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Long Form:   liver X receptors
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Acanthoic acid modulates lipogenesis in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease via FXR/LXRs-dependent manner. AA, FXR, NAFLD, PA, SREBP-1, TG
2019 Activation of liver X receptor suppresses osteopontin expression and ameliorates nephrolithiasis. CaOx, RPs
2019 Activation of liver X receptor up-regulates the expression of the NKG2D ligands MICA and MICB in multiple myeloma through different molecular mechanisms. MM, NKG2D
2019 Activation of liver x receptors prevents the spinal LTP induced by skin/muscle retraction in the thigh via SIRT1/NF-Kappab pathway. ac-NF-kappaB p65, SIRT1, SMIR, TNF-alpha
2019 CYP27A1 inhibits bladder cancer cells proliferation by regulating cholesterol homeostasis. 27-HC, AR, ELISA, LDLR
2019 Dietary Sargassum fusiforme improves memory and reduces amyloid plaque load in an Alzheimer's disease mouse model. AD
2019 Effects of Single Probiotic- and Combined Probiotic-Fermented Milk on Lipid Metabolism in Hyperlipidemic Rats. FXR, TC, TG
2019 Epigenetic suppression of liver X receptor beta in anterior cingulate cortex by HDAC5 drives CFA-induced chronic inflammatory pain. ACC, CFA, CIP, Co-IP, HDAC5, MAPKs
2019 Flavonoids differentially modulate liver X receptors activity-Structure-function relationship analysis. ---
10  2019 High-Fat Diets and LXRs Expression in Rat Liver and Hypothalamus. CA, CD, HFDs, TC, TG
11  2019 Host CYP27A1 expression is essential for ovarian cancer progression. 27HC, ERs, PFS
12  2019 Identify liver X receptor beta modulator building blocks by developing a fluorescence polarization-based competition assay. FBLD, LBD
13  2019 Impaired plasmalogen synthesis dysregulates liver X receptor-dependent transcription in cerebellum. Far1
14  2019 Liver X receptor activation reduces gastric cancer cell proliferation by suppressing Wnt signalling via LXRbeta relocalization. GC
15  2019 Liver X Receptor Alpha Is Important in Maintaining Blood-Brain Barrier Function. BBB, EAE, MS
16  2019 Liver X receptor-alpha activation enhances cholesterol secretion in lactating mammary epithelium. Abca7, MECs, SREBP-1c
17  2019 Liver X Receptors Activation Attenuates Ischemia Reperfusion Injury of Liver Graft in Rats. ABCA1, ALT, IL-6, IRI, SD, TLR4, TNF-alpha
18  2019 Liver X Receptors and Their Implications in the Physiology and Pathology of the Peripheral Nervous System. PNS
19  2019 LXR Alpha Restricts Gammaherpesvirus Reactivation from Latently Infected Peritoneal Cells. IFN, LXRalpha, MHV-68
20  2019 LXRalpha promotes cell metastasis by regulating the NLRP3 inflammasome in renal cell carcinoma. RCC
21  2019 LXRalpha Promotes the Differentiation of Human Gastric Cancer Cells through Inactivation of Wnt/beta-catenin Signaling. GC
22  2019 LXRalpha-mediated downregulation of EGFR suppress colorectal cancer cell proliferation. EGFR
23  2019 Macrophage nuclear receptors: Emerging key players in infectious diseases. ERRs, FXRs, NR4A, NRs, PPARgamma, PXRs, VDR
24  2019 Oxysterols in Autoimmunity. CNS, IBD
25  2019 Phytosterols Inhibit Side-Chain Oxysterol Mediated Activation of LXR in Breast Cancer Cells. ---
26  2019 Retinal and optic nerve degeneration in liver X receptor beta knockout mice. AQP4
27  2019 Revisiting the Role of LXRs in PUFA Metabolism and Phospholipid Homeostasis. FA, PLTP, PUFAs
28  2019 The Liver X Receptor Is Upregulated in Monocyte-Derived Macrophages and Modulates Inflammatory Cytokines Based on LXRalpha Polymorphism. SLE
29  2019 The protective role of liver X receptor (LXR) during fumonisin B1-induced hepatotoxicity. FB1, LXR
30  2018 Activation of liver X receptor beta-enhancing neurogenesis ameliorates cognitive impairment induced by chronic cerebral hypoperfusion. CCH, DG, NPCs, NSCs, PI3K
31  2018 Activation of liver X receptors inhibit LPS-induced inflammatory response in primary bovine mammary epithelial cells. ABCA1, BMECs, IL-1beta, IL-6, LPS, TNF-alpha
32  2018 Adiponectin Enhances Human Keratinocyte Lipid Synthesis via SIRT1 and Nuclear Hormone Receptor Signaling. PPARs, SIRT1
33  2018 Beyond the Foam Cell: The Role of LXRs in Preventing Atherogenesis. ---
34  2018 Cell-specific discrimination of desmosterol and desmosterol mimetics confers selective regulation of LXR and SREBP in macrophages. SREBP
35  2018 Cholesterol and Its Metabolites in Tumor Growth: Therapeutic Potential of Statins in Cancer Treatment. ERs, ESRRA, HMG-CoA
36  2018 Cholesterol negatively regulates IL-9-producing CD8+ T cell differentiation and antitumor activity. Tc9
37  2018 Cocaine and HIV-1 Tat disrupt cholesterol homeostasis in astrocytes: Implications for HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders in cocaine user patients. CNS, HAND
38  2018 Differential effects of and mechanisms underlying the protection of cardiomyocytes by liver-X-receptor subtypes against high glucose stress-induced injury. NCoR, SUMO
39  2018 Disrupting LXRalpha phosphorylation promotes FoxM1 expression and modulates atherosclerosis by inducing macrophage proliferation. LDLR
40  2018 Effect of short-term liver X receptor activation on epidermal barrier features in mild to moderate atopic dermatitis: A randomized controlled trial. AD, mRNA
41  2018 Efficient Lead Finding, Activity Enhancement and Preliminary Selectivity Control of Nuclear Receptor Ligands Bearing a Phenanthridinone Skeleton. AR, GR, NRs, PR, SAR
42  2018 Expression of liver X receptors in normal and refractory carcinoma tissues of the human lung and pancreas. HOSCC, PDAC, SCLC
43  2018 Ginsenoside 25-OCH3-PPD Promotes Activity of LXRs To Ameliorate P2X7R-Mediated NLRP3 Inflammasome in the Development of Hepatic Fibrosis. TAA
44  2018 Identfication of Potent LXRbeta-Selective Agonists without LXRalpha Activation by In Silico Approaches. ---
45  2018 Impairment of trophoblast survival and differentiation by LXR ligands is prevented by cholesterol but not ABCA1 silencing. ABCA1
46  2018 Liver X receptor activation inhibits SGLT2-mediated glucose transport in human renal proximal tubular cells. LXR, RXR, SGLT2
47  2018 Liver X receptor beta in the hippocampus: A potential novel target for the treatment of major depressive disorder? CUS, MDD, shRNA
48  2018 Liver X Receptor Nuclear Receptors Are Transcriptional Regulators of Dendritic Cell Chemotaxis. DCs
49  2018 Liver X receptors regulate hepatic F4/80 + CD11b+ Kupffer cells/macrophages and innate immune responses in mice. KO, MNCs, WT
50  2018 Liver X Receptors Suppress Activity of Cholesterol and Fatty Acid Synthesis Pathways To Oppose Gammaherpesvirus Replication. ---
51  2018 Liver X Receptors: A Possible Link between Lipid Disorders and Female Infertility. ---
52  2018 Long Noncoding RNAs: Advances in Lipid Metabolism. lncRNAs, PPARgamma, SREBPs
53  2018 LXR ligands induce apoptosis of EGFR-TKI-resistant human lung cancer cells in vitro by inhibiting Akt-NF-kappaB activation. EGFR-TKIs, NF, NSCLC
54  2018 LXRs, SHP, and FXR in Prostate Cancer: Enemies or Menage a Quatre With AR? FXR, SHP
55  2018 O-linked N-acetylglucosamine transferase enhances secretory clusterin expression via liver X receptors and sterol response element binding protein regulation in cervical cancer. OGT, sCLU, SREBP-1
56  2018 Synthesis and activity evaluation of a series of cholanamides as modulators of the liver X receptors. DMHCA, MD
57  2018 Synthetic High-Density Lipoprotein-Mediated Targeted Delivery of Liver X Receptors Agonist Promotes Atherosclerosis Regression. HDL, RCT, sHDL
58  2018 The challenges and promise of targeting the Liver X Receptors for treatment of inflammatory disease. ---
59  2018 The contribution of cholesterol and epigenetic changes to the pathophysiology of breast cancer. 27HC, ER
60  2018 The effects of LXR agonist GW3965 on vascular reactivity and inflammation in hypertensive rat aorta. DOCA, NF-kappaB, PHE, SERCA2, TNF-alpha
61  2018 The Role of PPAR and Its Cross-Talk with CAR and LXR in Obesity and Atherosclerosis. CAR, PPARs
62  2018 Transcriptional regulation of macrophage cholesterol efflux and atherogenesis by a long noncoding RNA. lncRNA
63  2018 [Research progress of the relationship between liver X receptor and inflammatory-related diseases]. ---
64  2017 Acanthoic Acid Can Partially Prevent Alcohol Exposure-Induced Liver Lipid Deposition and Inflammation. AA, ACC, AMPK, CYP2E1, IL-1beta, LKB-1, LPS, SIRT1, SREBP-1, TNF-alpha
65  2017 Activation of liver X receptor alpha protects amyloid beta1-40 induced inflammatory and senescent responses in human retinal pigment epithelial cells. ABCA1, Abeta1-40, ELISA, p-IkappaB-alpha, PCR, RPE, TO90
66  2017 Activation of liver X receptor delayed the retinal degeneration of rd1 mice through modulation of the immunological function of glia. ERG, JAK-STAT, RD, RP
67  2017 Activation of liver X receptor suppresses angiogenesis via induction of ApoD. ApoD, HUVECs, MMP, SR-B1
68  2017 Activation of liver X receptors promotes inflammatory cytokine mRNA degradation by upregulation of tristetraprolin. MAPK, TTP
69  2017 Changes in LXR signaling influence early-pregnancy lipogenesis and protect against dysregulated fetoplacental lipid homeostasis. SCD1
70  2017 Effect of a retinoid X receptor partial agonist on airway inflammation and hyperresponsiveness in a murine model of asthma. AHR, BAL, NR, OVA, PAS, PPARs, RARs, RXRs, VDRs
71  2017 Effects of A 4-Week Aerobic Exercise on Lipid Profile and Expression of LXRalpha in Rat Liver. HDL-C, LDL-C, TC, TG
72  2017 Farnesoid X Receptor and Liver X Receptor Ligands Initiate Formation of Coated Platelets. FXR
73  2017 Fluorinated oxysterol analogues: Synthesis, molecular modelling and LXRbeta activity. HIU
74  2017 Hyodeoxycholic acid derivatives as liver X receptor alpha and G-protein-coupled bile acid receptor agonists. HDCA
75  2017 Identification of the ER-resident E3 ubiquitin ligase RNF145 as a novel LXR-regulated gene. ---
76  2017 Inflammation at the blood-brain barrier: The role of liver X receptors. AD, BBB, MS
77  2017 Insulin-Mediated Downregulation of Apolipoprotein A-I Gene in Human Hepatoma Cell Line HepG2: The Role of Interaction Between FOXO1 and LXRbeta Transcription Factors. apoA-I, FOXA2, FOXO1
78  2017 Ligands of Therapeutic Utility for the Liver X Receptors. ---
79  2017 Liver X receptor activation inhibits PC-3 prostate cancer cells via the beta-catenin pathway. ---
80  2017 Liver X receptor agonist treatment significantly affects phenotype and transcriptome of APOE3 and APOE4 Abca1 haplo-deficient mice. ABCA1, APOE, RXRs
81  2017 Liver X receptor alpha mediates hepatic triglyceride accumulation through upregulation of G0/G1 Switch Gene 2 expression. DR4, FAs, G0S2, TG
82  2017 Liver X receptor beta increases aquaporin 2 protein level via a posttranscriptional mechanism in renal collecting ducts. AQP2, mIMCD
83  2017 Liver X receptors agonist T0901317 downregulates matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression in non-small-cell lung cancer by repressing nuclear factor-kappaB. MMP-9, NF-kappaB, NR
84  2017 Liver X receptors agonists suppress NLRP3 inflammasome activation. ---
85  2017 Liver X receptors as potential targets for cancer therapeutics. ---
86  2017 Liver X Receptors differentially modulate central myelin gene mRNA levels in a region-, age- and isoform-specific manner. CNS
87  2017 Liver X receptors link lipid metabolism and inflammation. ---
88  2017 LXR agonists promote the proliferation of neural progenitor cells through MEK-ERK pathway. NPCs
89  2017 LXRalpha and LXRbeta Nuclear Receptors Evolved in the Common Ancestor of Gnathostomes. NRs
90  2017 Novel endogenous negative modulators of platelet function as potential anti-thrombotic targets. c-Cbl, Dab2, DOK, GR, GSK, PECAM-1, PKCdelta, PLD2, PPARs, PrxII, TULA-2
91  2017 Nuclear Receptors in Hepatic Glucose and Lipid Metabolism During Neonatal and Adult Life. FXRs, GRs, PPARs, RORs
92  2017 Physical and functional interactions between nuclear receptor LXRalpha and the forkhead box transcription factor FOXA2 regulate the response of the human lipoprotein lipase gene to oxysterols in hepatic cells. LPL
93  2017 Role of the liver X receptors in skin physiology: Putative pharmacological targets in human diseases. ---
94  2017 Squalene promotes cholesterol homeostasis in macrophage and hepatocyte cells via activation of liver X receptor (LXR) alpha and beta. LXR, SREBP-1c
95  2017 Targeted Nanotherapeutics Encapsulating Liver X Receptor Agonist GW3965 Enhance Antiatherogenic Effects without Adverse Effects on Hepatic Lipid Metabolism in Ldlr-/- Mice. Col IV, Col IV-GW-NPs, GW, NPs, PEG
96  2017 The Role of Oxysterols in Human Cancer. ABC, OSBPs
97  2017 Upregulation of hydroxysteroid sulfotransferase 2B1b promotes hepatic oval cell proliferation by modulating oxysterol-induced LXR activation in a mouse model of liver injury. DDC, HOCs, SULT2B1b, WT
98  2016 7-Keto-cholesterol and 25-hydroxy-1 cholesterol rapidly enhance ROS production in human neutrophils. 7-k-chol, HO-1
99  2016 A Brief Discussion on Lipid Activated Nuclear Receptors and their Potential Role in Regulating Microglia in Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). AMD, PPARs
100  2016 Activation of Liver X Receptor Attenuates Oleic Acid-Induced Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. ARDS, LXR-KI, OA