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Long Form:   lipid transfer protein
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Biochemical analysis of antimicrobial peptides in two different Capsicum genotypes after fruit infection by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides. LTPs, PR proteins
2019 Lipid Transfer Protein allergy in the United Kingdom: Characterization and comparison with a matched Italian cohort. PFS, UK
2019 Lipid transfer protein sensitization in an apple-allergic patient: a case report from northern Europe. ---
2019 Mugwort Pollen-Related Food Allergy: Lipid Transfer Protein Sensitization and Correlation With the Severity of Allergic Reactions in a Chinese Population. IgE, OAS, SR
2018 Allergy to LTP: to eat or not to eat sensitizing foods? A follow-up study. ---
2018 Evaluation of serum IgE in peach-allergic patients with systemic reaction by using recombinant Pru p 7 (gibberellin-regulated protein). ELISA, Ig, nPru p 7, rPru p 7
2018 Food-dependent, exercise-induced anaphylaxis in a patient allergic to peach. LTPs
2018 Is eosinophilic esophagitis an equivalent of pollen allergic asthma? Analysis of biopsies and therapy guided by component resolved diagnosis. AIT, CRD, EoE
2018 Is There Any Necessity to Prescribe Consumption of Walnuts Cooked by Different Processing Techniques to Patients With Walnut Allergy? ---
10  2018 Protease resistance of food proteins: a mixed picture for predicting allergenicity but a useful tool for assessing exposure. PPR
11  2018 Recurrent anaphylaxis in patient allergic to eggplant - a Lipid transfer protein (LTP) syndrome. SPTs
12  2018 The clinical relevance of lipid transfer protein. ---
13  2018 The concordance between component tests and clinical history in British adults with suspected pollen-food syndrome to peanut and hazelnut. PFS, sIgE
14  2018 The Oxysterol-Binding Protein Cycle: Burning Off PI(4)P to Transport Cholesterol. OSBP
15  2018 The plant-parasitic cyst nematode effector GLAND4 is a DNA-binding protein. ---
16  2017 Analyzing pepsin degradation assay conditions used for allergenicity assessments to ensure that pepsin susceptible and pepsin resistant dietary proteins are distinguishable. Hb, HRP, STI
17  2017 Assessment of Natural Variability of Maize Lipid Transfer Protein Using a Validated Sandwich ELISA. NAM
18  2017 Chilling susceptibility in mungbean varieties is associated with their differentially expressed genes. DHN, PDF
19  2017 Clinical benefit of component-resolved diagnosis in Japanese birch-allergic patients with a convincing history of apple or peach allergy. CRD, OAS, PR-10
20  2017 Investigation of Antimicrobial Peptide Genes Associated with Fungus and Insect Resistance in Maize. AMPs, qRT-PCR
21  2017 Lettuce Allergy Is a Lipid Transfer Syndrome-Related Food Allergy With a High Risk of Severe Reactions. ---
22  2017 Nut Allergy in Two Different Areas of Spain: Differences in Clinical and Molecular Pattern. ---
23  2017 Occupational respiratory allergy in peach crop workers. SBCT
24  2017 Pru p 3-Epitope-based sublingual immunotherapy in a murine model for the treatment of peach allergy. ODN, Prup3, SIT, SLIT
25  2017 Transcriptome analysis uncovers Arabidopsis F-BOX STRESS INDUCED 1 as a regulator of jasmonic acid and abscisic acid stress gene expression. ABA, FBS1, JA, qPCR
26  2017 [Cannabis and crossed allergy with food]. ---
27  2016 Allergenic Potential of Tomatoes Cultivated in Organic and Conventional Systems. ---
28  2016 Asymptomatic LTP sensitisation is common in plant-food allergic children from the Northeast of Spain. ---
29  2016 Comparative analysis of gene expression in response to cold stress in diverse rice genotypes. ---
30  2016 Diagnosis of exercise-induced anaphylaxis: current insights. EIAn, FDEIAn
31  2016 Distinct transcriptome profiles differentiate nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-dependent from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug-independent food-induced anaphylaxis. LTP-A, NSAID-LTP-A, NSAIDs
32  2016 Is Microarray Analysis Really Useful and Sufficient to Diagnose Nut Allergy in the Mediterranean Area? sIgE
33  2016 Lipid Transfer Protein Syndrome in a Non-Mediterranean Area. SPT
34  2016 Purification, biochemical characterization, and antimicrobial activity of a new lipid transfer protein from Coffea canephora seeds. ---
35  2016 Sunflower seed allergy. ---
36  2016 Touche! STARD3 and STARD3NL tether the ER to endosomes. ER, LEs, MCSs, STARD3NL
37  2016 Virus assembly factories in a lipid world. ER
38  2015 Arabidopsis AZI1 family proteins mediate signal mobilization for systemic defence priming. AzA, ISR, SAR
39  2015 Assessment of sensitization to grape and wine allergens as possible causes of adverse reactions to wine: a pilot study. CAST, CCD
40  2015 Contact urticaria to Cannabis sativa due to a lipid transfer protein (LTP). ---
41  2015 Development of an isoform-specific tandem mass spectrometry assay for absolute quantitation of maize lipid transfer proteins. ---
42  2015 Differential response of diverse solanaceous hosts to tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus infection indicates coordinated action of NBS-LRR and RNAi-mediated host defense. NBS-LRR, ToLCNDV
43  2015 Do Skin Prick Test and In Vitro Techniques Diagnose Sensitization to Peach Lipid Transfer Protein and Profilin Equally Well in Allergy to Plant Food and Pollen? FEIA, sIgE, SPT
44  2015 Efficient expression of a soluble lipid transfer protein (LTP) of Platanus orientalis using short peptide tags and structural comparison with the natural form. nPla or 3
45  2015 EST-based in silico identification and in vitro test of antimicrobial peptides in Brassica napus. AMPs, ESTs
46  2015 Fruit and vegetable allergy. PFS
47  2015 Hypersensitivity to major panallergens in a population of 120 patients. SPT
48  2015 Isolation and full characterisation of a potentially allergenic lipid transfer protein (LTP) in almond. nsLTP
49  2015 Modulation of Signal Transduction and Gene Expression by Vitamin E via PI3Kgamma/PKB and hTAP1/SEC14L2-Mediated Lipid Exchange. PI3K
50  2015 Plasmodesmata-located protein overexpression negatively impacts the manifestation of systemic acquired resistance and the long-distance movement of Defective in Induced Resistance1 in Arabidopsis. DIR1, SAR
51  2015 Response of Arabidopsis thaliana Roots with Altered Lipid Transfer Protein (LTP) Gene Expression to the Clubroot Disease and Salt Stress. LTPs
52  2015 Tomato nsLTP as an "In Vivo" Diagnostic Tool: Sensitization in a Mediterranean Population. SPTs
53  2015 Value of microarray allergen assay in the management of eosinophilic oesophagitis. EoE
54  2014 Demographic, clinical and allergological characteristics of Eosinophilic Esophagitis in a Spanish central region. EoE, SPT
55  2014 Diagnostic usefulness of component-resolved diagnosis by skin prick tests and specific IgE to single allergen components in children with allergy to fruits and vegetables. sIgE, SPT
56  2014 Exogenous trehalose induces defenses in wheat before and during a biotic stress caused by powdery mildew. LOX, OxO, Tr
57  2014 Expression patterns and protein structure of a lipid transfer protein END1 from Arabidopsis. CDS, ETC
58  2014 In patients with LTP syndrome food-specific IgE show a predictable hierarchical order. ---
59  2014 Molecular characterization of contact urticaria in patients with melon allergy. ---
60  2014 Proteolytic activities of kiwifruit actinidin (Actinidia deliciosa cv. Hayward) on different fibrous and globular proteins: a comparative study of actinidin with papain. BSA, FAN, SDS-PAGE
61  2014 Role of Art v 3 in pollinosis of patients allergic to Pru p 3. CysLT, NAPTs
62  2014 Salt stress in Arabidopsis: lipid transfer protein AZI1 and its control by mitogen-activated protein kinase MPK3. HyPRP, MAPK
63  2014 Shedding some light over the floral metabolism by arum lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) spathe de novo transcriptome assembly. AMP, KO
64  2014 Transcriptomic analysis reveals that reactive oxygen species and genes encoding lipid transfer protein are associated with tobacco hairy root growth and branch development. ROS, T-DNA
65  2013 Anaphylactic versus mild reactions to hazelnut and apple in a birch-endemic area: different sensitization profiles?. ---
66  2013 Anaphylaxis to plant-foods and pollen allergens in patients with lipid transfer protein syndrome. ---
67  2013 Anti-rPru p 3 IgE levels are inversely related to the age at onset of peach-induced severe symptoms reported by peach-allergic adults. ---
68  2013 Fennel allergy is a lipid-transfer protein (LTP)-related food hypersensitivity associated with peach allergy. ---
69  2013 Frequent sensitization to Candida albicans and profilins in adult eosinophilic esophagitis. EoE, Ig, PR
70  2013 Long distance movement of DIR1 and investigation of the role of DIR1-like during systemic acquired resistance in Arabidopsis. dir1-1, SAR
71  2013 New food allergies in a European non-Mediterranean region: is Cannabis sativa to blame? NS
72  2013 Peach allergy in Spanish children: tolerance to the pulp and molecular sensitization profile. OFCs
73  2013 Prevalence of sensitization to Cannabis sativa. Lipid-transfer and thaumatin-like proteins are relevant allergens. SPT
74  2013 Purification and structural characterisation of lipid transfer protein from red wine and grapes. ---
75  2013 Tomato allergy: clinical features and usefulness of current routinely available diagnostic methods. Ig, SPT
76  2013 Transformation of LTP gene into Brassica napus to enhance its resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. MDA, POD, SOD
77  2012 Allergy to beer in LTP-sensitized patients: beers are not all the same. ---
78  2012 Analysis of the key elements of FFAT-like motifs identifies new proteins that potentially bind VAP on the ER, including two AKAPs and FAPP2. FAPP-2, VAP
79  2012 Characterization of the wheat gene encoding a grain-specific lipid transfer protein TdPR61, and promoter activity in wheat, barley and rice. ESR, Y1H
80  2012 Clinical and laboratory investigation of oral allergy syndrome to grape. OAS, SPT
81  2012 Evaluation of the impact of sequential microwave/ultrasound processing on the IgE binding properties of Pru p 3 in treated peach juice. ---
82  2012 Goji berries (Lycium barbarum): risk of allergic reactions in individuals with food allergy. ---
83  2012 IgE detection to alpha/beta/gamma-gliadin and its clinical relevance in wheat-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis. AAI, HMW
84  2012 Lipid transfer protein syndrome: clinical pattern, cofactor effect and profile of molecular sensitization to plant-foods and pollens. ---
85  2012 Lipid transfer proteins: the most frequent sensitizer in Italian subjects with food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis. NS-FDEIAn, S-FDEIAn, SPT
86  2012 Transcript and metabolite analysis of the Trichoderma-induced systemic resistance response to Pseudomonas syringae in Arabidopsis thaliana. ---
87  2011 A DREB gene from Limonium bicolor mediates molecular and physiological responses to copper stress in transgenic tobacco. DREB, LEA, PODs
88  2011 Anaphylaxis caused by tomato lipid transfer protein. ---
89  2011 Are IgE levels to foods other than rosaceae predictive of allergy in lipid transfer protein-hypersensitive patients? ---
90  2011 CaMF2, an anther-specific lipid transfer protein (LTP) gene, affects pollen development in Capsicum annuum L. cDNA-AFLP, TDF, VIGS
91  2011 Cupressus arizonica pollen: a new pollen involved in the lipid transfer protein syndrome? EAST, Ig, SPT
92  2011 Endophytic Trichoderma isolates from tropical environments delay disease onset and induce resistance against Phytophthora capsici in hot pepper using multiple mechanisms. EST
93  2011 Hypersensitivity to lipid transfer protein is frequently associated with chronic urticaria. ASST, CU
94  2011 Lipid transfer protein cross-reactivity assessed in vivo and in vitro in the office: pros and cons. Ig
95  2011 Peach-induced contact urticaria is associated with lipid transfer protein sensitization. ---
96  2011 Plant lipid transfer protein allergens: no cross-reactivity between those from foods and olive and Parietaria pollen. ---
97  2011 Pollen tube growth and guidance: roles of small, secreted proteins. ---
98  2011 Purification, biochemical characterization and antifungal activity of a new lipid transfer protein (LTP) from Coffea canephora seeds with alpha-amylase inhibitor properties. AMPs, LTPs
99  2011 Sensitization profiles to purified plant food allergens among pediatric patients with allergy to banana. SPT, TLP
100  2011 Temporal dynamics in the evolution of the sunflower genome as revealed by sequencing and annotation of three large genomic regions. ---