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Abbreviation:   LPP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   late positive potential
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A touching Sight: EEG/ERP correlates for the vicarious processing of affectionate touch. ---
2019 An event-related potential comparison of facial expression processing between cartoon and real faces. ERPs, VPP
2019 Attenuated LPP to Emotional Face Stimuli Associated with Parent- and Self-Reported Depression in Children and Adolescents. EEG
2019 Brain Responses to Cigarette-Related and Emotional Images in Smokers During Smoking Cessation: No Effect of Varenicline or Bupropion on the Late Positive Potential. ERPs
2019 Children's sustained attention to emotional facial expressions and their autonomic nervous system reactivity during parent-child interactions. ANS, ERP, RSA
2019 Classical conditioning in oddball paradigm: A comparison between aversive and name conditioning. CS, ERPs, US
2019 Cognitive Reappraisal in Children: Neuropsychological Evidence of Up-Regulating Positive Emotion From an ERP Study. EEG
2019 Depression symptomatology correlates with event-related potentials in Parkinson's disease: An affective priming study. EEG, ERP, PD
2019 Emotion in Context: How Sender Predictability and Identity Affect Processing of Words as Imminent Personality Feedback. EPN
10  2019 Gender differences in the relation between the late positive potential in response to anxiety sensitivity images and self-reported anxiety sensitivity. AS
11  2019 Hemodynamic and electrocortical reactivity to specific scene contents in emotional perception. EPN
12  2019 How context influences the interpretation of facial expressions: a source localization high-density EEG study on the "Kuleshov effect". ---
13  2019 How occupational status influences the processing of faces: An EEG study. ---
14  2019 Increased neural sensitivity to self-relevant stimuli in major depressive disorder. ---
15  2019 Latent profiles of maternal neural response to infant emotional stimuli: Associations with maternal sensitivity. ERPs
16  2019 Long-term exposure to high altitude attenuates verbal and spatial working memory: Evidence from an event-related potential study. ERPs, HA, LA, WM
17  2019 Malleability of the self: electrophysiological correlates of the enfacement illusion. IMS
18  2019 Neural indices of associative learning in pre-adolescents: An event-related potential study. EEG, ERPs, FRN
19  2019 Positive affective priming decreases the middle late positive potential response to negative images. ERP
20  2019 Psychosocial intervention in at-risk adolescents: using event-related potentials to assess changes in decision making and feedback processing. FRN
21  2019 Reduced empathic pain processing in patients with somatoform pain disorder: Evidence from behavioral and neurophysiological measures. ERP, SPD
22  2019 Self-report and neurophysiological indicators of emotion processing and regulation in social anxiety disorder. HC, SAD
23  2019 Strategy bias in the emotion regulation of high trait anxiety individuals: An investigation of underlying neural signatures using ERPs. ER, ERP, HTA, LTA
24  2019 The Cortical Network of Emotion Regulation: Insights from Advanced EEG-fMRI Integration Analysis. EEG, fMRI
25  2019 Threat-conditioned contexts modulate the late positive potential to faces-A mobile EEG/virtual reality study. VR
26  2019 Unpredictability impairs goal-directed target processing and performance. ---
27  2019 Using emotion regulation strategies after sleep deprivation: ERP and behavioral findings. EEG, SC, SD
28  2019 Working Memory Load and Negative Picture Processing: Neural and Behavioral Associations With Panic, Social Anxiety, and Positive Affect. ---
29  2018 Age differences in the neural correlates underlying control of emotional memory: An event-related potential study. DF, EEG, ERP, TBF, TBR
30  2018 Alexithymia in borderline personality disorder is not associated with deficits in automatic visual processing of negative emotional stimuli. BPD
31  2018 An electrophysiological index of outcome evaluation that may influence subsequent cooperation and aggression strategies. ERPs, PCA
32  2018 Anticipation of Uncertain Threat Modulates Subsequent Affective Responses and Covariation Bias. ERP, SPN
33  2018 Childhood maltreatment is associated with increased neural response to ambiguous threatening facial expressions in adulthood: Evidence from the late positive potential. ---
34  2018 Children prenatally exposed to maternal anxiety devote more attentional resources to neutral pictures. ERPs
35  2018 Cigarette cues capture attention of smokers and never-smokers, but for different reasons. EPN, ERPs, NEV, SMO
36  2018 Cognitive reappraisal of snake and spider pictures: An event-related potentials study. EPN
37  2018 Convergence of BOLD and ERP measures of neural reactivity to emotional faces in children and adolescents with and without anxiety disorders. BOLD, ERP, IFG, OFG
38  2018 Convergence of fMRI and ERP measures of emotional face processing in combat-exposed U. S. military veterans. BOLD
39  2018 CPS-referred mothers' psychophysiological responses to own versus other child predict sensitivity to child distress. CPS, ERP
40  2018 Cue reactivity towards bodies in anorexia nervosa - common and differential effects in adolescents and adults. AN, BMI, EEG
41  2018 Differential effects of state and trait mindfulness on the late positive potential. ERP
42  2018 Differential effects of uncertainty on LPP responses to emotional events during explicit and implicit anticipation. ERPs
43  2018 Diminished Hedonic response in neuroleptic-free youth at ultra high-risk for psychosis. CN, ERP
44  2018 Disgust but not Health Anxiety Graphic Warning Labels Reduce Motivated Attention in Smokers: A Study of P300 and Late Positive Potential Responses. EEG, GHWLs
45  2018 Distraction by salient stimuli in adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: Evidence for the role of task difficulty in bottom-up and top-down processing. ADHD, EEG, EPN
46  2018 Distress intolerance moderation of motivated attention to cannabis and negative stimuli after induced stress among cannabis users: an ERP study. CUD, DI, EEG
47  2018 EEG-Based Neurocognitive Metrics May Predict Simulated and On-Road Driving Performance in Older Drivers. 3CVT, ERPs, HAND, HP
48  2018 Effects of Directed Attention on Subsequent Processing of Emotions: Increased Attention to Unpleasant Pictures Occurs in the Late Positive Potential. ---
49  2018 Electrocortical Responses to Emotional Stimuli in Psychotic Disorders: Comparing Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders and Affective Psychosis. ERP
50  2018 Electrophysiological correlates of empathic processing and its relation to psychopathic meanness. ---
51  2018 Electrophysiological Evidence for Elimination of the Positive Bias in Elderly Adults with Depressive Symptoms. ERPs
52  2018 Emotion processing in female youth: Testing the stability of the late positive potential. EIT
53  2018 Emotional eating and instructed food-cue processing in adolescents: An ERP study. EE, ERPs
54  2018 Emotional language production: Time course, behavioral and electrophysiological correlates. ---
55  2018 Event-related potential components as measures of aversive conditioning in humans. SCR
56  2018 Event-related potentials modulated by the perception of sexual dimorphism: The influence of attractiveness and sex of faces. EPN, ERPs
57  2018 Exploring deficient emotion regulation in adult ADHD: electrophysiological evidence. ADHD, ED, ERPs
58  2018 Fearfulness, neuroticism/anxiety, and COMT Val158Met in long-term fear conditioning and extinction. ---
59  2018 Fluctuations of estradiol during women's menstrual cycle: Influences on reactivity towards erotic stimuli in the late positive potential. EEG
60  2018 How Is the Neural Response to the Design of Experience Goods Related to Personalized Preference? An Implicit View. ERPs
61  2018 Impaired Working Memory Updating for Emotional Stimuli in Depressed Patients. ERP, WM
62  2018 Implicit Emotion Regulation Deficits in Trait Anxiety: An ERP Study. EPN, ER, ERPs, HTA, LTA, PI
63  2018 In the mind's eye: The late positive potential to negative and neutral mental imagery and intolerance of uncertainty. ---
64  2018 Increased Attentional Bias Toward Visual Cues in Internet Gaming Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: An Event-Related Potential Study. ERPs, HC, IGD, OCD
65  2018 Language-based social feedback processing with randomized "senders": An ERP study. ERP
66  2018 Largely Typical Electrophysiological Affective Responses to Special Interest Stimuli in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder. ASD, TD
67  2018 Local context influences memory for emotional stimuli but not electrophysiological markers of emotion-dependent attention. EPN, SW
68  2018 Making mistakes in public: Being observed magnifies physiological responses to errors. ERPs, ERSPs, FRN
69  2018 Maternal report of infant negative affect predicts attenuated brain response to own infant. ---
70  2018 Negative association between resilience and event-related potentials evoked by negative emotion. CD-RISC, EEG
71  2018 Neural correlates of children's emotion understanding. ---
72  2018 Neural Correlates of Emotion Processing in Word Detection Task. ERPs, RSVP
73  2018 Neural Indicators of Anhedonia: Predictors and Mechanisms of Treatment Change in a Randomized Clinical Trial in Early Childhood Depression. ERP, PCIT-ED, RewP, WL
74  2018 Neural indices of emotional reactivity and regulation predict course of PTSD symptoms in combat-exposed veterans. CAPS, ERT, PTSD
75  2018 Neural Response to Pleasant Pictures Moderates Prospective Relationship Between Stress and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescent Girls. ---
76  2018 Neural Temporal Dynamics of Social Exclusion Elicited by Averted Gaze: An Event-Related Potentials Study. ERPs
77  2018 Neurophysiological Response to Olfactory Stimuli in Combat Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD
78  2018 Orbitofrontal Lesion Alters Brain Dynamics of Emotion-Attention and Emotion-Cognitive Control Interaction in Humans. BRIEF-A, ERPs, OFC, RT
79  2018 Oxytocin promotes face-sensitive neural responses to infant and adult faces in mothers. ERPs, OT
80  2018 Parental Expressed Emotion-Criticism and Neural Markers of Sustained Attention to Emotional Faces in Children. ERP
81  2018 Perception of facial expressions of emotion in migraine. EPN
82  2018 Prenatal neural responses to infant faces predict postpartum reflective functioning. ---
83  2018 Rational civil servant interviewers: evidence from an event-related potential study of beauty premiums in Chinese civil servant interviews. ERPs
84  2018 Self-affirmation enhances processing of negative stimuli among threat-prone individuals. BIS
85  2018 Simultaneous odour-face presentation strengthens hedonic evaluations and event-related potential responses influenced by unpleasant odour. ERPs, SOA, SPM
86  2018 Sweet-cheeks vs. pea-brain: embodiment, valence, and task all influence the emotional salience of language. ---
87  2018 The Moderating Effect of Self-Reported State and Trait Anxiety on the Late Positive Potential to Emotional Faces in 6-11-Year-Old Children. ---
88  2018 The neuroelectric dynamics of the emotional anticipation of other people's pain. ---
89  2018 The role of expectations and habitual emotion regulation in emotional processing: An ERP investigation. ERP, ERQ
90  2018 The time course of neural responses to social versus non-social unfairness in the ultimatum game. MFN, RRN
91  2018 Turning off hot feelings: Down-regulation of sexual desire using distraction and situation-focused reappraisal. ---
92  2018 Working Memory Training Improves Emotion Regulation Ability. ---
93  2017 A Neural Signature Encoding Decisions under Perceptual Ambiguity. ---
94  2017 Abstinence reverses EEG-indexed attention bias between drug-related and pleasant stimuli in cocaine-addicted individuals. CUD
95  2017 An electrophysiological investigation of emotional abnormalities in groups at risk for schizophrenia-spectrum personality disorders. PerMag, SocAnh
96  2017 Anticipatory representations of reward and threat in perceptual areas from preadolescence to late adolescence. SD
97  2017 Anxiety and neural responses to infant and adult faces during pregnancy. ---
98  2017 Attentional avoidance of threats in obsessive compulsive disorder: An event related potential study. EEG, ERP, HC, OCD
99  2017 Attenuated neural reactivity to happy faces is associated with rule breaking and social problems in anxious youth. ---
100  2017 Behavioral observations of positive and negative valence systems in early childhood predict physiological measures of emotional processing three years later. NA, NVS, PA, PVS, RDoC