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Long Form:   mandelic acid
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 Comparative study of efficacy and safety of 45% mandelic acid versus 30% salicylic acid peels in mild-to-moderate acne vulgaris. AV, MAS, SA
2019 Direct methyl esterification with 2,2-dimethoxypropane for the simultaneous determination of urinary metabolites of toluene, xylene, styrene, and ethylbenzene by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. GC-MS, HA, MHA, PGA, RSD
2019 Enantiomeric NMR discrimination of carboxylic acids using actinomycin D as a chiral solvating agent. ActD, CSA, ee
2019 Ethylbenzene and styrene exposure in the United States based on urinary mandelic acid and phenylglyoxylic acid: NHANES 2005-2006 and 2011-2012. EB/S, NHANES, PGA
2019 Evaluation of the Suitability of Establishing Biological Exposure Indices of Styrene. BEIs, PGA
2019 Facile and sensitive determination of urinary mandelic acid by combination of metal organic frameworks with microextraction by packed sorbents. CCD, LDRs, LOD, MEPS, RSM
2019 Preparation of chitosan-based molecularly imprinted material for enantioseparation of racemic mandelic acid in aqueous medium by solid phase extraction. ee
2019 Studies on the L-2-hydroxy-acid oxidase 2 catalyzed metabolism of S-mandelic acid and its analogues. HAO2, hHAO2, PGA, rHAO2
2018 Biomarkers of early genotoxicity and oxidative stress for occupational risk assessment of exposure to styrene in the fibreglass reinforced plastic industry. BMCyt, PGA
10  2018 DL-mandelic acid intercalated Zn-Al layered double hydroxide: A novel antimicrobial layered material. LDH
11  2018 Engineering of hydroxymandelate synthases and the aromatic amino acid pathway enables de novo biosynthesis of mandelic and 4-hydroxymandelic acid with Saccharomyces cerevisiae. HMA
12  2018 Environmental and biological monitoring of exposures to VOCs in a petrochemical complex in Iran. GC-FID, PGA, VOCs
13  2018 Hollow fibre supported liquid membrane extraction for BTEX metabolites analysis in human teeth as biomarkers. HA, HF-LPME, OLM
14  2018 Integrated evaluation of solvent exposure in an occupational setting: air, dermal and bio-monitoring. ACC, HA, PGA, VOCs
15  2018 Selective determination of mandelic acid in urine using molecularly imprinted polymer in microextraction by packed sorbent. HPLC-UV, MEPS, MIP, NIP
16  2017 Betamethasone-based chiral electrochemical sensor coupled to chemometric methods for determination of mandelic acid enantiomers. GA-PLS, PLS
17  2017 Preferential Adsorption of l-Histidine onto DOPC/Sphingomyelin/3beta-[N-(N',N'-dimethylaminoethane)carbamoyl]cholesterol Liposomes in the Presence of Chiral Organic Acids. DC-Ch, DOPC, His, PPL, SM, TA
18  2017 Speciation of uranium-mandelic acid complexes using electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and density functional theory. DFT, ESI-MS
19  2017 [Determination of phenylglyoxylic acid and mandelic acid in urine by high performance liquid chromatography method]. PGA
20  2016 Work-exposure to PM10 and aromatic volatile organic compounds, excretion of urinary biomarkers and effect on the pulmonary function and heme-metabolism: A study of petrol pump workers and traffic police personnel in Kolkata City, India. BTEX, FVC, GC-FID, HA, HPLC, MHA, PBG, PFT, PM10, S-PMA, tt-MA, VOCs
21  2015 Effects of Styrene-metabolizing Enzyme Polymorphisms and Lifestyle Behaviors on Blood Styrene and Urinary Metabolite Levels in Workers Chronically Exposed to Styrene. BS/AS, LDL, PGA, US
22  2015 Influence of genetic polymorphisms of styrene-metabolizing enzymes on the levels of urinary biomarkers of styrene exposure. A-Sty, BEI, PGA, TLV, U-Sty
23  2015 [Determination of mandelic acid and phenylglyoxylic acid in urine by reagent-free ion chromatography]. PGA
24  2014 Effect of alcohol chain length on the enzymatic resolution of racemic mandelic acid and kinetic study. ---
25  2013 A chiral bisthiourea as a chiral solvating agent for carboxylic acids in the presence of DMAP. CSA
26  2013 [Influence of genetic polymorphisms of epoxide hydrolase 1 on metabolism of styrene in body]. 8 h-TWA, EPHX1, PGA
27  2012 Enantioselective recognition of mandelic acid based on gamma-globulin modified glassy carbon electrode. ---
28  2012 Study of urinary concentrations of mandelic acid in employees exposed to styrene. HPLC
29  2012 Study on the metabolic mechanism of chiral inversion of S-mandelic acid in vitro. 2-APA
30  2011 Antifeedant and insecticidal effects of mandelic acid on the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens Stal. BPH, EPG, GPx, GST
31  2011 Aza-crown macrocycles as chiral solvating agents for mandelic acid derivatives. CSAs, DACH, ee
32  2011 Enantioselective fluorescent recognition of mandelic acid by unsymmetrical salalen and salan sensors. BINOL, trans-DACH
33  2011 Exposure to styrene in fiberglass-reinforced plastic manufacture: still a problem. PGA
34  2011 Low level occupational exposure to styrene: its effects on DNA damage and DNA repair. PGA
35  2011 Metabolic engineering of the L-phenylalanine pathway in Escherichia coli for the production of S- or R-mandelic acid. DMD, HmaS, HmO
36  2011 [The changes of blood neurotransmitter levels in workers occupationally exposed to ethylbenzene]. AChE, ALB, ALP, ALT, AST, DA, GABA, Hgb, PGA, PLT, RBC, TBIL, TP, WBC
37  2010 Assessing variability and comparing short-term biomarkers of styrene exposure using a repeated measurements approach. PGA, Phg, VP
38  2010 Involvement of mitochondria-mediated apoptosis in ethylbenzene-induced renal toxicity in rat. mRNA, PGA
39  2010 Urinary metabolic profiling of volatile organic compounds in acute exposed volunteers after an oil spill in Republic of Korea. t,t-MU, VOC
40  2009 A field study to determine the effectiveness of several respiratory protection masks on the styrene exposure during lamination activities. PGA
41  2009 Chiral recognition of mandelic acid by L-phenylalanine-modified sensor using quartz crystal microbalance. L-Phe, QCM, VDMA
42  2009 Chiral recognition of mandelic acid on quartz crystal microbalance by vapor diffused molecular assembly method. L-Phe, QCM, VDMA
43  2009 Effect of physical exertion on the biological monitoring of exposure to various solvents following exposure by inhalation in human volunteers: III. Styrene. PGA
44  2009 Effects of styrene exposure on vibration perception threshold. CEI, PGA, VPT
45  2009 Genetic effects and biotoxicity monitoring of occupational styrene exposure. CAs, IARC, mEH, MN, PGA, SCEs, SCGE, SO
46  2009 Occupational styrene exposure, colour vision and contrast sensitivity: a cohort study with repeated measurements. CCI, PGA
47  2009 Spectroscopic investigation on europium complexation with humic acid and its model compounds. HA, PA, SA, TRFS
48  2009 Versatile method for chiral recognition by the quartz crystal microbalance: chiral mandelic acid as the detection model. AFM, L-Phe, QCM, VDMA
49  2009 [Cloning, expression and the application of human, rat alcohol dehydrogenase and aldo-keto reductase]. ADH, PGA
50  2009 [Determination of cotinine, phenylglyoxylic acid and mandelic acid in human urine by GC/MS]. COT, PA
51  2009 [Influence of ethylbenzene on the levels of mandelic acid and phenylglyoxylic acid in urine, ultrastructure and the expressions of Mitochondrial apoptotic-related proteins in the rat nephridial tissues]. PGA
52  2008 Stability in urine of authentic phenylglyoxylic and mandelic acids as urinary markers of occupational exposure to styrene. PhGA
53  2008 Thyroid function and exposure to styrene. NE, PGA, TRH
54  2007 Evaluation of long-term occupational exposure to styrene vapor on olfactory function. PEA, PGA, SD
55  2007 Field protection effectiveness of chemical protective suits and gloves evaluated by biomonitoring. MHA
56  2007 Simultaneous determination of phenylglyoxylic acid, mandelic acid, styrene glycol and hippuric acid in primary culture of rat hepatocytes incubate by high-performance liquid chromatography. HA, PGA, SG
57  2007 The role of CH/pi interaction in the stabilization of less-soluble diastereomeric salt crystals. ABI, AI, NGA
58  2006 Comparison of helical twisting powers of novel fluorinated amphiphilic enantiomers with their hydrogenated counterparts. HHMA, HTPs
59  2006 Cytogenetic biomarkers, urinary metabolites and metabolic gene polymorphisms in workers exposed to styrene. CAs, MN, MNBN, PGA, PHEMAs
60  2006 Determination of mandelic acid enantiomers in urine by derivatization in supercritical carbon dioxide prior to their determination by gas chromatography. ---
61  2006 [Effects of styrene on the dopaminergic transmitter content and monoamine oxidase activity in different sections of rat brain]. DA, L-dopa, MAO, PGA
62  2005 Analysis of urinary biomarkers for exposure to alkyl benzenes by isotope dilution gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. HA, MHA
63  2004 A rapid HPLC method for the determination of carboxylic acids in human urine using a monolithic column. 3-HBA, HA, MHA, PGA
64  2004 Determination of urinary styrene metabolites in the general Italian population by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. GSD, PGA
65  2004 Human urine certified reference material CZ 6009: creatinine, styrene metabolites (mandelic acid and phenylglyoxylic acid). HA, HPLC, PGA
66  2003 A glycopeptide antibiotic chiral stationary phase for the enantiomer resolution of hydroxy acid derivatives by capillary electrochromatography. 2-PhL, 3-OH-4-MeO-MA, CEC, CSP, m-OH-MA
67  2003 [A study on biomarkers of styrene]. HPLC, MUA, PGA
68  2002 Analysis of styrene and its metabolites in blood and urine of workers exposed to both styrene and acetone. PGA, PT-GC, Su
69  2002 GSTM1 polymorphism and styrene metabolism: insights from an acute accidental exposure. GSTM1, PGA
70  2002 Relation between colour vision loss and occupational styrene exposure level. CCI, CEI, PGA
71  2002 Simultaneous determination of styrene, toluene, and xylene metabolites in urine by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry. 2-, 3-, and 4-MHAs, GC/MS, HA, PGA, STX
72  2002 [A study on the adduct characteristics of styrene and DNA]. PGA, UMA
73  2001 Cumulative exposure to styrene and visual functions. CEI, CS, CV
74  2001 Importance of genetic polymorphisms of drug-metabolizing enzymes for the interpretation of biomarkers of exposure to styrene. BEIs, PGA
75  2001 Inter- and intra-individual sources of variation in levels of urinary styrene metabolites. PGA
76  2001 Simultaneous high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of urinary mandelic and phenylglyoxylic acids as indirect evaluation of styrene exposure. PGA
77  2001 Stereochemical metabolism of styrene in volunteers. AUC, PGA, SG, SO
78  2001 Toxicity and biodegradation of products from polyester hydrolysis. AA, EG, SA, SG, TA
79  2000 Biological monitoring of standardized exposure to ethylbenzene: evaluation of a biological tolerance (BAT) value. BAT, EthBz, MAK, PGA
80  2000 Determination of mandelic acid enantiomers in urine by gas chromatography and electron-capture or flame ionisation detection. ECD, FID
81  1999 An evaluation of styrene genotoxicity using several biomarkers in a 3-year follow-up study of hand-lamination workers. HPRT, MF, SSB, TL, TM
82  1999 [Mercapturates and biologic monitoring: styrene]. PGA, SO
83  1998 Albumin and hemoglobin adducts as biomarkers of exposure to styrene in fiberglass-reinforced-plastics workers. 1-PE, 2-PE, ALB, GC-MS, Hb, HPLC, NCI, PGA, SO
84  1998 [The simultaneous determination of hippuric acid, o-, m-, p-methylhippuric acids, mandelic acid and phenylglyoxylic acid in urine by HPLC]. HA, o-, m-, p-MHA, PGA
85  1997 Biological monitoring of styrene exposure and possible interference of acetone co-exposure. HPLC, PGA
86  1997 Excretion of N-acetyl-S-(1-phenyl-2-hydroxyethyl)-cysteine and N-acetyl-S-(2-phenyl-2-hydroxyethyl)-cysteine in workers exposed to styrene. PGA, SO
87  1996 Glycophorin A somatic cell mutation frequencies in Finnish reinforced plastics workers exposed to styrene. GPA, Vf
88  1996 Surveillance of early neurotoxic dysfunction. ---
89  1996 Urinary mercapturic acid diastereoisomers in rats subchronically exposed to styrene and ethanol. NPS, PGA
90  1995 Chromosomal aberrations and micronuclei in reinforced plastics workers exposed to styrene. CAs, MN
91  1994 An improved method for the simultaneous determination of mandelic and phenylglyoxylic acids by gas chromatography. PGA
92  1994 Biological monitoring of exposure to low concentrations of styrene. FID, GC, HPLC, PGA
93  1994 Determination of the urinary metabolites of styrene: estimation of the method evaluation function and evaluation of reference values in Danish subjects. LOD, PGA
94  1994 Impairment of color vision among workers exposed to low concentrations of styrene. NCTB, PGA, TCDS
95  1994 Kinetics of styrene urinary metabolites: a study in a low-level occupational exposure setting in Singapore. FRP, PGA, TWA
96  1994 [Interference of acetone in styrene metabolism in subjects exposed to both solvents]. PGA
97  1993 Biological monitoring of workers exposed to styrene and acetone. PGA
98  1993 Determination of mandelic acid and phenylglyoxylic acid in the urine and its use in monitoring of styrene exposure. PGA
99  1993 Urinary styrene in the biological monitoring of styrene exposure. PGA
100  1992 Chromosome aberrations and micronuclei in lymphocytes of workers exposed to low and medium levels of styrene. CAs, MN