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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2010 p62+ Hyaline inclusions in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma associated with viral hepatitis or alcoholic liver disease. HGs, ICCs
2009 A cell culture system for the induction of Mallory bodies: Mallory bodies and aggresomes represent different types of inclusion bodies. ---
2007 From Mallory to Mallory-Denk bodies: what, how and why? MDBs
2007 In vitro production of Mallory bodies and intracellular hyaline bodies: the central role of sequestosome 1/p62. cDNA, IHBs, p62DeltaUBA
2007 Oxidative stress induces the endoplasmic reticulum stress and facilitates inclusion formation in cultured cells. ALLN, ER, GO
2006 Are the Mallory bodies and intracellular hyaline bodies in neoplastic and non-neoplastic hepatocytes related? HCCs, IHBs
2006 Mallory body forming cells express the preneoplastic hepatocyte phenotype. A2m, AFP, DDC, FAS, UBB
2006 Pharmacologic transglutaminase inhibition attenuates drug-primed liver hypertrophy but not Mallory body formation. DDC, TG2
2005 CYP2E1 inhibition enhances mallory body formation. DDC, MB
10  2005 Interaction of stress proteins with misfolded keratins. DDC
11  2005 Keratin 8 overexpression promotes mouse Mallory body formation. DDC
12  2005 Keratin-containing inclusions affect cell morphology and distribution of cytosolic cellular components. CK, GFP, GFP-WT CK18, IFs
13  2005 RNA interference of VCP/p97 increases Mallory body formation. ChT-L, CK, GFP, Ub, UPS, VCP
14  2004 Immunohistochemical profiles of Mallory body by a panel of anti-cytokeratin antibodies. CKs
15  2004 p62 is involved in the mechanism of Mallory body formation. CK8, GFP, Ub
16  2003 Heat shock proteins are present in mallory bodies (cytokeratin aggresomes) in human liver biopsy specimens. hsp's
17  2003 The mechanism of cytokeratin aggresome formation: the role of mutant ubiquitin (UBB+1). CK-8
18  2002 Formation of Mallory body-like inclusions and cell death induced by deregulated expression of keratin 18. ---
19  2002 Mallory body--a disease-associated type of sequestosome. DDC
20  2002 Molecular misreading of the ubiquitin B gene and hepatic mallory body formation. ---
21  2002 p62 Is a common component of cytoplasmic inclusions in protein aggregation diseases. CKs
22  2002 The Mallory body as an aggresome: in vitro studies. CK18, GFP
23  2001 Mallory bodies formed in proteasome-depleted hepatocytes: an immunohistochemical study. ---
24  2001 Sequence of events in the assembly of Mallory body components in mouse liver: clues to the pathogenesis and significance of Mallory body formation. DDC, GF
25  2000 Hepatocyte cytokeratins are hyperphosphorylated at multiple sites in human alcoholic hepatitis and in a mallory body mouse model. AH, DDC
26  1998 De novo expression of nonhepatocellular cytokeratins in Mallory body formation. ---
27  1998 Mallory body formation by ethanol feeding in drug-primed mice. CK55, CYP2E1, DDC, mRNA, NF-kappaB
28  1997 Toxic effects of griseofulvin: disease models, mechanisms, and risk assessment. GF, HCC
29  1996 Experimental Mallory body formation is accompanied by modulation of the expression of multidrug-resistance genes and their products. DDC, GF, KIF, MDR, P-gp
30  1995 Alcoholic liver disease: molecular-pathologic aspects. ---
31  1995 Modifications in cytokeratin and actin in cultured liver cells derived from griseofulvin-fed mice. CK, GF, IFs
32  1994 Cytokeratin inclusions in alcoholic liver disease and their relation to the amount of alcohol intake. ALD, CK, mAb
33  1994 Mallory body filaments become insoluble after normal assembly into intermediate filaments. CKs
34  1992 Common epitopes of human and murine Mallory bodies and Lewy bodies as revealed by a neurofilament antibody. ---
35  1992 Cytokeratin of apparent high molecular weight in livers from griseofulvin-fed mice. CK, GF, IFs
36  1992 Diffuse Mallory bodies in the liver, diffuse Lewy bodies in the brain and diffuse fat replacement (lipomatous pseudohypertrophy) of the pancreas in a patient with juvenile Parkinson's disease. LBs
37  1992 High amount of epsilon-(gamma-glutamyl)lysine cross-links in Mallory bodies. ---
38  1991 Alteration in molecular structure of cytoskeleton proteins in griseofulvin-treated mouse liver: a pressure tuning infrared spectroscopy study. GF
39  1991 Changes of cytokeratin filament organization in human and murine Mallory body-containing livers as revealed by a panel of monoclonal antibodies. CK, GF
40  1991 Enzyme-histochemical studies of griseofulvin-intoxicated mouse livers. CK, GF, IF
41  1991 High molecular weight components are main constituents of Mallory bodies isolated with a fluorescence activated cell sorter. CK, FACS
42  1991 Ubiquitin: an immunohistochemical marker of Mallory bodies and alcoholic liver disease. AH, HE, Ub
43  1990 Use of a specific monoclonal antibody to detect Mallory bodies in liver disease. ---
44  1989 Excretory function in cultured hepatocytes from griseofulvin-treated mice. BC, CK, GF
45  1989 Mallory body clustering in adenomatous hyperplasia in human cirrhotic livers: report of four cases. AH
46  1989 Occurrence of immunohistochemically detected small Mallory bodies in liver disease. ---
47  1988 Ubiquitin is present on the cytokeratin intermediate filaments and Mallory bodies of hepatocytes. IFs
48  1985 Relationship of Mallory bodies to intermediate filaments in hepatocytes. A scanning electron microscopy study. IFs
49  1983 Dieldrin-induced mallory bodies in hepatic tumors of mice of different strains. ---
50  1983 Mallory body formation runs parallel to gamma-glutamyl transferase induction in hepatocytes of griseofulvin-fed mice. GF, GGT
51  1981 Mallory bodies in alcoholic and non-alcoholic liver disease contain a common antigenic determinant. ---
52  1981 Mallory bodies in alcoholic liver disease: identification of cytoplasmic filament/cell membrane and unique antigenic determinants by monoclonal antibodies. MBP
53  1981 Mallory body formation in hepatic nodules of mice ingesting dieldrin. ---
54  1980 Mallory bodies--immunohistochemical detection by antisera to unique non-prekeratin components. MBP
55  1979 Lymphocyte sequestration by the liver in alcoholic hepatitis. ---
56  1979 Mallory bodies. Horseradish peroxidase: specific cytochemical and biochemical marker for alcoholic hyalin. HRP
57  1979 Ultrastructural, biochemical, and immunologic characterization of Mallory bodies in livers of griseofulvin-treated mice. Fimbriated rods of filaments containing prekeratin-like polypeptides. ---
58  1978 Comparative electrophoretic study of Mallory body and intermediate filament protein. IFs
59  1978 Mallory bodies: isolation of hepatocellular hyalin and electrophoretic resolution of polypeptide components. ---
60  1977 Mallory bodies compared with microfilament hyperplasia. ---
61  1976 A study on Mallory bodies. Isolation, ultrastructure and preliminary biochemical characterization of Mallory bodies from livers of alcoholic cirrhosis and malignant hepatoma. SDS
62  1976 Peroxidase-antiperoxidase complex. Binding by Mallory bodies in unfixed tissue. PAP
63  1975 Isolation and electrophoretic study on Mallory bodies from the livers of alcoholic cirrhosis. ---