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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A multifunctional theranostic contrast agent for ultrasound/near infrared fluorescence imaging-based tumor diagnosis and ultrasound-triggered combined photothermal and gene therapy. PEI, US
2019 Breast Cancer Brain Metastasis Response to Radiation After Microbubble Oxygen Delivery in a Murine Model. US
2019 Cellular Bioeffect Investigations on Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound and Sonoporation: Platform Design and Flow Cytometry Protocol. LIPUS
2019 Closed-loop cavitation control for focused ultrasound-mediated blood-brain barrier opening by long-circulating microbubbles. BBB, FUS
2019 Collective nonlinear behavior of interacting polydisperse microbubble clusters. ---
2019 Controlled in vivo Bone Formation and Vascularization Using Ultrasound-Triggered Release of Recombinant Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor From Poly(D,L-lactic-co-glycolicacid) Microbubbles. micro-CT, UTMD, VEGF
2019 Enhancing Nab-Paclitaxel Delivery Using Microbubble-Assisted Ultrasound in a Pancreatic Cancer Model. US
2019 Exploiting Flow Dynamics for Superresolution in Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound. US
2019 Focused ultrasound-induced blood brain-barrier opening enhanced vascular permeability for GDNF delivery in Huntington's disease mouse model. CNS, FUS, GDNF, GDNFp-LPs, HD, HTT, LPs
10  2019 Functionalized polymer microbubbles as new molecular ultrasound contrast agent to target P-selectin in thrombus. ---
11  2019 Generation of ultra-stable Pickering microbubbles via poly alkylcyanoacrylates. BCA, NPs
12  2019 In Vivo Toxicity Study of Engineered Lipid Microbubbles in Rodents. ---
13  2019 Investigating the Role of Lipid Transfer in Microbubble-Mediated Drug Delivery. ---
14  2019 Long-term physical evolution of an elastomeric ultrasound contrast microbubble. PVA
15  2019 Low intensity ultrasound targeted microbubble destruction assists MSCs delivery and improves neural function in brain ischaemic rats. BBB, LI-UTMD, MSCs
16  2019 Magnetic Targeting Improves the Therapeutic Efficacy of Microbubble-Mediated Obstructive Thrombus Sonothrombolysis. ---
17  2019 Microneedle-Based Generation of Microbubbles in Cancer Tumors to Improve Ultrasound-Assisted Drug Delivery. ZnONW-MGP, ZnONWs
18  2019 Middle-ear dexamethasone delivery via ultrasound microbubbles attenuates noise-induced hearing loss. DEX, RWS, US, USM
19  2019 Molecular Effects of Glycerol on Lipid Monolayers at the Gas-Liquid Interface: Impact on Microbubble Physical and Mechanical Properties. ---
20  2019 Novel Activated Microbubbles-based Strategy to Coat Nanoparticles on Root Canal Dentin: Fluid Dynamical Characterization. MM
21  2019 Phase Change Ultrasound Contrast Agents with a Photopolymerized Diacetylene Shell. ADV, NDs, PCDA, PFC, US, UV
22  2019 Remediation of oil spill-contaminated sands by chemical-free microbubbles generated in tap and saline water. ---
23  2019 Resolving Ultrasound Contrast Microbubbles Using Minimum Variance Beamforming. DAS, FWHM, MV, PSL, SARUS
24  2019 Sonodynamic Therapy on Intracranial Glioblastoma Xenografts Using Sinoporphyrin Sodium Delivered by Ultrasound with Microbubbles. FUS, SDT
25  2019 Sonothrombolysis with magnetic microbubbles under a rotational magnetic field. MMBs
26  2019 Surface Modification with Lactadherin Augments the Attachment of Sonazoid Microbubbles to Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa. ---
27  2019 Synergistic anti-tumor effect of paclitaxel and miR-34a combined with ultrasound microbubbles on cervical cancer in vivo and in vitro. PTX
28  2019 Time and Frequency Characteristics of Cavitation Activity Enhanced by Flowing Phase-Shift Nanodroplets and Lipid-Shelled Microbubbles During Focused Ultrasound Exposures. FUS, ICDs, NDs, RMS
29  2019 Ultrasound-targeted microbubble destruction improved the antiangiogenic effect of Endostar in triple-negative breast carcinoma xenografts. CEUS, MVD, TGIR, UTMD, VEGF
30  2018 A novel probe attached to the neck can accurately detect a large patent foramen ovale. CCA, PFO, RLS, TEE
31  2018 Acoustic Tweezing Cytometry Induces Rapid Initiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation. ATC, CSK, EMT, FAK, hESC, US
32  2018 Amphiphilic Drug Conjugates as Nanomedicines for Combined Cancer Therapy. ADCs, ADDC, DDS, JDDC, MDR, NPs, PDC, PepDCs, PND
33  2018 Controlled positioning of microbubbles and induced cavitation using a dual-frequency transducer and microfiber adhesion techniques. PCL, TBI
34  2018 Fast functionalization of ultrasound microbubbles using strain promoted click chemistry. SPAAC
35  2018 Gas‑filled ultrasound microbubbles enhance the immunoactivity of the HSP70‑MAGEA1 fusion protein against MAGEA1‑expressing tumours. FP, HSP70, MAGEA1
36  2018 High-speed photographic observation of the sonication of a rabbit carotid artery filled with microbubbles by 20-kHz low frequency ultrasound. H-E
37  2018 In Vitro Sonothrombolysis Enhancement by Transiently Stable Microbubbles Produced by a Flow-Focusing Microfluidic Device. rt-PA
38  2018 Induction of multiple myeloma cancer stem cell apoptosis using conjugated anti-ABCG2 antibody with epirubicin-loaded microbubbles. CSCs, EPI, MM
39  2018 Interfacial Nanoprecipitation toward Stable and Responsive Microbubbles and Their Use as a Resuscitative Fluid. ---
40  2018 InVivo Molecular Ultrasound Assessment of Glioblastoma Neovasculature with Endoglin-Targeted Microbubbles. ---
41  2018 Nanobubble-embedded inorganic 808nm excited upconversion nanocomposites for tumor multiple imaging and treatment. CNs, NBs, NIR, ROS, UCNPs
42  2018 Novel Perfluorinated Triblock Amphiphilic Copolymers for Lipid-Shelled Microbubble Stabilization. Atri
43  2018 Numerical investigation of the inertial cavitation threshold under multi-frequency ultrasound. HIFU
44  2018 Targeted shRNA-loaded liposome complex combined with focused ultrasound for blood brain barrier disruption and suppressing glioma growth. BBB, FUS, PCR, WB
45  2018 The Dependence of Glomerular Capillary Hemorrhage Induced by Contrast Enhanced Diagnostic Ultrasound on Microbubble Diameter. ---
46  2018 The enhanced HIFU-induced thermal effect via magnetic ultrasound contrast agent microbubbles. HIFU, SPIOs
47  2018 The therapeutic effect in gliomas of nanobubbles carrying siRNA combined with ultrasound-targeted destruction. NBs, NBs-siRNA, UI, UTD
48  2018 Transfection of neurotrophin-3 into neural stem cells using ultrasound with microbubbles to treat denervated muscle atrophy. NSCs, NT-3
49  2018 Ultrasound Combined with Microbubbles Enhances the Effects of Methylprednisolone in Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Human Mesangial Cells. HMCs, LPS, MP, NF-kappaB, TGF-beta1, US
50  2018 Ultrasound molecular imaging as a non-invasive companion diagnostic for netrin-1 interference therapy in breast cancer. USMI
51  2018 Ultrasound Molecular Imaging of Atherosclerosis for Early Diagnosis and Therapeutic Evaluation through Leucocyte-like Multiple Targeted Microbubbles. sLex
52  2018 Ultrasound-Mediated EGF-Coated-Microbubble Cavitation in Dressings for Wound-Healing Applications. EGF, LYMB, TDD, US
53  2018 Ultrasound-targeted photodynamic and gene dual therapy for effectively inhibiting triple negative breast cancer by cationic porphyrin lipid microbubbles loaded with HIF1alpha-siRNA. CPGL, ER, PDT, PR, TNBC, UTMD
54  2018 Ultrasound-Triggered Drug Delivery for Breast Tumor Therapy Through iRGD-Targeted Paclitaxel-Loaded Liposome-Microbubble Complexes. iRGD-PTX-LMC, iRGD-PTX-PL, LMC
55  2018 Use of cationic microbubbles targeted to P-selectin to improve ultrasound-mediated gene transfection of hVEGF165 to the ischemic myocardium. ELISA, MB, pcDNA3.1-hVEGF165, RT-PCR, TCUMGT, UTMD
56  2017 Acoustic tweezing cytometry enhances osteogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells through cytoskeletal contractility and YAP activation. ATC, hMSCs, US
57  2017 Acute Inflammatory Response Following Increased Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability Induced by Focused Ultrasound is Dependent on Microbubble Dose. BBB, FUS, MRI, PNP
58  2017 Angiogenesis-targeting microbubbles combined with ultrasound-mediated gene therapy in brain tumors. BBB, FUS, VCMBs
59  2017 Cationic gas-filled microbubbles for ultrasound-based nucleic acids delivery. pDNA
60  2017 Cellular Uptake of Plain and SPION-Modified Microbubbles for Potential Use in Molecular Imaging. MRI, SiNPs, SPIONs, US
61  2017 Combination of microbubbles and diagnostic ultrasound at a high mechanical index for the synergistic microwave ablation of tumours. MI, MW, US
62  2017 Comparison of Magnetic Microbubbles and Dual-modified Microbubbles Targeted to P-selectin for Imaging of Acute Endothelial Inflammation in the Abdominal Aorta. CEU, MBP, MBPM, UMI
63  2017 Detection of Atherosclerotic Plaques in the Rabbit Aorta Using Ultrasound Microbubbles Conjugated to Interleukin-18 Antibodies. CEUS, IL-18
64  2017 Development of prostate specific membrane antigen targeted ultrasound microbubbles using bioorthogonal chemistry. MBTz, PSMA, TCO
65  2017 Drug Delivery from a Multi-faceted Ultrasound Contrast Agent: Influence of Shell Composition. DOX, PLA, TRAIL
66  2017 Enhanced delivery of paclitaxel liposomes using focused ultrasound with microbubbles for treating nude mice bearing intracranial glioblastoma xenografts. BBB, BTB, FUS, PTX-LIPO
67  2017 Enhancing the anti-multiple myeloma efficiency in a cancer stem cell xenograft model by conjugating the ABCG2 antibody with microbubbles for a targeted delivery of ultrasound mediated epirubicin. CSCs, EPI, mAb, MM
68  2017 Epidermal growth factor receptor-targeted sonoporation with microbubbles enhances therapeutic efficacy in a squamous cell carcinoma model. EGFR
69  2017 Fabrication of ultrasound-responsive microbubbles via coaxial electrohydrodynamic atomization for triggered release of tPA. CEHDA
70  2017 Insights into the unique functionality of inorganic micro/nanoparticles for versatile ultrasound theranostics. US
71  2017 Inverse effects of flowing phase-shift nanodroplets and lipid-shelled microbubbles on subsequent cavitation during focused ultrasound exposures. FUS, ICD, NDs
72  2017 Microbubble Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for the Detection of Targeted Microbubbles in inVitro Static BindingAssays. ELISA
73  2017 Microbubble-Based Sonothrombolysis Using a Planar Rectangular Ultrasonic Transducer. US
74  2017 PEGylated PLGA-based phase shift nanodroplets combined with focused ultrasound for blood brain barrier opening in rats. BBB, FUS
75  2017 Preparation of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-block-(acrylic acid)-encapsulated proteinaceous microbubbles for delivery of doxorubicin. CLSM, DOX, FTIR, IVRT, QCM-D
76  2017 Raw water clarification by flotation with microbubbles and nanobubbles generated with a multiphase pump. F-MP, NBs, WTP
77  2017 Real-time monitoring of inertial cavitation effects of microbubbles by using MRI: In vitro experiments. FUS, HASTE, IC, PRFs, SI
78  2017 Sequential HIFU heating and nanobubble encapsulation provide efficient drug penetration from stealth and temperature sensitive liposomes in colon cancer. DOX, ELTSLs, HIFU, LTSLs, NTSLs
79  2017 Shell effects on acoustic performance of a drug-delivery system activated by ultrasound. DOX, TRAIL
80  2017 Spiral computed tomography evaluation of rabbit VX2 hepatic tumors treated with 20 kHz ultrasound and microbubbles. CT, TEM, US
81  2017 Synergistic effects of negative-charged nanoparticles assisted by ultrasound on the reversal multidrug resistance phenotype in breast cancer cells. MDR, US
82  2017 The breakup of intravascular microbubbles and its impact on the endothelium. BBB
83  2017 The Combination of Glycolytic Inhibitor 2-Deoxyglucose and Microbubbles Increases the Effect of 5-Aminolevulinic Acid-Sonodynamic Therapy in Liver Cancer Cells. 2-DG, ALA, SDT
84  2017 Thrombin-Activatable Microbubbles as Potential Ultrasound Contrast Agents for the Detection of Acute Thrombosis. ACPP-MBs, ACPPs, DVT, PFB-filled, US
85  2017 Treatment effects of lysozyme-shelled microbubbles and ultrasound in inflammatory skin disease. Ly, P. acnes, US
86  2017 Ultrasound and Intra-Clot Microbubbles Enhanced Catheter-Directed Thrombolysis inVitro and inVivo. CDT, UT
87  2017 Ultrasound Imaging Based on Molecular Targeting for Quantitative Evaluation of Hepatic Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury. ICAM-1, IRI, NID, US
88  2017 Ultrasound Mediated Microbubbles Destruction Augmented Sonolysis: An In Vitro and In Vivo Study. CDFI, FAT, TUS, UMMD
89  2017 Ultrasound reverses chemoresistance in breast cancer stem cell like cells by altering ABCG2 expression. BCSCs, DOX, US
90  2016 Acoustic-actuated optical coherence angiography. OCT
91  2016 Activation of microbubbles by low-intensity pulsed ultrasound enhances the cytotoxicity of curcumin involving apoptosis induction and cell motility inhibition in human breast cancer MDA-MB-231 cells. CUR, LPUS
92  2016 Biological in situ characterization of polymeric microbubble contrast agents. MRI, SPECT, US
93  2016 Combined ultrasound-targeted microbubble destruction and polyethylenimine-mediated plasmid DNA delivery to the rat retina: enhanced efficiency and accelerated expression. EGFP, pDNA, PEI, RPE, US
94  2016 Complex interfaces in "phase-change" contrast agents. DFP, UCAs, US
95  2016 Design of a Novel Composite H2 S-Releasing Hydrogel for Cardiac Tissue Repair. hCPCs, PFHy, pos
96  2016 Detection and Tracking of Multiple Microbubbles in Ultrasound B-Mode Images. MCMCDA, US
97  2016 Development of a novel microbubble-liposome complex conjugated with peptide ligands targeting IL4R on brain tumor cells. DOX, IL-4R
98  2016 Effectiveness of a Layer-by-Layer Microbubbles-Based Delivery System for Applying Minoxidil to Enhance Hair Growth. COL, Mx, US
99  2016 Efficacy of transdermal magnesium ascorbyl phosphate delivery after ultrasound treatment with microbubbles in gel-type surrounding medium in mice. MAP, US
100  2016 Folate-conjugated gene-carrying microbubbles with focused ultrasound for concurrent blood-brain barrier opening and local gene delivery. BBB, FCMBs, FUS