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Long Form:   maleic acid
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Assessment of optimal conditions for the restoration and recovery of agricultural soil. CA, LA, OA, OABLs
2019 Batch pH Oscillations in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction. ---
2019 Bio-Based Epoxy Resins Based on Linseed Oil Cured with Naturally Occurring Acids. ELO, MTHPA, PMDA
2019 Cationized liposomal keto-mycolic acids isolated from Mycobacterium bovis bacillus Calmette-Guerin induce antitumor immunity in a syngeneic murine bladder cancer model. BCG
2019 Combined malonic and methylmalonic aciduria due to ACSF3 mutations: Benign clinical course in an unselected cohort. MMA
2019 Development, modification and characterization of new biodegradable film from basil seed (Ocimum basilicum L.) mucilage. BSM, FTIR, LDPE, SA, TA
2019 Discovery of potent telomerase activators: Unfolding new therapeutic and anti-aging perspectives. OA, PBMCs
2019 Effect of tricarboxylic acid cycle regulators on the formation of humic substance during composting: The performance in labile and refractory materials. ATP, HS, TCA
2019 Efficient production of polymalic acid from xylose mother liquor, an environmental waste from the xylitol industry, by a T-DNA-based mutant of Aureobasidium pullulans. Cd, EDTA, PMA, WXML
10  2019 Enhanced extraction of hydroxytyrosol, maslinic acid and oleanolic acid from olive pomace: Process parameters, kinetics and thermodynamics, and greenness assessment. HT, MAE, OA, SE, UAE
11  2019 Evaluation of Smear Layer Removal Using Different Irrigation Methods In Root Canals. ---
12  2019 Experimental evidence that maleic acid markedly compromises glutamate oxidation through inhibition of glutamate dehydrogenase and alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase activities in kidney of developing rats. PAcidemia
13  2019 Growth Mechanism, Ambient Stability, and Charge Trapping Ability of Ti-Based Maleic Acid Hybrid Films by Molecular Layer Deposition. MLD
14  2019 Induction of tumor-specific CD8+ cytotoxic T lymphocytes from naive human T cells by using Mycobacterium-derived mycolic acid and lipoarabinomannan-stimulated dendritic cells. CTLs, DCs, IL, LAM
15  2019 Maslinic acid alleviates ischemia/reperfusion-induced inflammation by downregulation of NFkappaB-mediated adhesion molecule expression. I/R, ICAM, LDH, PI, ROS, VCAM, WST
16  2019 Maslinic Acid Enhances Immune Responses in Leukemic Mice Through Macrophage Phagocytosis and Natural Killer Cell Activities In Vivo. i.p, NK
17  2019 Maslinic Acid Inhibits Colon Tumorigenesis by the AMPK-mTOR Signaling Pathway. AMP, CRC
18  2019 Novel Oleanolic and Maslinic Acid Derivatives as a Promising Treatment against Bacterial Biofilm in Nosocomial Infections: An in Vitro and in Vivo Study. OA
19  2019 Structural changes of cassava starch and polylactic acid films submitted to biodegradation process. FT-IR, HROM, PLA, SEM
20  2019 The Anti-Arthritis Effect of Olive-Derived Maslinic Acid in Mice is Due to its Promotion of Tissue Formation and its Anti-Inflammatory Effects. CA, CAIA
21  2019 The effect of different chelating agents on the push-out bond strength of proroot mta and endosequence root repair material. CA, EDTA, ERRM
22  2019 Triterpene derivative improves the renal function of streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats: a follow-up study on maslinic acid. FENa, GFR, STZ
23  2018 A highly conductive thin film composite based on silver nanoparticles and malic acid for selective electrochemical sensing of trichloroacetic acid. DCA, FESEM, GCE, LOD, LOQ, MCA, SWV, TCA
24  2018 An access to a library of novel triterpene derivatives with a promising pharmacological potential by Ugi and Passerini multicomponent reactions. IMCRs, OA
25  2018 An Engineered Aro1 Protein Degradation Approach for Increased cis,cis-Muconic Acid Biosynthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. PCA
26  2018 Asiatic acid and maslinic acid attenuated kainic acid-induced seizure through decreasing hippocampal inflammatory and oxidative stress. AA, IL, KA, NGF
27  2018 Biochemical Characterization of Isoniazid-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Can the Analysis of Clonal Strains Reveal Novel Targetable Pathways? Mtb, TB
28  2018 Biological Evaluation and Docking Studies of Synthetic Oleanane-type Triterpenoids. NF-kappaB, OA
29  2018 Characterization of the Genes Involved in Malic Acid Metabolism from Pear Fruit and Their Expression Profile after Postharvest 1-MCP/Ethrel Treatment. cyNAD-MDH, cyNADP-ME
30  2018 Combined malonic and methylmalonic aciduria due to ACSF3 mutations: benign clinical course in an unselected cohort. MMA
31  2018 Corynebacterium Cell Factory Design and Culture Process Optimization for Muconic Acid Biosynthesis. CA, DHS, PCA
32  2018 Deciphering the degradation/chlorination mechanisms of maleic acid in the Fe(II)/peroxymonosulfate process: An often overlooked effect of chloride. PMS
33  2018 Decreased resistance of sublethally injured Escherichia coli O157:H7 to salt, mild heat, nisin and acids induced by high pressure carbon dioxide. AA, CA, HCl, HPCD, LA, OA, SICs, TA, TSA
34  2018 Design and semisynthesis of new herbicide as 1,2,3-triazole derivatives of the natural maslinic acid. CuAAC
35  2018 Effect of carboxylic group on the compatibility with retarder and the retarding side effect of the fluid loss control additive used in oil well cement. AMPS, FLCA, IA
36  2018 Effect of tricarboxylic acid cycle regulator on carbon retention and organic component transformation during food waste composting. ATP, HA, OC, TCA
37  2018 Effects of Fe(III)-fulvic acid on Cu removal via adsorption versus coprecipitation. CA, CPT, FA, OA, OC, SOR, TEM
38  2018 Enhancement of Schizochytrium DHA synthesis by plasma mutagenesis aided with malonic acid and zeocin screening. ARTP, DHA, PUFA
39  2018 Evaluation of final irrigation regimens with maleic acid for smear layer removal and wettability of root canal sealer. ---
40  2018 Evaluation of maslinic acid with whole-body vibration training in elderly women with knee osteoarthritis. JOA, K-L, OA, WBVT, WBVT/MA, WBVT/P
41  2018 Evaluation of SmearOFF, maleic acid and two EDTA preparations in smear layer removal from root canal dentin. EDTA
42  2018 Green functionalization of cellulose nanocrystals for application in reinforced poly(methyl methacrylate) nanocomposites. CNC, DS, FTIR, PMMA
43  2018 Impact of mycolic acid deficiency on cells of Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC13869. ---
44  2018 Induction of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Lipid-Specific T Cell Responses by Pulmonary Delivery of Mycolic Acid-Loaded Polymeric Micellar Nanocarriers. DCs, hCD1Tg, MA-Mc, Mtb
45  2018 Influence of particle viscosity on mass transfer and heterogeneous ozonolysis kinetics in aqueous-sucrose-maleic acid aerosol. KM-SUB
46  2018 Influences of addition of malic acid or citric acid, Lactobacillus plantarum and their mixtures on fermentation quality, proteolysis and fatty acid composition of ensiled alfalfa. CA, LP, NPN
47  2018 Maslinic acid induces autophagy by down-regulating HSPA8 in pancreatic cancer cells. ---
48  2018 Maslinic acid protects against lipopolysaccharide/d-galactosamine-induced acute liver injury in mice. D-gal, LPS
49  2018 Maslinic acid protects against pressure overload-induced cardiac hypertrophy in mice. AB
50  2018 Metabolome- and genome-scale model analyses for engineering of Aureobasidium pullulans to enhance polymalic acid and malic acid production from sugarcane molasses. PMA, PYC
51  2018 Muconic Acid Production Using Gene-Level Fusion Proteins in Escherichia coli. ---
52  2018 Mycolyltransferase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis in covalent complex with tetrahydrolipstatin provides insights into antigen 85 catalysis. Ag85, mAG, TDM, THL
53  2018 New Mechanism of Extractive Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry for Heterogeneous Solid Particles. EESI-MS, GA
54  2018 One-step synthesis of NaLu80-xGdxF4:Yb183+/Er23+(Tm3+) upconversion nanoparticles for in vitro cell imaging. PL, UCNPs
55  2018 Plant-growth-promoting rhizobacteria Bacillus subtilis RR4 isolated from rice rhizosphere induces malic acid biosynthesis in rice roots. ---
56  2018 Plasticizing of chitosan films with deep eutectic mixture of malonic acid and choline chloride. ChCl, CS, DES, QNM
57  2018 Production of muconic acid in plants. CatA, SA
58  2018 Rational Development of a Novel Hydrogel as a pH-Sensitive Controlled Release System for Nifedipine. DeltaE, NFD, PVAH
59  2018 Selective Adsorption toward Hg(II) and Inhibitory Effect on Bacterial Growth Occurring on Thiosemicarbazide-Functionalized Chitosan Microsphere Surface. CS, GMA, TSC
60  2018 Sulforaphane prevents maleic acid-induced nephropathy by modulating renal hemodynamics, mitochondrial bioenergetics and oxidative stress. SF
61  2018 The antigenicity and cholesteroid nature of mycolic acids determined by recombinant chicken antibodies. scFv, TB
62  2018 The use of chemical probes to detect the proteomics of renal tubular injury induced by maleic acid. ---
63  2018 The Use of Malic and Acetic Acids in Washing Solution to Control Salmonella spp. on Chicken Breast. AA, MH
64  2017 Biopharmaceutical characterization of praziquantel cocrystals and cyclodextrin complexes prepared by grinding. CA, HP-beta-CD, Me-beta-CD, PZQ, SA, TA
65  2017 CD1b-mycolic acid tetramers demonstrate T-cell fine specificity for mycobacterial lipid tails. ---
66  2017 Computational Study of the Malonic Acid Tautomerization Products in Highly Concentrated Particles. DFT, EFP
67  2017 Detection of unexpected frauds: Screening and quantification of maleic acid in cassava starch by Fourier transform near-infrared spectroscopy. CS, FT-NIR, LS-SVM, OCPLS, RMSEP, SNV
68  2017 Dissecting the mycobacterial cell envelope and defining the composition of the native mycomembrane. MM, MMCW, PM
69  2017 Effect of application time of maleic acid on smear layer removal and mechanical properties of root canal dentin. ---
70  2017 Effect of maleic acid on the bond strength of fibre posts to root dentine. EDTA
71  2017 Effects of Organic Acids and Sylvite on Phytoextraction of 241Am Contaminated Soil. CA, Eu, HA
72  2017 Effects of smear layer removal agents on the physical properties and microstructure of mineral trioxide aggregate cement. EDTA, MTA, SEM
73  2017 Effects of sulfur dioxide concentration on organic acids and beta-carotene in dried apricots during storage. CA, OAs, OXA, SA, SDAs
74  2017 Elevation in and persistence of multiple urinary biomarkers indicative of oxidative DNA stress and inflammation: Toxicological implications of maleic acid consumption using a rat model. 8-isoPGF2alpha, 8-NO2Gua
75  2017 Environmentally friendly and non-polluting solvent pretreatment of palm samples for polyphenol analysis using choline chloride deep eutectic solvents. ChCl, CiA, DESs, EG, FA, GLY, OA, Ph, SPE, XYL
76  2017 Exogenous malic acid alleviates cadmium toxicity in Miscanthus sacchariflorus through enhancing photosynthetic capacity and restraining ROS accumulation. Cd, M. sacchariflorus, Pn, ROS
77  2017 Hemogram responses in goats toward challenged with Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis and its immunogen mycolic acids. CBC, Hb
78  2017 Identification and Quantitation of Malonic Acid Biomarkers of In-Born Error Metabolism by Targeted Metabolomics. 3NPH, EMA, HILIC, LC-MS, MCD-D, MMA, MRM, WT
79  2017 Interplant Aboveground Signaling Prompts Upregulation of Auxin Promoter and Malate Transporter as Part of Defensive Response in the Neighboring Plants. VOCs
80  2017 Maleic acid assisted improvement of metal chelation and antioxidant metabolism confers chromium tolerance in Brassica juncea L. APX, CAT, Cr, DHAR, Gly I, Gly II, GPx, GR, MDHAR, MG, NPTs, PC, ROS, SOD
81  2017 Maslinic acid inhibits impairment of endothelial functions induced by high glucose in HAEC cells through improving insulin signaling and oxidative stress. HAEC
82  2017 Mevalonolactone disrupts mitochondrial functions and induces permeability transition pore opening in rat brain mitochondria: Implications for the pathogenesis of mevalonic aciduria. DeltaPsim, ML, MPT, MVA
83  2017 Multilevel engineering of the upstream module of aromatic amino acid biosynthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae for high production of polymer and drug precursors. PCA, SA
84  2017 Nuclear magnetic resonance- and mass spectrometry-based metabolomics to study maleic acid toxicity from repeated dose exposure in rats. ---
85  2017 Production of poly(malic acid) from sugarcane juice in fermentation by Aureobasidium pullulans: Kinetics and process economics. PMA
86  2017 Role of long-chain acyl-CoAs in the regulation of mycolic acid biosynthesis in mycobacteria. ---
87  2017 Stability Orders of Acetaminophen and Theophylline Co-crystals Determined by Co-crystal Former Exchange Reactions and Their Correlation With In Silico and Thermal Parameters. AC, AC-MA, OX, TH
88  2017 Unique Halloysite Nanotubes⁻Polyvinyl Alcohol⁻Polyvinylpyrrolidone Composite Complemented with Physico⁻Chemical Characterization. AFM, BET, FESEM, FTIR, SDS, TEM, XRD
89  2016 A New Approach for Fast Metabolic Diagnostics in CMAMMA. CMAMMA, MMA
90  2016 Anti-crease finishing of cotton fabrics based on crosslinking of cellulose with acryloyl malic acid. AMA, DMDHEU, SHP
91  2016 Anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic effects of pentacyclic triterpenoids maslinic acid through NF-kappaB inactivation. ---
92  2016 Cis/trans Fluorescent Recognition by Naphthalimide Dyes⊂CB [7] Assembly. FA
93  2016 Comparative evaluation of efficacy of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, maleic acid, and dimercaptosuccinic acid against the combination of these with sodium hypochlorite for removal of smear layer: An in vitro scanning electron microscope study. DMSA
94  2016 Effects of malic acid or/and grapefruit seed extract for the inactivation of common food pathogens on fresh-cut lettuce. GSE
95  2016 Effects of maslinic acid on the proliferation and apoptosis of A549 lung cancer cells. IAPs, XIAP
96  2016 Evaluation of the smear layer removal and decalcification effect of QMix, maleic acid and EDTA on root canal dentine. EDTA, SEM
97  2016 Hygroscopic Behavior of Multicomponent Aerosols Involving NaCl and Dicarboxylic Acids. E-AIM, HTDMA, OA, RH, SA, ZSR
98  2016 In silico PASS analysis and determination of antimycobacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant efficacies of maslinic acid in an extract rich in pentacyclic triterpenoids. ---
99  2016 Maslinic Acid, a Natural Triterpene, Induces a Death Receptor-Mediated Apoptotic Mechanism in Caco-2 p53-Deficient Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells. ---
100  2016 Metabolic Engineering of Escherichia coli for the Production of 3-Hydroxypropionic Acid and Malonic Acid through beta-Alanine Route. 3-HP, BA, MSA