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Abbreviation:   MCP  (>> Co-occurring Abbreviation)
Long Form:   major capsid protein
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No. Year Title Co-occurring Abbreviation
2019 A major-capsid-protein-based multiplex PCR assay for rapid identification of selected virulent bacteriophage types. ---
2019 Assembly of complex viruses exemplified by a halophilic euryarchaeal virus. ---
2019 Inhibition of human cytomegalovirus major capsid protein expression and replication by ribonuclease P-associated external guide sequences. EGSs, HCMV, RNase P
2019 Molecular cloning and characterization of grouper Kr=ppel-like factor 9 gene: Involvement in the fish immune response to viral infection. CP, ICP-18, KLF9, LITAF, RGNNV, SGIV
2019 Negative regulation of the interferon response by finTRIM82 in the orange spotted grouper. CP, GS, IFN, IRF3, ISG15, MAVS, MDA5, MXI, RdRp, RGNNV, SGIV, TRIM
2019 Structural basis for assembly of vertical single beta-barrel viruses. cryo-EM, HCIV-1, HHIV-2
2019 The N-glycan structures of the antigenic variants of chlorovirus PBCV-1 major capsid protein help to identify the virus-encoded glycosyltransferases. Fuc, GTs, PBCV-1, Rha, Xyl
2018 A natural infection by the red sea bream iridovirus-type Megalocytivirus in the golden mandarin fish Siniperca scherzeri. ATPase, RSIV, TRBIV
2018 Acipenser iridovirus-European encodes a replication factor C (RFC) sub-unit. AcIV-E, ORFs, RFC
10  2018 Analyses of the Kroon Virus Major Capsid Gene and Its Transcript Highlight a Distinct Pattern of Gene Evolution and Splicing among Mimiviruses. APMV, KV, NCLDV
11  2018 Building the atomic model of a boreal lake virus of unknown fold in a 3.9 A cryo-EM map. cryo-EM
12  2018 Capsid protein structure, self-assembly, and processing reveal morphogenesis of the marine virophage mavirus. DJR, VLPs
13  2018 Comparative evaluation of MCP gene in worldwide strains of Megalocytivirus (Iridoviridae family) for early diagnostic marker. ---
14  2018 Development of cross-priming amplification coupled with vertical flow visualization for rapid detection of infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus (ISKNV) in mandarin fish, Siniperca chuatsi. ISKNV
15  2018 Establishment of a new fish cell line from the caudal fin of golden pompano Trachinotus ovatus and its susceptibility to iridovirus. CPE, FBS, SGIV
16  2018 Faustovirus E12 Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Complex Splicing in Capsid Gene. ---
17  2018 High Diversity of Myocyanophage in Various Aquatic Environments Revealed by High-Throughput Sequencing of Major Capsid Protein Gene With a New Set of Primers. ---
18  2018 Molecular detection and phylogenetic analysis of megalocytivirus in Brazilian ornamental fish. ---
19  2018 Partial validation of a TaqMan real-time quantitative PCR for the detection of ranaviruses. FV3
20  2018 Phaeoviral Infections Are Present in Macrocystis, Ecklonia and Undaria (Laminariales) and Are Influenced by Wave Exposure in Ectocarpales. ---
21  2018 Structure and mutagenesis reveal essential capsid protein interactions for KSHV replication. KSHV, SCP
22  2018 Synthesis of Artemisinin-Derived Dimers, Trimers and Dendrimers: Investigation of Their Antimalarial and Antiviral Activities Including Putative Mechanisms of Action. HCMV
23  2017 A PCR-Based Assay Targeting the Major Capsid Protein Gene of a Dinorna-Like ssRNA Virus That Infects Coral Photosymbionts. HcRNAV, OTUs, ssRNA
24  2017 A quantitative-PCR based method to estimate ranavirus viral load following normalisation by reference to an ultraconserved vertebrate target. qPCR, UCNE
25  2017 Change in Emiliania huxleyi Virus Assemblage Diversity but Not in Host Genetic Composition during an Ocean Acidification Mesocosm Experiment. ---
26  2017 Characterization of a new member of Iridoviridae, Shrimp hemocyte iridescent virus (SHIV), found in white leg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei). SHIV
27  2017 Functional and comparative genome analysis of novel virulent actinophages belonging to Streptomyces flavovirens. NGS
28  2017 Grouper STAT1a is involved in antiviral immune response against iridovirus and nodavirus infection. CP, CPE, RdRp, RGNNV, SGIV, STAT1
29  2017 Infectious spleen and kidney necrosis disease (ISKND) outbreaks in farmed barramundi (Lates calcarifer) in Vietnam. ISKND, ISKNV, RSIV
30  2017 LAMP-1-chimeric DNA vaccines enhance the antibody response in Japanese flounder, Paralichthys olivaceus. FKC, RSIV
31  2017 Molecular identification of iridoviruses infecting various sturgeon species in Europe. AcIV-E, NV
32  2017 Vaccination with Recombinant Baculovirus Expressing Ranavirus Major Capsid Protein Induces Protective Immunity in Chinese Giant Salamander, Andrias davidianus. AcNPV, CGSIV, IIF, Sf9
33  2016 Autophagy and apoptosis induced by Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) iridovirus (CGSIV). TEM
34  2016 Contributions of P2- and P22-like prophages to understanding the enormous diversity and abundance of tailed bacteriophages. ---
35  2016 Enhanced insecticidal activity of Chilo iridescent virus expressing an insect specific neurotoxin. CIV, GFP, ORF
36  2016 Identification of the major capsid protein of erythrocytic necrosis virus (ENV) and development of quantitative real-time PCR assays for quantification of ENV DNA. ENV, qPCR, VEN
37  2016 In vitro antiviral efficacy of moroxydine hydrochloride and ribavirin against grass carp reovirus and giant salamander iridovirus. EPC, GCO, Mor, RIB
38  2016 Isolation and preliminary characterization of a new pathogenic iridovirus from redclaw crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus. CQIV
39  2016 Low pathogenicity of flounder iridovirus (FLIV) and the absence of cross-protection between FLIV and rock bream iridovirus. FLIV
40  2016 Molecular detection of a novel totivirus from golden shiner (Notemigonus crysoleucas) baitfish in the USA. AsTV, DTV, IMNV, OMRV, ORFs, RdRp, UTR
41  2016 Novel Virophages Discovered in a Freshwater Lake in China. DSL, DSLVs, OLV, ORFs
42  2016 Ranavirus in an outbreak of dermatophilosis in captive inland bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps). rDNA
43  2016 [Prokaryotic expression and antiserum preparation for major antigenic epitope region of major capsid protein of Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) iridovirus]. CGSIV-LY
44  2015 A novel group of diverse Polinton-like viruses discovered by metagenome analysis. PLV
45  2015 Characterization of Chinese giant salamander iridovirus tissue tropism and inflammatory response after infection. GSIV, IL-1beta, MIF, TNF-alpha
46  2015 Cloning of the Major Capsid Protein (MCP) of Grouper Iridovirus of Taiwan (TGIV) and Preliminary Evaluation of a Recombinant MCP Vaccine against TGIV. ---
47  2015 CryoEM and mutagenesis reveal that the smallest capsid protein cements and stabilizes Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus capsid. EBV, KSHV, SCP
48  2015 Detection and characterization of viruses of the genus Megalocytivirus in ornamental fish imported into an Australian border quarantine premises: an emerging risk to national biosecurity. ---
49  2015 Establishment of three cell lines from Chinese giant salamander and their sensitivities to the wild-type and recombinant ranavirus. ADRV, GSTC, rRGV-EGFP
50  2015 Identification and characterization of a novel lymphocystis disease virus isolate from cultured grouper in China. GLCDV, LCDV, MMP, RNR
51  2015 Isolation and characterization of a virus infecting the freshwater algae Chrysochromulina parva. ---
52  2015 Outbreak of ranavirus infection in sheatfish, Silurus glanis (L.), in Poland. EHNV
53  2015 Phylogeny and differentiation of reptilian and amphibian ranaviruses detected in Europe. ALRVs, DNApol
54  2015 Protective immunity of a Pichia pastoris expressed recombinant iridovirus major capsid protein in the Chinese giant salamander, Andrias davidianus. GSIV
55  2015 Sturgeon nucleo-cytoplasmic large DNA virus phylogeny and PCR tests. ASp, NCLDVs
56  2015 Subassemblies and asymmetry in assembly of herpes simplex virus procapsid. HSV-1
57  2015 Use of cell lines and primary cultures to explore the capacity of rainbow trout to be a host for frog virus 3 (FV3). CPE, FV3
58  2014 A hydrophobic domain within the small capsid protein of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus is required for assembly. KSHV, SCP
59  2014 Detection and molecular characterization of infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus from major ornamental fish breeding states in Peninsular Malaysia. ISKNV, RSIV, TRBIV
60  2014 Development and application of a monoclonal antibody against grouper iridovirus (GIV) major capsid protein. GIV, mAbs
61  2014 Diversity of environmental single-stranded DNA phages revealed by PCR amplification of the partial major capsid protein. ssDNA
62  2014 Four levels of hierarchical organization, including noncovalent chainmail, brace the mature tumor herpesvirus capsid against pressurization. ---
63  2014 Identification of lymphocystis disease virus from paradise fish Macropodus opercularis (LCDV-PF). LCDV, LCDV-1, LCDV-C, LCDV-PF, LCDV-PF, MMP
64  2014 Isolation of a Bohle-like iridovirus from boreal toads housed within a cosmopolitan aquarium collection. BIV, NFP, ZRV
65  2014 Pathological and microbiological findings from mortality of the Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus). GSIV
66  2014 The genomes, proteomes, and structures of three novel phages that infect the Bacillus cereus group and carry putative virulence factors. ORFs, TEM
67  2014 Virion-associated viral proteins of a Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) iridovirus (genus Ranavirus) and functional study of the major capsid protein (MCP). ALRV, CGSIV, CMTV, siRNA
68  2013 A new species of nucleo-cytoplasmic large DNA virus (NCLDV) associated with mortalities in Manitoba lake sturgeon Acipenser fulvescens. cPCR, NCLDV
69  2013 A new topology of the HK97-like fold revealed in Bordetella bacteriophage by cryoEM at 3.5 A resolution. CP, DGR
70  2013 Characterization of an envelope gene VP19 from Singapore grouper iridovirus. SGIV
71  2013 Development of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for rapid detection of iridovirus in the Chinese giant salamander. EPC, LAMP
72  2013 Diversity of virophages in metagenomic data sets. ALM, dsDNA, OLV, ORFs, YSLVs
73  2013 Functional inferences of environmental coccolithovirus biodiversity. AMT, SPT
74  2013 High interaction variability of the bivalve-killing dinoflagellate Heterocapsa circularisquama strains and their single-stranded RNA virus HcRNAV isolates. aa, ssRNA
75  2013 Identification of largemouth bass virus in the introduced Northern Snakehead inhabiting the Chesapeake Bay watershed. DNApol, LMBV
76  2013 Iridovirus infection in terrestrial isopods from Sicily (Italy). ---
77  2013 Mandarin fish caveolin 1 interaction with major capsid protein of infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus and its role in early stages of infection. ISKNV, mCav-1
78  2013 Protein interactions in the murine cytomegalovirus capsid revealed by cryoEM. CMV, cryo-EM, HSV-1, MCMV, SCP
79  2013 Ranavirus infection in a group of wild-caught Lake Urmia newts Neurergus crocatus imported from Iraq into Germany. ---
80  2013 Ranavirus infections associated with skin lesions in lizards. FV3
81  2012 Concurrent ranavirus and Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis infection in captive frogs (Phyllobates and Dendrobates species), The Netherlands, 2012: a first report. CMTV
82  2012 Establishment of a bacterial expression system and immunoassay platform for the major capsid protein of HcRNAV, a dinoflagellate-infecting RNA virus. ssRNA
83  2012 Identification of a varicella-zoster virus replication inhibitor that blocks capsid assembly by interacting with the floor domain of the major capsid protein. ACV, ORF40, V-Oka
84  2012 Involvement of the major capsid protein and two early-expressed phage genes in the activity of the lactococcal abortive infection mechanism AbiT. Abi, LAB
85  2012 Koi herpesvirus encodes and expresses a functional interleukin-10. aa, DNAP, Hel, IL-10, IL-10R1, ITP, KHV
86  2012 Megalocytiviruses. DGIV, ISKNV, RBIV, RSIV, RSIVD, TGIV, TRBIV
87  2012 Phylogenetic analysis and molecular methods for the detection of lymphocystis disease virus from yellow perch, Perca flavescens (Mitchell). LCDV
88  2012 Phylogenetic position and replication kinetics of Heliothis virescens ascovirus 3h (HvAV-3h) isolated from Spodoptera exigua. HvAV-3a, HvAV-3h
89  2012 Protective immunity against iridovirus disease in mandarin fish, induced by recombinant major capsid protein of infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus. ISKNV
90  2012 Rana grylio virus as a vector for foreign gene expression in fish cells. EGFP, EPC, TK
91  2011 Application of the major capsid protein as a marker of the phylogenetic diversity of Emiliania huxleyi viruses. EhV, pol
92  2011 First report of a ranavirus associated with morbidity and mortality in farmed Chinese giant salamanders (Andrias davidianus). CGSV
93  2011 Genetic analysis of fish iridoviruses isolated in Taiwan during 2001-2009. ATPase
94  2011 Genotype and host range analysis of infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus (ISKNV). ISKNV
95  2011 Major capsid protein gene sequence analysis of the Santee-Cooper ranaviruses DFV, GV6, and LMBV. DFV, GV6, LMBV, PCR, RFLP
96  2011 Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles as candidate DNA vaccine carrier for oral immunization of Japanese flounder (Paralichthys olivaceus) against lymphocystis disease virus. PLGA
97  2011 Proteomic analysis of zebrafish (Danio rerio) infected with infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus. ISKNV
98  2011 Shift of phylogenic position in megalocytiviruses based on three different genes. ATPase
99  2011 [Characterization of an iridovirus detected in rock bream (Oplegnathus fasciatus; Temminck and Schlegel)]. HE, PCR, RSIV
100  2010 Atomic force microscopy investigation of the giant mimivirus. ---