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Abbreviation:   LTP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   long-term potentiation
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A hypothetical model concerning how spike-timing-dependent plasticity contributes to neural circuit formation and initiation of the critical period in barrel cortex. LTD, PV, STDP
2019 A possible postsynaptic role for SNAP-25 in hippocampal synapses. PSD
2019 A potential mechanism for first-person internal sensation of memory provides evidence for the relationship between learning and LTP induction. ---
2019 A requirement for epigenetic modifications during noradrenergic stabilization of heterosynaptic LTP in the hippocampus. b-AR, NA
2019 Active fraction combination from Liuwei Dihuang decoction (LW-AFC) ameliorates corticosterone-induced long-term potentiation (LTP) impairment in mice in vivo. CORT, HFS, LW, LW-AFC, NIM, TCM
2019 Akt3 deletion in mice impairs spatial cognition and hippocampal CA1 long long-term potentiation through downregulation of mTOR. Akt1-KO, Akt3-KO
2019 Alteration level of hippocampus BDNF expression and long-term potentiation upon microinjection of BRL15572 hydrochloride in a rat model of methamphetamine relapse. BDNF, METH
2019 AMPA-Type Glutamate Receptor Conductance Changes and Plasticity: Still a Lot of Noise. AMPA
2019 Augmentation of Endogenous Acetylcholine Uptake and Cholinergic Facilitation of Hippocampal Long-Term Potentiation by Acetylcholinesterase Inhibition. ACh, AChE, DFP, mAChRs, TEA
10  2019 Cannabidiol Reverses Deficits in Hippocampal LTP in a Model of Alzheimer's Disease. A2A, AD, CB1, CBD
11  2019 CB1R regulates CDK5 signaling and epigenetically controls Rac1 expression contributing to neurobehavioral abnormalities in mice postnatally exposed to ethanol. Arc, CB1R, CC3, CREB, FASD
12  2019 Cholecystokinin release triggered by NMDA receptors produces LTP and sound-sound associative memory. CCK, NMDAR
13  2019 Chronic cerebral hypoperfusion-induced memory impairment and hippocampal long-term potentiation deficits are improved by cholinergic stimulation in rats. CCH, PBOCCA, VaD
14  2019 Chrysin prevents cognitive and hippocampal long-term potentiation deficits and inflammation in rat with cerebral hypoperfusion and reperfusion injury. BCCAO/R, MWM
15  2019 Circulating heparan sulfate fragments mediate septic cognitive dysfunction. BDNF-mediated, ICU
16  2019 Cocaine conditioning induces persisting changes in ventral hippocampus synaptic transmission, long-term potentiation, and radial arm maze performance in the mouse. CPP, Esc, fEPSP, nor-BNI, RAM, VH
17  2019 Cognitive deficits in mice lacking Nsun5, a cytosine-5 RNA methyltransferase, with impairment of oligodendrocyte precursor cells. NMDAR, Nsun5-KO, OPCs, WBS
18  2019 Conditional Deletion of CC2D1A Reduces Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity and Impairs Cognitive Function through Rac1 Hyperactivation. CC2D1A, OLM
19  2019 Deficiency but Not Supplementation of Selenium Impairs the Hippocampal Long-Term Potentiation and Hippocampus-Dependent Learning. Se
20  2019 Deltamethrin exposure daily from postnatal day 3-20 in Sprague-Dawley rats causes long-term cognitive and behavioral deficits. DLM
21  2019 Dendritic Spines Taxonomy: The Functional and Structural Classification • Time-Dependent Probabilistic Model of Neuronal Activation. ---
22  2019 Dendritic spines: Revisiting the physiological role. LTD
23  2019 Development of the MAM model of schizophrenia in mice: Sex similarities and differences of hippocampal and prefrontal cortical function. GD, HPC, MAM, PFC
24  2019 Developmental perfluorooctane sulfonate exposure inhibits long-term potentiation by affecting AMPA receptor trafficking. AMPA, I/O, PFOS, PPF
25  2019 Dietary Vitamin E as a Protective Factor for Parkinson's Disease: Clinical and Experimental Evidence. LTD, PD
26  2019 Different doses of methamphetamine alter long-term potentiation, level of BDNF and neuronal apoptosis in the hippocampus of reinstated rats. BDNF, METH
27  2019 Differential sensitivity of three forms of hippocampal synaptic potentiation to depotentiation. LFS, STP, TBS
28  2019 Disrupted-in-schizophrenia-1 protects synaptic plasticity in a transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease as a mitophagy receptor. AD, DISC1, LIR
29  2019 Disruption of MET Receptor Tyrosine Kinase, an Autism Risk Factor, Impairs Developmental Synaptic Plasticity in the Hippocampus. LTD, RTK
30  2019 Disturbance of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor-Mediated Long-Term Depression (mGlu-LTD) of Excitatory Synaptic Transmission in the Rat Hippocampus After Prenatal Immune Challenge. LTD, mGlu-LTD
31  2019 Early existence and biochemical evolution characterise acutely synaptotoxic PrPSc. cM1000, PK, PTP, TSD
32  2019 Early postnatal environmental enrichment restores neurochemical and functional plasticities of the cerebral cortex and improves learning performance in hidden-prenatally-malnourished young-adult rats. BDNF, EE
33  2019 Effect of caffeine on long-term potentiation-like effects induced by quadripulse transcranial magnetic stimulation. MEPs, QPS5
34  2019 Effects of adult enriched environment on cognition, hippocampal-prefrontal plasticity and NMDAR subunit expression in MK-801-induced schizophrenia model. EE, NMDAR
35  2019 Effects of Chronic and Acute Lithium Treatment on the Long-term Potentiation and Spatial Memory in Adult Rats. Li
36  2019 Effects of maternal exposure to nonylphenol on learning and memory in offspring involve inhibition of BDNF-PI3K/Akt signaling. MWM, NP
37  2019 Electroacupuncture Alleviated Referral Hindpaw Hyperalgesia via Suppressing Spinal Long-Term Potentiation (LTP) in TNBS-Induced Colitis Rats. CFEFP, CRD, EA, IBS, VMR
38  2019 Electrophysiological Investigation of Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor-Dependent Metaplasticity in the Hippocampus. mGluRs
39  2019 Emergence of synaptic and cognitive impairment in a mature-onset APP mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. AD, APP, MCI
40  2019 Enhancement of synaptic plasticity and reversal of impairments in motor and cognitive functions in a mouse model of Angelman Syndrome by a small neurogenic molecule, NSI-189. MDD, TBS
41  2019 Environmental enrichment effects on synaptic and cellular physiology of hippocampal neurons. EE
42  2019 Environmental enrichment improves long-term memory impairment and aberrant synaptic plasticity by BDNF/TrkB signaling in nerve-injured mice. BDNF, CCI, EE, PSD, SE, Trk
43  2019 Epigenetics and memory: Emerging role of histone lysine methyltransferase G9a/GLP complex as bidirectional regulator of synaptic plasticity. LTD, PRPs
44  2019 Estradiol potentiates inhibitory synaptic transmission in the oval bed nucleus of the striaterminalis of male and female rats. GPER, ovBNST
45  2019 Evidence for associative plasticity in the human visual cortex. TMS, VEP, vPAS
46  2019 Excitatory neuron-specific SHP2-ERK signaling network regulates synaptic plasticity and memory. ERK, NS
47  2019 Extreme Neuroplasticity of Hippocampal CA1 Pyramidal Neurons in Hibernating Mammalian Species. ---
48  2019 Fluoxetine reverses brain radiation and temozolomide-induced anxiety and spatial learning and memory defect in mice. ---
49  2019 Forsythiaside prevents beta-amyloid-induced hippocampal slice injury by upregulating 2-arachidonoylglycerol via cannabinoid receptor 1-dependent NF-kappaB pathway. 2-AG, AD, CB1R, COX-2, MAGL, NF-kappaB
50  2019 Gallic acid disruption of Abeta1-42 aggregation rescues cognitive decline of APP/PS1 double transgenic mouse. AD, AFM, DLS, GA, ThT
51  2019 Genetic reduction of eEF2 kinase alleviates pathophysiology in Alzheimer's disease model mice. AD, eEF2, eEF2K
52  2019 Ginsenoside Rb1 prevents MPTP-induced changes in hippocampal memory via regulation of the alpha-synuclein/PSD-95 pathway. DA, MPTP, PD, PSD-95
53  2019 Glucagon-like peptide-1 cleavage product improves cognitive function in a mouse model of Down syndrome. DS, GLP-1, GLP-1Rs, ROS
54  2019 Glutamate Receptor Trafficking and Protein Synthesis Mediate the Facilitation of LTP by Secreted Amyloid Precursor Protein-Alpha. sAPPalpha
55  2019 Grayscale Image Recognition Using Spike-Rate-Based Online Learning and Threshold Adjustment of Neurons in a Thin-Film Transistor-Type NOR Flash Memory Array. LTD, SRDP
56  2019 Higher-Order Thalamocortical Inputs Gate Synaptic Long-Term Potentiation via Disinhibition. IN, NMDAR, PNs, POm, PV, SST, VIP
57  2019 Hippocampal Lateralization and Synaptic Plasticity in the Intact Rat: No Left-Right Asymmetry in Electrically Induced CA3-CA1 Long-Term Potentiation. ---
58  2019 Hippocampal LTP modulation and glutamatergic receptors following vestibular loss. BVL, DG, E-S, NMDAR
59  2019 Hippocampal mossy fibers synapses in CA3 pyramidal cells are altered at an early stage in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. AD
60  2019 Hippocampal Stratum Oriens Somatostatin-Positive Cells Undergo CB1-Dependent Long-Term Potentiation and Express Endocannabinoid Biosynthetic Enzymes. mGluRs, RT-PCR
61  2019 HIV-1 Tat protein promotes neuronal dysregulation by inhibiting E2F transcription factor 3 (E2F3). BDNF, CREB, E2F3, HAND
62  2019 Human Sensory LTP Predicts Memory Performance and Is Modulated by the BDNF Val66Met Polymorphism. BDNF, SNP
63  2019 Immediate and delayed decrease of long term potentiation and memory deficits after neonatal intermittent hypoxia. IH
64  2019 Immune Challenge Alters Reactivity of Hippocampal Noradrenergic System in Prenatally Stressed Aged Mice. PS
65  2019 Impaired cerebellar plasticity and eye-blink conditioning in calpain-1 knock-out mice. CRs, DHPG, EBC, ERK, KO, LTD, PP2A, PTEN, WT
66  2019 Impaired Cognitive Function and Altered Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity in Mice Lacking Dermatan Sulfotransferase Chst14/D4st1. AMPA, CNS, CS, DS, ECM, GAP-43, MWM, NMDA, NSCs, NSF, p-Akt, PGs, PSD95, SYN, WT
67  2019 Impaired fear memory extinction during adolescence is accompanied by the depressive-like behaviors. ---
68  2019 Impaired Modulation of Corticospinal Excitability in Drug-Free Patients With Major Depressive Disorder: A Theta-Burst Stimulation Study. AMT, cTBS, EMG, iTBS, MDD, MEPs, rTMS
69  2019 Inhibition of inflammation is not enough for recovery of cognitive impairment in hepatic encephalopathy: Effects of minocycline and ibuprofen. BBB, BDL, IBU, MINO
70  2019 Inhibition of LTP-Induced Translation by IL-1beta Reduces the Level of Newly Synthesized Proteins in Hippocampal Dendrites. cLTP, IL-1beta
71  2019 Interaction between NMDA Receptor- and Endocannabinoid-Mediated Modulation of Nociceptive Synapses. 2-AG, CNS, HFS, LTD, TRPV
72  2019 Interactive Effects of Exercise, Sex Hormones, and Transient Congenital Hypothyroidism on Long-Term Potentiation in Hippocampal Slices of Rat Offspring. PND, PTU, TCH
73  2019 Intermittent Hypoxia Disrupts Adult Neurogenesis and Synaptic Plasticity in the Dentate Gyrus. IH
74  2019 Interneuronal NMDA receptors regulate long-term depression and motor learning in the cerebellum. cKO, GCs, hOKR, LTD, MLIs, NMDARs, NMDARs, NO, PF
75  2019 Investigation of protective effects of coenzyme Q10 on impaired synaptic plasticity in a male rat model of Alzheimer's disease. AD, EPSP, PS
76  2019 Ionized calcium in human cerebrospinal fluid and its influence on intrinsic and synaptic excitability of hippocampal pyramidal neurons in the rat. ---
77  2019 Latent Sex Differences in Molecular Signaling That Underlies Excitatory Synaptic Potentiation in the Hippocampus. PKA
78  2019 Local resources of polyribosomes and SER promote synapse enlargement and spine clustering after long-term potentiation in adult rat hippocampus. SER
79  2019 Long-term population spike-timing-dependent plasticity promotes synaptic tagging but not cross-tagging in rat hippocampal area CA1. pSTDP, STDP
80  2019 Long-term social isolation inhibits autophagy activation, induces postsynaptic dysfunctions and impairs spatial memory. I/O, L-PWSI, PPF
81  2019 Loss of FKBP5 Affects Neuron Synaptic Plasticity: An Electrophysiology Insight. GR, Hsp90, KO
82  2019 Low-dose oral copper treatment changes the hippocampal phosphoproteomic profile and perturbs mitochondrial function in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. GSK3beta
83  2019 Low-Frequency Electrical Stimulation Reduces the Impairment in Synaptic Plasticity Following Epileptiform Activity in Rat Hippocampal Slices through alpha1, But Not alpha2, Adrenergic Receptors. EA, HFS, LFS
84  2019 LTP suppression by protein synthesis inhibitors is NO-dependent. PSI
85  2019 LTP-like cortical plasticity is associated with verbal memory impairment in Alzheimer's disease patients. AD
86  2019 Maladaptive striatal plasticity and abnormal reward-learning in cervical dystonia. LTD
87  2019 Mechanisms underlying the synaptic trafficking of the glutamate delta receptor GluD1. CT
88  2019 Melatonin modulates daytime-dependent synaptic plasticity and learning efficiency. LTM, WT
89  2019 Memory Susceptibility to Retroactive Interference Is Developmentally Regulated by NMDA Receptors. DG, NMDARs, RI
90  2019 Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 5 and 8 Modulate the Ameliorative Effect of Ultramicronized Palmitoylethanolamide on Cognitive Decline Associated with Neuropathic Pain. DG, fEPSPs, mGluR, MPEP, SNI, TBS, umPEA
91  2019 Microglial-driven changes in synaptic plasticity: A possible role in major depressive disorder. LTD, MDD
92  2019 MicroRNA-219 decreases hippocampal long-term potentiation inhibition and hippocampal neuronal cell apoptosis in type 2 diabetes mellitus mice by suppressing the NMDAR signaling pathway. Bax, CaMKII, CREB, miR-219, NMDAR, T2DM
93  2019 Modified Exosomes Reduce Apoptosis and Ameliorate Neural Deficits Induced by Traumatic Brain Injury. Bax, Bcl-2, Mcl-1, mEPSC, shRNA, TBI, XIAP
94  2019 Near Infrared Light Treatment Reduces Synaptic Levels of Toxic Tau Oligomers in Two Transgenic Mouse Models of Human Tauopathies. AD, NIR
95  2019 Neonatal Dexamethasone Treatment Suppresses Hippocampal Estrogen Receptor alpha Expression in Adolescent Female Rats. ERalpha, ERs, IA, NDT
96  2019 Neuron-Derived Estrogen Regulates Synaptic Plasticity and Memory. FBN-ARO-KO
97  2019 Neuroprotection of cordycepin in NMDA-induced excitotoxicity by modulating adenosine A1 receptors. BCCAO
98  2019 Neuroprotective and long term potentiation improving effects of vitamin E in juvenile hypothyroid rats. fEPSP, Hypo, NO, PTU, Vit E
99  2019 NitroSynapsin for the treatment of neurological manifestations of tuberous sclerosis complex in a rodent model. TSC
100  2019 NMDA Receptor Dependent Long-term Potentiation in Chronic Pain. NMDAR