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Abbreviation:   MAE  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   magnetic anisotropy energy
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2020 Crystal structure prediction of magnetic materials. Ms
2020 Magnetic and electronic properties of 2D TiX3 (X = F, Cl, Br and I). DFT
2020 Magnetism manipulation of Co n -adsorbed monolayer WS2 through charge injection. ---
2019 Designing rare earth free permanent magnets: insights from small Co clusters. ---
2019 First-principles investigation of the interface magnetic anisotropy of Fe/SrTiO3. ---
2019 High-Temperature Ferromagnetism in an Fe3P Monolayer with a Large Magnetic Anisotropy. ---
2019 Magnetic anisotropy of iridium dimers on two-dimensional materials. DFT
2019 MnX (X = P, As) monolayers: a new type of two-dimensional intrinsic room temperature ferromagnetic half-metallic material with large magnetic anisotropy. FM
2019 Modulation of magnetocrystalline anisotropy in FePt/PbTiO3 heterostructures by ferroelectric polarization. ---
10  2019 Prediction of colossal magnetocrystalline anisotropy for transition metal triiodides. AFM, FM, vdW
11  2019 Strain-tunable electric structure and magnetic anisotropy in monolayer CrSI. ---
12  2018 Ferromagnetism in magnesium chloride monolayer with an unusually large spin-up gap. MgCl3
13  2018 Giant magnetic anisotropy of a two-dimensional metal-dicyanoanthracene framework. h-BN, Ir-DCA
14  2018 High Curie temperature and half-metallicity in an atomically thin main group-based boron phosphide system: long range ferromagnetism. BP, DFT
15  2018 Large magnetic anisotropy and its strain modulation in two-dimensional intrinsic ferromagnetic monolayer RuO2 and OsO2. MA, SOC
16  2018 Magnetic moment and magnetic anisotropy of Ge3Mn5 thinfilms on Ge(111) substrate: A density functional study. ML
17  2018 Quantum anomalous Hall effect in metal-bis(dithiolene), magnetic properties, doping and interfacing graphene. MOFs, QAHE
18  2018 Reversible 90-Degree Rotation of Fe Magnetic Moment Using Hydrogen. ---
19  2018 Room-temperature superparamagnetism due to giant magnetic anisotropy in Mo S defected single-layer MoS2. DFT, SL, SOC
20  2018 Uniaxial magnetic anisotropy energy of bimetallic Co-Ni clusters from a first-principles perspective. ---
21  2017 Chemically Engineering Magnetic Anisotropy of 2D Metalloporphyrin. ---
22  2017 Engineering magnetic anisotropy and magnetization switching in multilayers by strain. ---
23  2017 Impact of Coulomb Correlations on Magnetic Anisotropy in Mn3Ga Ferrimagnet. DFT, SOC
24  2017 Large magnetic anisotropy and strain induced enhancement of magnetic anisotropy in monolayer TaTe2. MCA, SOC
25  2017 Spatially Resolved Magnetic Anisotropy of Cobalt Nanostructures on the Au(111) Surface. ---
26  2017 Spin polarization and magnetic characteristics at C6H6/Co2MnSi(001) spinterface. ---
27  2017 Unconventional magnetic anisotropy in one-dimensional Rashba system realized by adsorbing Gd atom on zigzag graphene nanoribbons. Gd-ZGNR, SOC
28  2016 An atomically thin layer of Ru/MoS2 heterostructure: structural, electronic, and magnetic properties. FM, TM
29  2016 Electric field control of the magnetic anisotropy energy of double-vacancy graphene decorated by iridium atoms. ---
30  2016 Ni9Te6(PEt3)8C60 Is a Superatomic Superalkali Superparamagnetic Cluster Assembled Material (S(3)-CAM). ---
31  2016 Sequential oxygen chemisorption on Fe13 clusters: from first-principles to practical insights. ---
32  2016 Transition-metal embedded carbon nitride monolayers: high-temperature ferromagnetism and half-metallicity. DFT
33  2015 Engineering the magnetic anisotropy of atomic-scale nanostructure under electric field. ---
34  2015 Giant Magnetic Anisotropy of Co, Ru, and Os Adatoms on MgO (001) Surface. ---
35  2015 Magnetic anisotropy in "scorpionate" first-row transition-metal complexes: a theoretical investigation. ---
36  2014 Giant magnetic anisotropy of transition-metal dimers on defected graphene. ---
37  2014 Magnetic anisotropy of heteronuclear dimers in the gas phase and supported on graphene: relativistic density-functional calculations. ---
38  2014 Magnetocrystalline anisotropy energy for adatoms and monolayers on non-magnetic substrates: where does it come from? SOC
39  2014 On the enhancement of magnetic anisotropy in cobalt clusters via non-magnetic doping. ---
40  2014 Picosecond electric field pulse induced coherent magnetic switching in MgO/FePt/Pt(001)-based tunnel junctions: a multiscale study. LLG
41  2014 Reversible switching of magnetic states by electric fields in nitrogenized-divacancies graphene decorated by tungsten atoms. NDVs
42  2013 Electronic structural and magnetic properties of Mn5Ge3 clusters. ---
43  2013 First-principles studies of the magnetic anisotropy of the Cu/FePt/MgO system. ---
44  2013 Magnetic anisotropy of graphene quantum dots decorated with a ruthenium adatom. ---
45  2012 Structural and magnetic properties of small 4d transition metal clusters: role of spin-orbit coupling. DFT, SOC, TM
46  2011 Magneto-structural properties and magnetic anisotropy of small transition-metal clusters: a first-principles study. SOC
47  2010 Uniaxial magnetic anisotropy energy of Fe wires embedded in carbon nanotubes. ---
48  2009 Finite electric field effects in the large perpendicular magnetic anisotropy surface Pt/Fe/Pt(001): a first-principles study. EF
49  2009 Magnetic anisotropy of epitaxially grown Co and its alloy thin films. ---
50  2009 The giant magnetic anisotropy energy of Fe+ ions in SrCl2. MR-DFT
51  2008 Magnetic properties of Co nanoparticles: role of the coexistence of different geometrical phases. ---
52  2007 Magnetoelastic nature of the dodecagonal anisotropy in holmium metal. ---
53  2007 The interplay of structure and spin-orbit strength in the magnetism of metal-benzene sandwiches: from single molecules to infinite wires. ---
54  2005 Density-functional study of two Fe4-based single-molecule magnets. SMM
55  2004 Giant magnetic anisotropy in tetragonal FeCo alloys. ---
56  2003 Magnetic anisotropy of transition-metal interfaces from a local perspective: reorientation transitions and spin-canted phases in Pd capped Co films on Pd(111). ---