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Abbreviation:   LUV  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   large unilamellar vesicles
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Amyloid beta-Peptide Interaction with Membranes: Can Chaperones Change the Fate? ---
2019 Multi- and unilamellar liposomal encapsulation of ciprofloxacin as ways to modify its phototoxicity and photodegradation. MLV
2018 Detection of Curvature-Radius-Dependent Interfacial pH/Polarity for Amphiphilic Self-Assemblies: Positive versus Negative Curvature. AOT, AOT, DeltapH, DMPC, DMPG, IM, SDS, TX-100
2018 Dissecting the mechanism of action of actinoporins. Role of the N-terminal amphipathic alpha-helix in membrane binding and pore activity of sticholysins I and II. StI12-31, StII11-30
2018 Elementary processes for the entry of cell-penetrating peptides into lipid bilayer vesicles and bacterial cells. CPPs, GUV
2018 Genistein: A Dual Inhibitor of Both Amyloid beta and Human Islet Amylin Peptides. AFM, CD, LDH, MD, ThT
2018 Imidazole derivatives as artificial water channel building-blocks: structural design influence on water permeability. ---
2018 Synthesis, biophysical and functional studies of two BP100 analogues modified by a hydrophobic chain and a cyclic peptide. AMPs
2018 Thermal structural evolutions of DMPC-water biomimetic systems investigated by Raman Spectroscopy. DMPC, GUV, MLV
10  2018 Understanding the antimicrobial properties/activity of an 11-residue Lys homopeptide by alanine and proline scan. CD, DMPG, PBS, PPII, SEM
11  2017 Cellular Membrane Composition Requirement by Antimicrobial and Anticancer Peptide GA-K4. ---
12  2017 Integration of solid-state nanopores into a functional device designed for electrical and optical cross-monitoring. PDMS, SOI, SUV
13  2017 Multiwell capillarity-based microfluidic device for the study of 3D tumour tissue-2D endothelium interactions and drug screening in co-culture models. ---
14  2016 Development of egg PC/cholesterol/alpha-tocopherol liposomes with ionic gradients to deliver ropivacaine. LMV, LMVV, RVC
15  2015 Comparison between the interactions of the cationic surfactant DODAB with xanthan and galactomannan. DLS, GMC, Xan
16  2015 Content Delivery of Lipidic Nanovesicles in Electropermeabilized Cells. ---
17  2015 Pore-forming Activity of the Escherichia coli Type III Secretion System Protein EspD. ---
18  2014 The single GUV method for revealing the functions of antimicrobial, pore-forming toxin, and cell-penetrating peptides or proteins. AMP, CPP, GUV, PFT, TP10
19  2013 Change of dynamics of raft-model membrane induced by amyloid-beta protein binding. NSE
20  2013 Environmental conditions that influence the ability of humic acids to induce permeability in model biomembranes. FPHA, HAs, LAHA, POPC, SRHA
21  2013 Liposome-binding assays to assess specificity and affinity of phospholipid-protein interactions. ---
22  2012 Comparative study on the interaction of cell-penetrating polycationic polymers with lipid membranes. PLA, PLL
23  2012 Complexation of cytochrome c with calixarenes incorporated into the lipid vesicles and supported membranes. CX, cyt c, DMPA, DMPC, PA, sBLM
24  2012 Dynamics of the gel to fluid phase transformation in unilamellar DPPC vesicles. ---
25  2012 Effect of head group and curvature on binding of the antimicrobial peptide tritrpticin to lipid membranes. AMP, CD
26  2012 Effects of an antimalarial quinazoline derivative on human erythrocytes and on cell membrane molecular models. DMPC, DMPE, HP-beta-CD, IUM, SEM
27  2012 Human erythrocytes and neuroblastoma cells are in vitro affected by sodium orthovanadate. DMPC, DMPE, DSC, IUM, SEM
28  2012 siRNA carriers based on carbosilane dendrimers affect zeta potential and size of phospholipid vesicles. CBD, CBD-CS, DMPC, DPPG
29  2011 A simple protocol for preparation of a liposomal vesicle with encapsulated plasmid DNA that mediate high accumulation and reporter gene activity in tumor tissue. EPR, SPLP
30  2011 Effects of phenylpropanolamine (PPA) on in vitro human erythrocyte membranes and molecular models. DMPC, DMPE, IUM, PPA, SEM
31  2011 Human cells and cell membrane molecular models are affected in vitro by the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug ibuprofen. DMPC, DSC, GP, IUM, SEM
32  2011 Interactions of a synthetic Leu-Lys-rich antimicrobial peptide with phospholipid bilayers. CD, DMPC, DMPG
33  2011 Making unilamellar liposomes using focused ultrasound. AFU, CPB, cryo-TEM, DLS, MLV
34  2011 Physicochemical mechanism for the enhanced ability of lipid membrane penetration of polyarginine. PLA69
35  2011 Synthesis and aggregation behaviour of a new sultaine surfactant. CF, DSC
36  2010 An alternative approach to quantify partition processes in confined environments: the electrochemical behavior of PRODAN in unilamellar vesicles. CV, DLS, DOPC, PRODAN
37  2009 Asymmetric flow field-flow fractionation of liposomes: optimization of fractionation variables. MALS
38  2009 Interaction of fullerenes C60 with large unilamellar vesicles. Chol, DLS, DMPC, DSC, PC
39  2009 rBPI(21) promotes lipopolysaccharide aggregation and exerts its antimicrobial effects by (hemi)fusion of PG-containing membranes. AMPs, BPI, LPS, POPC, POPG
40  2009 Structural effects of Zn(2+) on cell membranes and molecular models. DMPC, DMPE, IUM, SEM
41  2009 Supported double membranes. FLIC, SPT
42  2008 Cr(III) exerts stronger structural effects than Cr(VI) on the human erythrocyte membrane and molecular models. DMPC, DMPE, IUM, SEM
43  2008 Cryo-responses of two types of large unilamellar vesicles in the presence of non-permeable or permeable cryoprotecting agents. CPA, DPPC, EPC
44  2008 Human erythrocytes are affected in vitro by flavonoids of Aristotelia chilensis (Maqui) leaves. DMPC, DMPE, IUM, SEM
45  2008 Influence of drug-to-lipid ratio on drug release properties and liposome integrity in liposomal doxorubicin formulations. DSPC
46  2008 Monomethylarsonate (MMAv) exerts stronger effects than arsenate on the structure and thermotropic properties of phospholipids bilayers. DMPC, DMPE, DSC
47  2008 On the investigation of the bilayer functionalities of 1,2-di-oleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphatidylcholine (DOPC) large unilamellar vesicles using cationic hemicyanines as optical probes: a wavelength-selective fluorescence approach. DOPC, HC
48  2007 Annexin A4 binding to anionic phospholipid vesicles modulated by pH and calcium. PA, PS
49  2007 Characterizing the freezing behavior of liposomes as a tool to understand the cryopreservation procedures. CF, DPPC, EPC
50  2007 Effect of intra- and extra-liposomal distribution of sodium chloride on the stability of large unilamellar vesicles. DPPC
51  2007 Effects of lithium on the human erythrocyte membrane and molecular models. DMPC, DMPE, SEM
52  2007 Evidence for vesicle formation from 1:1 nonionic surfactant span 60 and fatty alcohol mixtures in aqueous ethanol: potential delivery vehicle composition. ---
53  2007 Insertion of anthrax protective antigen into liposomal membranes: effects of a receptor. PA
54  2006 Effect of preparation technique on the properties of liposomes encapsulating ketoprofen-cyclodextrin complexes aimed for transdermal delivery. FATMLV, HP-beta-CyD, MLV, SUV
55  2006 Formation of drug-arylsulfonate complexes inside liposomes: a novel approach to improve drug retention. HBS
56  2006 Functional and structural characterization of HIV-1 gp41 ectodomain regions in phospholipid membranes suggests that the fusion-active conformation is extended. AFM, CHR, NHR, SHB
57  2006 Human erythrocytes are affected in vitro by extracts of Ugni molinae leaves. DMPC, IUM, SEM
58  2006 Naturally engineered glycolipid biosurfactants leading to distinctive self-assembled structures. CAC, DLS, FF-TEM, MLV
59  2006 Salt tolerance of archaeal extremely halophilic lipid membranes. PGP-Me
60  2005 Effect of grafted PEG on liposome size and on compressibility and packing of lipid bilayer. PC, PEG-DSPE, PP
61  2005 Human erythrocytes are affected by the organochloride insecticide chlordane. DMPC, DMPE, SEM
62  2005 Identification and characterization of the putative fusion peptide of the severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus spike protein. aa, SARS-CoV
63  2005 Implications of surface charge and curvature for the binding orientation of Thermomyces lanuginosus lipase on negatively charged or zwitterionic phospholipid vesicles as studied by ESR spectroscopy. Crox, ESR, POPC, POPG, SUV, TLL
64  2005 Modulation of lysozyme charge influences interaction with phospholipid vesicles. carbo lysozyme, EPM, PA, succ lysozyme
65  2005 Translocation of beta-galactosidase mediated by the cell-penetrating peptide pep-1 into lipid vesicles and human HeLa cells is driven by membrane electrostatic potential. beta-Gal, CPP
66  2005 [The in vitro cytotoxicity and in vivo toxicity of doxorubicin antiresistant stealth liposomes]. DARSLs, DOX, MDR, VER
67  2004 Alkylated derivatives of poly(ethylacrylic acid) can be inserted into preformed liposomes and trigger pH-dependent intracellular delivery of liposomal contents. PEAA
68  2004 Aluminum fluoride affects the structure and functions of cell membranes. DMPC, DMPE
69  2004 Cadmium-induced changes in the membrane of human erythrocytes and molecular models. DMPC, DMPE, IUM
70  2004 Effects of the local anesthetic benzocaine on the human erythrocyte membrane and molecular models. DMPC, DMPE, IUM, PD
71  2004 Stabilization of phosphatidylcholine coatings in capillary electrophoresis by increase in membrane rigidity. BGE, DPPC, HEPES, PC
72  2004 The effect of liposome size on the final lipid/DNA ratio of cationic lipoplexes. DOPE, sMLV, SUV
73  2003 Comparison of pore-forming ability in membranes of a native and a recombinant variant of Sticholysin II from Stichodactyla helianthus. RBC, St II, SUV
74  2003 Conformation and self-assembly of a nystatin nitrobenzoxadiazole derivative in lipid membranes. POPC
75  2003 Effects of lead on the human erythrocyte membrane and molecular models. DMPC, DMPE, IUM
76  2003 Effects of sphingomyelin on melittin pore formation. Chol, POPC, POPG, SM
77  2003 Enhanced membrane permeabilization and antibacterial activity of a disulfide-dimerized magainin analogue. CF
78  2003 Modeling of matrix vesicle biomineralization using large unilamellar vesicles. MV, SCL
79  2002 An efficient assay for dolichyl phosphate-mannose: protein O-mannosyltransferase. POPC
80  2002 Cholesterol markedly reduces ion permeability induced by membrane-bound amphotericin B. AmB, NMR
81  2002 Comparison of the oxidizability of various glycerophospholipids in bilayers by the oxygen uptake method. DLPC
82  2002 Differential effects induced by alpha- and beta-endosulfan in lipid bilayer organization are reflected in proton permeability. DPPC, DSC
83  2002 Membrane charge and curvature determine interaction with acyl-CoA binding protein (ACBP) and fatty acyl-CoA targeting. ACBP, MALDI-TOF, mr, SUV
84  2002 Monitoring the kinetics and thermodynamics of interfacial enzymatic catalysis by differential scanning calorimetry. ---
85  2002 Phospholipid matrix as a target for sulfur mustard (HD): NMR study in model membrane systems. DMPC, SUV
86  2002 Structural effects of the local anesthetic bupivacaine hydrochloride on the human erythrocyte membrane and molecular models. DMPC, DMPE, IUM
87  2002 The HIV-1 gp41 N-terminal heptad repeat plays an essential role in membrane fusion. FP, NHR, PC
88  2002 The local anesthetic proparacaine modifies sodium transport in toad skin and perturbs the structures of model and cell membranes. DMPC, DMPE, IUM, LA, PD, SEM
89  2002 Triggered release of doxorubicin following mixing of cationic and anionic liposomes. DODAC, DOPE, DOPG, DSPC
90  2001 Dibucaine-induced modification of sodium transport in toad skin and of model membrane structures. DMPC, DMPE, IUM, PD
91  2001 Effects of hemagglutinin fusion peptide on poly(ethylene glycol)-mediated fusion of phosphatidylcholine vesicles. DOPC, DPH, HA, pert. LUV, POPC, QELS, SUV
92  2001 Fluorescence behavior of the pH-sensitive probe carboxy SNARF-1 in suspension of liposomes. ---
93  2001 Sizing the radius of the pore formed in erythrocytes and lipid vesicles by the toxin sticholysin I from the sea anemone Stichodactyla helianthus. PEG
94  2001 Tamoxifen perturbs lipid bilayer order and permeability: comparison of DSC, fluorescence anisotropy, laurdan generalized polarization and carboxyfluorescein leakage studies. CF, DPH, DPPC, DSC, EPC, MLV, Tm
95  2000 Cholesteryl hemisuccinate exhibits pH sensitive polymorphic phase behavior. CHEMS, DOPE
96  2000 How to measure and analyze tryptophan fluorescence in membranes properly, and why bother? SUV, Trp
97  2000 Interfacial control of lid opening in Thermomyces lanuginosa lipase. POPC, POPG, SUV, TlL
98  1999 Contact hypersensitivity: a simple model for the characterization of disease-site targeting by liposomes. DNFB, DTH
99  1999 Direct evidence that the N-terminal heptad repeat of Sendai virus fusion protein participates in membrane fusion. PC/PG
100  1999 Interaction of chlorpromazine and imipramine with model membranes. CPZ, IP