive responses by mouse early embryos to maternal diet protect fetal growth but predispose to adult onset disease. VYSE
94  2008 Characterization of dietary protein-dependent amino acid metabolism by linking free amino acids with transcriptional profiles through analysis of correlation. HPD
95  2008 Dexamethasone treatment in vivo counteracts the functional pancreatic islet alterations caused by malnourishment in rats. DEX, LP
96  2008 Effect of protein restriction diet on renal function and metabolic control in patients with type 2 diabetes: a randomized clinical trial. NPD
97  2008 Low-protein diet for diabetic nephropathy: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Ccr, GFR, WMD
98  2008 Protein restriction and body composition in renal disease. BC, GFR
99  2008 The effects of gum arabic oral treatment on the metabolic profile of chronic renal failure patients under regular haemodialysis in Central Sudan. CRF
100  2008 [Low-protein diet and proteinuria]. ---